Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode VI: Return of Reality

Chapter 1 – Ode de Joy
December 4, 2016 – NERV HQ, Medical Wing

Shinji was walking towards Asuka's hospital room. He planning to surprise her for her birthday, seeing as she was stuck in the hospital, and he had a small wrapped present all picked out for her. As he got to her room, he was in such a rush and didn't knock, and rushed in, present in hand.

"Happy birthday, Asuka!" Shinji said happily.

"Baka, do you know what knocking is?!" Asuka shouted.

"Well, yeah… but…" Shinji muttered.

"Oh, relax." Asuka said. "I'm only kidding. Thanks for remembering my birthday… do you want to sit down, or are you just gonna stand in the doorway all day?"

"I… I'll sit down." Shinji said.

"So, what did you bring me?" Asuka asked.

"Just a little something…" Shinji said as he handed over her present.

Asuka ripped it open and plucked out her gift, a small silver necklace with a little heart shaped pendant on it.

"Shinji… it's… beautiful…" Asuka muttered. "But isn't this a bit much?"

"No… it's something that Rain recommended." Shinji said as he blushed. "I thought it would look nice on you."

"Well, looks like you're gonna be a pretty good boyfriend after all." Asuka joked as she leaned over and kissed Shinji on the cheek. "Thanks, baka…"

"You're welcome, Asuka." Shinji said.

"I have some good news for you, too." Asuka said.

"What?" Shinji asked.

"I'm getting out today, baka." Asuka said. "And from what Kaji told me… you helped fuck up the guy that kidnapped me, so you get to touch these…" Asuka slid her hospital gown from her shoulders and showed Shinji her bare chest. "So, as promised… you get to fondle them all you want."

Shinji's face turned bright red. "Asuka…" Shinji stammered.

"Baka, don't be stupid and turn me down…" Asuka threatened. "You won't get another chance."

Shinji reached out and with his shaking hands and gently grabbed Asuka's boobs. "Wow… they're really soft…"

"You don't have to be so gentle, baka…" Asuka said. "You're not gonna hurt me if you really squeeze them."

"Are you sure?" Shinji asked.

"They're my breasts, Shinji." Asuka said. "I know what hurts and what doesn't… and I know you're a gentle person…"

"Oh, I wish I hadn't forgotten my phone…" Mari said. "Because this is a Kodak moment!"

"MARI!" Asuka screamed as she leapt out of bed and tackled Mari, not realizing her hospital gown had completely come off. "You fucking pervert! I'm going to beat the perverseness right out of you!"

"You might be able to, princess." Mari purred. "But I think you're giving the puppy a bird's eye view of your kitty."

Asuka paused for a moment as she had her hands around Mari's throat and looked at herself, realizing she was entirely nude. She looked back at Shinji, her face red with embarrassment, and saw he had his eyes closed tight. "Baka, did you see?!" Asuka shouted.

"Only… only for a second…" Shinji muttered.

"Oh…" Asuka muttered as her face got redder.

"Please don't hit me, Asuka…" Shinji said nervously. "It was an accident…"

"It's not your fault, baka…" Asuka said in an eerie calm voice. "It's this moron's fault!" Asuka started choking Mari out, making her gasp for air.

"Asuka, don't hurt her." Shinji said. "Even if she did ruin a nice moment."

"Oh yeah… princess…" Mari groaned between strained breaths. "This is… totally… making me wet…"

"Motherfucker!" Asuka shouted as she jumped up. "You're a fucking weirdo!"

"Don't judge princess…" Mari purred as she rubbed her neck. "The puppy will be in for a treat when you give him a handy, you've got a nice firm grip."

Asuka glared as Mari while she grabbed her hospital gown. "You disgust me…" Asuka said as she pulled the gown back on. "Ok, baka, you can open your eyes…"

"I'm sorry, Asuka…" Shinji muttered. "All I wanted was to make your birthday special…"

"Well, you did pretty good, baka." Asuka said. "She's the fucking moron."

"Oh, shit…" Mari muttered. "Puppy, you didn't tell me!"

"Yes I did, you just didn't listen." Shinji said defensively.

"Ok, I may not have heard everything you said this morning…" Mari muttered.

"Figures…" Asuka muttered. "I don't know how you claim to be smart."

