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Excitement shot through her veins. She was finally here, at the World Martial Arts Tournament. It had been years since she competed in the junior tournament, and now she was ready to face the adults. With the training she did over the years, plus the last several months with Krillin, she felt ready, powerful. She was ready to jump in. However, as she would know, the junior tournament came first.

It was funny seeing the reactions from Trunks and Goten when that was brought up. As when she first told him when they met, Trunks was mortified at the thought of being in a kids' face off. Videl explained how she felt their pain, yet that did not change their moods. They were both still entering, and both shoe-ins for the final, with wanting to impress their family, especially their fathers.

Everyone else will be gathering and greeting Goku by the time she will arrive. He was granted one day on earth, and his friends and family would meet him at the tournament. Videl was eager to meet Gohan's father and the former champion. For appearance sake, she was arriving with her father and thus will be crowded with the press and attention Mr. Satan garnered. It was not known yet to the wide world that she was under the Turtle School, so people expected her to show up with her father.

It wasn't so bad, she thought as she walked out of their private jet at her father's side. A part of her was a Satan student at heart; she liked being praised for her accomplishments. Not to the extent of Hercule, with the reigning world champ hyping up the crowd the second he stepped out. It was loud and boisterous; it was her dad. She would not want to arrive any other way than at his side. The nervous glance he sent her, saying that her opinion was what mattered most, warmed her heart and cemented that resolve. Despite being like a little girl doing so, she reached up and grabbed his hand.

They soothed the mass of fans and press in about ten minutes. By minute five, Videl was tired of it. However, she wanted to say a proper goodbye to Hercule. She had no doubt that once she met up with the Z fighters she would spend the rest of the day with them.

When they had a minute alone (really, Mr. Satan would just return to the spotlight to appease fans and enjoy himself when she left), Videl hugged him tightly. "I'll see you after qualifying." There was no doubt she would get in. The only question left was how well she would do once the matches start.

He hugged her back. "Take care, sweetie. Don't let those ruffians distract you too much." She snorted. He became used to the ki users, moved to ruffians instead of tricksters, but kept up the dramatic front on the outside because it was hard handing your daughter away to people you found hard to understand.

"I'll make sure to focus," she confirmed. Hercule returned to his fans, and Videl ran off to find Gohan.

There was a large patch of ki nearby. So large, it was almost stifling. She could not sort them out individually, not well, however she no longer was overwhelmed to the point of headaches or almost passing out. Trepidation rested in her heart; nonetheless, she resolutely marched in the direction of the ki. There was one she could pick out, clearly. Gohan. She grinned and almost broke out into a run through the crowds. She received a few curious looks, from those who recognized Videl Satan, and heeded none of them beyond a smile and short wave to her fans that called her name.

Gohan met her once she was a couple yards out. He was dressed in his Great Saiyaman outfit, barred the helmet and instead had sunglasses and a thick bandana. He was her dork through and through, an incredibly strong dork as he lifted her in his arms and kissed her. She hummed against his lips. It lasted a brief moment before he set her down.

The number of times she remembered Gohan this happy was limited. A large portion of those were around her, which filled her with content, yet something in his gaze was different. It was as if he was relieved of something that he was stuck on for eons. She tapped his chest and grinned up at him. "He's here then?"

Gohan nodded, his arms around her. Then the realization dawned on him. "…My dad is going to meet my girlfriend." She giggled and took his hand, leading them in the direction he came and where the rest of the mass ki gathered.

"It can't be as awkward as when you met mine… could it?" She had no details on Son Goku's personality besides loving fighting and being a goofball. It was pretty broad.

He paused. "No, it shouldn't be. In actuality- I have no idea."

Goku was talking to Krillin and Roshi, with Goten on his shoulders. She blinked. "I've seen pictures and believed you guys, but Kami, that is an uncanny resemblance." Her voice was low as she considered the father and younger son. Piccolo, next to her and Gohan, made a sound of amusement.

Goten perked up when he noticed her. "Big sis!" He waved, and Videl returned it with a sheepish smile. Goku turned his attention to them as Videl and Gohan approached. She had no idea what she wanted to say, so before she could gawk like an idiot, she guaranteed herself her jaw was firmly shut. Not many people met their partner's father as a world champion, and she and Gohan could say it with both of them. Goku rubbed the back of his head, so like Gohan, that Videl calmed and lifted her lips to a smile.

