Author's note: Hi, how are ya'? I'm still here :) Still working on stories but I had this idea and just had to do it so I hope you like it. :)

There will be historical inaccuracies in this story and for that I apologize. I'm mainly focusing on the character's relationship and their struggle apart.

Full summary: 1940's modern setting: Rose Tyler has the perfect life, a wonderful husband name David, nice house and a baby on the way but one terrifying night changes everything when bombs start to hit London. Left with no choice David must send Rose and their unborn child away to America to live with his sister while he stays and fights the war. Now living in a strange land and war raging on Rose must cope but it isn't easy still she holds on to hope that David will come back to her.

Will he come back or is this one promise he can't keep?

The morning sun shone through the bedroom window behind her Rose felt the familiar arm of her husband David gently snake around her waist pulling her close as they laid in bed. She smiled pulling the sheet up and shifted towards him.

"Hello." Rose smiled thoughtfully.

David grinned. "Hello," He glanced down at her growing stomach gently tapping it with his finger. "And good morning to you, too." He said making her giggle.

She felt movement inside her and she placed her hand on her stomach. She gasped with delight. "I think I felt a kick," Rose looked at him. "You know what that means?"

He pondered a minute lovingly tracing a circle on her stomach. "We have a multi-million dollar football kicker on the way?" David teased.

Rose playfully rolled her eyes. "No," She said. "It means the baby's responding to your voice," She glanced down at her tummy. "Almost like a first conversation."

David grinned. "Well, we'll definitely put that in the baby book," He kissed her temple and sighed glancing at the clock. "I've got to get ready for work."

She nodded and watched him get out of bed and head into the bathroom. Rose couldn't help but smile. She was lucky sometimes she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Despite not having a lot of money she had a modest but nice home, a fantastic husband who made her feel special and wanted and a baby on the way. Nothing could spoil this.

Rose could hear the water running in the sink. She propped herself up and stared at her feet pulling up the hem of her nightgown slightly for a better look.

The water stopped and David came out wiping his face with a towel. He noticed Rose studying her foot. "What are you doing?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Well, I read in a magazine that pregnant women's feet swell and I was just checking mine," She glanced at him. "What do you think?"

David smiled and caressed her foot kissing the top. "I think they're perfect, luv." He went to the closet grabbing a white t-shirt and a button down work shirt.

She scoffed sitting up against the headboard. "Yeah, you say that now but give it a couple of months and they'll be the size of watermelons."

David pulled on his shirt and sat beside her. "They'll still be beautiful." He replied leaning closer to her.

Rose gazed up at him. "I love you." She said softly.

He kissed her forehead. "I love you, too," David sighed. "I might have to close up the diner, tonight but I'll get you those chips you like so much."

"Vinegar and salt?" Rose asked shyly.

He smirked. "Vinegar and salt."

She grinned.

David looked at her, the way her short blond hair framed her face perfectly and her sparkling hazel eyes just shined. He swore she looked more beautiful with every passing day. He was so lucky to have her.

Rose noticed his eyes dancing and smirked. "David, you're doing that thing with your eyes again."

"What thing?" He replied innocently.

She muffled out a flirty laugh. "That thing that led us to our little addition."

David nuzzled her neck. "Oh, right that unusually warm night two months ago."

"I swear I was trying to keep cool." She insisted but not sounding very convincing.

"I know you were." He replied kissing her neck and jawline. His velvety Scottish accent sending pleasant shivers down her spine.

She softly moaned before they're lips met in a tender kiss that quickly became intense as she ran her fingers through his messy brown hair. Before she knew it he was on top of her gazing at her with those loving brown eyes.

Rose gently touched his face stroking his ear. "Aren't you going to be late?"

"I'll take a race car to work." He softly growled before kissing her again. She wrapped her arms around welcoming his kiss.