Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode VI: Return of Reality

Chapter 8 – Asuka Strikes
December 31, 2016 – Geofront Lake

Asuka was lying in her Entry Plug in the fetal position. She felt Unit–02 get shaken by the blasts from the massive N2 attack the JSSDF were perpetrating. Once the smoke and steam had cleared, hundreds if not thousands of cruise missile flew through the hole that had been made by the blast. The explosions leveled much of the Geofront's remaining structures and made the lake in the middle, with its lone, still surviving cruiser, quite muddied.

Asuka slowly started to wake up from the sedative she was given to get her in her plugsuit. She looked around and recognized where she was.

"Huh… an Entry Plug…" Asuka muttered. "Who would have guessed id end up in here again…" Asuka reached out her hand to one of the control yokes and moved it. "Figures… I can't even pilot this piece of shit anymore… so I guess I'll never be an EVA pilot again…"

As the JSSDF took over the cruiser in the lake, and moved their equipment into place, they found Unit–02 on the bottom of the lake and were either trying to destroy it, or to draw it out so they could capture it. Depth charges were fired in volleys of hundreds of rounds each, and as they found their target, they would explode with a powerful concussive force that shook Asuka deeply.

"No… Shinji's not here anymore… I'm all alone… no one's here to save me this time…" Asuka muttered worriedly. "I don't want to die… I don't want to die… I don't want to die… I don't want to die!" Asuka screamed. "Shinji come back! Someone help me! I don't want to, momma, Shinji, anyone, HELP ME!"

The repeated blasts of the depth charges continued to shake her deeply.

"Please, anyone, save me!" Asuka screamed as she curled up in her seat. "I can't do it alone! I was wrong to think that I could do this all alone!"

Several depth charges landed right on Unit–02 and exploded, and even with her low sync score, Asuka felt the explosions on her skin.

"Shinji! You promised to protect me! Why did you eave e Shinji!" Asuka screamed. "Momma, you promised to always be there!" Asuka began to sob. "Why did you both have to leave?! Why do I have to be alone?!"

"AAAAHHHHH!" Asuka screamed. "PLEASE!"

As another set of explosions went off around her, Asuka saw a bright flash of light and the noise and pain stopped. She stood up cautiously and looked around and saw nothing but white everywhere.

"What the fuck is this place?" Asuka muttered. "Am I dead?"

Asuka kept looking around a slender figure appeared in front of her, one that she instantly recognized, but couldn't believe existed.

"Momma…?" Asuka muttered. "Oh… no… I really am dead…"


Shinji was still very confused as to what was going on. Misato and Gendo had guns pointed at each other. He kept looking between them, and he was afraid because they both had the most deadly stare a person could have. Shinji was especially surprised that easygoing, carefree Misato was even capable of looking like that.

"Mi… Misato?" Shinji asked nervously. "What's… what's wrong? Why are you here?"

"That is an excellent, Colonel." Gendo said. "Why are you here? You should be in charge of the defense of this base."

"I don't answer to you anymore, Commander." Misato retorted. "Shinji, I'm here to get you to safety. You can't go with him."

"Why not?" Gendo asked. "He is my son after all."

"The one you admitted never having loved." Misato said angrily. "At this point, he's more my child than yours."

"From the intelligence reports I've received, he's the adult in household." Gendo said. "You just sit around all day and drink."

"No she doesn't!" Shinji shouted. "At least she cares, unlike you!"

"Well, sir, I remember my father dying, and I remember Second Impact." Misato said. "Sometimes I want to forget." Misato glared at Gendo. "How do you deal with the guilt and all the blood on your hands? How do you sleep at night, Commander?"

"Quite well." Gendo replied snarkily.

"Misato, what's that supposed to mean?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, Commander, what does that mean?" Misato asked. "Are you going to tell him, or am I going to have to do it?"

"No, they are my deeds, I will disclose them." Gendo said as he lowered his weapon. "Where should I begin…"

"Try where you sabotaged my father's contact experiment to cause Second Impact." Misato said sarcastically. "Probably the only way to start."

"Very well…" Gendo said. "Shinji, do you know who SEELE is?"

"No." Shinji replied.

"Good." Gendo began. "Yes, I've been working with SEELE for a very long time. I had worked my way into their ranks before Second Impact, and I was instructed to help carry out the plan. By going through with Second Impact, I made them trust me. I let it happen, but I tampered with it only enough to cause the disaster, and only caused a fraction of the damage they wanted." Gendo explained. "If I had completely disabled every safety device Katsuragi put in place, more than 5.5 billion people would have been killed by a tidal wave five times larger than the one we actually experienced when Adam fully awakened, completely healed from his fight with Lilith during First Impact. I did what I could to reduce the loss of life as much as possible. I'm not ashamed of what I did because I saved more lives than were lost that day. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

"You let it happen?" Shinji asked. "What gave you the right?!"