"Sorry, princess… I didn't remember." Mari said. "Hope I didn't ruin everything."

"Well, you did." Asuka said angrily. "You always fuck things up, four eyes."

"Sorry…" Mari said sullenly as she turned to leave. "I'll uh… go and see Rei and I'll see you guys at home…"

"Wait a second, Mari." Asuka said.

"Yeah…?" Mari asked.

"Just wait outside and we'll go see Rei together, you big moron." Asuka said. "Just let me, uh… get dressed."

"Thanks, Asuka…" Mari said as she walked outside. "And happy birthday."

"Asuka, I'll wait out there too." Shinji said.

"No, baka, you can watch if you want." Asuka said. "And I wasn't going to say this in front to the pervert, but you didn't have to close your eyes either… I… don't mind…"

"I didn't want to take advantage, Asuka." Shinji said. "But you are very pretty…"

"Stupid Shinji…" Asuka muttered as she blushed again. "You're not supposed to make a girl blush on her birthday…"

December 5, 2016 – Tokyo–3 Junior High School, Class 2–A

Shinji, Asuka, and Mari were walking to school for the first time in a while. As they got there, Hikari ran up to them.

"Hey guys!" Hikari said. "Hey Asuka, I'm glad you're feeling better!"

"Yeah, still alive." Asuka said. "Though, not so thrilled at being back here."

"Well, you haven't missed much." Hikari said as she squeezed Asuka. "But Shinji and Mari filled us in on everything that happened. I'm so glad you're ok. They didn't hurt you, did they?"

"No, I'm fine." Asuka said. "Baka saved me, then made sure I didn't die."

"Yeah, you lucked out, didn't you, Asuka?" Hikari joked.

"Yeah, I'm lucky…" Asuka said. "So, is that teacher of ours still alive?"

"Yep, he's hanging on by a thread, like usual." Toji said. "And he still hasn't actually taught us anything…"

"It's not like my teacher's any better…" Sakura said. "She only talks about how the weather has changed so much… the last three weeks, she's only talked about snow…"

"Snow?" Shinji asked. "Why? It's too hot for that… I think, right?"

"Yeah, happens when it's cold out." Mari said. "It should be winter for us now, but the weather isn't the same as it used to be…"

"How would you know, stupid?" Asuka asked. "You're only two years older than us!"

"Internet." Mari deadpanned.

"You only use the internet to get off, four eyes." Asuka sneered.

"Still jealous, princess?" Mari asked.

"Why would I be jealous of you, four eyes?" Asuka asked.

"Cause I can get off when I want to…" Mari purred.

"Why do you talk about this shit in public?" Asuka asked. "Do we not give you enough attention at home or something?"

"I just like talking about what I want, princess." Mari quipped. "You're the prude…"

"And you're the huge fucking pervert!"

"I'll admit, this I didn't miss…" Hikari joked.

"Neither did I…" Shinji sighed.

"I kinda did, it's funny." Sakura said brightly.

"Well, buddy, welcome back!" Toji said as he clapped Shinji on the back. "Nice to have my other friend back."

"Thanks, Toji!" Shinji said brightly.

"What about me, Toji…" Kensuke muttered.

"Dude, relax." Toji said. "We're not the three amigos without Shinji here."

"You mean three stooges." Asuka corrected.

"Whatever, Asuka," Toji said.

"Don't start you two…" Hikari muttered as she checked her watch. "Oh, crap!"

"What's up, babe?" Toji asked. "Why do you look so worried?"

"It's getting late, we're gonna miss the bell!" Hikari said frantically as she ran off. "Come on, we can't be late!"

"So glad things haven't changed…" Asuka muttered.

As they all ran to their classroom to see Nebukawa no Sensei standing at the front of the class next to a tall and skinny boy, with silvery white hair and crimson eyes. He was wearing a white button up shirt with an orange t–shirt peeking out from underneath, and black pants. He smiled as they came in the room.

Ding dong ding ding… ding dong ding ding

"Ah, just in time." Nebukawa no Sensei said. "Take your seats, and then I'll introduce our new student."

Asuka took her seat, eyeing the new boy wearily, as she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that there was something off with the boy.

'Those eyes… just like wundergirl… but they seem more… evil…' Asuka thought. 'Is he related to her or something? Like the weird cousin…'

"Well young man, introduce yourself to the class." Nebukawa no sensei said.

