A/N – This is my new Dark Hermione story – Wicked Game. To avoid having to take a break in the middle of the story over Christmas and New Year, I've decided to post this story three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is 35 chapters in total, including the prologue and the epilogue.

As I've already said, this is a Dark Hermione story, so if you don't like Hermione on the dark side and the Order losing then this isn't the story for you. For those of you who do like a Dark Hermione, I hope you enjoy Wicked Game.

Events of the books have ran differently in this story, and it starts at the end of 7th year, with people alive who were killed in the actual books before this point. The differences will be explained as the story progresses.


Albus Dumbledore strolled along the corridors of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, humming merrily as he went. Despite the sinister presence of Lord Voldemort in the wizarding world he saw no reason not to be cheerful. True, the war was getting more serious by the day, but being miserable and worrying wasn't going to make things any better.

After taking a longer than necessary route Dumbledore reached his destination, the head dorms. This year's head students were Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. The pair were easily the top students in their year and choosing them to be the two heads had been a simple decision. Of course Dumbledore also had an ulterior motive in paring the two teenagers together.

Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, was a known Death Eater and it was widely expected that Draco would follow the same path and pledge his allegiance to the dark. Dumbledore wasn't as convinced that Draco wanted to be on the dark so he had spoken to Hermione at the start of term and asked her to try and get closer to the Slytherin. He was hoping that if the pair became close Draco would turn to the light and they would have a valuable ally that could hopefully give them some vital information on Voldemort and his followers.

Despite not knowing the password to the head dorms Dumbledore had no problem bypassing the portrait. He was after all the Headmaster and that allowed him a few privileges. Upon entering the common room, Dumbledore found no sign of the head students. All he wanted was to speak to them about a few extra patrols so he decided he would come back later.

Just as he was turning to leave Dumbledore heard a laugh coming from the direction of the bedrooms. Realising that at least one of the head students was present Dumbledore turned back around and headed towards the three doors at the far side of the room. The middle door was the shared bathroom that Hermione and Draco shared and the two other doors led to their respective bedrooms.

Reaching the doors Dumbledore paused as he tried to figure out which room was occupied. Another burst of laughter indicated that Draco's room was the one in use but just before he was about to knock the sound of a feminine voice stopped him. Frowning at the thought of the Head Boy having a girl in his room Dumbledore prepared himself to scold the young Slytherin when he realised the voice belonged to Hermione. Wondering if she was progressing any on their plan to gain Draco's trust, Dumbledore decided to stick around and listen to what was going on.

"According to father it won't happen." Dumbledore heard Draco say and his eyes lit up as it appeared that the blond was confiding in Hermione about Lucius.

"What makes him think it won't happen?" Hermione asked.

"Father reckons it's just asking for trouble. Launching an attack on Hogsmeade will just infuriate the Order."

Dumbledore's eyes widened at the mention of an attack on Hogsmeade. This was exactly the type of information they needed if they were to survive the relentless attacks of Voldemort's forces. At the minute Voldemort had the Order outnumbered and any advantage they could get would be critical.

"I think infuriating the Order is the point of the attack," Hermione chuckled.

"Maybe, but father is going to oppose Voldemort and try and talk him out of it," Draco replied.

Hermione laughed again before she responded. "If Father's already decided that he's attacking Hogsmeade, then he's attacking Hogsmeade. You know no-one ever says no to him, in the end everyone does exactly as he wants."

"Except you of course," Draco retorted. "His little princess gets whatever she wants and she's not afraid to say no either."

"I guess that's the advantage of being his daughter. Even the darkest wizard in the world is powerless to refuse his only child whatever her heart desires."

Dumbledore gasped at the revelations and took a few steps away from the door. Looking in horror at the closed door he turned and fled from the head dorms. Hurrying back to his office, he went straight through to his private chambers where he settled down to think. Unless he had seriously misunderstood things, Hermione Granger was Voldemort's daughter and it could spell disaster for the light. With Hermione feeding information to the dark they stood no chance of defeating Voldemort. Something had to be done and it had to be done quickly.

After a fretful night's sleep Dumbledore had settled on a plan to deal with Hermione. His initial reaction had been to confront her and make it clear she was no longer welcome as part of the Order. However that still presented the problem that she knew a great deal about the Order and the information she did have could still prove crucial to Voldemort. After ruling that option out he settled for an alternative that would ensure she was loyal to the light. That plan also had the added bonus of robbing Voldemort of his daughter and hopefully making him less effective as he'd lost something precious to him.

With the plan he had decided on Dumbledore knew he needed to have a select few allies. He definitely didn't want everyone finding out Hermione's true identity, but he figured a few people should know and they would be able to help him with his plan. It was going to take more people than him to keep Hermione with the Order.

After dressing Dumbledore sent off three owls and sent a note down to Gryffindor Tower. He then settled back and waited for his guests to arrive. First to arrive were Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, the two Gryffindor students he had just sent for.

"Harry, Ron, take a seat," Dumbledore said, ushering the pair through his office and into his private quarters.

"Is everything okay Professor?" Harry questioned, wondering why they were in Dumbledore's private rooms.

"Just a bit of private Order business," Dumbledore replied. "The others will be here shortly and I'll explain everything then."