"I did when I wanted to stop their plans." Gendo replied. "I needed them to trust me so I could find our exactly what they were up to… and then they gave me command of what would eventually become NERV, and all the power that went along with it. I devised my own plan to usurp their instrumentality and stop them, but then they took your mother away, and I decided to take away their chance and take back what they took from me!"

"US!" Shinji shouted. "She was my mother too, remember?! I know you never loved me, but you can't be that dense!"

"Your feelings on the matter were inconsequential." Gendo said. "And when Fuyutsuki accidentally created Rei in an attempt to reconstitute your mother, she began another piece to help bring about instrumentality my way."

"He… right…" Shinji muttered. "But… what you're saying is just a bunch of excuses! How many people died in Second Impact?!"

"Two billion." Gendo replied.

"And you justify that because you wanted to find out what they were up to?!" Shinji shouted. "THERE HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY!"

"You sound just like your mother when she found out." Gendo replied. "I think she stopped loving me that day…"

"Good." Shinji said. "You deserve to be alone with all the people you killed!"

"That may be so, but all I wanted to do was help." Gendo replied.

Shinji stared at his father in disbelief… hearing himself when his father spoke those words as Shinji had done so many times… Sakura getting hurt, Toji getting hurt, Asuka getting hurt, Rei dying… it had only wanted to help but made things worse. 'I'm nothing like him…' Shinji thought. 'Right…?'

"Adam wasn't fully healed…?" Misato asked. "But he was standing up when… when it happened…"

"No, quite the contrary." Gendo explained. "The Spear of Longinus is twofold. It was built by the race that Adam and Lilith descend from and is designed to kill, but if used properly can revive its victim. By causing Adam's S2 Engine to activate and overload, it began to heal him, but I set the spear to insert itself before he could fully heal, limiting his godly power."

"How did you know Adam would have godly power?" Shinji asked.

"As told in the Dead Sea Scrolls." Gendo replied. "The first two Angels were Seeds of Life, Adam, bearing the Fruit of Life, or immortality through the S2 Engine, and Lilith, bearing the Fruit of Knowledge, which gave us, her progeny, the ability to think and adapt, unlike the Angels, who can live forever, but are only capable of attack. The Seeds are capable of reshaping a world in their image, creating life, which requires godly power beyond what we know, but it was not absolute, limited only to making life and overwriting the life existing on a planet. However, unlimited power was possible if someone possessed both fruits. Their will could destroy anything they wanted, their resolve could create life. We call this power instrumentality, where the will of the user can shape the world the way they want it."

"Then what gives the Evangelion their power?" Misato asked. "How can Unit–01 be used for instrumentality?!"

"It is a clone of Lilith, with an S2 Engine." Gendo explained. "It's Core is also cloned from Lilith's, making it the perfect vessel, as are all the other Cores. Unit–03 and Unit–04 are not capable of this because they lack Lilith DNA, and the Core is not enough. Unit–00 also wasn't capable of this… but Unit–02 is different. Kyoko added in a hint of Lilith DNA when she created the template that no one noticed until after production began, so it's a mix, and would be capable of the same thing if given the opportunity and an S2 Engine."

"So Unit–01 right now is a…"

"God, yes." Gendo replied. "It can do anything its pilot will into existence, which Shinji has shown flashes of in the past few months."

"The wormholes you mean." Misato replied.

"Yes, that kind of power is what Shinji has at his disposal under his current circumstances." Gendo replied. "Now, multiply that power exponentially, and you'll be able to grasp what instrumentality can do!"

"I don't want to grasp it!" Shinji shouted. "And I'll tell you the same thing I told those soldiers, I don't want to help a murderer!"

"Choosing not to come with me also helps a group murderers." Gendo replied. "If you go with her, you'll be helping SEELE."

"No, I'm taking him away from here." Misato said. "I don't want him to have to do this. If he's not here, they can't start instrumentality… no one can."

"You're half right." Gendo said. "But without Shinji and Unit–01 here to defend us, we may not be able to start it, but SEELE will find a way. They found a way to trap Mari without my assistance, and they found a way to get a mole in to sabotage your mother and Asuka's mother's experiments… they have the resolve to do this."

"They trapped who?" Misato asked.

"Mari." Gendo replied. "The Mari that lives with you, Colonel."

"Huh…?" Misato asked.

"She was Professor Fuyutsuki's third student." Gendo said. "We scrubbed her from all the records, leaving nothing identifiable. A lot of her personal information was lost in Second Impact, considering she had no family, so when she came back, we made up some files to integrate her into the EVA Pilot Corps, with her monstrosity…"

"Wait… what?" Misato asked. "How could she have been his student?"

"She was trapped in Unit–XP's Core for just short of 18 years." Gendo said. "When she came back, it gave me hope Yui could be returned to me from Unit–01's Core."

"But… why did she lie?" Misato asked.