"Hello everyone." Kaworu said calmly as his crimson eyes rested looked directly at Shinji. "My name is Kaworu Nagisa, it's a pleasure to meet everyone."


Once again, Nebukawa no Sensei bored the class into a stupor. However, the only person still paying full attention to anything, was Kaworu. He was looking right at the back of Shinji's head, waiting to introduce himself to the boy he'd met so many times before.

Ding dong ding ding… ding dong ding ding

Kaworu took his chance when the bell rang and decided to go introduce himself for what felt like the millionth time to Shinji. Kaworu took a deep breath as he walked over to calm his jittery nerves.

"Hello there." Kaworu said. "Are you… Shinji Ikari?"

"Yeah, he's Shinji Ikari, who's asking?" Mari asked.

"I don't know if you were paying attention when I introduced myself, but I'm Kaworu Nagisa… I'm not familiar with you…"

"Why would you be?" Mari asked. "You're new here…"

"Oh, I simply misspoke, miss." Kaworu said.

"Well, how do you know Shinji?" Mari asked.

"As a fellow EVA pilot I would know the famous Shinji Ikari." Kaworu said.

"Funny… I don't remember you being at our little pilot meetings." Mari said.

"Our…?" Kaworu asked. 'Who is this girl?' Kaworu thought. 'She's not familiar… she… doesn't belong.' Kaworu smiled and did his best to come up with a convincing lie. "At my NERV Branch, they only ever talked about Shinji. Not about any of the other pilots…"

"Well, then your branch is full of assholes." Asuka said. "They didn't mention the antics of Mari Makinami, the selflessness of Rei Ayanami, or the badassary of Asuka Langley Soryu?"

"No, besides, I'm only interested in Shinji anyway." Kaworu said.

"Really…" Asuka muttered.

"Wait, so you're an EVA pilot too?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, I'm a reserve pilot." Kaworu said. "With the lack of EVAs, I'm only to be used if the other pilots are deemed… unfit for duty…"

"Well, we're all fit for duty pal." Asuka said angrily.

"Well, besides Rei anyway…" Mari said. "But she's on medical leave."

"And me too." Toji said. "The doc said the other day that I was cleared for the sync tests again. Not that I'm thrilled about that…"

'So, this oaf survived this time… intact even…' Kaworu thought. 'And the redheaded whore isn't in a coma… what is going on around here… is I that large bosomed one? Is she what's effected everything this severely?' Kaworu smiled. "Well then, it appears the load of us are all colleagues."

"Great… another pilot…" Asuka muttered.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nagisa–san."

"Please, Ikari–san, call me Kaworu." Kaworu said. "And if you'll allow me, I'd like to call you Shinji…"

"Why not?" Shinji said. "It's nice to meet you, Kaworu."

"Yes, it's very nice to meet you too… Shinji." Kaworu said. "If you don't mind, seeing as I'm new to town, perhaps you could show me around after school."

"Sure, I don't mind." Shinji said happily. "I'd do anything to help."

"Thank you very much, Shinji." Kaworu said. "Now… could I trouble you for some directions to the cafeteria?"

"Sure, no problem." Shinji said. "Why don't I show you?"

"That would be… wonderful…" Kaworu said.

"Well, let's go." Shinji said as he stood up. "You don't want all the good food to be gone on your first day." Shinji motioned for Kaworu to follow him, which Kaworu gladly accepted.

As the pair left the room, Asuka and Mari exchanged looks.

"I don't trust him." Asuka said.

"I agree." Mari replied. "Something doesn't feel right…"

"Weird, we agree on something." Asuka said. "But I know when I was in Germany, all they could talk about was the other EVA pilots. And why do we even need a reserve pilot?"

"No idea… and I don't think miso knows either, she would have mentioned something…" Mari said.

"Well, I just hope Shinji gets the same vibe we are." Asuka said.

"I doubt it, he's too trusting and kind to think like that." Mari replied. "And that could lead us to some kind of trouble…"

December 7, 2016 – Comfort 17 Apartments

Asuka and Mari were lounging around the in the living room while Shinji was in the kitchen. Misato came home to the harsh stares of both girls after having been greeted warmly by Shinji, she wasn't expecting a warm welcome considering the news she had received late the previous morning about Kaworu's arrival, leaving her no time to warn the kids about meeting him.

