Gobo and Lou walked up the stairs and back to the Nexus. Gobo pulled the left lever, and the doors shifted. The colors on the top of the next one were red, green, and orange. Lou put their two new Dream Jewels on the device. She began to push the buttons to rotate them, until she got the combination correctly, and the gateway opened.

"And away we go," Gobo said, as he and Lou walked through the gateway.

Once they were through the gateway, the two Fraggles found themselves on the edge of a cliffside overlooking a large body of water. There were some telescope lenses, gold nuggets, and some Dream Pieces scattered around, and an island in the distance.

"I'll bet anything that's where Lilith's got Wembley!" Gobo shouted, gathering up some of the gold nuggets. "The question is how do we get over there."

"Here's another note," Lou said, picking up the telescope lenses. "To access the underwater retreat, place a Fairy amulet on the stone pillar here. Where are we going to get an amulet?"

"I don't know. But let's take the lenses to the telescope and make more molds, just in case we may need another Dream Jewel. Who knows? Maybe the amulet is somewhere in another gateway that needs to be unlocked!"

Lou couldn't argue with that, and followed Gobo back through the gateway. They returned to the telescope room with the two lenses, got the molds, and returned to the forge to make the Dream Jewels. One was in the shape of an eye, with one red gem, one yellow gem, and one blue gem. The other was a crescent moon and a star, with one blue gem, one yellow gem, and one clear gem.

"Think we should see where these will lead us with the Nexus?" Gobo asked.

"Why not?" Lou asked, shrugging. "We may see something that looks like a Fairy amulet along the way."

When the two Fraggles returned to the Nexus, Lou pulled the lever to switch the doors, and Gobo placed the two new Dream Jewels into the device. The colors above the gateway were green, purple, and red. Unfortunately, the two new Dream Jewels didn't offer that combination, no matter what they tried. So Gobo switched them out, and used the moon Dream Jewel with the gear Dream Jewel to play with. That did it. The two Fraggles opened the gateway and ran through it. They found themselves in the main hall of the castle in Fraggledonia.

"Whoa," Gobo said. "Who knew there was a secret magical tunnel in the castle!"

"Yeah, but what happened to the place?" Lou said, looking around. "It looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years! How long were we gone for?"

"Beats me," Gobo said. "Unless this is one of Lilith's tricks."

"Hello little Fraggles!" the voice of Marjory the Trash Heap called out. "You've returned!"

"Yeah, but not for long, Madam Heap," Gobo said, looking around but he couldn't see the Trash Heap anywhere. "One of the Nexus gateways brought us here. We're looking for a Fairy amulet."

"Ah ha," Marjory said. "I know where to find it, too. There's a hidden drawer in the stairs, but it needs a key. It should be in the left bedroom at the top of the stairs."

"Left bedroom at the top of the stairs," Lou said. "That's Wembley's room!"

"Come on!" Gobo shouted.

Gobo and Lou were about to race up the stairs, when suddenly, the tiles on the floor disappeared, and scattered around the room. Gobo groaned, and smacked his hand over his eyes.

"Of course," he said. "Of course that would happen!"

"If I ever find Lilith, I'm going to punch her lights out," Lou grumbled, as she and Gobo collected the tiles.

Then they went up the stairs to check things out. Gobo went into his room, while Lou went to check Wembley's. Gobo looked around his room, and picked up the tiles. He also noticed his metal bed frame was rusty.

"We must have been gone longer than I thought," he said. "Either that, or we're in another dimension."

Gobo left the room, and went back downstairs. Lou joined him shortly afterwards.

"Well, there wasn't anything in Wembley's room at all," Lou said. "No tiles, or keys."

"Well, let's put the tiles back together anyway," Gobo said. "Maybe we'll get a clue to where exactly it is."

Lou nodded, and she and Gobo began placing the tiles on the floor. They had to turn them a couple of times, since they had to match the pattern with the other tiles. Once they got the tiles set correctly, the bottom step disappeared, and revealed a hidden drawer.