"To save her from Dr. Akagi's science, and to keep her from SEELE's grasp." Gendo explained. "Her importance had diminished over that time, and she wasn't well remembered, just another of the countless victims of SEELE's influence."

"Hang on, you're saying Shinji's mother is in Unit–01's Core?" Misato asked. "That's the secret?!"

"Of course." Gendo said. "The children's mothers are in all the Cores. Every eligible pilot's mother died and their soul… harvested… for our use."

"What the fuck…" Misato mumbled as they heard guards coming down the corridor.

"Hurry up and decide, Shinji." Gendo said. "We don't have much time before the JSSDF find us again."


Asuka kept staring at her mother, in utter disbelief at what she was seeing. She looked exactly the same as the last time Asuka had been able to talk to her, the day before her accident.

"Momma…?" Asuka asked. "Is… is it really you?"

"Yes, Asuka, it's really me." Kyoko replied. "I'm so happy you can finally see me. Oh, sweetheart, I've missed you so much."

"Momma!" Asuka cried as she ran over to her mother and gave her a hug. "I've missed you so much too, momma." Asuka said tearfully. "I thought you were dead… but… you're here… I don't know how… but you're here." Asuka looked up at her mother. "How are you here, momma?"

"It's because I've always been here, Asuka." Kyoko replied. "I am Unit–02's Core."

"How… how is that possible, momma?" Asuka asked.

"When my accident happened, I became trapped in here." Kyoko explained. "My soul was ripped in half because someone tampered with the test, and I fought against what was happening and ended up leaving behind a woman with only half a soul and a broken mind… and I'm so sorry Asuka. I didn't want to leave you, but I ended up making things so much worse… I'm so sorry you ever had to see what happened to me. It wasn't fair to you at all, my darling, you deserved better than seeing that."

"I don't care about that anymore, momma. You said it wasn't you… it's not your fault…" Asuka replied. "I just want to stay here with you forever. I feel safe here… I feel wanted here. I like feeling wanted…"

"But Asuka, you have to go back and fight, remember?" Kyoko said soothingly. "You're the only one out there that can stop them."

"I know, but it won't work." Asuka replied sullenly. "Unit–02 won't move for me anymore. I'm a useless pilot…"

"Asuka, it's because you've closed your heart." Kyoko said. "If you don't open your heart, you can't sync to the EVA. You can't sync to me."

"I can't sync to you?" Asuka asked. "When I sync to the EVA, I sync to you?"

"Yes, sweetheart." Kyoko said. "Every sync test, I was there. I know you hated them so much, but I loved them. It was the only time I ever got to see you, and you've been so happy lately, I was surprised that you were closing yourself off. "

"It's… I…" Asuka muttered. "It's because of Kaworu…"

"It's not just that." Kyoko said. "It's your boyfriend too… isn't it."

"How… how did you know?" Asuka asked.

"I could feel it after you two got together. I knew when your mind was ripped open by that Angel that you two truly loved each other."

"He left me alone, momma." Asuka moaned. "He abandoned me after I showed him how much I loved him… I was all alone, and he promised to protect me!"

"Asuka Langley Soryu, sex is not how you show someone else you love them." Kyoko said admonishingly. "You shouldn't have rushed things like that."

"Why not?" Asuka asked. "I… I didn't want to waste our last night together… what if we died? He'd never have known how much I truly loved him."

"Asuka, did you ever stop to wonder if you were giving Shinji mixed signals?" Kyoko asked. "The last time you two spoke, you'd broken up with him, and then you wanted to have sex with him? Asuka, for any boy that would be confusing, and he's so nice, he would never say no to you. "

"But he wanted it too!" Asuka replied. "He wanted me just as much as I wanted him!"

"Asuka, did you even ask him what had been going on with him before you jumped him?" Kyoko asked.

"No, I just wanted to be with him…" Asuka said. "It was really nice…"

"I can tell by how much you're blushing how much you enjoyed it." Kyoko joked. "And unfortunately you inherited my impulsive tendencies."

"I didn't think anything was wrong… I told him I knew everything." Asuka said. "I wanted it to make him feel better…"

"But you didn't know everything, Asuka." Kyoko said.

"How do you know that, momma?" Asuka asked. "You're trapped in here."

"I can still see and hear what Unit–02 can." Kyoko replied. "You didn't know what happened between him and sweet little Mari."

"Huh?" Asuka asked.

"Mari tried to kill herself the other day because Shinji stopped being her friend. He told her he hated her, and that he couldn't trust her anymore." Kyoko explained.

"How… why would Shinji do that?" Asuka asked in shock. "They're like best friends!"

"Because, Shinji found out who she really was…" Kyoko said. "And seeing as he knows, you should too."

"Knows what?" Asuka asked.

"That Mari doesn't belong in your time." Kyoko explained. "She belongs in mine."