"So, you didn't come home last night, miso." Mari said. "How long did you know?"

"Know what?" Misato asked.

"Don't play dumb with us, woman." Asuka said. "How long before school did you know about that weirdo?"

"I got the paperwork on my desk from Ritsuko after you guys started school." Misato replied. "I had no time to tell you."

"And then you hid at work… for two days." Asuka said. "Smart move, Misato."

"Well, I was tired, and I didn't want to deal with this…" Misato said.


"I'll get it!" Shinji called from the kitchen. "It's Kaworu, I promised to show him around the city this afternoon."

"Is he coming in?" Mari called back.

"No, but I'll be back in a few hours!" Shinji said happily. "See you guys later!"

"Hey, baka, what's for dinner?" Asuka asked.

"Just get takeout." Shinji said. "I might not be back in time to cook!"

"Wonderful…" Asuka muttered.

"Why is that a bad thing?" Misato asked.

"We don't trust him, miso." Mari said. "I keep getting a weird vibe from him… and the puppy just doesn't see it."

"Because even after everything Shinji's gone through, he doesn't think like that." Misato replied. "Why are you surprised?"

"We're not surprised." Asuka said. "We're worried."

"Because of the bad vibes." Misato said.

"Yeah, he's just too weird, and his story doesn't add up." Mari said. "He's never heard of any of us, yet he knows Shinji… and the way he says his name is…"

"Fucking creepy." Asuka finished. "Like some kind of degenerate pervert."

"Maybe he has a crush." Misato said.

"No, it's not that." Mari replied. "We can identify a crush, he's got like an obsession or something. He's always butting in now."

"And he's not cooking for us." Asuka said. "He loves cooking."

"And how long has he known Mr. Nagisa?" Misato asked.

"Two days." Asuka replied.

"And how long was it before you and Shinji were best friends?" Misato asked.

"A few weeks I guess." Asuka said.

"An afternoon." Mari replied.

"So his budding friendship with Mr. Nagisa isn't out of the ordinary." Misato said.

"Still, we don't like it." Mari said. "Not one bit."

"And for us to agree on something, it has to be pretty serious." Asuka concluded.


Gendo was sitting in his office. He was waiting for a report from Fuyutsuki that had made Gendo uneasy. Gendo wasn't surprised by much anymore, but this latest news was a surprise. As Fuyutsuki reentered the room with Kaji, Gendo took his sunglasses off and looked directly at Fuyutsuki.

"By the look on your face, it is true." Gendo said.

"Yes, it appears that SEELE has sent us a pilot." Fuyutsuki said. "The boy shares some unique characteristics."

"He looks an awful lot like Rei." Kaji added.

"So… he may be a plant." Gendo said. "This is highly unorthodox for them. They are generally far less direct in their attacks."

"Except the time they cut the power." Kaji quipped.

"Well, we also have another issue." Fuyutsuki said. "He could be an Angel."

"Well, that would be unfortunate." Gendo said. "But their scrolls do make mention of an infiltrator attacking from within… he could be that infiltrator Angel, the one hiding amongst the sheep."

"It would make sense." Kaji said. "They always follow the same modus operandi… always for those damn Dead Sea Scrolls."

"So, then we should be prepared for something interesting to happen." Gendo said. "If the boy is an Angel, he will eventually make an attempt to make it to Terminal Dogma… he will be drawn there."

"Yes, he is certainly going to be a problem." Fuyutsuki said. "I don't like how he was dropped on us at the last moment."

"I believe Ritsuko had something to do with that." Kaji said. "Misato told me she got his transfer paperwork after the kids had arrived at school Monday morning."

"Why is that an issue?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"The paperwork was dated for last Monday." Kaji said. "Ritsuko knew about it and hid it from us. She's going to become a problem."

"We'll deal with her in time." Gendo said. "Don't worry about that."

"But you're definitely right about that boy, Commander." Kaji said.

"Why is that, Inspector Kaji?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Because, his birthday is September 13, 2000…" Kaji started.

"Second Impact." Gendo said.

"How…" Fuyutsuki asked. "He wasn't on the shortlist of candidates."