As if on cue the floo in Dumbledore's office sounded and the Headmaster rushed off to greet his next visitors. A few seconds later Ron's parents, Molly and Arthur Weasley strode into the room. Molly was shocked to find her son and his best friend in Dumbledore's room and immediately questioned if they were in trouble. Once Dumbledore had reassured the Weasleys that Harry and Ron were in not trouble they settled down to find out why they'd been summoned.

Shortly after Molly and Arthur arrived the floo network sounded again and Dumbledore once again went to greet his visitors. This time he returned with Order members, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Remus was a werewolf and former Defence against the Dark Arts Professor and Sirius was Harry's godfather. The pair were also best friends and had been since school.

"What I am about to say must remain between us," Dumbledore said solemnly as he shut the door leading to the office and cast several privacy charms around the room. "We will be the only people to know what's going on and this could very well be the turning point in the war. If we mess up the dark could quite easily win the war."

"What's going on Albus?" Arthur questioned. "This is sounding very serious."

"It is," Dumbledore nodded as he took his seat. "What I'm about to tell you will come as a huge shock to you all, but I reassure you I have a plan to minimise the damage. Voldemort has a daughter, a daughter who is among us and working against us."

"Who?" Molly gasped, before looking at her son and his friend and noticing for the first time their other friend was mysteriously absent. "Not Hermione."

"Hermione!" Ron cried. "No, it's not true. She's a muggleborn, she's a good person."

"I'm afraid your mother is right," Dumbledore said. "Hermione is indeed Voldemort's child."

"How?" Ron whispered. "She's my girlfriend."

"I'm afraid that Hermione looks to have played us all for fools," Dumbledore sighed. "I'm guessing the girlfriend act was just that, an act aimed to bring her even closer to the heart of the Order."

"No." Harry shook his head. "I won't believe it. Hermione wouldn't work for the dark."

"I know this is hard to take in, but I assure you it's true," Dumbledore told the upset teenagers. "The Hermione Granger we all know is merely an illusion. An illusion created by a girl whose loyalty is to Voldemort."

"What are we going to do?" Remus asked. "You said you had a plan."

"Indeed I do," Dumbledore smiled slightly. "We're going to turn Hermione's lies into a reality."

"What? How?" Sirius asked.

"There's an old potion I've heard about that allows you to alter a person's memory on a permanent basis. I am going to alter Hermione's memories so that she doesn't know about Voldemort or anything else associated to the dark," Dumbledore explained. "Once she's taken the potion nothing will restore her memories and she'll truly be on our side. Of course I need you all to help with this."

"What do you want us to do?" Molly asked. "We'll do anything to keep Hermione on our side."

"Good, for the time being it's actually Harry and Ron that needs to do the work. School finishes in six weeks so you two have to continue on as normal. It's imperative that Hermione doesn't realise we're onto her."

"I don't know if I can do that," Ron admitted. "I thought she loved me, I thought we were going to have a life together."

"And you will, once I administer the potion," Dumbledore said. "I hate to tell you this Ron, but I think she may be involved with Draco Malfoy. But with the potion I can banish her memories of Draco and ensure she's with you. I think we need Hermione to have someone in her life in a romantic sense and all we'll be doing is turning her lies in truth. All the memories she already has of being with you will be intensified and it makes it easier to plant the false memories. Of course if you're not up for it, I could rethink things."

"So if she takes this potion, she'll be mine," Ron said. "We'll be together properly."

"Yes, and that's exactly what I want. I want someone important in her life and that person can be you," Dumbledore replied. "I know Hermione's been talking about getting a flat once she finishes school I was thinking of adjusting the memories so it was the pair of you talking about getting a place together."

"You want Ron to go and live with Hermione? Will it be safe for him?" Arthur asked, not wanting in son in unnecessary danger.

"It'll be perfectly safe," Dumbledore reassured Arthur. "Once Hermione has the potion in her system she'll have no recollection of ever being on the dark, all she'll remember is being part of the Order and fighting against the dark."

"When do we give her the potion?" Remus asked. "We can't wait too long. Every day she's without the potion is a day she can pass on information to the dark."

"It takes a few weeks to brew, but it should be ready at the end of the year," Dumbledore replied. "Molly, she's coming home with you at the end of term isn't she?"

"Yes," Molly nodded. "She was going to stay with us as she began looking for somewhere to live. Apparently her parents would be busy moving so she reckoned it would be easier to stay with us."

Hermione had told them earlier in the year that her parents were moving to Australia, and the arrangements had been made for Hermione to stay with the Weasleys until she found a place of her own. Of course it now looked as though she'd been lying, and the story about her parents had just been an excuse to explain why they wouldn't be around anymore.

"The potion should be ready by then." Dumbledore said. "All you'll have to do is slip it to her and all traces of her dark self are removed. She will truly be the Hermione Granger she's portrayed herself to be all these years."

The group nodded in agreement and after making a few other plans they went their separate ways. Dumbledore held Harry and Ron back as he double checked they could handle the next six weeks.

"Remember it's vital she doesn't discover we know about her," Dumbledore warned. "You can't start treating her any differently."

"We won't," Harry reassured the Headmaster. "I promise Hermione won't suspect a thing."