"What…?" Asuka muttered. "Momma, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, Asuka." Kyoko replied. "I was Mari's friend when we were in college, the one I said who had died. She got absorbed in an experiment not unlike mine… and I guess she got spit out a few weeks before she met Shinji… and he didn't like being lied to, not again."

"So… he said he hated her?" Asuka asked.

"That's what she was saying before she threw herself off the scaffolding near Unit–01." Kyoko said. "But don't worry, Shinji's mom saved her."

"Who?" Asuka asked.

"Shinji's mom, Yui. She's Unit–01's Core." Kyoko replied. "Mari had a crush on her way back when, when we knew her. She loved Yui so much… she was really kinda of adorable…"

"So, it's true then?" Asuka asked. "Mari's… old?"

"If she had never been absorbed, she would be a few years younger than me." Kyoko said sharply. "But yes, she would be far older than she is. She's a brilliant girl, being in college at such a young age. She was your age when she got into college in a doctoral program no less… she was way smarter than me, just not as focused… she had this habit of humming or singing too… it was annoying at first, but it grew on me… she grew on me."

"Yeah, she grew on me too." Asuka replied. "I can't believe she never told us… I would've been so happy to hear stories about you…"

"Asuka, I think she was afraid of the reaction." Kyoko said. "Shinji's didn't go well, and I don't think you would have taken it that much better."

"I would have been shocked, but I wouldn't hate her…" Asuka said. "Oh… Shinji must have broken her heart…"

"So much so she tried to kill herself." Kyoko repeated. "He was hurting from Kaworu and took out all that anger about everything he did on her… he wasn't kind about it… and then you come back to him, Asuka, and then he got confused."

"How would you know?" Asuka asked.

"Because Shinji is a sensitive boy, and if he hesitated even for a second that night, he probably thought he didn't deserve you." Kyoko explained. "I felt his hesitation when he was in here with you, during that Angel's attack… he didn't think he deserved you. He probably still doesn't, and sex just complicates things, especially if you're too young…"

"But Mari…" Asuka started.

"Is a virgin." Kyoko said. "Last I knew, anyway, I don't think that's changed. She just watched a lot of porn. Boy did she have a huge stash of that back in the day. Me and Yui found it one night…" Kyoko paused. "Sorry… got lost in thought…"

"It's ok, momma… you don't get to talk to anyone…" Asuka muttered. "So, Shinji still thinks he doesn't deserve me?"

"Probably." Kyoko said. "He's a very sensitive boy… so polite and kind, but he has a temper, but no one's perfect."

"He's only yelled at me once… and that was because of Kaworu…" Asuka said as she started thinking. "Any other time he yelled it was at someone else because we were in danger… he's rescued me so much… but he always does the fighting… he always gets hurt… maybe this time… I can show him I love him by making sure he doesn't fight… that he doesn't have to save me… that I can do this and… and win!"

"That's the spirit, sweetheart." Kyoko said. "I think you're ready to go back now."

"But I don't want to go…" Asuka moaned. "I… I don't want to lose you again!"

"Asuka, you won't lose me." Kyoko said. "As long as your heart is open, and as long as Unit–02 exists, I will be here by your side. It's time for you to go back and finish what those fools have started." Kyoko kissed Asuka's forehead. "Viel Glück, sweetheart."

"Bye momma…" Asuka said as a bright light flashed around her.


In the Command Center, things were becoming dire. The JSSDF had begun firing on the doors leading into the Command Center, and they were close to being breached. Everyone inside was getting ready, and preparing for the worst. In an effort to stay connected to things, Maya grabbed a laptop and ducked under her desk with a phone so she could continue monitoring the battle in the Geofront.

"Lieutenant Ibuki, final status check!" Fuyutsuki said. "I don't think we can afford one during a firefight."

"The Cage has fallen." Maya said. "And Unit–02 is still immobile, and being pelted with depth charges."

"Contact Colonel Katsuragi and inform her of the situation." Fuyutsuki replied. "Tell her to avoid the Cage at all costs."

"Understood, sir." Maya said as Hyuga handed her a gun. "I don't need this."

"Maya, you will." Hyuga said. "They aren't taking any prisoners, you need to be able to defend yourself."

"Fine, if it'll make you feel better…" Maya said uncomfortably as she put the gun to the side.

"Hey, how many clips do you have, Hyuga?" Aoba asked as he readied his P90.

"Fourteen plus one loaded into the gun." Hyuga replied. "And you?"

"Same." Aoba replied. "So this is the end then… this is how we're gonna die."

"No it's not." Hyuga replied. "Stop being so negative."

"What, we don't have much hope left…" Aoba retorted. "We're about to be shot by a bunch of people trained to kill us."

"Well, if it's the end, then this won't make much of a difference." Hyuga said as he leaned in and kissed Aoba deeply on the lips. Aoba raised his eyebrows and reciprocated, and as Maya turned to ask them a question, she saw them locked in a tight embrace, and her jaw dropped.

