Fleur flexed her wrist with a wince. Ever since the ball, Professor Flamel was forcing her to train as if her life, and the lives of her family, depended on her victory. A complete overhaul of her last 7 years of education in under 20 days, left her body sore and her mind mush. Still she continued to blast plates, banished into her direction by an enchanted platter that Aimee was holding.

"Pathetic Fleur! If you can't land three spells to each of the plates, you won't make it to the second task! I'll make sure of that!" Professor Flamel snapped as she sent a trio of hexes at the veela. A cry erupted from Fleur's throat as one clipped her ankle in her attempt to dodge.

"Are we not being harsh with her Madame?" Aimee asked as she conjured more plates for the platter. Perenelle's mouth twisted into a grimace. Most wouldn't have recognized what the Hogwarts Chosen did, but she remembered the duel she and her husband got into with a Potter back in the 15th century. It was that duel that forced them to use the Elixir of Life to survive, and even that was close. She remembered the euphoric feeling of the elixir giving way to the shuttering reality that even with it, they were being decimated by that woman and her stoic mask.

What few knew about the Elixir was that it perfected humans if it was in the body. Not only did it grant immense healing powers, on par with Unicorn blood, which was a key ingredient, but it granted humans a body that was nearly superhuman. Reflexes, strength, mental acuity, all these things enhanced to the peaks of what could be considered possible. To this day, even though she had weened herself to a single drop of the Elixir a month, she was spryer than most of the people at her school. Yet, she and her Nicolas could not beat a single woman who bore that mask, while both were full of pints of the Elixir.

"Fleur isn't nearly ready. Krum has knowledge that she does not, and Potter… Potter killed two dragons with brute force, and even before then, he was holding his own as a fourth year in a Task designed to kill fully grown Magicals. We are talking about keeping her alive. If she hates us, I can live with it. Goddess knows, she can't hate if she is dead." Perenelle spoke softly, as she flicked a stinging hex at Fleur's wrist which wasn't tight in the corkscrew movement of her spell.

Aimee nodded tightly. With a deep breath, she started to conjure plates by mass, and between conjurations, started to blast stunners and disarming spells towards her friend.

With a growl, Fleur blasted fire at the platter, before starting to duel both women at once.

Viktor Krum winced as he rewrapped his torso. He hissed silently as he knotted the bandages, soaked in potions. Smooth, soft hands gently placed themselves on his shoulders, kneading the tense muscles.

"Love, you need to rest. Please." His fiancé spoke softly in his ear. Fredrick was worried, though he didn't want to show it. Viktor nearly never hid things from him, unless it was extremely bad or a gift. To hide his pain... Fredrick shuddered softly as he pulled lightly on his man's shoulders.

Viktor closed his eyes, a single tear falling down his face as he felt a harsh tug on his heart. Without a protest he laid beside Fredrick, and pulled him closer. Within minutes, both were back asleep.

Sirius swore as a blast of an icy slurry was shot at him from his Godson. He layered defensive wards around him with several flicks of his wand and shut his eyes. He looked deep inside himself, past the screams that were residues of his time in Azkaban, deeper to his last time in his family home. He remembered his mother, the hag, screaming at him, calling him ungrateful and a disgrace as she brandished her wand. His father, looking pained but not doing anything. His brother, hiding behind a door, a flight up the steps. He remembered what he said, that the Potters would never treat him like dirt. He remembered his mother becoming silent for a moment, then her voice a spike of ice.

"Get out."

He grabbed his things, fighting the wards of the manor that were weakly trying to make him leave, under the orders of the Mistress of the home. He rubbed his little brother's hair and told him to make good decisions. He walked down the steps and ran headfirst into his grandfather.

Arcturus was a man with an intimidating air. His black robes with blue highlights matched his beard and eyes respectively. Like chips of ice, his blue eyes looked into Sirius' own. Even now, 19 years later, he remembered the man easily slipping into his mind with legilimency.