"No, but he seems to be now." Kaji said. "And what's even more coincidental, his time of birth matches that of the start of the event."

"That's far too many coincidences for me." Gendo said.

"Don't worry sir, Section 2 and Misato will be keeping eyes on the boy." Kaji replied. "And so will I."


Shinji and Kaworu were walking down the main street. Shinji was his usual self, trying to point out as many interesting places Kaworu may enjoy.

"Shinji, you're a very kind person." Kaworu said. "You're certainly very polite to people you've just met."

"Oh, it's no problem." Shinji said. "I just like helping where I can."

"You seem like a very happy person." Kaworu said. "That's impressive, considering your job."

"Well, I have my girlfriend, Asuka." Shinji said. "And I have all my friends too. There are plenty of reasons to be happy."

'Friends?' Kaworu thought. 'He can't have friends… he's supposed to be despondent by now… what the hell is going on!'

"What about you, Kaworu?" Shinji asked. "Do you have any friends?"

"Well, no." Kaworu said. "I never really had any growing up… I liked to keep to myself." Kaworu paused. "Are you my friend Shinji?" Kaworu asked.

"Yeah, I'm your friend, Kaworu." Shinji replied.

"Oh… Thank you Shinji…" Kaworu said. "That's very kind of you to say." Kaworu said as he started humming.

"Is that Ode de Joy you're humming?" Shinji asked.

"Oh, you know that song?" Kaworu asked. "Do you enjoy music?"

"Well, yeah." Shinji said. "I love music."

"Look at that… something we have in common." Kaworu said. "It's good for friends to have something in common, right?"

"Well, yeah…" Shinji said. "But it's not a requirement."

"Oh, that's good to know." Kaworu said. "Shinji, what do you think about music?"

"I just like it." Shinji said. "It's just great to listen to."

"What about all the raw emotion in music?" Kaworu asked. "It's quite fascinating how composers put so much of themselves on the page."

"I never really thought about it before." Shinji said.

"Huh, well, maybe we can spend the night together some night and talk all about music." Kaworu said.

"Actually, I have a better idea." Shinji said. "Do you like karaoke?"

"Karaoke?" Kaworu asked.

"You go and sing songs." Shinji said. "It'll be fun."

"Whatever you say, Shinji." Kaworu said. 'I'll follow you anywhere…' Kaworu thought. "Oh, Shinji, can we talk while we karaoke?"

"Of course." Shinji said. "What about?"

"Oh… all sorts of things." Kaworu said. "I want to know as much as I can about the famous Shinji Ikari."

December 11, 2016 – NERV HQ

It was another fantastic morning filled with sync tests. It was an especially busy day for everyone, because in addition to their usual three pilots, Toji and Kaworu were now present for the tests, so there was a lot more activity than usual. Misato was overseeing the tests, and was bit nervous having the new boy there, and also hoping that Toji was alright with going back in an Entry Plug considering what had happened before.

"How's everyone doing?" Misato asked.

"Shinji's at the top again." Maya said. "Although his sync has dropped a bit, he's at 87.2% overall… a whole 12% drop."

"Probably the stress of wondering if everyone we sent home got back ok." Misato said.

"Still, he'll be back up in the nineties soon enough." Ritsuko said. "Once he gets them off his mind."

"What about the rest?" Misato asked.

"Well, Mari is down a bit." Maya said. "And Asuka has dropped a whole lot. The new kid has a respectable 40% sync rate… and poor Toji… he's at 4.4%"

"Toji's definitely nerves." Misato said. "And his scores were never high to begin with. At least he moved the needle."

"Yes, well, that girl is a disgrace. Thank god we have a reserve pilot now to take Unit–02 from her." Ritsuko said.

"We have Mari and Rei, we don't need some other kid." Misato grumbled.

"Whatever, Misato." Ritsuko said. "Thankfully, your attachment to those malcontents out there, their positions as pilots aren't your decision." Ritsuko said angrily. "If you had your way, we'd keep Asuka on even though her scores keep dropping."

"Because she's a great pilot." Misato said angrily.

"Thankfully, that's only your opinion, and not rooted in fact." Ritsuko said as she flipped on the comm. "That's why I'm putting her on the reserve list."

"Who's going on the reserve list?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, what the fuck?" Mari asked.

