"Sir Tyler's making a strong showing at this Pavlova eating contest, but Chase is catching up with big kiwi bites," Ivan said, acting as a commentator, with a spatula.

"But the real threat is Koda, who is eating the cake like a caveman right now!" Riley added, watching the blue ranger closely.

Adelaide giggled as she sat cross-legged in the window. The cafe had closed for the day, and they had finished cleaning up after a rough day, with not much to do, and no monsters threatening the city, part of the team had decided to mess around in the kitchen with the last of the Pavlova cake that Chase had baked.

The rules were simple. Chase, Tyler, and Koda had to eat all the Pavlova without using their hands.

"Oh, good grief," said Sasha, walking into the kitchen carrying her tablet.

Taking one last bite, Koda swallowed and threw his hands up into the air. "I win!" he declared, releasing the blob of whipped cream that had fallen from his cheek onto his finger. It splattered against Sasha's face.

A hushed silence fell around the kitchen as Sasha reached up to wipe away the cream. "Your dad," she said to Tyler, "found what we've been looking for. Get cleaned up and meet us at the base. Philip, Jessie, and James are on their way."

"My dad's back!" Tyler cheered, running off.

Adelaide offered Sasha a wet towel and squeaked as she snatched it away, wiping off the smeared cream and leaving the kitchen.

"Oops," said Adelaide, turning back to Chase and the others. She grinned as Chase chuckled.


Keeper smiled as he surveyed the full team before it. "Welcome, Power Rangers," he greeted. "Although we have all eleven Energems, and unlocked five individual powers, to unlock, but to unlock the full set we must first destroy the dark Energem."

"And now, thanks to James, we might be able to do just that," Sasha said, placing her hand on James' shoulder.

"I've discovered the monsters' base," said James, looking around at his teammates. "Their spaceship crashed, but it wasn't destroyed. That's where the Dark Energem will be."

"That's great," Shelby grinned.

"It's not all great," James said, shaking his head. "Snide has a new partner... Sledge."

"Sledge?!" Adelaide and Chase gasped.

"He survived?!" Shelby asked.

"He's working with Snide now?" Koda asked. "This… very bad."

"Mm-hmm," Kendall agreed.

"Whatever do we do now?" Ivan asked, looking around at his friends.

Clenching his fists, Chase put his hand on Adelaide's shoulder. "I say we hit them with everything we've got," he said. "Every Megazord. We destroy the monsters, the spaceship, and the dark Energem all at once."

"That might work but… there's no way to be sure we destroyed the dark Energem," Shelby said, voicing her concerns.

"I agree with Shelby," Adelaide said, looking to Kendall and Sasha. "Even with five unlocked Energems, there's not enough power to take out the dark Energem. Especially when you consider it and mine to be polar opposites."

Sasha sighed and looked at Kendall. "They're right," she agreed. "Four unlocked Energems against the dark one isn't going to be enough to dent it, much less destroy it."

"So, what do you suggested?" Jessie asked.

"I say," said Shelby, taking the lead. "We storm Sledge's ship and crush the dark Energem. A sneak attack."

"We've been on the ship before, so we know our way around," Tyler agreed.

"It's the only way to be sure that we've destroyed it."

Sasha nodded in agreement. "She's right," she said.

Kendall looked around at the others, hoping that one of them had a better idea. The thought of storming Sledge's ship, even with eleven of them, seemed too risky. But when no one else voiced their ideas, she was forced to agree. "Alright," she said. "We go on foot, and we infiltrate them quietly."

"That means you, Adelaide," Sasha said, looking pointedly at her sister.

"I'm not the only hyperactive one on the team, you know," said Adelaide, glaring at Chase as he smirked.


Sticking close to Chase, Adelaide followed the others through the trees. James was in the lead, being the only one that knew where Sledge's ship was actually located. They couldn't risk sending coordinates to the dino comms, in fear that they would be intercepted and alert Sledge to their arrival ahead of time.

Suddenly Koda grabbed James' arm and pulled to him a stop. He held up a hand, with the fingers closed into a fist. A signal for them to stop.

Adelaide peered around Chase. "What is it?" she whispered.

"I don't know," Chase said, shaking his head. "Koda?"

