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The ex-students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly often said that the sixth years was supposed to be the most relaxing year seeing there wasn't any important exams on that year as well as the students only took subjects that they loved. But for one Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived and the Savior of Wizarding World, his sixth year was by far his worst year ever. Yes, the fifth year was counted. And it was currently just early December.

The reason was simple, Albus Dumbledore was dying.

Dumbledore was cursed when he went and retrieved one of Lord Voldemort's horcrux and despite the effort of his trusted Death Eater turned spy as well as the youngest potion master in Britain with ample knowledge of Dark Arts, Severus Snape, the Curse spread faster than he estimated and he didn't think he would last until Christmas.

That brought another problem. namely Harry Potter and his burden to kill Voldemort, who could only be killed after all of his horcruxes was destroyed first. On the bright side, Dumbledore was able to gather three of five remaining horcruxes. On the other hand, Harry Potter was a horcrux, which mean he had to be killed by Voldemort himself, as well as Dumbledore had no strength left to deal with the last horcrux, Voldemort snake familiar Nagini.

As much as he hated burdened the young Harry, Dumbledore had no other choice but to left the task of killing Nagini to his young champion. And since Nagini was likely kept close to Voldemort, Harry had to understand his nemesis first. Hence his weekend lesson in the Headmaster's office, dive into memory after memory of the young dark lord.

Secretive till the end, with his adamant wish not to burden Harry, the Headmaster waited for the last possible moment a.k.a forty-eight hours before his ultimate demise before gave Harry his final order to kill Nagini and for the first time, armed the young Gryffindor with intel that he managed to gathered.

To say that Harry was shocked was understatement. The sixteen years old could barely functioning for almost two weeks and only when his cauldron exploded on his face in potion class, sending him to the infirmary did he got a breakdown and managed to somewhat regained his bearing.

Although Harry still resent his mentor and grandfather figure for not telling him that he was dying and preparing him for the worst, he realized that the world still need him to get rid of Voldemort and he felt complied to adhered the late Headmaster order.

Having learned lesson from the debacle in the Ministry that led to death of his godfather, Sirius Black, and refused to endanger his friends again, Harry took his time to plan ahead for the first time instead of rushing head first and relied on his luck again.

As far as he knew, Nagini was kept close to Voldemort who, thanks for an intel Dumbledore got, resided in Slytherin Manor, somewhere in the middle of forest in Northern Ireland. The Manor would definitely have warded very heavily with more than hundred alarm to catch intruder. However, because Voldemort had taken Harry's blood during his resurrection, Dumbledore was sure that the ward would mistook Harry as Voldemort himself.

Harry had contemplated using the polyjuice potion as. But after some thought, he figured the potion had too many flaws. He had to kidnap the person he wanted to poised as and the potion would wear off in an hour.

Glamour was what he thought next, he even already practiced the spell into perfection and almost fell into next step when Hermione wrote Thief's Downfall, a charmed waterfall which would erased all disguising spell, for her Charm Essay. Harry wouldn't be surprised if Voldemort acquired similar protection on his house.

After four very long and stressed months, Harry finally stumbled across what he thought had highest chance to success from the least likely source, the Half Blood Prince.

The discovery was purely coincidental. Harry was in the potion class, the first one to submit his potion, dreamless potion, with a full 10 minutes spare thanks to the Half Blood Prince. As professor Slughorn was not in the class and Hermione was in the infirmary, Harry had nothing to do except reading his potion book.

And on the last page, written in handwriting so small he had to squinted to read, written an antidote based appearance altering potion and its antidote. The potion was not to change to match another person like polyjuice but more to change the face to something the drinker imagined when they drink the potion.

The ingredients were not impossible to get as Slughorn was pretty careless with his ingredients cupboard, nor would it take long. The steps were complicated, but Harry was confident as he never butchered a potion with the guidance of Half Blood Prince.

Mind already set, Harry spent almost his entire free time in the Room of Requirement which -as always- magically accommodated his need in form of spacious potion lab that Harry sure even better than Snape's. There were many cauldron various size and material with high quality knife and stirrer, dark polished mahogany ingredient cupboard, silver clock big enough that the second could be seen easily, bathroom similar to one of prefect that Harry sneak into in his fourth year -only with Gryffindor theme color-, even a twin sized four poster bed not different from his bed in Gryffindor dorm. Harry did also get Dobby to quietly brought him food on the meal time, in which the room generously gave him an elegant dining table with beautiful silverwares. He was quiet sure he could go months hiding in the room.

Harder to avoid was his friends. Especially Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna. Though Harry knew they meant well, Sirius fallen body still fresh in his mind and his resolved to shield his friends from danger got higher. He ended up telling them a little about the prophesy and lied that what he did had to be done alone as prophesied. Harry did felt guilty for lying to his best and first friends, especially as they supported him by covering for his absence as best as they could, but he firmly reminded himself that it was better than getting them killed because of his mistake.

As the snow started to melt and spring slowly came, the disguise potion was finally ready. Harry had tested the potion many times as the potion required not just drink but also imagination and magic. Good thing he did as the first time he tried, he changed his face to somehow resembled a disfigured clown with bigger nose than Snape and big round eyes that look like cute doll's eyes on a masculine face.

Willed his magic was harder than he thought. It was only after the tenth try that he able to change his appearance good enough to pass as a human.

Three days and more than fifty tries later, Harry finally nailed down his disguised. He changed his trademark bird nest black hair into shoulder length a little wavy brown hair. Killing Curse almond shaped eyes became rounder and dull blue, of course he also willed his eyesight to be perfect -and surprised when they did-.

His face melted into almost square shaped with sharp jaws, masculine lines and aged a little that he could pass as an early or mid-twenty young wizard. The infamous scar was, without question, disappeared.

It was a small problem that the potion could only change his body ever so slightly that he could only managed to put on body masses, appeared not so thin and skinny but nut burly either, and changed his height to few centimeters taller.

Satisfied that he looked nothing like Harry Potter, Harry drank the antidote, bottled the rest of the potion and antidote, and left the Room of Requirement. Took a deep breath, he steeled himself to the Headmistress office and mentally reminded himself to talk to his friends, went to Gringotts to store his wand -as he was sure his holly and phoenix wand was as infamous as he was-, and got new wand in wand shop Knocturn Alley where the twins informed him the wands were on par with Ollivander but he could buy in discreet.

Obviously, changing his appearance wasn't enough to change his luck. That, or he was really fate's plaything.

Dumbledore was right and the ward did indeed allow him access. Harry crept up through the back door into a dark alley when he was suddenly shot with some kind of beam.

His whole body felt burned. he fell to the ground and writhing in pain, the sensation not dissimilar to Cruciatus Curse and despite his best effort to stay silent, the pain was so unbearable he was soon open his mouth to scream.

Only, the sound that came out from his mouth was not a scream but a high pitched wailing.

He dimly remarked that the sound reminded him of that of the babies before his mind went blissfully blank.


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