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This takes place before the World Tournament and Buu, after Gohan starts high school. It's AU, and a lot of parts are common plot threads in other stories. I hope you can find enjoyment in Chances anyway and my take on it. While this is a Vihan fic, romance is not the predominant genre, and it will be slow burn.

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Her stroll purposeful, a scowl on her face, Videl had a bitterness she did not know where to direct. She was in one of her least favorite places in the world, and she did not know why. Her best friend did not even drag her here. The destination, of course, was the mall. Videl Satan had only average memories about the mall.

'Why am I here?' She thought. This beautiful Saturday afternoon the raven-haired girl could be going for a jog, practicing at her father's dojo or else finish the pile of homework she waited until the weekend to do. Instead, she was at the mall, moody and scatterbrained.

'Who is Saiyaman? Why is he so strong? And who was Son Gohan and why is he such a painful liar?' Erasa would say this was a sign of obsession and of a girl falling in love. She would reply her best friend was crazy and that was why she hardly brought it up to her. She felt weak seeking to crack the code of the two, who strangely appeared at around the same time.

The connection came that they may be the same person- along with the Golden Fighter who briefly showed up before Gohan transferred to their school. Videl quickly threw that out as being too obsessive and upset at the upstarts, and that her mind was making the leap when that leap would get her killed at the impossibility. Gohan was… oddly durable and agile, if their PE classes were anything to go by, but there was no way he was that strong.

Her normal routine brought her mind back to these questions. Thus, she tried to mix it up and her mind still went to those questions.

"There's something wrong with me," she muttered. Videl stopped and looked around the Satan City Mall. She was near the center, and the seventeen year old spotted her favorite shop up ahead. Maybe some candy will do her good.

In front of the Satan's Delicious Delights – one of the stores that unfortunately renamed itself after her father beat Cell – storefront, she noticed a young boy staring longingly at the sweets inside. It was difficult to make out his face, as he mostly was turned away from her, besides his spiky hair. A ring echoed in the back of her head, saying the kid looked familiar, but it was impossible to place. She glanced around, eyes out for anyone who could be the boy's parents. There was no one.

Videl frowned. She did not like the idea of a boy abandoned in the busiest shopping district in the city. Walking up to him, she gently tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me."

The boy spun around, onyx eyes wide. He grinned and rubbed the back of his head, sheepish. Again, familiarity hit her and she couldn't place it. "Hello Miss."

"Hello," she replied. It was always hard for the crime fighter to interact with kids. Still, she kept her voice gentle and when the boy noticed he wasn't getting in trouble he relaxed. "Do you know where your parents are?"

His face scrunched up in confusion and after a second he shook his head. "Nope! I just thought I'll look at some candy."

"Hm…" Videl did not like the sound of that. "Well, they should keep better track of you." He must have detected the accusation in her tone because he frantically shook his head in denial.

"No, Miss. That's not it at all. You see…" He glanced around the mall, wondering if he will get caught. "I snuck away from Mom and big brother. They didn't see me leave."

She nodded. So, it wasn't the abandonment or neglect she first thought. It was simply a mischievous child who managed to sneak away from his family. Nonetheless, Videl thought they should keep a better eye on him.

Unsure what to do, she stared into the store. The window display showed off several caramels, chocolates, hard candy, and much more. It made her mouth water. "This is one of my favorite places."

"Really? In the whole world?"

She chuckled at his enthusiasm. "Not quite, but shop wise yes." Thinking it was best to keep the kid out of trouble or from getting lost, she might as well keep an eye on him until his family found him.

"Can you show me?" His eyes were wide and innocent. Videl felt her heart warm. 'He's adorable!'

"Sure, come on kid." She opened the door and walked inside. "What's your name?"

"Goten. What's yours, Miss?"

Videl debated if she heard that name before. Maybe? "My name is Videl." The boy appeared deep in thought for a moment, as if he found it strangely familiar as she did his. She brushed that aside; her deeds were quite famous in this city, so any recognition wouldn't surprise her.

She bent over the different displays of sweets, keeping a close eye on Goten from the corner of her eye. He was bouncing around the store looking at the range of options in awe. Should she get him some? That was the polite thing to do, but also presumptions. A kid wouldn't sneak here if they thought their parents would get them something. If he wasn't allowed any, or had allergies, or whatever the case, she better be careful.

As if sensing her thoughts, he appeared at her side in an instant. She blinked at his speed.

"Miss, can you get me candy?" His tone was etched with sweetness that it put the candy to shame, and he gave irresistible puppy dog eyes. Videl looked away. She was thinking about it but would not fall into the trap so easily.

"We'll see." She walked across the store, pointing to different displays as she went. The owners bowed their heads in respect; her celebrity and frequency here made her stand out more. Lucky for her, there was no one else in the store besides them. "This is my favorite." She picked up a single wrapper of taffy. "It's apple taffy surrounding a chocolate and caramel core."

"That sounds yummy." He petted his stomach as it growled. Videl chuckled and shook her head at Goten.

"It is, definitely." She got two bags of a couple ounces each and walked to the counter. The boy was at her heels.

After she paid, she received another pleading look from the child. "May I please have that second bag?" He pointed to one. Videl felt a wave of possessiveness. She bought two with the idea she could share, but it was her favorite candy, and she suddenly didn't want to.

"Well…" she started. His eyes became irresistible, again. Videl gritted her teeth at her weakness. "Haven't you ever heard of not taking candy from strangers?"

He looked thoughtful and rubbed the back of his head again. 'I know I've seen that from somewhere.' She thought.

"I suppose Mom has brought that up in the past. You just bought that bag though, and you haven't had the chance to do anything to make it bad."

Damn, the kid was smart. She should fork over half her prize as a reward. A heavy sigh and she dropped the bag in his outstretched hands. "Here." Videl huffed.

"Thanks!" He opened the bag and unwrapped a couple of the candies so fast she was sure he didn't do it at all. Both were stuffed in his mouth at once and he chewed.

'That's not how you savor it!' Videl wanted to scream. She had to teach Goten the proper way. "Watch," she instructed. Not sure what he was supposed to be watching, he nodded, eyes wide. She carefully removed the wrapper to her prize and popped the candy in her mouth. At first, she sucked on it, letting the apple flavor fill her taste buds. Then she chewed and got the explosion of chocolate and caramel. She swallowed. "That's how you eat it." Videl finished. "Did you even taste it?"

She received a nod in response, "Yep!" Videl doubted it.

"Since I gave that to you I want you to promise that you don't eat it all at once. At least ask your mom if it's okay before it disappears."

Goten looked like he wanted to refuse, but he eventually nodded. "Okay."

They left the store. She started to wonder where the kid's family was. The teenager started to worry. Were they all right? Did they even notice that Goten was missing? She was about to ask the child where to start looking for them when she heard a voice call his name. A very familiar voice, she might add.

"Goten!" Videl gaped as Son Gohan walked over, a look of concern and exasperation on his face. "What do you think you're doing?"

He stopped when he noticed his brother was not alone. His expression equaled her surprise, and he suddenly looked nervous. Videl narrowed her eyes. 'What are you hiding?'


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