AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was inspired by the "Dream Chronicles" trilogy by Play First Games and Kat Games. Be prepared for a long story, because, as opposed to my Impossibles fanfics based on games and their sequels, this story uses all three of the "Dream Chronicles" games. The Fraggles and Marjory the Trash Heap belong to Jim Henson. Lilith, Herbert, and Merrow belong to the games. The country of Fraggledonia belongs to me (incidentally, I strongly suggest reading my fanfic, "The Chosen Fraggle," before reading this story, as that goes into further detail about Fraggledonia). Wiggly the Burrow Beast, and the Fraggles' parents belong to me. I'm also giving Marjory the Trash Heap a bit of a back story in this. It is my own idea, and PLEASE do NOT confuse it with the show's canon. Actually, don't confuse anything I write in this story with the show's canon.

It was a misty morning in Fraggle Rock. Five-year-old Wembley Fraggle was walking around the mist, clutching a handmade Fraggle doll, looking around nervously. Nothing looked familiar to him. The Great Hall was gone, his friends were gone, and all of the other Fraggles were gone. All that remained was the mist. Alone and scared, Wembley sat down where he was, and started to cry. Suddenly, he felt himself being picked up, and someone started rubbing his back.

"There, there," a familiar voice said. Wembley looked up, and saw the face of his mother, Wini Fraggle. He broke into a big smile, and flung his arms around her neck.

"Mommy!" he cried, happily. "You came back!"

"Of course I came back!" Wini shouted. "You don't think I'd leave you, do you?"

"Don't go away, again, Mommy! Don't ever go away!"

Wini didn't say anything. She just hugged Wembley.

Suddenly, everything disappeared, and Wembley woke up from his dream. He was a little confused at first, but then he slowly came to the realization he was only dreaming. He heaved a sigh, and climbed down the ladder that led to his bunk. His roommate and best friend, Gobo, was already up.

"Morning, Wembley," he said.

"Hi," Wembley said, with a sigh that could have been heard in the Gorgs' garden.

"Hey, what's the matter, fella?" Gobo asked. "Bad dream?"

"Well . . . . yes, and no. I dreamt I was five years old, and my mom came back to Fraggle Rock."


That was all Gobo could say. He knew Wembley's mother dropped Wembley off at the cave Gobo shared with his uncle Matt when Wembley was five (Gobo was eight at the time), and then she left Fraggle Rock, and didn't come back. Every single Fraggle figured she just abandoned Wembley, but no one could figure out the reason.

Wembley heaved another sigh, and Gobo put his hand on his friend's shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"I know you miss your mom," he said. "It's gotta be hard for you. I never even knew my parents, since they were killed in a cave in when I was only a little over a year old. All of us know what it's like to lose a parent. Red's dad had a head-on collision in the Fraggle Five Hundred when she was ten, Mokey's dad was squished by the Gorgs when she was four, and then her mom was squished about five years ago, Boober's father choked on a radish chip, and his mother accidentally broke his ribs when she tried to to the Fragglich Maneuver on him, and then a year later, his mom had a heart attack."

"Yeah, but they didn't just dump them somewhere and then up and leave. I don't know if Mom's even still alive or not."

"I'm sorry, pal. I really didn't help much, did I? Hey, you wanna come with me and see if I got a postcard from Uncle Matt?"

"No thanks, Gobo."

Wembley sighed again, and left the cave. Gobo didn't know what else to do, so he left as well, in order to let Red, Mokey, and Boober know Wembley was feeling a bit down that day.

"He said he dreamed his mom came back," he explained. "I guess he was disappointed that it was only a dream."

"Poor little guy," Boober said. "I'm just glad I was old enough to understand about death when my parents died. I wasn't a little kid, thank goodness."

"Watch it, Boober," Red said. "Gobo, Mokey, and I were kids when we lost our parents."

"Sorry," Boober said.

"Well, maybe we should take Wembley to go see Lou," Mokey suggested. "She always manages to cheer him up."

"We can't," Gobo said. "Lou's over in Fraggledonia, taking care of some business. The work of a royal Fraggle is never done. She's not due back here until tomorrow."

On a recent adventure of the Fraggle Five, they had found out Wembley's friend, Lou, was the descendant of a princess of a then-unnamed land, making her the new princess. She decided to call the land Fraggledonia. Not wanting to stay there and rule forever, she assigned a group of goblins (who had been previously working for an evil sorceress who was trying to gain control of not only Fraggledonia, but the entire universe as well) to watch over the place, unless the goblins needed Lou for anything majorly important, in which case, she would go to Fraggledonia, do what she had to do, and then come back to Fraggle Rock. The six Fraggles had agreed not to tell anyone else about Lou's royal title, or background, as they figured it would cause nothing but trouble. They did tell the other Fraggles about Fraggledonia, however, but they didn't reveal too much.

"I hate it when Lou's in Fraggledonia when Wembley's in a deep blue funk," Red said. "Sometimes, she's the only one who can get him out of it."

"Well, why don't we just leave him alone for awhile?" Mokey asked. "Sometimes, these things have a way of working out for themselves."

"Yeah, but we should keep an eye on him," Boober said. "Depression can be an ugly thing."

The others agreed, and went off to put in their thirty minutes of work. As the day went on, Wembley seemed to have forgotten about his dream, and the other Fraggles decided not to bring it up.

"I can't wait until Lou gets back," he said at dinner. "Sometimes, I hate it when she has to go to Fraggledonia! I miss her too much when she does!"

"I know," Gobo said. "But you could always go with her when she has to go. You've done that before."

"We all have," Mokey said. "We've spent lots of time over in Fraggledonia! Lou's designated rooms in the castle there for the five of us. Though it was kind of funny when we found out the only creatures that live in Fraggledonia are goblins and Fraggles."

"I know I could have gone with Lou," Wembley said. "But I just didn't feel like going this time."

"It's just as well," Red said. "I think the Fraggles that live in Fraggledonia are weird. Even weirder than the Cave Fraggles! Most of them work eight hours a day, and they don't give neat things to each other like we do. They have to pay for it using . . . . using . . . . what did Lou say that stuff was called again?"

"Money," Gobo said. "The Silly Creatures use it, too. Personally, I don't think it'll ever catch on, but the Fraggles that live in Fraggledonia told Lou that was how their economy worked, and even though she's the princess, and has the power to change the rules, she doesn't want to mess with it, because the Fraggledonians are happy with the way it works over there."

"Different strokes for different Fraggles," Boober said. "Personally, I don't like going all the way to Fraggledonia. You have to go all the way to the other side of the Gorgs' castle just to get to the path that leads to the river that takes you there, and the river is full of those Fraggle-eating bananacuda fish! You know they can manage to swallow a Gorg whole!"

"Don't remind me," Red said, grimacing.

"Then there's the fact that I get seasick," Boober said. "Personally, I don't see how Lou stands it! I also don't see how she can even think about using goblins to run that place when she's not there!

"Cut it out, Boober," Gobo said. "Let's not talk about it. The goblins are trained to take orders from whoever is in charge of the Fraggledonian castle, remember?"

"But what if there's a revolt?" Boober asked.

"Personally, Boober," Red said, "I think you're the one that's revolting."

"Very funny," Boober said, sarcastically.

"Come on, you guys!" Wembley shouted. "Stop fighting! You know I don't like it when you guys fight!"

Red and Boober apologized, and stopped fighting. Red started talking about a swimming show she was thinking about organizing instead. Gobo looked over at Wembley, who was listening intently. He was glad to see his little green friend was in a better mood, but for some reason, he was starting to get a funny feeling about something, but he wasn't sure what it was.