For as long as you live, you will be my Heir. A true Black is never a follower. Come see me when you wish to learn what it means to be Black.

He never thought he would take his grandfather up on that offer, until the first battles of the war showed how unprepared he was.

A deep shuddering breath shook his frame, and when he opened his eyes, they were pitch black. His body started to give off wisps of black smoke, and he flicked his wand up. Curses started to spit from his wand. Each blast of magic, no matter the color was outlined in a deep ebony, cursed by the Black family magic, to cause unrelenting damage to anything it hit.

Harry growled, a single piece of porcelain on his brow, stretching from his scar to his hair on the left side of his face. With deft flicks, green tinged crystal chains materialized into the air, a trick that James Potter was infamous for in the last war. The wand made a swish and the chains started to circle Harry furiously, just in time to start intercepting Sirius' curses.

Stunners, Bone-breakers, Cutting Curses, mild pain curses all slammed into Harry's spinning defense, each exploding a link of the chain it struck. With precision, Harry transfigured each of the shards into shuriken, hit them with homing enchantments and banished each towards Sirius. Each was blasted into oblivion with ebony encrusted spellwork. In the brief stalemate, both duelist smiled, certain of their victory.

To Minerva who was watching this whole scene unfold, it took less than a second. She remembered that moments like this were what made Sirius so dangerous in the war. The Black Death, the Grim and the Order's Hammer were all names she knew Sirius gained in the first war with Voldemort. With a confirmed kill count of 34 people, 12 werewolves, 21 vampires, and 1 giant Sirius was the third most bloodied member of the Order. Minerva shuddered at some of the memories of that Sirius even today. To be blunt, she was horrified by the Marauders' actions entirely during the war. Peter Pettigrew was least dangerous of them, with James and Sirius in a constant debate on who was worse to fight.

She was shaken from her reverie by a piece of shrapnel nicking her cheek, drawing a line of blood. She set her teeth and dove into the fray. It was time for her to help train her Pupil.

McGonagall entering the fight shifted the whole dynamic of the battle. Minerva relied heavily on transfiguration, swift acting charms and movement to create a literal storm of offense, while Sirius relied on spell work, clever uses of his curses hexes and jinxes. But Harry was a mixture of the two.

He flicked his wand, the transfigured daggers turning back into the stones, while in the same movement he slipped to the side, allowing a concussion hex to slam into the wall behind him. Sirius fired a jinx at Minerva, who countered with a conjured mirror, shooting the jinx back, before flinging the mirror at Harry who turned it to smoke, which swirled around him, condensing into black water. That black water changed properties into oil, which he lit with a snap of his fingers before launching it at Sirius. A shield snapped into place as Sirius continued to duel Minerva. Taking a quick breather, Harry shut his eyes, and focused. In a moment, he snapped his eyes open and slashed, and the very air itself responded.

Both Sirius and Minerva were blasted back by a furious blast of wind that slashed at their clothes. As they landed, Minerva on her butt, and Sirius in a crouch, Harry said, "I'm calling this over. It is redundant to continue. I can't beat Sirius with this much of my Crown." Harry pulled his porcelain piece off his forehead letting it crumble into dust. A light sweat covered his body, and he groaned as he sat in a chair he conjured.

"You didn't do badly kid…I hate to say it, but your Occlumency really helped with the partial crowning that you are holding." Sirius said as he handed his Godson a glass of cool water from the aquamenti charm.

"I know. Professor Snape said that I was well on my way to becoming a master and only practice for the next decade or so would get me there. But the partial Crowning is weird… "Harry muttered as he drank from the glass.

"Weird how Harry?" Minerva finally joined the duo in their conversation. Her robes were immaculate once more and her cut was healed.

"Everything moves slowly, I know what is being sent my way, and I don't know how." Harry replied.

Sirius' eyes widened as recognition struck. "I have heard of that before…. I can't for the life of me remember where though…" He stroked his goatee, rapidly scanning his memories for something similar.