"Asuka, because of your dropping sync score, I'm pulling you from active duty." Ritsuko said venomously. "Unless you can pull your score up significantly, Kaworu will be replacing you as the pilot of Unit–02."

"What were the scores?!" Asuka demanded.

"Shinji, 87.2%… Kaworu, 40%… Asuka, 37.1%… Mari, 34.3%… and Toji, 4.4%." Ritsuko replied. "Unless you can get a better score than the Fifth Child, your days as an EVA pilot are over."

"Fuck you!" Asuka shouted.

"The test is done, you're all free to go." Ritsuko said in a falsely sweet tone.

"Why the fuck did you do that?" Misato asked through gritted teeth.

"To put the damn girl in her place." Ritsuko said. "She needs to be taught a lesson in humility, and this is the only way."

Misato grabbed Ritsuko by her shirt collar. "No… it's the same vindictive shit you've been pulling for months!" Misato shouted in her ear. "I'm done with your bullshit… I'm reporting your abusive fucking nonsense to the Commander, and he'll set your ass straight. And if you ever pull that shit again, I don't know what I'll do, but I can promise you'll regret messing with Asuka's head."

"Not much to mess with when you've seen your mother's slit throat up close is there?" Ritsuko replied.


Misato had backhanded Ritsuko so harshly that she had ended up on the ground. "Get… the fuck… out of my sight." Misato said through heavy breaths. "Otherwise you're gonna end up needing medical attention."

"Fine, my job is done here anyway." Ritsuko said callously as she left.

"Colonel…" Maya said. "Was that… true?"

Misato sighed. "Unfortunately… yes." Misato replied. "However, that information is not for public consumption, and contrary to what Dr. Fucktard Akagi thinks, it will not be talked about to anyone, ever. Is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." Maya said.

"Good." Misato said gruffly. "Now get those kids out of there… I think they've had enough for today."

After her Test Plug had opened, Asuka ran off to the bathroom without looking back. She was furious with Ritsuko once again for making her look like a fool in front of everyone, and for making Asuka question her identity as an EVA pilot. She ran into the closest bathroom and ran to the nearest toilet, violently vomiting up the contents of her stomach, and some chunks of LCL that had solidified when he inhaled them wrong. When she was done retching, she went to closest sink and rinsed her face off, and looked in the mirror, her face pale.

"THAT FUCKING CUNT!" Asuka screamed as she shattered the mirror with her fist. "WHO THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! UNIT–02 IS MY EVANGELION… NOT THAT SILVER HAIRED ASSHOLES!"

"I HATE THAT STUPID CUNT!" Asuka screamed as she slammed her fist into the mirror again, this time getting some of the glass to break away and fall out of the frame. "THAT NEW KID IS SUCH A SMUG FUCK TOO! I BET THAT FUCKING CUNT IS THE ONE THAT BROUGHT HIM HERE!"

"I presume you mean me, Ms. Soryu." Kaworu said calm from the doorway.


"Well, that's no way to talk to your boyfriend's friend, now is it?" Kaworu asked.


"See… I don't get it." Kaworu said as he slowly but confidently approached Kaworu. "Why do you call Shinji baka… he's not stupid, so why call him something he's not."


"Oh, but it is, Ms. Soryu…" Kaworu said. "You're no good for my Shinji–kun… and I think you're rather ruse to him, even though you claim to love him… the only love I see in your relationship comes from him… and I don't understand what he can see in such a weak individual like you."


"Why?" Kaworu asked. "You'll be the one going away soon enough… just like always… when your sync score drops again, you'll be through… and Shinji will be all mine."


"That Shinji deserves better than a weak, useless bitch like you." Kaworu said. "That you're nothing but a drain on his kindness with your constant need for attention and adoration. He needs someone that cares about him, not some fool who only cares about himself…"

"I LOVE HIM!" Asuka screamed as she charged Kaworu and slammed him into the wall, cracking some of the tiles behind his head. "AND IF YOU TRY AND DO ANYTHING TO HIM, I WILL FUCKING EVISCERATE YOU!"

