Harry, now five years old, had developed a rather large penchant for mischief. Which was unsurprising considering just who the two men he lived with were. And, although I knew it was bad for him, I couldn't find it in me to discipline him for whatever he did wrong. He knew how to bat those beautiful green eyes at me to have me melting and, when he crawled into my arms, that was it; he was forgiven. Surprisingly, it was Sirius who had become the one in charge of discipline in our little odd family. He knew when it was time to be harsh with Harry and Harry, he respected Sirius more for it. Even if he did sulk whenever he was placed on a time out.

Because my little boy had become so playful and resourceful in the way he conducted his mischief Harry often found himself growing bored after exhausting all the possible ways of causing trouble. No matter how often we took him out, or even let him ride his new broom, he was quick to grow bored. The only times where he wasn't bored was whenever we were at the burrow and he was with the other kids. Sirius realised that before I did and had jokingly suggested that we worked on creating another for him to play with. At least I hoped he was joking. Either way he'd earned himself a sharp jab to the stomach from my elbow.

I tried to distract him using various methods. I tried to get him interested in different things and my latest attempt was trying to help him understand the beauty of reading a storybook. But he wasn't having it. He had informed me that he knew I was trying to get out of having to read him a bedtime story every night and he wasn't going to let that happen. Cheeky bugger.

But, for the last few weeks he hadn't been bored because of the big move he was to make. Sirius, as the last remaining Black, was heir to his childhood home and had decided on moving back to 12 Grimmauld Place. The decision was a difficult one to make, it wasn't like he had many fond memories of the place, but he'd stated that it was a family home, something his apartment had never quite become. And he wanted to raise Harry in a family home.

Nevertheless, Harry had been excited about moving, especially because he could pick his room and Sirius had promised him that he could have Neville and Ron sleep over whenever he wanted. Merlin, he'd quickly come to regret that promise.

Kreacher, unhappy about the latest development, had tried to state his displeasure by hissing at Harry who was stunned by the appearance of the house-elf. Unknowingly Harry had tried to offer Kreacher his coat when I picked him up on the day of the move in an attempt to keep him out of the way. Harry had simply thought that the house-elf might have felt cold, but the suspicious elf took it as a threat, warning him that he'd have his freedom forced upon him and had begun treating Harry better. It had been utterly hilarious to watch and Harry simply looked up at me in confusion, not understanding. I'd just ushered him out of the house.

We spent a good few hours at the park and had lunch outside before returning to the house to find that everything had been unpacked from their boxes. Harry stepped into the entry way, holding my hand and looking around the house with wide eyes. In his haste to explore the room, he dropped his coat to the floor and tried to run up the stairs.

"Harry," Sirius called out warningly, making the boy pick up his coat with a sheepish smile. He handed the coat to me.

"Go and explore," I said, patting the back of his head gently.

"Come and see your room Harry," Remus called out, leading the small child up the stairs.

The moment we were alone, Sirius walked towards me and wrapped an arm around my waist. "You know, you could stay for the night and have a sleepover."

I narrowed my eyes at him, hearing the hidden meaning to his words and scoffed. Nudging his arm away from me I hanged Harry's coat up with Sirius following closely after me. "For your information, I already promised Harry that I'd read him three stories today and sleep in his bed with him."

Sirius frowned exaggeratedly, whining as he followed me up the stairs. "But that's no fair. If you stay with me, you could have an adult sleepover."

"Sirius!" He was unaffected by my scandalised hiss and instead grinned charmingly.

"You know you want to," he tried to cajole and only sighed deeply when I changed the subject.

"When Harry was playing in the park I did some thinking," I started as I climbed the stairs. "Do you think we should enrol Harry into a muggle school? He is a half-blood so it's only natural he learns more about his other half."

I glanced over my shoulder back at Sirius in time to see him make a face. "You're already trying to imprison the kid in school work."

"That's not it and you know it," I insisted with a roll of my eyes. "What do you think?"

"I think you care more about Harry then you do about me."

"Didn't you already know that?" I teased cheekily, hurrying up the rest of the stairs when Sirius started to chase after me.

"I better not catch you Prewett, or I'm going to make you regret you said that!"