"Unicorn blood grants a precognizant like effect when ingested by a wounded soldier…" Minerva spoke softly. Both males looked her and took in her look of sadness. She continued to speak. "However, that isn't what you are describing is it Harry?"

"No, I didn't know details like where Sirius would be or anything like that…"Harry said.

Minerva nodded. "You were likely feeling the magic, amplified by your family magic. I know Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore can do such a thing. Both are also masters at legilimency, so they may not have the magical sensing capability that you do while embracing your familial magic."

"I never thought of that… but it could also be an effect entirely from the family magic. I know James sometimes moved away from things he never saw in battle after he crowned. I never really thought about it though." Sirius added. "Either way, it is something that needs to be adjusted for. Either it improves with a full Crowning, it stays the same or it disappears, while partially crowned, we know it exists. So, we work with it. Now, Crown fully. I want to see how long you can hold it in control."

Harry obeyed, his Rule rumbling from his lips like a hammer blow. Emerald flames erupted from his hand as he swiped his face, creating his mask. Instantly, the room filled with the electric feeling of magic. A heavy weight started to press down upon the occupants of the room, the very air thickening like a blanket around each of them. Minerva backed away swiftly, knowing that soon that air itself would start to cackle with ambient magical discharges, that not much further from that the flagstones in the dungeon room they occupied would start to crack from the pressure. Sirius simply folded his arms, slipping into his family magic, and erecting an ebony edged shield as the first discharge started.

Harry's mind was a swirl of images, thoughts, and most importantly feelings. He felt pain, love, hatred, rage, happiness, and more. Each emotion flickering through his body as if it was a flame in the wind. It was all he could do to not move, not act on the feelings he was experiencing, to not dance, weep, smile, fight, kill, and more in a random order, entirely dependent on what was being felt at that moment.

For him, an eternity of emotional war waged in his mind before he let the Crown go, dissolving into dust that was lost into the ether before it ever touched the ground.

"That was better Harry. 2 minutes." Sirius said as he let his family magic slip away. His voice was soft, knowing that Harry's Crowning was a double-edged sword. It was a definite improvement, as he couldn't hold it at all 2 weeks ago.

Harry panted, his muscles spasming as he slumped in the chair. "It's insane… it is literally insanity trying to control it…"

Minerva flicked her wand, sending a streaking cat into the wall, the patronus sending her message without a sound escaping her. She never thought she was out of practice until she was dueling daily with Sirius, Harry and Cedric. She was now as good as she was in the war, at least by her estimation.

The door to the dungeon room opened and Severus Snape walked in, followed by Cedric Diggory. The Hufflepuff's fingers were red, likely from the detention he earned by blowing up a cauldron last potion class. Severus' robes were spotted with a red potion on the sleeves, and his hair was lank from fumes.

"What do you need Minerva?" His cultured voice dripped with disdain at being interrupted. His eyes took in the state of the room, knowing already that Potter and the mutt had been dueling.

"Harry says he feels insanity whenever using a certain family magic spell. You know the mind arts better than even Professor Dumbledore, Severus." Minerva's curt reply and honesty took Cedric and Harry by surprise.

"Family magic shouldn't drive him insane though Professor." Cedric jumped in as Severus pulled Harry aside and started to speak in low tones.

"I know, that is why I want Severus here. It's possible that Harry is mislabeling an effect of the family magic as insanity, when it's something else entirely."

"It's also possible that his body and mind isn't ready for it." Sirius' input was low, so to not carry.

Cedric's eyes snapped to him. "That would be terrible, because if it is that mask thing, he will need it. Fleur I know is training brutally to be able to bridge the gap, and Krum is likely doing the same. As it is, I can beat him without that, and if I can…" his sentence trailed off. His intent was clear even if he didn't finish.

Minerva scoffed. "To presume those two are as skilled as you Cedric seems to be reaching."

"It is foolish to assume they aren't Minerva. First rule of the war was always overestimate your enemy. It saves your ass when you are wrong." Sirius spoke softly before answering Harry's gesture for him to join him and Snape.