"What…?" Maya said louder than she'd meant to.

The pair broke apart and looked over to her and blushed. "What?" Hyuga asked.

"I mean… I'm a bit surprised." Maya said.

"Well, if we die, he knows how I feel." Hyuga said.

"It's a nice feeling to have." Aoba replied. "If we… uh… survive this, I don't mind tying this out."

"Good." Hyuga said. "Now do you have some hope?"

"Yep." Aoba replied.

"Well, there's some more hope for all of us." Maya quipped.

"What now?" Hyuga asked.

"Asuka's awake and her sync score just went past 95%." Maya said proudly.


Asuka woke up, still feeling the phantom of her mother's presence in the Entry Plug with her. She sat up properly in her seat, and gripped the control yokes firmly. Asuka felt a surge of power as she got Unit–02 to its feet. Unit–02 leapt from the deep end to the shallows of the lake, bursting out of the water right under the cruiser that continued to drop depth charges in the water. Asuka looked around and saw a line of JSSDF artillery and missile launchers and smirked.

"So, you want to play do you?" Asuka asked a she saw the weapons target her. She watched the muzzles flash, and the missile fire towards when she dropped Unit–02 back in the water and waited as the weapons fire hit the other shore.

Unit–02 came back out of the water again, this time taking the cruiser with it. Lifting it from amidships, with little difficulty, Asuka raised it out of the water and aimed it at her attackers. "Here's Asuka!" Asuka shouted proudly as the tanks, artillery pieces, and missile batteries fired again. Asuka angled the cruiser to take the hits, and with it burning in Unit–02's hands she aimed it at their defensive line. "I got a special deliver y for you mother fuckers!" Asuka said proudly as Unit–02 leaned back. "YAAAAHHHHH!" Asuka screamed as she pitched the burning cruiser at the JSSDF, where it exploded on contact with their armor, and in the resulting chain reaction, wiped out everything they had assembled there.

"So much for superior firepower." Asuka quipped as another barrage of missiles screamed towards her. She effortlessly jumped up and dodged the explosion, twirling through the air while the power cable on her back flowed gracefully behind her. Unit–02 landed hard and faced head an alarm, indicating something else. Asuka looked to see what was coming and recognized the cruise missile streaking towards her. "Bring it on." Asuka said defiantly as the cruise missile appeared to hit Unit–02's face, only for its A.T. Field to deploy and stop the missile mere inches from Unit–02's face, its engines still firing, trying to move the dug in Unit–02.

"Can't touch this." Asuka said as three more contacts appeared moving towards her at high speed, and she saw they were cruise missiles as well. Asuka spread Unit–02's legs to better handle the stresses of being pushed and reached out both of Unit–02's arms and impaled a cruise missile on each, crumpling the warhead. Unit–02 struggled to stand with the power of three different cruise missiles trying to move and held strong as the fourth approached and detonated before touching the A.T. Field, taking the other three cruise missiles with it and engulfing Unit–02 and ball of fire. As the fire dissipated, Unit–02 walked out of it unscathed and Asuka was smiling widely. "Is that the best you can do?"

Just as Asuka made her joke, two hundred VTOLs loaded with ordinance flew right at her while a hundred tanks parachuted in from above. Asuka looked around and smiled. "Easy pickings…"

Asuka charged the VTOLs with an enraged vigor, tearing through two or three at a time with little effort. As the tanks dropped past her, Asuka grabbed a pair of them by the barrels and swung them around, smashing through VTOL's like wet toilet paper, and smashing into other tanks like sledgehammers. "How's this working out for you?!" Asuka shouted as she threw the tanks at some approaching VTOLs and destroyed them with ease.

Without realizing it, some tanks have snuck up behind and take aim at her power cable while she was busy with another swarm of VTOLs. Unit–02 gabbed two VTOLs and swung them around, with the tail being ripped off one of them and the rest of the crippled aircraft sent careening towards the hidden tanks, causing a massive explosion when the two met, catching Asuka off guard, and then, she got angry.

"Trying to surprise me!" Asuka screamed as she jumped around, cutting down even more VTOLs and destroying the last few tanks. Now she was only left with a few dozen VTOLs. "It's funny you think you can beat me!" Asuka shouted as she began to punch and kick he VTOLs in the vicinity, destroying them with her own personal flair. "I've got 12,000 plates of special armor, and an A.T. Field!" Asuka said proudly as she sliced through several VTOLs with only her A.T. Field, leaving only five VTOLs remaining. "There's no way in hell I'll lose…" Unit–02 grabbed the closest VTOL by the cockpit and swung it around to her left towards the second VTOL. "…to the likes of YOU!" Asuka shouted as the two VTOLs collided and exploded in a brilliant fireball. Another VTOL moved in close, only to be drop kicked by Unit–02 with the fourth being grabbed and thrown onto the ground and stomped like an ant. Asuka looked up and saw the final VTOL trying to escape. "Oh no you don't!" Asuka shouted as Unit–02 leapt into the air, activating its retro thrusters as it did. Unit–02 came level with the VTOL and grabbed it around the middle and pulled it back down to earth with it, slamming it into the ground, completely obliterating the airframe. Unit–02 stood up proudly, but in her fervor, Asuka didn't realize she'd cut into her own power cable, leaving it hanging by a half of its thickness.

