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An angry roar echoes through the submerged building, as Sophia Lamb left in the escape sub. "No!" Eleanor, or Ellie, as she had been called by her brother before he had been taken by Lamb and turned into a Big Brother prototype, the only still existing one, yelled as the building around them rumbled as the self destruct mechanism rattled.

Thinking fast, another figure in a dive suit grabs Ellie, Delta, and a Daddycized Sinclair, and teleported them away to a nearby rail train. Moving sluggishly, not used to teleporting large groups, the suited figure warps out and back, this time with Tenenbaum, a slightly injured, and very angry, Big Sister, and the freed little sisters. The figure sets a station in, and collapses, as the rail car zipped away, the station erupted along with the building.

The figure looked like a male version of the Big Sisters, massive boots, dive suit, round helmet with a slightly larger porthole, which was dark at the moment, and instead of a cage on his back, he had a backpack with room for parts, animatronic armatures that allowed for delicate work, either repairing Big Daddy's, Big Sisters, Little Sister's tools, or Rapture in general.

The suit had a thrust pack for maneuvering underwater, and pockets for other odds and ends. His hands were replaced with his old tools, a industrial grade drill for one hand, which split into three large fingers, and had a hole in it for launching hack darts, his hack tool merged with that hand. his other hand was his rivet gun, which, too, turned into a large hand, but it was merged with a fold out Syringe, which, folded out, looked much like a big Sisters, but a bit shorter.

"Cecil!" Ellie cried out when the Big Brother collapsed. "Easy, kiddo, don' go movin' 'im too much. I think he tired 'im self out." Sinclair said, laying a hand on Ellie's shoulder.

"The simple fact Herr Cecillian managed to get us all away und set a station before he passed out is a testament to his constitution. The fact he was a Little Brother, if the little ones are correct, und still had his slug, und like Eleanor, it merged with him, may have helped." Said Tenenbaum, her accent thickened and slightly shaken by the fact the children had nearly died. Beside her, the Big Sister, Samantha, whirls around, trying to get her bearings, hissing angrily, before calming down,

"Speaking o' which, where did the kid set the car?" Asked Sinclair, unable to move past due to his recently gained bulk.

Delta rumbled softly, as Ellie renewed their bond via a ADAM transfusion, while she sighed with relief as she let off some of the excess ADAM from her system. Once she finished, she carefully stepped past, and looked at the settings.

"Pauper's Drop, I think." She replied. "Ah, regroup on friendly grounds. Wise decision. Frau Holloway may be able to help us." Said Tenenbaum, as she tended to the children. Sammy gently holds a few, who shivered, no longer producing excessive amounts of heat, and were very wet. "So, kid," Sinclair rumbles at the Big Sister, "Got a name?"

She stares at him, long and hard, before answering. "Sammy" She rasps. Ellie pulls off her helmet, revealing her face, and sits down near Sammy, the two holding a quiet discussion.

They sat in the rail car, watching as the scenery went by, checking Cecil every so often, his condition slowly improving, but not regaining consciousness. As they reached the halfway mark, a pale yellow light flickered out of Cecil's porthole.

He rumbled softly, cursing much like a Big Daddy would when in pain. Delta gives him a soft whack on the back of the helmet, folding his arms and giving a soft grumble, telling him off about cursing in front of the children.

Cecil's porthole light shifts color slightly, as he rubbed the back of his helm, looking sheepish. A grumbled apology echos out, just as the radio crackles.

"Oi, laddies," came the deep voice of a Brute Splicer, "Ye got ten seconds ta explain wh' yeselves ar' before we pop yer Car. Ten, nin', eight, sev-" "Easy there, ole boy, no need to shoot. We got shot up enough by Sophias goons, thank you very much. We need a place to stay." Rumbled Sinclair as he got over to the radio terminal. "That you, Sinclair? Thought you woulda gotten outta here with the ole tin daddy and the tin kid." growled back the Brute after calling off the torpedo crew. "Change o' plans, among other things, sport. Sophia stole the sub. We're stuck down 'ere unless someone has another method of escape." Sighed Sinclair.