When his godfather joined the pair, Harry spoke swiftly. "I want you to bond Professor Snape and I in an Unbreakable Vow to never reveal, willingly or not, what he is going to see in my mind about my family magic."

"Kid, I can do one better. I am going to Tinge the Vow. If you break it Snape, it won't just kill you. It will kill you, and the person you told in the most vicious way possible. You will die in agony worse than the cruciatus curse." Sirius spoke firmly, looking into Severus' eyes.

Severus knew why he switched sides in the last war. His first friend was targeted by a man he lost all his respect for. A man who allowed his followers to do basically anything they wished, baring few magically restricted acts, and even then, the Dark Lord did not know everything. At the highest point of mobility during the war, the Dark Lord's forces numbered over 800, with half of that being wizards. Things were bound to slip through the cracks, and most of the Death Eaters did not care who did what as long as the mission was accomplished. The Dark Lord loved results more than he cared about people. When Lily Evans was targeted, Severus made his choice. He would chase the light that he scorned because he was tired of being under a monster.

These thoughts ran thorough his head before he clasped Harry's hand. "I am certain Black. We know each other well… I am certain that if anyone can guess why, it is you."

Sirius nodded. He remembered that Snape and Lily were friends for a long time. He remembered a letter he found on the table in the kitchen between the two. He showed it to James, who laughed. "He isn't that bad Padfoot. He loves Lily, and he is family to her. I can't ever take that from her." When they died… Severus was one of the first at the scene. He took care of the bodies of James and Lily, treating both with a respect Sirius never suspected the man was capable of. When he came down the steps, Harry in his arms. Sirius saw Snape stroking Lily's hair, tears running down his face. The only thing he said before he apparated was, "Kill that rat Black. Before I do."

Sirius embraced his family magic, and spoke the terms of the Vow. "Do you Severus Tobias Snape, swear to never disclose, willingly or unwillingly, the knowledge you gain from Harry James Potter's mind under pain of excruciating death?"

"I do." An ebony flame twisted around the clasped hands of the student and professor.

"Do you, Harry James Potter, swear to allow Severus Tobias Snape to make his own decisions upon the operation into your mind, as long as it is apparent that it will help you?"

"I do." A second ebony flame joined the first, curling lazily around the clasped hands.

"Do you both, Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape swear to keep this Vow secret, never to revealed to any being apart from those in this room, willingly or not?"

"I do." The voices of the Professor and the Boy-Who-Lived spoke in unison and the final ebony flame wound its way between both the other flames, locking them into permanence. With a flash, the flames sank into the clasped hands that they circled finishing the Vow.

"Now. Potter, open your mind, so I can see what I must."

When Harry nodded, Severus slipped into his mind.

Severus stood in the astronomy tower of Hogwarts, at least that is what he thought it was. All around him, were frames that were supposed to hold portraits, but instead held images of swirling green mist tinged in the brightest of golds. He walked towards one and gently touched it with a fingertip, which he then pulled back with a hiss as he was assaulted by feelings of misery.

"They are all like that." Harry's voice made him jump and spin. He stood in the middle of the room, covered in a blood red cloak. Severus opened his mouth to ask a question, when Harry continued to speak. "Each isn't misery of course. But each is an emotion and experience."

"Why?" Severus asked.

"All things come with a price Professor. You know that well." Harry nodded towards the Professor's left arm.

"I won't ask how you know that, but we will not mention it again Potter." Severus stated clearly. He was rewarded with a nod. Severus turned and as looked at the hundreds of frames.

"I think I have an idea on how to curb these feelings. Minerva was right to call me. I doubt even Albus Dumbledore could help you as I can." Severus spoke as he gently exited Harry's mind.

"If your idea is to Occlude away the emotion while keeping the experiences, that works for a few… but not all of them at once." Harry said as he looked at his potions professor.