"Well, at least the fight's… over?" Asuka asked as she saw thirteen flying wings on the horizon. "Those look like the things to carry EVAs…" Asuka muttered. "I guess the fight's just getting started."


Shinji stared down his father with contempt and walked towards Misato. "Go to hell, father." Shinji said defiantly. "I'm never going to help you."

"Fool." Gendo said. "You've doomed us all…"

"No, just your psychotic plan… Come on, Shinji, let's go." Misato said as she guided Shinji away as her phone rang. "Maya? What do you mean the Command Center was breached and the Cage is in enemy hands? … What, I have Shinji. … Yes, yes, what?!" Misato exclaimed. "Are you sure Fuyutsuki said SEELE sent the thirteen flying wings?"

"What about SEELE?" Shinji asked.

"Asuka's doing what?!" Misato shouted. "Bullshit, she can't fight thirteen Evangelions alone!"

"She's barely a capable pilot, she won't last long against those monstrosities." Gendo said snidely.

Shinji turned to his father and noticed how distracted Misato was on the phone, barely holding onto her gun. Shinji bum rushed her and knocked her to the ground and took her gun from her. Shinji pointed it angrily at his father. "Shut up!" Shinji shouted.

"What did I say other than the truth?" Gendo asked. "She's not the best fighter, she could barely take an Angel on her own, not, and pitting her against their thirteen Evangelions is something truly horrific."

"This is your fault!" Shinji shouted. "You could have stopped all this by refusing to help them!"

"I doubt it would have made a difference, Shinji." Gendo said. "Now put the gun down."

"Well, you forcing mother back won't do anything either." Shinji said. "You have to want to come back… that's the only way to free yourself. My mother doesn't want to be ear the likes of you anymore… it's a she even loved you at all!"

"And how would you know if she didn't want to come back?" Gendo asked angrily.

"Shinji, give me the gun." Misato said.

"Because I wanted to come back, and that was the only way to get free." Shinji replied in kind. "So go to hell."

"No, Shinji, you've doomed us all to hell…" Gendo said. "A hell created by SEELE…"

"I said to shut the hell up!" Shinji shouted.

"Shinji, give me he gun!" Misato said forcefully.

"Or what?" Gendo asked as he lowered his Adam hand. "You won't shoot me, Shinji, you're not…"


Gendo doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach as crimson blood poured out between his fingers. "…capable…"

"FUCKING HELL, SHINJI!" Misato shouted as Gendo began to bleed on the floor. "What did you do that for?"

"He deserved it." Shinji muttered. "For everything he's done…"

"Shinji… why…?" Gendo asked weakly.

"Shinji, come on, we need to go." Misato said as she grabbed a pair of riles and some ammo from the load of bodies around them. "We have to get you to Unit–01." Misato grabbed Shinji and dragged him away. "Come on!"

"I thought you said the Cages were…" Shinji began as Shinji looked back one more time on Gendo and saw the pool of blood slowly get bigger.

"Doesn't matter now." Misato said. "You need to help Asuka, and you need Unit–01 to do it. Don't worry, we'll be fine."


Asuka stared in shock as the thirteen Mass Production Evangelions were released from their flying wing transports. Each one was held in place by its head arms and feet with its blood red Entry Plug sticking out. On the sides of these were the words "KAWORU DMYSYS" which then slid into place to activate the white behemoths. Each one was and deployed what looked like glider wings and gracefully circled the hole leading to the Geofront. As they approached the ground, they flapped the wings and landed lightly on the ground, encircling Unit–02. Each one was carrying a Heavy Spear, with a handle set between two wide blades that made up its entire length and width, its dark metal finish and semi–bright cutting surface contrasting nicely with the bright white armor of the MPEs. They were sickening creatures, each with eyeless, wormlike heads that were highlighted by blood red lips and a toothy, demented grin, and a lilac colored clavicle that had the kanji of one of the numbers 1 through 13 written out on them.

"What the fuck…" Asuka muttered.

"Asuka, do you copy?" Maya asked. "Can you hear me?"

"Yeah." Asuka replied. "What are these things?"

"They're Evangelions." Maya said. "Just take out as many as you can, Misato has Shinji, but he won't be able to deploy… so you're on your own."