"sigh, Who's onboard?" Asked the Brute warily. Sinclair counted out the people onboard. "I'd say… Two Daddies, Eleanor, Tenenbaum, a Big Brother and Sister, and about a dozen or more former Lil' Sisters." "Two Daddies? What about ye? Wouldn't o' thought a man like ye would have forgotten 'imself, eh?" Joked the Brute on the other side. "... Lets just say, Sophia had a spare suit layin' around, and decided to tailor fit it to me." Silence reigned on the other side of the line. "Yer jokin'..."

"'Fraid not, ole boy." Sighed Sinclair, looking at his now gauntleted hand.

Cecil shakily pulls himself up, as the Little sisters cluster on a bench, waiting to arrive. Cecil rumbles out a question, as Sinclair translate and relays. "Hmm, there's a thought, kiddo. Quick question, ole boy, how many are willing, or able, to leave Pauper's drop?" Sinclair asked.

"Ah'd say most 'o us, Ain't much left for an'one." Sighed the brute splicer, "Why'dja ask?"

"Seems ole Cecil has an idea 'ow to get us out 'o here." Sammy, from her spot on the benches, cover with the little ones, looks over curious.

At this, the Brute audibly perks up. "Ah way outta this mess? Ah'll let Ole Grace know." The radio cuts off, as the railcar continues its approach to the station.

"So, kid, got a plan?" Asked Sinclair.

Cecil nodded, and digs around one of his many watertight pouches, and pulls out some papers. "What's this now?" Asked Sinclair, looking at the drawings. Tenenbaum takes a look as well. She inhales sharply. "It looks like…. but how?" Sinclair glances over. "Mind Explainin'?"

"This looks like a solid rocket booster from the surface." she said, "It's meant to lift a starcraft high into orbit…possibly beyond... Cecil you are not suggesting….?" Cecil nods, and pulls out another set of sketches.

Sammy tilts her helm, and takes some of the drawings Cecil had made cautiously, and looks at them.

They were a series of ideas, lists of parts, maps with areas of interest marked, old radio chatter from the surface, all of which had to do with one thing. Space travel. Tenenbaum, one of the few people left in Rapture sane enough, and knew enough about the subject to grasp what the notes implied, looked them over.

"Herr Cecillian, this is a fairly ambitious plan, I'm not even sure if it will work." Cecil shrugs, his meaning clear. Best chance we have.

"Cecil, hate ta' put a dampener on things, but do we know how long this'll take? I'm not sure how long Rapture'll last." Points out Sinclair.

Sammy nods slowly, remembering how badly damaged Rapture was, and how fast it was decaying.

Cecil nods, and starts digging around for more papers.

Cecil gently sits down on a unoccupied bench, followed by creaking. Though not as heavy as a Daddy, he still weighed more than a normal human. Delta and Sinclair shift slightly, Sinclair cringing as their bench loudly groaned in protest. The little girls climb all over the three, clinging to shoulders, sitting on helmets, curling up in their sides, as Ellie smiled, sitting back down next to her helmet and Sammy, picking up three of the girls who had no room on the others. Sammy sighed softly as the little ones climbed off, relieving her of some weight, and clustered onto the others, though she watched Sinclair constantly.

She levitates Cecil's notes back to him, who stores them away, rumbling a thank you.

Cecil uses his armature to pull out more papers, keeping his arms still as the little children fall asleep on him. Sinclair shuffles slightly, shifting so both he and the kids were comfortable, as Delta rumbles a Daddy version of a lullaby, one he used to use for Ellie and Cecil when they were small.

Tenenbaum wraps blankets she found in the back from when splicers used the car as a home around the children, as Cecil passed papers to her, being the only person who had arms free.

She looks over the papers, intrigued. "Hmm. Ja,This could work, Sinclair, Cecil's idea, rather then build a completely new vessel, is to rather repurpose old ones. How many submarines und bathyspheres do you know of lay around Rapture?" Sinclair's porthole flickers as he blinked.