"No, though that would be what I would recommend if you had longer than a few weeks. If you had a year or two, I would say slowly increase the amount you could Occlude, which should substantially increase your rate of manifestation and control over it. However, my current idea is this." Severus pulled out a small notebook, with a quill attached.

"I suggest we create a potion. It wouldn't be difficult. If we take the main properties of a mind-acuity potion, add a healing agent to balance out the negatives that taking the acuity base away would cause, and then added the properties from a numbing agent, that was primarily mental… yes that would work." Severus swiftly wrote down his ideas, creating a swift dirty formula on the spot for a potion. Minerva's eyes widened. Harry leaned forward, and a section of porcelain appeared over his brow.

"If you are taking the base from an acuity potion away, you will need a healing agent that is neutral and powerful. The only one that fits that criteria would be phoenix tears, right?" Harry asked as he looked over the quick notes of his professor.

"Normally yes, but we can bypass that by recreating the base to be stable with a cheaper alternative. Mandrake root, along with a basic base would be neutral and be able to be mixed with standard potion ingredients without creating an imbalance." Severus replied not showing any shock at Harry conversing with him about such a topic.

"That has down sides though. Increased brewing time, and a chance for segregation during the cooling phase. Phoenix tears would be the better option for this use. In the long term, if created for marketing, the base would have to be modified as Phoenix tears aren't cheap I'd imagine." Harry stated as the porcelain dissolved off his face and he gasped in pain.

"Interesting, you were able to understand by using that?" Severus asked.

"All of it is mine Professor… but as I said before… all things come with a price." Harry smiled tiredly.

"I should be able to make this in two days. Luckily, the Headmaster's phoenix likes you Potter, because if not, I would only have one try to get you this potion. In the mean-time, continue to occlude, and attempt to increase the amount you can do at once. This potion will be highly addicting, that is the nature of the main ingredients so you cannot take it more than once." The potion master stood and swept from the room.

Cedric asked "Okay. What the living Merlin just happened?"

It was Sirius who answered as Minerva levitated a now sleeping Harry Potter out of the room.

"Severus Snape just happened."

The next Monday was a rush of activity. Classes occurred as normal, except for one. In potions instead of doing the standard, which was the creation of a potion, the Professor had the students taking notes on the potion they just completed last lesson. Highly detailed notes. In the words of Snape, "I want everything you could ever know about this potion put on parchment. The minimum length is 24 inches." Luckily, he said this to a fifth year class, who just covered Calming Draughts. Unluckily, the other class was fourth years who just covered a simple Base Potion. "I want everything that you could ever know about this base on parchment. 24 inches. Due next class. Dismissed." The worst part about that assignment was the fact it was simple Base Potion.

"This is asinine! This base is used in 124 potions, 3 of which are combinations of another base potion to create one of the six complex bases, which I don't know why are labeled potions in the first place!" Hermione stated. Her bushy hair was even more rambunctious than usual, as she moved about the library in a maelstrom. The Gryffindor fourth years were all in the library trying to complete Snape's assignment, knowing it would be the most brutal one of the week. Ron was the only one out of the class with anything written down, and that was just the history of the potion's discovery.

"Oh, you are covering simple Bases?" A voice interrupted the conversations between tables about the assignment. Fredrick smiled at the fourth years. "I happen to know a few things… let's see. Oh you are studying Sigmon's Base! That's simple." He smiled as he delicately sat in a chair that Hermione hurriedly cleared for him.

"Sigmon's base is a base that is neutral in most potions and is a standard bonding agent for potions that require a neutral end result. Healing potions are notorious for this requirement, as putting something basic or acidic in the body is risky, which is part of the reason the Wolf's Bane potion is so difficult to create." Fredrick lectured softly.

"Is it a PH balancing issue then?" Hermione asked. The other fourth years looked confused by the term.

"In muggle chemistry, PH is the measure of acidity, right?" Fredrick asked.

"Yes. That's right."