"Fine." Asuka said as the last MPE landed. "I have four and a half minutes of power left, and there are thirteen of them, that almost 21 seconds per unit… wunderbar…"

Asuka griped the control yokes and slammed them forward, charging the closest MPE, and leaping into the air. "YAAAAHHHHH!" Asuka cried as Unit–02 stretched out its arms and plunged its fists into the first MPE's head, ripping its jaw off and throwing blood everywhere. A second MPE charged her from behind and Asuka took the first one and slammed it into the second, knocking it back. She charged a third, slamming it in the gut with Unit–02's knee, and then lifting into the air and breaking its back against the same knee.

"Two down!" Asuka shouted proudly as the second MPE got up and charged with the fourth. Asuka dodged the attack of the second MPE's Heavy Spear, rolling to the right and into the path of the fourth, which Asuka punched through the chest from a kneeling position, impaling it with Unit–02 fist and using the other hand force its head back and break its neck. The second one attacked her again with a fifth, charging her together. The fifth tackled her to the ground, and began snapping at Unit–02 head, causing Asuka to panic a bit. "Get the fuck off of me!" Asuka screamed as she armed her shoulder pylons, each was equipped with five pneumatic spikes that could be fired at close range. Asuka took her time to line up the shot and then fired all ten right into the fifth MPE's face, sending it flying backwards, spraying blood everywhere. Unit–02 stood up and was immediately tackled by the second MPE, which held her to the ground and bit down on Unit–02's throat.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Asuka screamed. "I don't have time to play with you!" Unit–02 moved its hands around the second MPEs neck and clamped down hard, sinking its fingers into its flesh, slowly breaking through the exterior and causing blood to spirt out. Unit–02 then wrapped its legs around the MPE and used its grip to roll over, and get on top of it and force the MPE's mouth off Unit–02's neck. Unit–02 began slamming the MPEs head into the ground, and with each hit, it began to split open the back of its skull.

"Why… wont… you… fucking…" Asuka shouted between each slam of the MPE's head. "DIE!" The MPE's head finally split open, and it the MPE stopped struggling, but Asuka didn't notice, and she kept slamming the head against the ground until it was little more than pulp. "RAAAAAHHHHH!" Asuka screamed. "That's what happens when you mess with Asuka Langley Soryu!"

Asuka saw the fourth MPE get back up, the hole in its chest and all and it was flanked by the sixth and seventh MPEs as they charged at her together.

"Bring it on!" Asuka shouted as Unit–02 reached up and deployed its Prog Knives. "I got three minutes left just for you!"

The trio collided in a mass of flesh and metal and began swinging and striking at each other with Asuka dodging or blocking every attack they sent her way.

"Mien Gott!" Asuka exclaimed. "This is so much fun!"


Misato and Shinji were moving quickly through the halls of NERV. They were doing their best to avoid the JSSDF, which was difficult given that most of the base was being held by them. As they got to the Cage, they looked through the main entrance and saw a huge grouping of JSSDF soldiers mulling about.

"Holy shit, they really don't want us to get in there." Misato said quietly.

"So how am I going to help Asuka?" Shinji asked. "I don't think we can get through that without an Evangelion."

"We go up to the top and enter from a maintenance hatch on the upper level." Misato said. "It's the best plan we got."

"Ok…" Shinji replied as Misato led him up several levels to a concealed crawlspace.

"That's it?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, get in." Misato said.

Shinji obeyed and crawled in, with Misato following closely behind. As they got to the grate overlooking Unit–01, they were both stunned, they could only see the head and part of the shoulders, leaving the rest encased in Bakelite, courtesy of the JSSDF.

"Oh no…" Misato murmured. "It's completely encased in Bakelite…"

"I guess they've never heard of overkill…" Shinji muttered.

"But they've definitely heard of Unit–01." Misato quipped.

"So what are we going to do?" Shinji asked.

"Well… I have to go down there." Misato said.

"How would that help?" Shinji asked.

"Well, see that far wall with the switch?" Misato asked. "That wall has the release to what can melt that Bakelite into goo."

"Misato, there's too many of them!" Shinji said.

"Shinji, quiet down." Misato said. "I'm the only one that can, don't worry, I'll be fine… but I do have one question before I go."

"What?" Shinji asked.

"Shinji, aren't you… surprised?" Misato asked at Shinji's apparent lack of a reaction over Mari. "You didn't say anything about Mari."

"I've known for two days." Shinji said. "And it's true, I confronted her and told her I hated her for lying to me."

"Shinji, how could you do that?!" Misato said admonishingly. "She's your best friend!"

"I don't have any of those left!" Shinji said in a loud whisper. "I fucked it all up!"

"Well, the way you keep acting, you certainly won't have anyone left." Misato said angrily. "Like leaving Asuka naked and alone in your room."

"How… wha…?" Shinji asked.

"What happened last night, Shinji?" Misato said. "She was babbling about you abandoning her when they found her."

"I… I got scared, ok?" Shinji said. "I freaked out and I left… I ran away again, I just couldn't handle it… when the attack started, I was on my way to find her… "

"Jesus, Shinji, that's not how you do things." Misato said. "You can't run away like that in a relationship… it's not healthy."