"Don' rightly know, been trapped inside mostly" Sinclair says, rubbing the back of his helm. "Dozens," rasps Sammy. "Maybe more." Tenenbaum nods. "I am by no means a engineer, I am a geneticist, but even I repurposed old equipment where I needed to to help cut costs, or find new ways of development. Plasmids work a similar way, using junk DNA und repurposing it for use." She points at the papers. "Submarines are lost by the dozens, all we have to do is find them, fix what needs to be fixed, modify what needs to be modified, und we have operational space vessels." Sinclair nods, then thinks of something. "Hate ta be the one the rain on your parade, but how will we survive up there? we don't know what's up there."

Cecils armature points to a sheaf of papers, the radio notes.

"Of course, of course." Nods Tenenbaum. "Neither did the surface, that's why radio contact with their satellites were needed, to find out the conditions, like divers under water….. in fact, its like a reverse ocean, instead of water, it is a vacuum…. Making submarines a viable space vessel, they are meant to keep air in, and water out." She says, catching Sinclairs attention. "So we need to rebuild a few submarines as spacecraft. What of supplies, food, fresh water, our own air supply?" He points out.

Cecil points at the sheaf again, at some papers about Alge, possible ways of using it for oxygen production. Tenenbaum smiles. "Ja, this works, just need to add some DNA from…." She trails off mumbling, taking the notepad and pencil from Cecil, and starts writing as she passed back most of his notes. Cecil sits down, and ponders the food situation, staring out into the ocean.

"What about catching fish? Surely that would work?" Asks Sammy. Sinclair and Delta shake their helms. "Space is a void, kiddo. Nothin' much up there in quick reach. We may need to bring what we need with us." Points out Sinclair. Delta rumbles, pointing out fish don't float around space like in the ocean, as far as he knew, or remembered.

Cecil nods absently, in thought. Then something clicks. Rapidly, his armatures move, sketching down a idea for a renewable food supply, based off a Aquaponics system, providing plant based foods, as well as fresh fish. Sammy's helm snaps in his direction at his sudden movements, watching as he rapidly drew up some ideas. Cecil is oblivious to this and just keeps sketching. After a bit, he looks up, and rumbles, gesturing to someone to look it over. Sammy levitates it over, floating it in front of her porthole, thinking.

"Could work. Materials from the fish to feed the plants, materials from the plants for the fish. How will we get them though?" Sammy asks.

Cecil Points at the Gardens, and the old Farm district in the distance, then at the fish in the area. Sammy nods. "Someone to maintain them?"

Cecil's porthole dims slightly as he thought. Seconds later, he summons his Security Bot plasmid ball, and rumbles an idea out.

Sammy sat back, thinking. "Viable… they are waterproof, but cannot hold much beyond their own weight."

Cecil nods, then sketches an idea for a aquatic drone. It resembled a disk with fins, arms, and small propellers. Most of the internals were similar to the security drones, but without the combat function. A small balloon was installed to act as a method of lifting heavy objects underwater.

Next, he pulled out a paper, and used a zeppelin for a base design for a gardening bot. Not very fast, mainly designed to lift heavy objects.

Cecil let her pick up the papers. Sammy rubs her throat softly, as she reads through. Cecil, spotting this, as well as the damaged note pad she had, pulls out a spare he carried around and rumbles to get her attention. Holding it up, he lets her grab it, and float it over to herself.

They pass the time that way, writing ideas, passing the board back and forth. The children silently watched as the two held their conversation,

Delta rumbles to Sinclair, asking him if he had ideas for where supplies were located as he watched the Big Sister and Brother 'talk'. Ellie was asleep, curled around the Little sisters she held, while Tenenbaum mumbled softly, writing notes, pausing every so often to stare into space, thinking. "Well… There might be some equipment in the warehouse District, possibly some in the ole Railcar Depot, possibly more. The question is, have they been ransacked yet?" said Sinclair, watching some of the old buildings go by."There isn't much that hasn't been ransacked, to be fair…."