"Uh, Dad, this is Videl, she's Krillin student."

Thank goodness for Gohan. She flashed him a thankful look and offered her hand. She was sure her face was pink, but Goku didn't take notice of it. He accepted her handshake; the firm hold was gentler than she expected, and within it she felt she was being judged or sized up, but in what she wasn't sure.

Goku was quizzical for a second and then broke out in a wide grin. "You're Gohan's girlfriend then?" Yes, Videl was definitely red. She nodded and did not break eye contact. "That's great! It's nice to know that he's gotten to know someone strong, and who can keep Krillin going with training." Behind her, she heard Krillin cough awkwardly.

She exhaled when he let go, and her nerves slipped away with it. "I don't know about that. They've both been lazy besides helping me out." Videl smirked, and Vegeta snorted in amusement in the background. Goku gave a disappointed hum and shrugged, with Goten gripping his hair. Her attention on the boy, she noticed the halo over Goku's head. Right, the seasoned fighter technically remained dead. She wished she could come up with more to say if he was only here for a day. If this was months ago she would have been fangirling over meeting Son Goku. Now she was just overwhelmed because he was Gohan's dad, on top of the three tournaments under his belt.

"It's nice to meet you, Videl." The trained fighter appeared awkward before he pushed on. "Good luck in the tournament. I can't wait to see how well you do with the Turtle School style."

Fighting was something they both can agree on and be passionate about. This was good. "It'll be my first adult tournamentm and we've prepared for months. I was the junior champion in the last one."

It took a second after he congratulated her when his brows raised in confusion. "Why do they need a junior tournament?"


The group chatted for a few minutes. Gohan was catching up with his father with Bulma. Chi Chi stood by Goku, silent and happy, with Goku's arm around her shoulders. What surprised Videl most about him was how calm he was. She was used to Vegeta's simmering intensity, and hearing about Saiyans and how Goku fought she believed he would be the same way. Instead, while he was the most hyped, Goku stayed relaxed and held complete confidence in himself. She could not remember meeting anyone like that.

She let Gohan talk to him, happy to see him at almost the same amount of ease as his father. Seeing that weight lifted, she hoped Gohan will be able to put what happened at the Cell Games behind him. If talking to Goku was what helped then she will step back for them to have it.

Someone cleared their throat behind Videl, and she pulled her eyes off the family and over her shoulder. Piccolo towered over her, the tall Namekian unsure of claiming her attention. She grinned. Her anxiety around him had vanished from hearing Gohan's stories and visiting with him up on the Lookout a couple times. She could tell the difference between this Piccolo and the old Demon King.

He nodded to the tournament grounds as the group started to split up and say their goodbyes. "Good luck."

"It'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen?" She shrugged haughtily. She was confident she'll breeze through the prelim test. With these fighters in the tournament? On that note, she agreed with Krillin, hoping she did not fight with any of them in the first round.

He surveyed the surrounding area. "It is a bigger island than the one I blew up." Videl shook her head. Only people with wish granting magic balls and amazing strength will expect the worse but be so relaxed about it.

She went over to say goodbye to Bulma, as the blue-haired genius finished with her warnings (to not destroy the ring) and farewells to her boys. Videl noted that the older woman felt no need to wish either of them luck, both one of the favorites in each of their age groups. Bulma turned to her, "Enjoy yourself," she hugged her briefly. "We'll be rooting for you."

"Thanks. I'll do my best." It amazed Videl how shy she sounded when on the inside she was jumping up and down in anticipation. An odd mix she was becoming used to.

Yamcha, who stood by with Roshi wishing Krillin good luck, punched his friend on the shoulder. "You can do it man, and Videl, go out there and give the Turtle School a good name again. It's always a great experience to enter a tournament under a new school."

Krillin huffed and nudged him back. "Didn't Tien break your leg the first tournament you had under Roshi?"

The taller fighter flushed and rolled his eyes. "That was still a better fight than my other one." The two fist-pumped and Krillin bent down to hug Marron goodbye. Videl guessed the two felt young again coming to the tournament because they were ribbing each other like teenagers. Or maybe that was how these guys were in general.