"Then the answer is yes, and no. PH is a good indicator for muggle chemistry but when I say acidic or basic in regards to potion I mean acidic and basic by those standards and by magical means. Some ingredients when mixed, don't play well with others. Aconite for example reacts terribly with moonstone, unless it is mixed within a neutral base. The reason of course is that aconite is magically acidic to moonstone's magically basic nature." Fredrick explained. He further explained that the bases were important because some were neutral, some were basic, and some were acidic. Each was also different levels of acidic basic and neutral. Sigmon's Base was the most neutral base known to Magicals at this moment, which was why it was used in so many potions. It was considered the standard base for Healing potions. By shifting that base slightly, one can make many different potions and with a base such as Sigmon's one was able to create potions that were ever so slightly acidic or basic magically. It was this reason that Sigmon's was combined with other bases to create more complex ones.

Within several minutes, Fredrick had explained enough about the potion for every student assembled to have most if not all of their essay done. He also gladly gave further reading material to those who wanted it. Finally, he stood, and asked," Speaking of Healing, where would I find the nurse? I got lost looking for the Hospital wing and found you all." His awkward smile was joined by a few chuckles as Neville offered to walk with him.

As the two walked, Neville pointed out interesting paintings and tapestries. Fredrick smiled and laughed, though the smiles never reached his eyes. Soon enough they reached the hospital wing, and Fredrick thanked the young man. "I must have taken that left instead of a right. Thank you."

"It wasn't a problem! Thanks for your help!" Neville walked away as Fredrick slipped inside the Wing, to ask many questions of an unburdened Matron.

One day later Harry was dueling with Cedric. The Hufflepuff was constantly moving, sending charms, and the occasional curse towards the frantically moving fourth year. The only rule for this contest was that Harry could not Crown at all. Harry flicked his wand forward, shifting the ground under Cedric's feet into liquid. Cedric growled as he swirled his wand around his head, creating a whip of water that he then whipped forward with such velocity that when it hit the stone floor, it left a gouge. Harry popped up from his roll, and flicked his wand three times forward, launching silver arrows at the Hufflepuff who had finally freed himself from the muck of the floor. An over powered levitation charm ripped a floor stone up to be skewered by the arrows, only to be transfigured into birds that attacked Cedric, who shot them out of the air with well-placed Severing Charms.

The duel was cut short by Severus entering the room. He looked exhausted, but triumphant and was holding a small box.

Instantly, the spells stopped, and the occupants of the room watched as Severus walked forward towards Harry. Without a word, he handed over the package. Harry unclasped the small lid and let it fold back, opening half the box. Nestled inside the velvet box sat a single vial full of a purple potion.

"That potion will give you 5 minutes of absolute control. Five minutes. Nothing more, possibly less." Severus spoke as Harry looked up.

"Five minutes? That's all you could get out of it Severus?" Minerva asked surprised. Normally potions that dealt with the mind were permanent.

"Potter understands why Five minutes is enough and the best I could give him." Snape countered. "I could increase that time to 7 minutes, possibly 8. But as soon as it left his body, his mind would snap, and he would be the equivalent of something that would be found in the greenhouses… Though it may be an improvement if he thinks that using that in the first place is a good idea."

"Severus!" Minerva's reprimand was waved away by Harry.

"He is right in this instance. A full Crowning, without the right reasons behind it, would be incredibly stupid. The strain it will put on me in battle, even with this potion is nothing to sneeze at. You have seen me hold the Crown while sitting still. It won't be easier when fighting for my life." He shut the box firmly and tucked inside his robes. "But with this, he gave me 5 minutes. Five minutes of absolute, unbelievable and perfect control. Thank you, Professor Snape." He bowed low to the Potions Master. His moments with a partial Crowning granted him knowledge of exactly what Professor Snape did in 48 hours. He created a potion that was much beyond NEWT level and did so in the amount of time it took him to write a passable essay. Not only did he create it, but it is stable, and if he knew Snape, safe for human consumption.

"Snape. Thank you." Sirius said as the man strode towards the exit. Severus froze for a second, scoffed and continued on his way. Before the door closed behind him, Severus heard Sirius yelling at Cedric and Harry to "Get back to work ya lazy bums!"