"Okay, now we have to go back to Wembley's room and find the key," Gobo said.

The two Fraggles went back up the stairs and into Wembley's room.

"Okay, now what?" Gobo asked.

"Unlock the chest," Marjory's voice said. "There's a mat in there, along with some of your friend's favorite things. You must place them on the mat, and the key will materialize."

Gobo and Lou looked at each other, and then shrugged. It was about all they could do at this point. Lou took the key to the chest, and unlocked it. Gobo rolled out the mat, and he and Lou began digging through the chest to see what they could find.

"Here's one of Wembley's spare banana tree shirts," Gobo said.

"Here's a piece of paper," Lou said. "Looks like a drawing he made of him, you, Mokey, Red, and Boober."

"And a picture that Mokey painted of the two of us. One of his wooden puppets he keeps here in Fraggledonia, a picture of you . . . . hey, I didn't know he still had this!"


"His old squishy stuffed radish! Wonder what else he keeps in here?"

Gobo and Lou continued looking through the chest, and pulled out a set of bongo drums, a shiny, multi-colored rollie, and a rolled up piece of paper tied with a string. Gobo untied the string and unrolled it to reveal a drawing of two Fraggles holding hands that looked like it was drawn by a five-year-old. One was small and green with yellow hair wearing a banana tree shirt, and the other was tall and yellow with green hair in a ponytail wearing a dress with purple flowers on it. There were red hearts drawn around them, and the bottom of the picture had the words "I luv momie" written across it (though the "E" was backwards).

"You know what this is?" Gobo asked.

"What?" Lou said.

"It's a picture Wembley drew of him and his mom. I actually remember the day he drew it. It was the day before she left."

"He must have been very close to her."

Gobo nodded. He went back to the chest, and found that it was completely empty, so he and Lou put the items they found onto the mat. Once they were placed, a key magically materialized in the center. Gobo grabbed it, and he and Lou raced down the stairs. Gobo stuck the key into the lock, and opened the drawer. He pulled out a rock with a strange design carved into it.

"This must be it," he said. "Back to the Nexus!"

The two Fraggles returned to the Nexus and pulled the right lever in order to get the gateway back to the cliffside. Once they went through, Gobo took the amulet, and put it onto the pillar. Once it was there, an arch appeared, along with a winch, and a cable that ran across the arch to the island. A large gondola appeared next, and the door opened by itself.

"Wow," Gobo said. "That's pretty neat."

"Yeah," Lou said. "Come on, Gobo, I'm dying to see what's over there on that island!"

Gobo nodded, and he and Lou climbed into the gondola. The door closed, and it began to move along the cable to the island, slowly.

"I'm not sure what to expect when we get over there," Gobo said, "but I have a feeling we're getting close to where Wembley is!"

When the gondola stopped, Gobo and Lou climbed out, and found a huge door in the rock. Gobo contemplated it, while Lou gathered up some gold nuggets and Dream Pieces that were scattered around.

"This must lead to the underwater retreat the Trash Heap mentioned," Gobo said. "But how do you open the door?"

"Hey, Gobo!" Lou shouted, pulling a tear drop shaped stone out of the rock. "Look at this! It matches the shape on the door! I'll bet it's the key."

Gobo took the stone, and put it on the door. Unfortunately, the door didn't open, but the cover did. A series of lights lit up as musical notes played. Gobo groaned.

"A musical lock," he said. "And it's just like that chess puzzle at the Tower of Dreams!"

"Oh no," Lou groaned.

Gobo concentrated on the lights, and managed to play the correct sequence, unlocking the door. The two Fraggles walked down a flight of stairs, and looked around. There were a lot of twists and turns down there.

"Great," Gobo groaned. "Another labyrinth."

"Come on," Lou sighed. "We might as well get it over with."