The competitors waved farewell to their friends as they continued along the path. She returned to Gohan's side and slipped her hand in his. He ducked his head and pulled her closer. She was ready for this.


Gohan and Videl were together alone, eating before they had to enter. Gohan started with a large batch of dumplings and a turkey leg, while Videl ate through her cotton candy. All she needed was a small treat beforehand, while Gohan decided to feed his large appetite one more time. They signed up and had five minutes to meet everyone. To say they snuck away will be inaccurate- everyone saw them and was happy for it.

They were not out of the people's eyes completely. Sharpener was looking for his friend to wish her luck. When he spotted Videl feeding the Great Saiyaman a small piece of cotton candy he sputtered in shock. He was ready to give Gohan hell if he broke her heart, but now she was flirting with Saiyaman. He took a quick picture and ran off to find Erasa.

He found the blonde a minute later as the crowd started to funnel to the direction of the stands. "Erasa! Something crazy just happened."

She blinked at him and shrugged, "They always break up fights, don't they? That's what Videl told me." Her steps continued as she checked her ticket. She stopped though when she heard what he said next.

"I saw Videl with the Great Saiyaman. Like they were flirting, or about to kiss." He pulled out his camera to show her. Prior to getting the display, his camera whined in distress and without being able to process it, Sharpener watched as his camera exploded. Several people around them complained as similar instances happened to them.

Erasa contemplated something else as the groans of confusion and distress continued, with the crowd once more moving forward. She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Say, do you think Gohan is the Great Saiyaman?"

"What? That makes no sense." Sharpener countered, but his voice held disbelief at his own words. Erasa was on the same thought.

"You know he took the last month off from school. Videl has too, and when we asked about it, she said he was training for the tournament."

Sharpener ran a hand through his long hair. "Yes, but… Gohan! Our nerdy Gohan?"

She frowned. "I wish you were able to show me that picture. I would be able to tell if it was the two of them together." They found their seats while pondering that idea. Erasa rolled out a flag with Videl's name on it.


They rejoined the group, and Videl kissed Gohan on the cheek goodbye, when Krillin stopped her. "Wait, I have something to give you." Her brows furrowed in confusion.

He took a parcel out of his bag and handed it to her. Feeling she was supposed to open it now, she undid the simple knot and slid the paper covering aside. What caught her eye first was the symbol on the fabric. She gasped, her hands tightening over it as most stepped forward to see.

"It's a Turtle School gi. I guessed your size after talking to Eighteen when you two went shopping the other day. I thought it was fitting to give it to you now." Krillin rubbed his hands together, dispelling the tension in his hands and shoulders. "I do hope it fits."

It appeared like it did. Whether or not that was the case was not prevalent in her mind right now. She bent down and hugged her master tightly, the parcel and gi dropping to the ground. "Thank you!"

Goku looked down at the turtle symbol poking out and punched his hand to his palm. "This sure does bring back memories. Great going, Krillin! It's been so long since we've been here."

Vegeta scoffed, giving Videl a nod of acknowledgement before glaring at his rival. "Whatever, Kakarot. Just know that this will be the site of your defeat. I will beat you today." Goku laughed and pounded the shorter man on his back as he started to follow him to the men's side. His reply sounded good-natured, yet Vegeta continued to fume.

"If you say so. I won't count me out yet; I learned a lot in the Other World."

Krillin was thoroughly intimidated by the two Saiyans, but he was not about to show that to his star (only) student. He picked up the parcel and handed it back to her. "Good luck. See you out there." He retreated after the two Saiyans and the boys. Trunks and Goten were arguing on who would win their fight. Like fathers, like sons.

Her face was ecstatic, and she tried to contain the well of feelings. She would be able to show off the culmination of her training with the uniform of her school. Her father will be saddened but will be there to witness her kicking butt. So will Gohan. She glanced at him, and his warm smile said that she was unable to hide any of the swirl of emotions from him. He leaned forward and kissed her. "You deserve it, Videl. We'll see you guys soon."

Piccolo's pale skin flushed at the display. The Namekian motioned at the gi. "I could fix it for you if it doesn't fit. I gave Gohan his first."

