If I was me, I would have been free.

If I was me, I would see.

If I was me, things would be good.

I would eat from all kinds of fruit.

Without being poisoned,

And the badness around.

But instead, from happiness,

So happy that I will laugh and shout out.

Feeling free like a wind, and wild like a seashore.

In some circle and way that all fish will fall for.

And now the time has come to stand up and fight.

Fight for yourself and fight for your right.

You only have one shot, one chance.

Now take it, it's in your advance.

And even when it is not, don't worry you are a fighter.

You WILL win and everything will be brighter.

Believe in yourself, even when nobody else does.

Be free from judgement of those who do not matter.

Just don't give up, all will be right…

But only if you open up to the bright/light.