Love In Fall-Ch 28

Epilogue 3 Months Later

Penelope laid looking at her daughter, she looked up at Derek and said, "she's beautiful", Derek kissed his wife on the lips and said, "of course she is she's just like her mommy". Penelope winked at him and said, "I love you", he said, "I love you to, I love you both so much", she grinned and said, "I still can't believe that she's finally here".

Derek said, "now that she is we've got to decide something", she looked up at him and said, "we do"?, he grinned and said, "yes, we have to finalize a name for her". Penelope said, "ohhhhh that's right, we haven't been able to decide on a name for her yet", Derek said, "we picked names for both boys and girls just in case but we never really picked on either way".

Penelope said, "how about you pick a name and I'll pick a name"?, he said, "sounds good, which name were you thinking"?, he said, "I was thinking about naming her after her grandmas". Penelope grinned and said, "I like that idea, a strong name for a strong little girl", Derek nodded his head so I was thinking about Pamela Francine Morgan".

Penelope wiped away a tear and said, "let's ask her what she thinks", they both looked down at the bundle in her arms and Derek said, "what about it baby girl is your name Pamela Francine Morgan"?, the little girl started fussing and Derek said, "she likes it, she likes it". Penelope said, "well then welcome to the world and our clan Pamela Francine Morgan".

Derek said, "I can't help but remember the day that Jordan pushed you against the wall, we could have lost her", Penelope looked up at him and said, "we could have but thank goodness we didn't". He nodded his head and said, "Jordan and her buddies are all paying for what they did, I'm glad that she screwed up and came back home last month and we were able to catch her".

Penelope sighed and said, "me to, now she will pay for the rest of her life for what she did to you, me and our little one here", Derek smiled and leaned in and kissed his wife on the lips and said, "I love you". She grinned and said, "I love you to", he then kissed his daughter on the top of the head and said, "and daddy loves you to sweetness".

Their attention was then pulled to the door where Fran and Jake stood, Penelope said, "come in and meet your granddaughter", Fran walked closer and said, "I just heard from Dave and they should be home by tomorrow morning". Derek said, "I've already sent them pictures of our newest addition and they all love her already".

Jake said, "ohhh she's adorable", Derek said, "I think she looks like her momma", Jake said, "I can see her daddy in her to", Penelope said, "I thought you were already gone on vacation". He said. "I was here finishing the last of my paperwork and when I heard you were here and had given birth I wanted to see you and your little angel before I left'.

Fran looked down at her and said, "ohhhhh she's gorgeous", Derek kissed his daughter on the top of the head and said, "only an hour old and already has me wrapped around her finger". Fran grinned and said, "I never had a doubt", Penelope said, "me either, he's such a big softie", she then blew out a deep breath and said, "would you like to hold her"?, Fran said, "I'd love to".

Penelope gently handed the baby over and said, "and you're going to be the first to learn her name", Fran looked at them and said, "and what did you name this little angel"?, Derek grinned and said, "momma we want you to meet Pamela Francine Morgan". Fran said, "ohhhh I'm honored and I'm sure if Pamela were here she'd be honored to".

Penelope said, "I wish she were here with us and part of me thinks she's watching and is very proud of me and my little family, especially our newest addition", Fran grinned and said, "me to honey, me to". Derek then sat down on the bed beside his wife and said, "you must be exhausted goddess"?, she said, "I am but I can't stop looking at her".

Derek kissed her gently on the lips and said, "I hear ya, she's so beautiful", Penelope said, "that she is sugar shack, that she is", Derek then watched as she covered her mouth to try to cover up a yawn. He said, "I saw that sweetness", she said, "maybe I will take a little nap", Fran said, "rest sweetie and me and her daddy will watch over her".

Jake said, "well I'm going to head out", he kissed Penelope on the cheek and said, "she's beautiful, congratulations P", Penelope smiled and said, "thanks Jake and please be careful on your vacation". He said, "don't worry I will be", Derek said, "have fun", Jake said, "don't worry I will and who knows, maybe soon I'll find my Ms. Right", as he walked toward the door he said, "get some sleep P", she yawned and nodded her head yes in agreement as he walked out the door.

Penelope said, "napping sounds like a good idea to me", she then smiled at her daughter and then closed her eyes and it wasn't long before she was peacefully sleeping. Derek walked over beside his mom and said, "isn't she precious momma"?, she said, "yes baby boy she is, she's the most precious baby I've ever seen".

Derek said, "uhhh hello, I was cute when I was a baby", she laughed and said, "I know you were son but their is just something special about your grandchildren, a fact that you will see when Pamela has babies of her own someday". Derek said, "she was just born a little over an hour ago momma it's going to be a longggggg time before she's thinking about babies" causing Fran to laugh.

As the mother and son stood there talking they were reflecting on what amazing lives they had and how much things had changed, Derek said, "momma do you remember how winter was always my favorite season"?, she said, "yeah honey". Derek said, "that's changed", she looked up at him and said, "changed, changed to what"?, he said, "fall".

She said, "why fall"?, he said, "because it was fall that brought me and my baby girl together and fall that brought the conception of this little angel here soooo from this day forward fall is my favorite season". Fran grinned and said, "all good reasons baby, all good reasons but love in fall is the best reason because if it weren't for that then this precious baby girl wouldn't be here today".

Derek kissed his daughter on the top of the head and then his momma on the cheek and said, "so true momma, so true", they then spent the next few hours laughing and talking as mother and daughter slept. Derek sighed happily and knew that he knew that whatever life threw at him and his family that they would come through it together, together as a family.