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Warning: AU, Sane!Voldemort.

Prologue 2

Tom Marvolo 'I am Lord Voldemort' Riddle was having a good day. He had, at last, got rid of his ugly snake like face thanks to his Potion Master's intelligence. The fact that his second 'reborn' happened a day after Albus Dumbledore finally kicked the bucket was just a happy coincidence.

The Dark Lord's visage was now an older version of his handsome teenager self, back before he started dabbling in Dark Arts and gradually lose his appearance. It also helped that he regained his wits and sanity that had been tore as the result of making too many Horcruxes, and lamented his rash decision upon hearing the Prophecy.

He had to admit though, starting a war between magical population wasn't the best course to reach his goal. His true goal which was to separated magical and muggle world as well as preserved the magical tradition that had been gradually lost in history and definitely not eradicated the muggle-born and half-blood, that would be hypocrite as he himself was a half-blood.

That's why the first thing the Dark Lord did after regain his human appearance was to go to Gringotts to claimed his birth right as the Lord of Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin as well as got rid of his Muggle name and went about as Marvolo Riddle Slytherin.

(Just because he had fully accepted that his father was a muggle didn't mean he would continue using the plebian name. After all, who would respect a Lord with name as common as Tom?)

The second was to track down his wife of twenty-five years, Selene Riddle née Prince, who when he became too unreasonable and started to throw up Cruciatus Curse as often as he breathed without paying attention to the victim, had fled into hiding. He remembered how furious he was back then, what was left of his mind regarded her self-preservation as ultimate betrayal, he had spent months hunted her down and had gotten small lead and planned to dealt with it after he killed Harry Potter. Thankfully, after being defeated by the toddler and between his resurrection and his regain of sanity, he hasn't had time to even think about her. A good luck since he was still held an affection toward the cheerfully sarcastic woman.

That brought Marvolo here, ten weeks later, stood in front of an ordinary, unremarkable small house, one of many similarly boring houses, in suburban muggle street, west London. His lips curled in disdain and he had to resist the urge to blow up the entire street. How the muggles could tell the houses apart was beyond him.

The thought that Lady Slytherin lived among the muggle in that filthy area boiled his blood. However, he had to admit the shrewdness. No one would even imagine that a pureblood witch would hide in muggle world and Marvolo was very certain Selene had a backup plan if the street was ever attacked.

Took a deep breath, Marvolo walked to the front door of the seemingly empty house. He had transfigured his robes to muggle clothes and purposely let his hands swaying leisurely, palm –empty from wand- open and in clear view from the windows.

He knocked the door thrice sharply and took a step back. No response from inside for almost ten minutes. Marvolo waited though as he could faintly feel magical signatures. He realized that whoever inside was, in justice, very wary and gauging him, trying to decide if it was the blood thirsty monster or the charming genius wizard that came.

Marvolo stood patiently. He knew he messed up very badly and that forgiveness he seek would not come in long way, but he was patient if not anything. And Selene certainly worth it.

Finally, the wooden door creaked open. Just wide enough for one person to come through, and in did he went.

He let his sense guided him through the dimly lit hallway into a room decorated with wall high bookshelves, an elegant study desk complete with a couple of chairs and an armchair which wasn't empty.

The occupant was a middle aged woman with long black hair that frame her thin face like curtain, pale skin, and deep black eyes. She held herself in a regal posture and eyeing Marvolo warily.

Marvolo dipped his head in greeting, allowing small genuine smile adorning his face "Selene"

"Marvolo" Selene returned, having always called him with his middle name after knowing his hate of his first.

She gestured him to came in and sit on the other chair, a good omen for him.

As he walked further, he noticed another presence looming in the shadow on the free corner. He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes to get a better look.

There stood protectively Selene's cousin, once removed, who most definitely behind her disappearance and his followers' inability to tracked her.

"Severus" Marvolo gave his potion master an acknowledging nod and dropped gracefully on the offered chair.

Said potion master moved from his earlier position. No need to hide anymore since he was caught and opted to stand beside the woman he viewed as sister, one hand on her shoulder.

"My Lord" His tone was respectful but with tiniest hint of steel, Marvolo had no doubt that Severus would duel him to death had he tried to harm Selene.

"No need for formalities Severus. It's not a formal meeting" It warmed his heart to know that the woman he found the most important had such full support from someone as brilliant and loyal as Severus.

"Indeed? Then may I inquire your purpose here?" the melodic voice again caught Marvolo's breath.

Marvolo leaned back "I just want to convince Lady Slytherin to come back to her rightful house"

He could feel, rather than see, Severus stiffened and his wand silently slid from the wand holster on his right hand. Selene became rigid and her face slip into blank mask.