One by one, as if standing on a trigger, Vivix's popped up from the bushes and out from behind trees, and formed a ring around the team.

"Well, there goes our sneak attack," said Ivan.

With a battle cry, the Rangers rushed forward, straight into the foot soldiers and started to fight their way through.

Adelaide looked up at the sound of crunching leaves and squeaked as an ugly looking monster stalked towards her. He was human looking, but with a head of thick blue dreadlocks and glowing yellow eyes.

"Things are about to get rocky, Rangers," the monster said, holding up an amulet. He caught eyes with Adelaide and grinned, turning the object on her. The eyes glowed and fired two streams of light at her.

"Look out!" Jessie said, pushing his sister aside. The beams hit him and he turned to stone.

Adelaide gasped. "Jessie!" she cried, running to him. Her fingers brushed against rough rock and she turned to glare at the monster. "What did you do to him?!" she demanded, summoning her dino sabre.

"I am Badussa, and I am petrifying!" the monster said, holding up his club and blocking Adelaide's blade. He kicked her in the stomach and knocked her away. He turned his back on her, firing the amulet once again into the throng of fighting rangers.

The beam of light hit Koda, Zenowing, and Kendall simultaneously.

"Gaze into my amulet," Badussa said, turning the object onto Riley, Ivan, and Tyler. The three of them turned to stone instantly.

Adelaide groaned as she rolled onto her stomach.

"I got you," said Chase, running over to her. He took her hand and helped her stand, both of them facing off against Badussa as he turned to them.

"Now, for you two," Badussa said, holding up the amulet.

Chase put his arm across Adelaide and pushed her behind him.

Badussa chuckled as he noticed the ruin on Chase's wrist. "Parabatai," he said. "I might've known. Never mind. After this, you'll be together forever." He fired the amulet, hitting both Chase and Adelaide at once and freezing them in solid stone.

Having witnessed the attacks, Shelby ran over to James and Philip and pulled them out of the battlefield.

"What are you doing?" James asked.

"The amulet. If you look at it, it'll turn you to stone," said Shelby. She ducked down behind a tree with the only other two surviving Rangers and hid from Badussa.

"You can't hide from me," Badussa called. "Soon you'll be stone, just like the others!"

"We're trapped!" said Philip. He looked around for a way out, but couldn't find one.

Badussa chuckled as he looked around at his handiwork. "I haven't had this much fun since I destroyed the Kyoryuger Galaxy and it's parabatai defenders!"

Covering her eyes, Shelby ducked out from behind the tree and opened fire on Badussa. She wasn't sure if she hit her target, but unless she wanted to end up like the others, she didn't have much of a choice other than to hope for the best.

"Come out and face me, Rangers!" Badussa called, as the blasts missed him.

Just then, a beam of blue light flickered through the trees and hit Badussa, bouncing off of his chest plates.

"Oh no," Shelby breathed, looking up. "It's Heckyl"

"You!" Badussa sneered. "But I destroyed you… eons ago!"

Heckyl shook his head as he squared off against Badussa. Unlike the Rangers, who were defenceless against the amulet, he knew that his goggles would protect him. "You only destroyed part of me!" he shouted, holding up his hand. His fingers glowed pale blue. "You helped Arcanon destroy my planet, and now it's time you paid for your crime."

"You're the one who will pay," Badussa said. He raised his club and swung it back, thrusting his amulet at Heckyl.

Heckyl retaliated by throwing out his hand. The two beams of light collided, causing an explosion. As the dust cleared, Badussa was gone.

"He escaped," said Heckyl. He took one look at the remaining Rangers and walked away.

Shelby hesitated and looked over at her friends. "I think they're gone," she said. She didn't want to come out of hiding unless they were 100% sure that both Badussa and Heckyl were gone. If they were caught out in the open then they would be sitting ducks for any attacks.

Deciding to try their luck, the three Rangers crept out from behind the tree and hurried over to their friends.

"Our friends," said Shelby, looking up into the face of Tyler. She gently run her fingers across his cheek and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall.

"They're solid stone," said James, placing his hand on Kendall's arm.

Philip looked around until he found Adelaide. "We've got to them out of here," he said.


With Sasha and Keeper's help, the remaining trio of rangers was able to get their friends back to the Ranger base without problems. As Philip and James pulled the statues closer together, Sasha booted up her computer in hopes of finding a way to fix the problem.