Delta huffs, annoyed. "Yeah, I hear ya, kid, it's just frustrating. Damn Old Hag." A soft whack from Delta quiets him, as he points at the children, some asleep, some awake, some halfway. Sinclair sighs. but nods. "Fine, No rude words near the kids." An amused rumble emits from the Alpha series Daddy. Sinclair manages a deadpan look from his helm.

Things in the Railcar pass quietly, Delta and Sinclair making plans as to where to hit, Cecil and Sammy discussing ideas for ship systems, food supply ideas, plasmids or Bioscience related items for Tenenbaum to work on when she had time, while Tenenbaum worked on the O2 supply problem, quite happy with the idea she had been given to work with.


Sinclair stretched as they lifted up into the station. Splicers milled about, waiting for the Car to arrive, having been warned ahead of time about the car, as well as to not attack its passengers.

They scattered as the railcar rose out of the moonpool/dock and stopped, opening and allowing the passengers out.

Delta took point, stepping out first, followed by Tenenbaum and the children. Sammy and Ellie stepped out next, followed by Sinclair and Cecil. The adults and teens formed a circle around the children, partially out of habit, as the headed to the Sinclair Deluxe.

Several splicers stepped out of the way as the group passed, some twitching and going for their weapons, only to freeze from the glare Delta gave them. They passed through the lobby, passed the path of destruction laid down by Delta and Cecil when they had fought through.

Ellie, wearing her helmet again, blinks, looking at the damage, as Sinclair whistled softly.

"It's one thing to watch for th' railcar, its a whole 'nother thing to actually see the damage you two can leave when ya want." he said softly, looking about under his helmet.

Delta gave a rumbling sigh, watching as various splicers moved debris and tried to salvage things.

A brute splicer walked up to the group, his bowler hat sitting on his head precariously. "All'ight, the Miss wan's you lot up in 'er room, said som'thin' about a way out fo' us." growled the splicer. A large bandage covered his abdomen and a sling held his arm.

Delta only nodded, and the group kept walking.

Every so often, a Splicer, generally a houdini, would warp around, either watching, or try to get past to the little sisters.

Several splicers in the area, the friendly ones, winced as those splicers were killed if they attempted to get past.

Eventually, they made it to a room Grace had set up for them. it was a large room, mainly for high rollers, but in this case, it would be used for the children.

Sammy, Sinclair, and Cecil remained behind to keep an eye on the children, though they all fell asleep in the massive bed, while Cecil pulled the comforter over them, and sat in a chair nearby, as the other two took point around the room.

All three took shifts as to who was awake watching the kids, as the others tried to get some rest, as Tenenbaum, Ellie, and Delta went to visit Grace.

The three went up to Grace's room, where she sat, looking out the window, looking out into the ocean.

She turned as they entered, and smiled softly, hugging Ellie when she entered.

"Good to see you're safe, baby girl." she said, letting go of the taller teen. Ellie smiled as she took her helmet off, and set it on the table as everyone sat down.

"So, Tin Daddy, what'cha doing down here? thought you would have tried to get littl' Ellie here out." she asked, concerned. Delta rumbled sadly. "Lamb tried to kill us, und stole the submersible before we could get aboard." sighed Tenenbaum, taking a drag on the cigarette now that she was away from the little sisters. "Nearly killed the little ones with us, too." she growled in a clipped tone, remembering.

Grace scowled, angry at her former friend. "I woulda' thought she was better then that, but I guess not." she said, before shaking her head, and lighting her own cigarette, like Tenenbaum, to calm down.

"Now, whats this I hear about a way out?" She asked after a few moments.

Tenenbaum and Ellie gave her a quick run down of what the idea was so far.

Grace nodded, seeing their point. "It's a good idea. Plus, it gets us out o' this mess. Now, lets see….. there should be a… ah, 'ere we go." Grace had gotten up and retrieved a old sea floor map.