"I doubt it." Kaworu said. "You're no match for me, Asuka Langley Soryu…"

Asuka slammed her knee into Kaworu's gut, causing him to double over in agony and fall to the floor. "YEAH, NO MATCH FOR YOU MY ASS!" Asuka shouted as she kicked him again while he was on the ground. "IF YOU EVER TALK TO MY SHINJI AGAIN, YOU'LL REGRET IT!"

Kaworu stood up and glared at Asuka. "Well, don't we have some fight in us after all." Kaworu said mockingly as he got right in Asuka's face. "Shame all that anger can't help improve your sync score… I bet when your score drops they'll ship you off back to whatever backwards country you came from, where trash like you belongs."


Kaworu had slapped Asuka so hard, he left a hand print on her face. "Don't ever touch me again, Asuka." Kaworu said. "Because next time, I'm not holding back."

"WHY YOU FUCKING INGRATE!" Asuka shouted as she raised her fist for a right hook, and connected with Kaworu's jaw.

"See, you're going to regret that, Asuka." Kaworu said as he slammed his fist into her gut. "That hurts, doesn't it… I hope it does…"

"I'm so telling Shinji about what his new friend is like…" Asuka mumbled. "Then he'll fix your ass for talking to me like this…"

"Go ahead… Shinji won't believe you though. He'll just think you're overreacting to what Dr. Akagi said." Kaworu said mockingly as Asuka struggled to breathe. "He likes me so much, he won't believe your lies… all because he doesn't really love you… he just wants to fuck you and lose his virginity to the resident whore of Babylon."

"FUCK YOU!" Asuka screamed as she left.

"One down…" Kaworu said maliciously as Asuka ran off to find Shinji. "Two to go before there's absolutely nothing between me and my Shinji–kun…"

Asuka was looking for Shinji. She had tears in her eyes after running away from Kaworu. When she saw the boy's locker room, she burst in and saw Shinji and Toji changing.

"Shinji!" Asuka cried. "Shinji!"

"Hey, Asuka, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Shinji asked. "Is it what Dr. Akagi said again? Don't worry about her…"

"No, it's not about her!" Asuka said. "It was… it was Kaworu!"

"What?" Shinji asked confusedly. "What did Kaworu do?"

"He… he followed me to the… bathroom and started making fun of me!" Asuka said in between sobs. "He said I wasn't good enough to be an EVA pilot… and said I didn't… I didn't deserve Unit–02… and that I don't deserve… you! He said I'm not good enough for you, Shinji! Because I call you my baka!"

"Asuka…" Shinji said.

"Why would he say that, Shinji?!" Asuka cried. "I love you! Why would he say I'm not good enough for you?! You… you love me, don't you?! You don't mind that I call you baka, right Shinji?!"

"Of course I love you, Asuka… and I like when you call me baka…" Shinji replied sweetly. "But are you sure Kaworu said exactly those things? It doesn't sound like him."

"Shinji, you've only known him a few days!" Asuka said frantically. "Why don't you believe me?!"

"Asuka… Dr. Akagi just told you that Kaworu was going to replace you." Shinji said. "And I know you love piloting and everything… but…"

"Don't say it, Shinji!" Asuka shouted sorrowfully.

"Asuka… I think you're over reacting a bit and making Kaworu out to be the bad guy…" Shinji said. "He's a nice person. It's Dr. Akagi that the bad guy here…"

"Shinji, why won't you believe your girlfriend over some asshole you just met?!" Asuka shouted angrily. "How can you tell me you love me if you won't believe me?!"

"Asuka, it's just not like him." Shinji said. "He's too nice."

"BULLSHIT!" Asuka roared. "He said all kinds of nasty things to me and you don't believe me! What kind of boyfriend are you?!"

"Asuka…" Shinji started.

"NO, don't talk to me, you fucking arschloch!" Asuka screamed. "I FUCKING HATE YOU! We're though, Shinji, don't you ever talk to me again! I can't be with someone who thinks I'm a liar!"

Shinji walked towards Asuka. "Asuka… wait… I don't…" Shinji said as calmly as he could.


"I said stay the fuck away from me!" Asuka screamed. "Don't talk to me, don't look at me, and never try to touch me again, or… OR YOU'LL FUCKING REGRET IT!"

"Asuka, wait!" Shinji cried as Asuka stormed out of the locker room. "ASUKA!"

"Shinji, buddy…" Toji said. "You fucked that up."

