The Hug

A.N: This is the first Fanfic I've written in awhile, so I'll gladly take lots of constructive criticism :)

Izuku's mother waited hesitantly in front of her son's door, debating on if she should open it or not. She listened to his rushed mumbles, a worried look on her face. Feeling only a little guilty, she peeped her head inside to eavesdrop. Looking in, Inko saw her son wrapped up in a blanket Izawa style, quietly having a mental break down on the floor.

"Izuku? Are you all right honey?" She edged closer, slowly taking a few steps towards her son. She listened carefully, trying to pick up what he was saying.


"Izuku? Hey, speak to me sweetie, what's wrong?" She kneeled down, looked into his eyes. Izuku finally seemed to notice his mother, pausing mid-breakdown.

"There there my son, you're all right… why don't you tell me what happened, hm?" Inko was on the verge of crying herself since it's been so long since Izuku last broke down over something. Earlier, Deku burst inside and without saying a word ran up to his room and shut the door. Like any mother would be, Inko was worried. Izuku looked up, tears in his eyes, as we barely whispered the beginning of his story….

Earlier, at a UA Training Facility

The class of 1-A watched the various monitors, eager to see if Deku and Ururaka would pass the latest exam. However, pop quiz would be a better way to describe it. Aizawa, either out of boredom or curiosity, decided to have the students fight each other in pairs of two. The original plan was a timed-essay, but he suddenly changed his mind last second. Deku and Ururaka were the last students to go, fighting against Tsuyu and Tokoyami. The whole class watched eagerly as the intense battle continued. Eventually, Midoriya and Ururaka pulled through at the last minute, tying their opponents with tape. Deku and Ururaka were ecstatic, and in the heat of the moment hugged each other nearly to death. They hugged for longer than they should have, both students enjoying the smell and touch of the other. Ururaka began floating the two unconsciously, but neither noticed. Izuku pulled back for a moment, realizing their increasing altitude. He looked at Ururaka, planning to warn her about her quirk. They looked into each other's eyes, both starting to blush a little. Izuku's mind started to blank, and he forgot what he was supposed to tell her. Numbed by Ururaka's cinnamon scent and lost in her chocolate brown eyes, Izuku forgot everything, including common sense. Without a single thought, Deku leaned in and gave his crush a kiss on the lips. He quickly pulled back, and upon seeing Ururaka's bright red, surprised face, pushed away. And then he immediately fell to the ground, forgetting that he was afloat.

Ururaka started to snap out of her haze, pleading out, "Wait, Deku!" He didn't hear her as he ran off, activating full cowl on his rush home. He left his school supplies in the classroom.

In the monitoring room, class 1-A was in a frenzy, as people yelled out in joy or stood there open mouthed. Everyone reluctantly handed Todoroki their bet money, as he was the only one who bet on Midoriya making the first move. Kirishima and Iida had tears in their eyes, both saluting and whispering "Way to go, bro…" Mina and 'tstoptwinkling both yelled out "I KNEW IT!". All Might burst back into his withered form, however nobody noticed in the craze. Ururaka remained floating in the air, fingers slightly touching her lips as she blushed wildly.

Izuku finished his story, blushing and avoiding eye contact with his mother. He raised his eyes to see her reaction, and immediately sweat dropped. She was bawling waterfalls, running around the house while screaming barely comprehensible nonsense.


Izuku stood up, attempting to calm his mother. "Mom, it's fine, relax, okay?"

"BUT WHAT IF SHE'S AN IRRESPONSIBLE MOM?" Inko bust out in horror, tears creating possible water damage to the floor. Her outburst caused Izuku to blush even more, voice cracking as he yelled back, "WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN AN IRRESPONSIBLE MOM ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT URURAKA?"





The Midoriya's grew silent as his outburst sank in. They were quiet for a while, until they heard a small voice from Izuku's pocket.

"Um, Deku? Are you there?" Midoriya slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He forced himself to look at the screen, and nearly died. Ururaka was on the line. Midoriya, with a shaking hand, put the phone up to his ear.

"Uh, h-hey Ururaka! What's, uh, What's up?"
"Oh, nothin much… I…erm…you answered your phone on accident earlier… so uh.."

Izuku winced and started to crawl into a fetal position under his bed, where he assumed he'd stay for the rest of his life. He left his phone on the floor, and his mother picked it up.

"Hello? Is this Ururaka?"

"Oh, Erm, yes! I'm Ochaco Ururaka. Are you Dek- I mean Midoriya's mom?"

"Yes, that's m-me…" Inko's voice was starting to quiver, her voice cracking as she continued, "I, um, think it'd be a good idea to talk to Izuku in person, don't you?"

"Yah, I'd like to see him again soon… He's okay, right?"
Oh yes, you don't need to worry about him so much." Inko's previous anxiety vanished hearing Ururaka's worry for Deku.

She handed the phone over to Izuku, saying "It's for you. Don't wanna keep this pretty girl waiting, right?" He reluctantly grabbed the phone.

"Hey Ururaka…. I'm …I'm sorry." To his surprise, Ururaka let out a small giggle. Izuku blushed at the adorable noise, but was a little worried.

"It's fine, I don't even know what you're apologizing for. How about we just talk everthing out?"

"Oh, um, okay sure. But maybe not over the phone…" Izuku glanced over at his mom, still eavesdropping in on their conversation.

"Sure, how about we go get some ice cream or something later and we can talk then?"

"U-um, okay. Good i-idea, I can't wait!" However, Izuku was currently shaking in his boots, while sweating buckets.

"Great! I'll see you at Todoroki's favorite ice cream spot, yah?"

"Sure….Is 7 fine?"

"Yup! I'll see ya then Deku!"
"Kay, s-see ya!"

Deku still held the phone to his ear when the call ended, shaking even more than he was before. A thought popped in his head, and he couldn't get it out….