"Used to send out dive parties, before the suits became too valuable to lose and we restricted them to fishing use only, so we do have some vessels marked, though things change. Might have enough salvageable materials ta pull this off." She unrolled the old map, discussing with them about what was where, and what might work, and what would likely only be used for parts.


For the next few weeks, the area around Pauper's Drop became a flurry of activity, as the splicers collected up their meager possessions, and moved out via railcar. They headed to a old submersible yard, where they set up to work.

Over the next few months, they started work on the submarines the Big daddies, sisters, or brother would bring over, varying from small vessels to massive war submarines, such as tiny research submersibles, and the old russian Typhoon class.

Sammy would help Cecil map out where the vessels were, and lead the repair teams inside the vessels, while Cecil would fix the hulls and equipment for the teams to install. Delta and Sinclair would take disc shaped prototype hauler drones, named and built by Sammy and Cecil, to carry damaged subs back to the docks.

Ellie would help Tenenbaum make new plasmids, either to remove ADAM dependency, as well as help Delta, so he no longer needed to remain by her constantly, though he still didn't like leaving her alone, or modify algae to make oxygen at a accelerated rate.

Naturally, the group took shifts guarding the little sisters, though it now included the children from the Splicers as well. Sammy wasn't happy about the other children at first, but got over it.

Eventually, they started hauling back old spent solid rocket boosters, and trying to fix them/refuel them. Eventually, they had several submarines equipped with solid rocket boosters, as well as preparing to send a experimental unmanned drone up with an experimental engine to use outside of the atmosphere.

Several tests, and close calls, later, they had a working engine. it wasn't a FTL drive, but it worked. It was a Ion Engine, using Hydrogen as a fuel. Not much thrust, but it was meant for use in space, not in atmospheric conditions.

After a while, they switched around. Now, Cecil and Tenenbaum worked on a cryostasis system, while Delta, Sinclair, and Ellie went exploring for parts, after they had been given a map by Cecil, with various supply stashes he had marked. Sammy worked on a sensor system, as well as a method to remove as many weak points from the ships as they could.

This continued for another few months. Soon, they had a black and white CCTV setup for the viewport system, removing windows, a basic sensor array, comprised of a crude LIDAR system with a basic radar system.

They started adding the parts, just as they hit a snag.

Their earlier experiments with rocket propulsion had attracted surface attention. Every so often, survey crews passed over, searching for the origin of the rockets.

Thankfully, old Andrew Ryans paranoia saved them. Rapture was built in such a way that it was disguised from surface scanners. You had to be physically there to see anything.

And at that point, you were at most submarines crush depths.

Even so, they had to slow down. Too much attention too soon, and they were in trouble. They did not want Lamb to catch wind of them, even indirectly.

Over that time, however, everyone noticed something. They were ageing slowly, and had a longer lifespan. Tenenbaum theorized it might be a side effect of the ADAM in everyone's systems. Either way, it made things easier for the cryostasis system.

Soon, the cryo units were finished and installed, along with the engines, sensor arrays, RCS and SAS units, mostly based off of preexisting surface Gyro units, and shrunk down engine clusters.

Over a dozen large subs were repurposed, some were set up for mining, some for cargo, some for passengers, livestock, plant life, ect. Some held laboratories, some smaller subs, to be used to scout areas out.

Close to the end, they gathered together, and worked out a destination.

The pick was a system over, a gas giant. The reason was simple.

No one would ever think to look there. Once in orbit, they could mine the asteroids in the rings for a bit, while they constructed their homes, massive Bathysphere shaped stations to withstand the pressures and storms, a natural defence if need be.

Modifications were needed, and another series of large submarines were added, mainly as fuel carriers and a junction system for the fleet to form a massive 'space hulk' a series of ships docked to one another, allowing for the fleet to arrive at once.

Finally, after a good few years, the fleet launched in quick succession, inadvertently scaring the surface population by the massive vessels rising out of the ocean, and leaving the atmosphere. Once in orbit, the ships started docking, then using a gravity assist to sling shot away from earth, watched the whole time by the surface population.

