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So the last place we left off was Naruto and his mother had become lovers and Naruto accidently bit her and transferred his power into her along with his venom.

With Kushina surviving the bite, she awakens as a Nightlord Vampire. Being told by Seraphim that she will be taught by her, Kushina begins her new life as a vampire. And yes, now it's like incest. As Kushina is now the same as Naruto.

Nightlord = Daimyo

Bloodcursed = Kage

Cursed = Regular shinobi (Genin to ANBU)

Lesser = Civilian.


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Chapter 16: The Finals.

The training month went by shorter than what Naruto had expected. His training in learning how to use his powers was incredible. He could already use a large amount of his Blood Magic and not tire. But for greater spells. He had to feed. In a sense of overdose himself on blood in order to use the spells.

He had also unlocked his mother's chains and was proving to be powerful in the use of chains. But the chains he used were more sinister and evil when he used them. They looked to be out from the guts of hell.

Kushina herself trained diligently in mastering her new power alongside her son. She could feel the power of the Nightlord. How it gave her so much strength and power. But Seraphim told her to be careful as she would end up as another Yagura. Kushina vowed to make sure to never become like Yagura. Seraphim held her to that. She had also awoken her transformation as a Nightlord. Unlike her son, who could become a demon like vampire. She took on more of a different look. Forward facing horns would grow out the side of her head. Her hair would go from a fiery red to a wonderous purple. Her eyes would turn to become red. Bat wings would grow out her back and a tail with a heart at the end grew out her tail bone. Her nails would turn to claws. But what really caused her to be amazing in this form, was how her body would change. Her chest would grow even bigger for somereason, rivaling Seraphim's bust and her features became more angelic.

Her form of travel was to disperse into a vortex of crows.

Seraphim trained her well to where Kushina was now almost on par with Naruto. Both knew they had so much to learn still. Seraphim made sure of that. Live as long as her, you will learn many things about ones power as a Vampire.

A relationship between Naruto, Tsume, Yugao, and Kurenai had begun shortly after Kushina became a Nightlord. They each told Naruto that they heard he was to be put under CRA. And both had felt an attraction to the young Vampire. Tsume was the only one who knew of Naruto's secret being that of a Vampire. But that changed when Kurenai and Yugao walked in on Tsume and Naruto. Not for having sex. But for Naruto drinking her blood.

What they saw, was Naruto's teeth sunken into Tsume's neck. A bit of blood flowing from the wound and spilling down her skin. While Naruto drank her blood. After a few days of keeping them in the compound and trying to sort out the mess. Kurenai and Yugao came to accept that Naruto was a Vampire. Yugao didn't even hesitate once and asked Naruto to turn her then and there. Naruto refused. Stating that turning people into Vampire was a reckless thing to do. Clearly Seraphim drilled that into his head. As well as past experiences when Seraphim told him about Yagura.

Yugao complained at first. But came to realize why Naruto refused her request. Over time, she came to accpet it and that Vampirism was not to be taken lightly. Learning from him, and the pros and cons of being a Vampire. Yugao accepted this and was soon turned by Naruto. She was reborn in the same Vampire as Hinata. A Bloodcursed Vampire. A Vampire on Kage level. Seraphim shouted at Naruto for turning someone into a Vampire. But calmed down when Yugao told her that she will never become a reckless monster that devours humans and kills without reason. Yugao learned how to use her power as a Vampire soon after her turning.

But with the month of training coming to an end, Naruto could be seen waking to a new morning. He was currently in his bed, his mother and him laying in the bed, naked as the days they were born. The smell of sex hung in the air. But that was not all. Ahri was on his left, and Hana on his right.

Disappearing in a volley of bats, Naruto reappeared away from the bed and got dressed. Ensuring he was fully fed, he grabbed a blood pack and left the house. Zabuza and Haku wishing the vampire luck in his matches.

Getting to the stadium, he waited. As he waited, he looked to the sky. Such a wonderful day. Clouds dotted the sky, bathing everything in a wonderous grey. It was rare days like these that gave him the advantage to use his full power without it being restrained by the sun. But he ensured to never use his Blood Magic in a reckless manner. He made a vow to Seraphim.

But as he waited for the matches to begin, he soon felt a hand grab him. He was soon pulled from his position and slammed against a different wall. A woman crashing her lips against his. Naruto looked in the corner of his eye and found a full head of auburn hair while he felt an amazing body pressed against his own.

When the woman broke the kiss, she licked her lips as her emerald eyes gazed into blue red.

"Mei. What are you doing here?" asked Naruto as he took in the new Mizukage before him.

"I would never miss a chance to watch my soon to be fiance in action. And thanks to your help, Kiri has been rebuilt in record time." said Mei as she pressed her body against Naruto's. "And now that you're here. I can finally have you to myself."

"Uh, Mei. Why are you so attracted to me?" asked Nauto as he felt Mei's hands feel him up.

"I just love how you make me feel. And ever since you stood up to Yagura, I wanted to make you mine." said Mei as she licked her lips.

"Well, once I'm done here. How about a date?" suggested Naruto with Mei licking her lips.

"Sounds good." said Mei as the crowd soon began to cheer.

"Got to get back to the Kage booth." said Mei as she moved away from Naruto but not before giving him a wink.

"Hope you enjoy the fight." said Naruto as he moved outside and stood with the others.

The Hokage soon began his speech on how he was so proud of all the combatants for making it this far. As he went on about how proud he was, Naruto scanned about in the crowd. What he found was all the people whom knew of Naruto. His future wives, lovers and potential lovers were all in the crowd. Ahri was disguised as a regular human while she looked on at the entire group. But she made sure Naruto could sense her.

Giving a subtle wave to her, he watched as they did the same to him.

Once the speech was done, Hiruzen decided now would be good to get the matches underway. The match that would open up the finals was Naruto. Versus. Neji.

The rest left the stadium grounds and went up to the competator's booth. Naruto and Neji stayed behind. The young Hyuga smiled cockily at Naruto as he shook his head.

"Just give up. Fate has declared me the winner." said Neji in a cocky tone.

"Rich. You have no idea how powerful I am. In fact. I will take you down without using my hands." said Naruto tucking his hands into his pockects.

"Your funeral." said Neji as he got ready.

"Begin." said Genma as Neji charged full force at Naruto.

And scene.

So now we gear up to the finals of the Chunin Exams. But what will happen to poor Neji. Clearly he is outpowered and he is extremely weak against a Nightlord Vampire.

Naruto won't even bother breaking a sweat for this guy.

Chapter 17: Vampiric Victory.

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