"It seems like someone had hunted and successes in destroying my Horcruxes, and in turn forcefully merged them with me. I could literally feel the return of my sanity once again"

Eyes guarded, Selene tilted her head "Am I to believe that you're not here in regard of my betrayal?" She asked calmly, but Marvolo could detect the hurt in her voice.

Marvolo barely suppressed a flinch from the guilty he felt again.

"It was my insanity that regarded you as such. Had I possessed even half of my mind, I would encourage you. I once told you that nothing's more important than your safety and happiness. Your safety came first, no matter what or who the threat is"

His word seemed to calmed his wife a little, alas her eyes remained narrow and her expression guarded. He didn't expect otherwise.

"Should I just take your word like that?"

"I would never expect you to. Tell me dear Viper, what shall I do to convince you of my sincerity?"

Selene's eyes brightened slightly at the pet name. Marvolo could tell she was swayed, just very very little, but it was a progress nonetheless.

"I should hope that your ability to stay focused in one topic for more than five minutes without the need to crucio'd anyone is a positive aspect" she said drily and Marvolo let shame marred his face.

"Then I'm pleasant to tell you that I haven't had the urge at all. In fact, I'm delighted to engaged you more in this pointless debate"

"I would really like to leave this mundane lifestyle to be honest. However, I find that living handicapped better than death"

The elder wizard smirked "Believe me when I said I'm surprised you could avoid starvation without the aid of house elves. After all I was one of the victim of your.. marvelous cooking skill" he teased.

Selene scowled good naturally. But her eyes seemed to regained more fire, shined almost as bright as Marvolo remembered.

She glanced up at Severus who, at some point in their banter, already tucked his wand once more and appeared more relaxed as well. They engaged in silent conversation.

The Slytherin Lord waited patiently. He was well aware of Severus' paranoia and his fierceness to protect ones that he held dearly, something that the former Dark Lord was grateful at.

They seemed to reach an agreement for their eyes focused once more to their guest. The Potion Master squeezed Selene's shoulder in silent support.

Selene held her head and stared directly at her husband's red eyes "I required an Oath"

The yew wand was out in a flash "I, Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Marvolo Riddle Slytherin, do hereby swear upon my magic, that I won't lift a wand against Selene Riddle née Prince with an intention of harming without her consent, except to defend myself. And to protect her and any future children we may have with all my might. So mote it be"

The room was quiet for a few minutes as the two cousins considered his Oath.

"With an intention of harming?" Severus deep voice broke the silence.

Marvolo dipped his head "I don't think I could break the habit of sending stinging hex when she's being her usual annoying self. Or feeling lazy" He grinned at the glare sent his way.

"And the 'without her consent' part?" Ever the competent spy, Severus once again found a questionable phrase.

"When we're dueling"

Selene quirked her lip, waved her wand as she replied "So mote it be"

The atmosphere seemed to lighten immediately. The former Dark Lord belatedly realized that both of his hosts had been unnerved by the threat of his presence.

Shrugging off the uncomfortable conclusion, Marvolo stood in a fluid motion and offered his hand to his wife

"Shall we depart then?"

Selene took the offered hand gracefully with the faintest blush but pleasant expression that made Severus snorted softly.

"You had already acquired the Slytherin property then?" he asked casually, eyeing the Slytherin Lordship ring that rested on the elder wizard's right hand.

"Yes. A Manor in Northern Ireland. And it's already inhabitable" he quickly added at Selene's suspicious gaze "The only thing left is to change your last name, as well as picked up the Slytherin Consort ring and whatever you find interesting in the vault"

The still unofficial Lady Slytherin smiled widely "Oh, I'll make sure to comb the vault thoroughly. Just imagined what treasures we'll find"

Severus coughed before his Lord could answer "If all settled, I would like to return to Prince Manor" he waited the two nods "And Marvolo, take care of my sister"

With the 'or else..' left hanging, the wizard spun on his heel. Disappeared in a swirl of black robe.

Marvolo smiled down at his wife "Shall we?

The Slytherin pair only needed an hour to strip the muggle house and moved to Slytherin Manor. Marvolo wouldn't admit it, but he took great pleasure to give his Beloved a tour and got approval in his decorating choice.

The pair were just about to dine when sound of 1000 cats, courtesy of caterwauling alarm wailed.

Both were in feet, wand ready in under a second, and they ran side by side to face of the intruder.

Marvolo could sense some kind of an ancient spell, originated from Salazar Slytherin himself he presumed, activated. He didn't recognize the spell but he would wager that it was a protection ward of some sort.

What they found, however, shocked the wits out of them. Even the ever composed Marvolo couldn't keep his jaw from dropping.

For laying on the cold floor, nearly buried in too big clothes, was an unconscious, naked baby boy.



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