To leave the system, the crews went into cryosleep, as the ships, using analog computers, used the sun itself as a massive gravity assist to leave.

The result was far better than they had hoped, and it slung them faster out of the system, and in a few decades, they arrived. Most of the crew awoke from stasis, though a fault in the system kept Delta, Sinclair, Ellie, Sammy, Tenenbaum, Cecil, Grace, and three little sisters in stasis. However, enough of their schematics and plans were available for use, and during their time on earth, many of the splicers had learned from them, allowing them to work, albeit slower.

Another few decades pass, and the Bathyspheres start dropping, finally finished. Designs for vessels, based on the submarines they had, were made, for traversing the atmosphere of Morpheus, and beyond, working off of the notes made by Sammy and Cecil, but never finished.

A FTL drive was developed, one that de-synced the craft with reality, and pushed it along, like a bead through a straw. It did it in such a way that it phased through solid matter, dubbed a aether drive, due to the fact that when it activated it looked like it was diving into the aetherium, space.

While it could not be harmed by stuff in reality, it could not harm stuff either, unless said item was in the same reality phaze as it. This allowed it to move faster, and go through obstacles most vessels would have to move around.

View screens were upgraded, now in color, and higher resolution, sensor arrays were better, the sublight Ion engines were upgraded, as well as a impeller based engine was added for use in Morpheus's atmosphere.

Gravity compensators were added, to help when on planet, and the space suits still looked like old dive bell suits.

Weapons were later added, mainly for use when they started encountering massive creatures in the gas giant, mostly aggressive to anything they did not know. At first, it was mostly torpedo and missile based weapons, before energy based weapons were developed, though they were religated to ships only, due to their massive sives, used like artillary cannons, it did not have the same ammo constraints and size problems torpedos did.

Eventually, Railguns, or MACs, we developed, causeing a larger destruction, for far less, allowing use of refuse from reactors to be used for ammunition, along with junk filtered out of hydrogen scoops. Smaller Coilguns, downsized Railguns, were used for personel weaponry, while lacking in the ammo department, they were far more dangerous then Mass Effect weaponry, due to the larger, heavier and faster, shot.

All of this was built using Analog technology, as Morpheus had a unforeseen problem. Electrical storms. What little technology they had using small copper cables, silicon boards, and the like were quickly fried and discarded. This lead to advanced vacuum tubes and cathode tubes used.

No element Zero was found on the giant, so it was not found until years later, when humanity colonized a nearby planet, unaware they were being watched by what could be described as their lost cousins.

When humanity was attacked, the people of Morpheus swarmed out, scaring the Turian and other Citadel races. Especially as just a few years before, the last remaining people in cryostasis were revived. Including Delta and Co.

The old Alpha series Daddy and his family didn't appreciate the attack, even if it was on another branch of humanity. This resulted in a short war, which ended when a ceasefire was called. A treaty was signed, though the people of Morpheus felt it was very one sided, and while they agreed to ceasefire, they did not agree to the terms, especially some of the more invasive or aggressive ones.

This lead to tensions between the citadel races, and humanity to an extent, after they joined. Morpheus eventually called out that they were a separate society after a particularly nasty conference, and refused to join the Citadel races.

This put out many people, though for their own people, it was a relief. The turians could only grumble, as they had nothing that could reach their stations, even the Salarian's had problems. And they were especially put out, as it prevented them from acquiring the genetic modification techniques that, while initially crude, were light years ahead of their own. It allowed them to do things Biotics could not, and do it to preexisting organisms.

The Asari, one of the oldest races, were upset, though it was more of along the lines of the fact they lost a chance at observing a civilisation that broke away from Element Zero.

And those were just the more outspoken ones.

Slavers learned quickly to stay away from the old style vessels, as while most looked, and were, old, they weren't soft targets. And had a distinct dislike for such people, often raiding slaver bases for supplies, while providing homes for the hostages/slaves if they wished, of any race.

However, things changed a few years later, all because of a simple shakedown mission for an experimental stealth ship gone bad.…..