Finally, the day arrived. The day of the Second Task. At five in the morning, the Chosen were woken, and escorted to the Great Hall. The task was not until daybreak, and they had to eat first. As they ate, slowly the Hall filled. Each student was woken by the Goblet's rising blood lust and glee that was filling the castle. When Ron and Hermione saw Harry sitting at the Gryffindor table talking softly with Sirius, they realized how likely it was that this was the last time they would see their friend. He was dressed in a blood red cloak for warmth, under which was body armour that simmered with the sheer number of enchantments on the fabric. Fleur was dressed similarly, with a blue cloak the color of the sky. Krum was wearing a black cloak that looked to be fur lined.

As the Sun was about to rise, at 6am, the Headmaster stood. "Attention all. If you are Chosen, you will make your way to the lake. The rest of us will remain here. The scoring for this event is simple. For every minute you last, is one point. If you last the full time, you gain the full 60 points. Good luck, and may magic be with you all." Albus sat, his age showing as he pushed his plate away.

The three chosen stood, and one brave Hufflepuff started to clap. Soon every person in the room was clapping, bare the headmaster. Shouts of "Good luck Fluer!" "Victory for Viktor!" and "Potter Potter Potter!" shook the castle as the trio started to walk towards the lake. As they got outside, they paused.

"This is going to be bad you two." Viktor spoke in the silence of the morning.

"Oui, it is." Fleur agreed. She looked back at the castle, towards the Great Hall and the relative safety within.

"We chose this… so let's show them exactly what it means to be a Chosen." Harry said bravely, though inside he too was wondering what he was getting into. The trio continued to the shores of the lake.

Ludo Bagman and Clyde Notewich sat at a table facing the wall that was opposite the tapestries of the school houses in the Great Hall. Right in front of the wall, the Goblet of Fire shook slightly as its ebony flames danced. With a wail, the flames shot up, slamming into the ceiling of the Great Hall, before splitting in the middle to form a massive ring. Inside the ring, those in the Great Hall could see the Lake.

"Greetings and Salutations from Hogwarts! My name is Ludo Bagman, and I am joined once more by my dear colleague Clyde Notewich. Today is a special day, isn't it Clyde?" Bagman spoke to the whole world, via a Wizarding Wireless transmitter placed in front of him. Much like the First Task, every magical community on the planet was listening in, no matter the time it was for them.

"You could say that again Ludo. Today is of course February 1st, and it is the day of Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. What do the Chosen have to do Ludo?" Clyde's voice was edged with an unidentifiable emotion, as if he knew that answer and had certain feelings about it.

"Well Clyde… the truth is, the Chosen must defend the beach. Now there is a catch… they will be defending the beach from the w-." Ludo's explaination was cut over by Clyde.

"Sorry to cut you off Ludo, but the Chosen have just arrived at the lake, and the surface is bubbling as if it were boiling!"

When Harry Fleur and Viktor reached the lake, they did not expect to see it bubbling like a cauldron. They didn't expect figures to start to rise from the lake.

The figures walked towards the shore, details firming themselves as they walked. Clothing, hair flickering in the wind. When they reached the beach, they stopped. Four of them stood there. The one on the far left, in front of Viktor, was a large man, his bulging physique belying his kind brown eyes. In his left hand was a long stubby wand. He did not have a right. The woman on the far left was beautiful beyond compare with radiant silver hair that reached her lower back. Her grey eyes were flecked with the faintest of blues, and her clothes were thin for the bleak Scottish morning.

But it was the middle two that froze Harry. One had fiery red hair, a thin athletic body type, and was dressed in a green jumper. Her wand was dangling easily from her right hand, and her left clasped the man's beside her. He stood 6 foot tall, and wore glasses crookedly on his face. He had an easy smile, and in his right hand a wand was casually being twisted.

"Hello Mum and Dad." As soon as the words left Harry's mouth, all four started to attack.

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