"How?" Shinji asked. "Kaworu's a nice…"

"Shinji, Asuka's a hot head, and a little crazy sometimes, and she can be downright mean too." Toji said. "But she never lies about anything. You really screwed up a good thing…"

"But…" Shinji stammered.

"Shinji, you always believe what the woman you love tells you." Toji said. "That's part of the trust you two should have… if Hikari told me anything like that, I would have believed her… you can't just disregard things like that man… that Kaworu character is a bit off…"

"He's just different, like Rei." Shinji said.

"No, Rei was innocent." Toji said. "She was naïve… that guy, he's seen a lot. He's got a thousand yard stare like some soldier who's been through war… and he's always staring right at you."

"So?" Shinji asked.

"Shinji, you're too nice to see what's right in front of you." Toji said.

"But Kaworu is a nice guy." Shinji said defiantly. "He's just like me."

"Nah man, he wears the mask of sanity." Toji said. "Like those serial killers."

"Look, I can understand Asuka not liking him, but you?" Shinji asked. "That's a surprise."

"Shinji, I'm just getting weird vibes from the guy." Toji said. "And if half of what Asuka said was true, then he's a bad egg you need to back away from."

"He's my friend!" Shinji said. "And I'm his only friend… I'm not leaving him alone like that! I know what it's like to be alone like that, and if you don't like it, too bad!" Shinji said angrily as he grabbed his stuff and left Toji standing there all alone.

"Damn… he is getting played…" Toji said. "I just hope he figures it out before it's too late to do anything about it…"


Asuka was hiding in her room. She had slammed the door so hard when she got home, the door was off its sliding rails. She threw herself on her bed and started crying.

"Stupid Shinji, why doesn't he believe me!" Asuka shouted. "It's not fair, I knew him fist, he's supposed to trust me when I tell him something!"

"A… Asuka…?" Mari asked.

"What?!" Asuka screamed.

"Are… are you ok?" Mari asked.

"No, I'm not, Mari." Asuka said. "Just leave me alone."

"Why would I do that?" Mari asked. "You need me right now… Shinji's wrong. I know you wouldn't lie about something like that."

"I… why didn't he believe me!" Asuka screamed.

Mari sat down on Asuka's bed and Asuka and held her close. "I don't know, Asuka." Mari said soothingly. "I don't know."

"It's that… that fucking Kaworu!" Asuka sobbed. "He's tricked my Shinji into thinking I'm not good enough for him!"

"Asuka… it's ok to cry…" Mari said consolingly. "Let it all out and I'll see what I can do, ok?"

"I don't want you to do anything!" Asuka shouted. "I hate Shinji! I dumped his stupid ass for not believing me!"

"Asuka…" Mari muttered quietly while Asuka sobbed in her arms. 'Why did you go and do that? It's not all Shinji's fault… it's that damn kid's…' Mari thought while she sighed. 'Now what am I going to do? I wish Yui and Kyoko were here… they'd be able to fix this mess…'

December 12, 2016 – NERV HQ, Medical Wing

Mari and Shinji were waiting outside Rei's hospital room. Mari was standing awkwardly next to him, trying not to bring up the obvious question on her mind about him and Asuka. They had been told that morning by Misato that Rei was being woken up, and that her friends should be there, and Asuka, who was in no condition to be around anyone, refused to go anywhere, and told Mari to make sure Shinji knew to stay away from her. So there they waited until the doctors came out of the room and said they could go in.

Shinji and Mari nervously walked into Rei's room. She was sitting up in bed, a blank stare on her face. Rei had on a litany of bandages, wrapping her head, left eye, right arm, and her legs. She didn't acknowledge their presence, but that didn't stop Mari from going up to her with tears in her eyes.

"Blueberry!" Mari said through her tears of joy. "I'm so glad you're awake, it's been so long!" Mari very gingerly hugged the poor, bandaged girl. "Welcome back to the land of the living… I've… you've had me worried sick."

"I am sorry…" Rei said. "But who are you?"

"W… wh… what?" Mari stammered.

"Who are you?" Rei repeated. "And why are you touching me?"

All Mari could do was back away from Rei slowly with tears in her eyes. With one final look at Rei, she ran out of the room, trying her best not to be seen crying.

"Who was that odd girl?" Rei asked.

To Be Continued

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