The teenager shook his head. "I didn't notice you replaced the symbol on the back to the demon symbol until almost a month later. A large oversight on my part, and a sneaky one on yours." Piccolo smirked and did not deny it. They followed their friends, Gohan squeezing her hand softly before he left.

"Hm. Well Goku didn't notice Kai put his symbol on the back of his for a while. The old god kept mumbling about that while we were there."

"Vegeta did beat him enough that it was in shreds by then anyway..."

Videl chuckled at the antics and followed Eighteen to the women's changing rooms; the gi clutched to her chest.

After she changed, she studied the older woman. It fit appropriately, and she tested her maneuverability to make sure. "I did think it was odd you asked what size I wore."

The blonde rolled her eyes and placed a hand on Videl's shoulder. "You look great, Videl."

She pulled on the wrist bands and rolled her wrists. "It doesn't have the blood of my enemies on it yet." Videl was not one to get dirty in fights, but she heard Eighteen to be a ruthless fighter, so she warranted the comment.

The barest smile graced the blonde's features as she turned away to meet the guys outside.

"Break a few legs then."


Videl felt like ripping her hair out. "Did he have to do that?" She stared at the broken punching machine that blasted to pieces because Vegeta couldn't bother with self-control. If she wasn't half-scared of him she would strangle the Saiyan Prince. Her anxiety spiked up at the thought of qualifying as soon as she and Gohan got in line.

Gohan rested a hand on her shoulder. "I'm surprised he actually punched it and didn't use a ki blast." He rubbed the back of his head dejectedly. They waited a few spots back as the rest of the Z fighters were already cleared. The employees were snapped out of their shock as they ran to get a new machine- and possibly flee in fear as Vegeta walked passed. Everyone stepped out of his way warily, but Videl, unable to muster a better response, stuck her tongue out as the Saiyan passed. He chuckled but did not turn her way.

Once Vegeta was gone to catch up and to see his kid fight, Videl crossed her arms. "I'm going to tell Bulma if we miss all of the boys' fights." She pouted; her stress began to make her sound childish. Gohan thought it was adorable.

When the distant announcement of the junior tournament matches started, Gohan began to get anxious as well. They just brought out a new machine and were testing it as he bounced on his feet. "Come on."

"I'm sure he'll get to the end." Videl reassured him, tapping her foot impatiently.

"He will. But I promised them to watch with Dad."

Their turn came a few people later. Gohan was ready to go when she showed her number. "Remember what you said when we got this? Lady's first." She teased. He turned red and nodded. Since he was the Great Saiyaman, he made a show of it.

"After you, my lady." He swished his cape to the side and bowed, gesturing ahead of him.

The crowd noticed her as Videl Satan, and whispers picked up when they noticed her strange gi. She held her head high as she stared down at her enemy: the punch machine. The attendant gave the go ahead. Videl doubted she could destroy the machine thus she shouldn't hold back. She wanted to see how strong she was. Balling her hand into a fist, she dropped into an offensive stance and punched.


The whispering increased. Videl was one of the clear qualifiers, and she scored higher than her father. The others may be oddities, but Videl Satan, with her reputation, was a proven fighter. Videl kept her feet planted to the ground, ready to whoop and feel the air on her face as she flew. However, Gohan had yet to go, and she wanted to save a few surprises until she fought. The people will all be amazed.

Gohan patted her shoulder in congratulations. He would have kissed her or taken her hand, but they needed to see the kids fight. Besides, there was a big crowd, and he already got attention for being Videl's boyfriend as Gohan. He got in position instead, analyzing the equipment. He talked to Goku and Piccolo about ki control prior when they were waiting for everyone to get ready, and he observed how it took the force (or didn't, in Vegeta's case) of different punches. He was confident he could put out a number that will put him in without destroying the machine. Matching his ki to about Videl's, he got in position.


Videl laughed as he followed her in the direction of the stands. Shoving him once he was at her side, they ignored the people's amazed mutterings behind them. She sent a mock-glare. "You could have let me have that. 199 would have been better." He shrugged and looked away. She spotted the teasing grin anyway.

The overhead loudspeakers buzzed to life as they announced the final for the junior championship. The two teenagers picked up their pace. Videl smirked over her shoulder. They could see the boys' fight after all.

"Race you!"

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