Chapter 7

Arnold's eyes were starting to overflow once again. His was about to wipe them away when suddenly-

Someone was hugging him!

Not only was this just someone, but it was HELGA! Helga! H-E-L-G-A! HELGA G. PATAKI! He was surprised but more importantly he was embarrassed. His entire life the only people that ever saw him cry were his grandparents. He never cried in front of his classmates, not even in front of Gerald! As Helga was hugging him, he felt a sense of comfort and support. She actually smelled really good; of course Arnold wasn't going say anything about it to her in this particular moment.

Helga held him close to her. He smelled sooooooooooo good that she still wondered what shampoo he used.

After hugging one another for what seemed like hours (really only a few minutes), the two broke apart away from each other once Arnold calmed down.

"Well, I-I-uh-I…I better be going."

"O-O-Okay," Arnold said still a little shocked.

"Bye Arnold," Helga said as he went over and opened his bedroom door.

"Um, Helga?"

"Yeah," she answered.


"Don't mention," she said as she shut the door. The door then opened once more for her to add, "Seriously don't mention it. To anyone. Ever."

"Okay," Arnold said with a laugh.

The door shut again. After waiting for a few seconds, Arnold opened the door. He watched as Helga walked down the steps and down the hallway; her pink bow bouncing along on the top of her head. As soon as she disappeared from his sight, Arnold went back into his bedroom. "It's strange," he thought. "She actually sounded like she meant it when she said she was sorry." Arnold began to pace around his bedroom thinking over the past few minutes of what had just taken place. Helga had come by to apologize to him, but why would she do that? Maybe he had been right all along. Helga only acts tough and mean just to cover up her own insecurities. She said so herself. She said, "to cover up her real feelings." But what exactly were her real feelings? Arnold scratched his head.

"Women." He said out loud to himself.

Arnold sat on the couch and grabbed a telephone that sat on a table next to the couch. He HAD to call Gerald. He felt terrible for how he acted at the arcade. Arnold began dialing the numbers, he knew them by heart. It began ringing and ringing and ringing. Arnold swallowed hard, still nervous over his previous encounter with Helga. Should he tell Gerald what had just happened, or keep it to himself?