Chapter 1

I do not own Hey Arnold! I just wrote this because I was bored. Also, I don't believe there are enough fanfics addressing Arnold's issues with his parents being missing. There are tons of TJM fanfics, but I decided to write a basic story about Arnold missing his parents. BTW The REAL Jungle Movie will render any other fanfics non canon. However, some of them are fun to read.

Arnold glanced down at the street from his bedroom window. Everyone was bustling down the street. Kids were playing baseball. Harvey the mailman was delivering mail on one of his mail routes. Mr. Green was sweeping outside his store. Everything and everyone were in their proper place…except for two.

Miles and Stella.

Arnold glanced over at his bed. On it was the photograph of his parents. He had been staring at it since he had woken up that morning. "Maybe things were meant to be this way," Arnold thought. Maybe his life was meant to be like this. Growing up without parents. Growing up without a good ol' father-son game of catch. Growing up without a heart to heart conversation with his mom.

It felt so strange. How can you miss someone so terribly that you haven't even really had a change to know? Arnold could handle the stories he heard from his Grandpa about them. He could even handle hearing his father's writings from the journal. What he couldn't handle was the idea of NOT KNOWING.

Are they alive? If they're alive, where are they? If they got lost, how and when did they get lost?

Are they dead? If they're dead, where are they? If they're dead, how and when did they die?

These two scenarios haunted him. On the one hand, they're dead. And on the other hand, they are lost.

Late at night, Arnold would go over each scenario of what could have happened to them. Did their plane crash? Did they get lost? Did the plane run out of fuel? Where have they been for the past eight years? Eight years. It doesn't seem like a lot to an average person, but to Arnold it felt like an eternity.

What if they were dead? Would that make things any easier? No. It would just confirm the fact that he truly doesn't have parents.

"Maybe if they were dead it would stop this never-ending cycle of worry," Arnold thought to himself. "No, they're out there….somewhere."

Arnold put the photograph back into the drawer. Every time he looked at it sadness, hurt, anxiety, fear, and depression swept over him all at once.

Just then, Abner came into the room oinking and running around in a circle.

"Oh…sorry boy I need to let you out."

After Arnold said this, the pig jumped for joy and followed Arnold downstairs and to the front door. Arnold opened it and Abner and other nameless cats and dogs spilled out of the front door and onto the sidewalk.