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Light walked along the street, reading a newspaper again. "Hmm...murders? Canids? Well, that's strange. Wolves aren't supposed to be in the city, and dogs don't often purposely kill humans..."

He got his destiny diary. "So...I will find the owner of the dogs...hmmm, so my diary explicitly states that the canids are dogs. Well, if so many people are killed, there should be at least a large number of them..."

He rushed back to the hotel, and started to hack into peoples' identities and locations. "Karyuudo Tsukishima. You're next." As he was going to write his name down, he stopped for a second.

Ryuk looked at Light curiously. "Why don't you kill him?"

"I want him to kill the other future diary owners first, or at least find them out. That'll make my job easier." Suddenly, someone unlocked the door and approached Light.

"Light Yagami..."

"Keigo Kurusu, isn't it? You've come to make a deal with me, eh?"

"Yes, Light. I want this madness to stop, it's totally chaotic. Man, children dying, buildings being blown up, it's my responsibility to stop it."

Light chuckled. "Interesting. I never expected a Diary Holder to have this type of mindset."

"I want you to help me. Help me stop this madness."

"How do I know that you're not going to betray me? You know that only one can live in the end."

Keigo grit his teeth. "I will sacrifice my life. When all the others have died, you may kill me."

Light laughed. There was no way he would be thinking like that. But he had a way to secure that. July 28, Light wins the survival game and becomes God.

Light wrote Keigo Kurusu's name in the diary. July 28, Keigo Kurusu dies of a heart attack.

Light held his hand out. "Alright then. Understand that this is only a temporary alliance, and expect me to get rid of you anytime."

Meanwhile, Yuki, Mao, Kusano, Yuno and Akise were just fending themselves from the dogs. Mao sighed to herself.

Damn, why am I even helping? Why can't I just pretend to make a mistake and get all of them killed? I mean, it's not like Hinata will order them to kill me. Whatever, this show was't ever logical. Damnit, I even spelled wasn't wrong in my own mind!

Aru sighed. "Why aren't they attacking one window at the same time? Are those dogs stupid or something? Or is it the owner that stupid?"

Mao screamed at Aru. "Goddamnit Akise how-"

She shut up. Great, I nearly blew my cover...

Aru looked at her. She reacted to my insult to the owner? What the hell? I believe...she may have some relation to this person...hm...I'll get to the bottom of this.

After the dogs went away, Mao held a knife to Yuki's throat. Hinata opened the door, with a smirk on her face. "Now, now. I'm not after first or second. Aru Akise! I want your diary!"

"Well, well. So it seems that my identity has been revealed. I am a diary user. But don't get cocky, Hinata. Before you secure victory, I propose a game."

"Which is?"

"I flip a coin, and you guess which hand it is located. If you guess it right, then my phone is yours. If you guess it wrong, I get back Yuki and his phone."

The first time, Hinata lost, and handed Yuki over. "Why am I not crushing this little creep's phone...After all, there can only be one! If I can't get him...then no one can!"

Her eyes lit up in realization, and she raised the phone to slam it on the ground.

Yuno immediately panicked, and stabbed towards Hinata, with Mao taking the blow. In anger, Hinata screamed. "You'll pay for that! Dogs, get Aru Akise's phone!"

As Akise grabbed Yuki to run away, Yuno, for obvious reasons, tackled Akise. She snarled in front of his face. "Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Yuki."

She looked at his diary. It was completely blank. "Wait...so you're not a diary user at all."

"About time you figured out."

Hinata stared in shock. "So...I was trying to get your diary...for nothing?!"

"Well, sorry to disappoint you. I blame Yuno for being such a blabbermouth. As they say, what you don't know won't ever hurt you."

Hinata screamed into her phone, "Get these guys!" Naturally, they decided to run, but Yuki turned back anyway.

"Hey! I wanna prove to Hinata that I'm a friend!"

Akise: "Dude! She was going to break your phone and kill you!"

Yuki: "I know! But I believe that we can still be friends!"

Akise: "Even if that happens, do you think she can put up with Yuno? She just stabbed Mao!"

"I don't care! I think I'm the protagonist, alright?" And with that, he ran back to find Hinata, only for Yuno to grab Hinata and hold a knife to her throat.

Yuki sighed. "Man, can't believe I have to do this..."

He yelled at the other teenagers, "Guys, let me introduce you guys to Yuno Gasai. She's my bi-I mean, girlfriend."

Suddenly, a sound came from a dog. It was a voice speaking. "So...yeah, whoever is hearing this, the guy who used his dogs to murder people is dead. And one more thing: you're welcome, even if you're not thankful."

Yuki started to record it, but Akise shook his head. "It's no use. His voice is modified, distorted. There's no way we'll be able to find this guy. My only guess is that this guy is also a diary user."

Light stood over the old man's dead body. He grinned, and shot the supercomputer. "Man, where did this creep even get unauthorized technology like this? Must have gone through a lot of bribery...and I'm assuming this is before he got the diary. What the hell is wrong with this old dude?"

He looked at the speaker, and said more. "Also, Hinata...if you don't want to die, I suggest you to not even think about avenging your father. I am against killing anyone who's not a criminal, but if you want to oppose god...don't say I didn't warn you."

He paused for a second, and went on. "Yuno Gasai, I don't know what your secret is, but I'll find out. You have been concealing something from the rest of us. So...I cannot kill you yet. Yuki...you seem rather interesting. I hope you provide me with more entertainment in the future."

Aru Akise took the speaker, and dropped his voice to a whisper. "Look, third. I don't want to be rude, but are you saying there's more than meets the eye to Yuno?"

"Exactly. To be honest...I don't even believe she's human."

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