"How would I know?" Shinji asked. "No one's ever told me any of this before… I wasn't even sure what to do!"

"Shinji, relax." Misato said. "I'll explain everything later." Misato kissed him on the cheek. "You're already a grown up though, I don't need to tell you much of anything anymore."

Misato quietly opened the grate and waited for a guard to walk below her before she jumped down and snapped his neck. After standing back up, Misato ran as quietly as possible towards the panel, but half way there, she was spotted.

"Take her out!" One of the soldiers shouted as they opened fire on Misato and hit her at least once before she could make it to cover.

"MISATO!" Shinji screamed drawing everyone's attention. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Unit–01's eyes lit up, almost as if on command as the guards turned their guns towards the vent Shinji was in and emanated a blue shockwave that ripped the JSSDF soldiers apart when it touched them before they could fire a shot. Shinji jumped out of the vent and ran to Misato's side.

"Misato!" Shinji shouted as he ran up to her.

"Hey, Shinji." Misato replied as she got up slowly. "Unit–01 to the rescue again, huh?"

"Misato, are you ok?" Shinji asked.

"Of course, Shinji." Misato replied. "Those guys are like stormtroopers, can't hit a fucking a fucking thing."


Mari had a tough time getting up to where Unit–XP was. With the JSSDF everywhere, she had to keep hiding like some kind of spy in the dark corners of the hallway, and considering she was wearing a pink plugsuit, that job wasn't exactly easy. Then, all of a sudden, all the guards seemed to disappear, and Mari had an unabated path to Unit–XP.

"Well, whatever…" Mari said as she arrived in front of her Evangelion. "Just makes my life easier." Mari looked up at it and saw that the Entry Plug had been pre–loaded for her convenience. "Well, someone thought ahead…"

Mari climbed up and got in. She turned on the Entry Plug from the inside and watched it close, bringing back a flash of her first time, the time she was absorbed. "Don't think about that now… need to focus…"

The Evangelion came online then the screens went red. "Oh, fuck you and your error codes!" Mari shouted. "I could give a shit if that I'm not authorized or that the legs aren't fully functional, or if half the armor isn't installed! Fucking override!" Mari began playing with the controls as she broke into the Evangelion's OS. "Fucking bullshit… no one's got time for this shit…" Mari found the command she was looking for. "Huh… Omega directives… neat." Mari selected several to give her full control of the EVA. "So, override the damage lockout, override activation control, override launch control… bitch is mine now… ok… let's go." Mari grabbed the control yokes and eased them forward and nothing happened. "What the… seriously?" Mari said angrily. "I have to override more shit?" Mari grumbled as she got back to work. "Fucking bullshit…"


The fourth, sixth, and seventh MPEs were fighting vigorously with Unit–02. Asuka was dodging their violent Heavy Spear swings, either by ducking or jumping like some kind of side scroller, or blocking their massive Heavy Spears with her relatively small Prog Knives.

"I don't have time for this shit!" Asuka screamed. "You shouldn't be attacking me anyway, there's a hole in your chest!"

As Asuka was anticipating their moves, which she began to notice weren't very varied in their execution, so when she saw an opening, she took her chance and jumped at the fourth MPE, slamming her Prog Knives into its clavicle, and slamming the fourth MPE into the ground. She tried her best to keep it down, and struggled so much so that one of her Prog Knives broke off. Asuka took the opportunity to hold down the MPE's weapon arm. Asuka anticipated an attack, and Unit–02 spun around, pulling the fourth MPE on top of it, and using it to block the sixth and seventh MPEs as they struck with their Heavy Spears, cleaving the fourth MPE in an attempt to hit Unit–02. Asuka used all her might throw the fourth MPE over her head, with the other two still attached via their Heavy Spears. As she sent them flying, she continued to hold onto her remaining Prog Knife and the fourth MPE's weapons arm, which tore off as the three MPEs flew away, while spraying blood all over the place. Asuka rolled Unit–02 onto its back and rolled forward, leaping back onto her feet, arm in hand. Asuka then pried the Heavy Spear from its hand and gripped it tightly in her own. She charged the three MPEs, cutting the side of the fourth's head off, with it limply falling down. The sixth couldn't pull its weapon from the fourth in time and was cleaved from the shoulder to the waist and kicked away from Unit–02 as the seventh charged once again, only to be intercepted by Unit–02 thrusting its Heavy Spear into its gut and cutting upwards, knocking yet another MPE out of the fight.

"Fuck yeah!" Asuka said as she looked around and counted her kills. "Seven fuckers down… six to go…" Asuka looked over at her countdown timer. "Now I just have to kill these fuckers with 80 seconds left on the clock…" Asuka smirked as she sized up what was left. "Here's where the fun begins…"

To Be Continued

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