"The only thing I can find on turning people to stone comes from Greek Mythology and the monster Medusa," said Sasha. She had transferred the files from her computer to her tablet. "She was said to be one of the Gorgon sisters, and was cursed by the Goddess Athena for forgetting her vows and marrying the God Poseidon."

"That seems harsh," James commented.

Sasha shrugged. "Athena was a goddess of virginity," she explained. "If you run with her then you too had to be a virgin and swear off men and women. If you fell in love and married that was a sign of betrayal to Athena, and therefore she would curse you for forgetting your vows to her."

"Still seems harsh."

"Well, I didn't make the rules," Sasha murmured. "Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything about undoing the curse, or how to unstone someone. The only thing I can think of, and I'm not sure if it's 100% true as it comes from the fairytales I used to read to Adelaide, is the only way to stop Medusa was by cutting off her head or turning her to stone herself."

"Will that reverse the spell on the others?" James asked.

Sasha looked at him. "Like I said, my knowledge only extends as far as what is written in fairytales," she said. "It works in fairytales because Good is supposed to always win, but this is a world of reality. Who knows what will happen."

"What if we destroy the amulet?" Philip suggested. "Badussa draws his powers to turn people to stone from there."

"Again, I'm not 100%," said Sasha, shaking her head. "If you believe in fairytales, then I'd say give it a shot. But I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'd like a foolproof plan to go with as I would like my family back...soon."

Shelby groaned and buried her head in her hands. "This is all my fault," she grumbled.

Setting down her tablet, Sasha walked over to the young girl and squatted in front of her. "Hey, look at me," she said, softly. Shelby raised her head. "This is not your fault. This is just a minor set back."

"But it was my plan to go to Sledge's ship," said Shelby. "If we'd stuck with Chase's plan then none of this would've happened."

"I agreed with your plan," Sasha said. "As did everyone else. If we had any idea that this would've happened we never would have executed it. You cannot blame yourself for one suggestion that just happened to go sideways."

"But what if we can't save the others?"

"We will save the others," said Sasha. "We're the good guys, we always come up with a plan. Okay? This is just another setback, just like all the rest. But we walked away from them, we can walk away from this one too."

Shelby looked down, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Come on," Sasha added, standing and holding both her hands out to Shelby. "Let's go do what we do best…" she smiled, pulled the pink ranger to her feet, and wound her arms around her. "Save the day."

Shelby took a deep breath and nodded. "Yeah… let's go save the day," she agreed.

Walking back over to Sasha's workstation, both women turned to Philip, James, and Keeper. "What about the Zords?" James asked. "We could destroy Badussa's amulet with the Zords. Our ranger suits should protect us from turning to stone, and the zords have enough firepower behind them to destroy the amulets."

"But your friends' Zords won't work while they are stone," Keeper said, shooting down the idea.

"And your three Zords… none of them has cockpits," Sasha added.

James sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Then what do we do?" he asked.

Zenowing told you how he built your Zords, right?" Sasha asked Shelby.

Shelby nodded.

"We could use that knowledge to create our own Zord," said Sasha, thinking out loud. "We have everything that is needed, the geode," she pointed to the egg-like crystal on the table at the back of the lab, "metal, and dinosaur bones. With your dino knowledge and Zenowing's instructions, I don't see why we can't generate our own Dino Zord."

Shelby looked around at the others, they were all staring at her. Her eyes widened and she shook her head, backing away. "Oh no," she said. "Only Zenowing can build a Zord. He told me the basics, but I only understood half of what he was saying…"

"So? I only know half of what Kendall says most of the time, and even then I have to ask her to use words with less than three syllables," said Sasha, causing Shelby to crack a grin. "But we still manage to pull through. Shelby, I've seen what you can do for this team. I was there for the E-Tracer."

Shelby looked down, smiling to herself.

"If you can create a device that can track Energem and Zord signatures," Sasha continued, placing her hand on Shelby's shoulder. "Then building a Zord should be a piece of cake."

"But what if I make another mistake?" Shelby asked, suddenly terrified at screwing up again.

"Making a mistake just shows that you're human," said Sasha. "But if you don't try? Then that'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make."

Shelby swallowed and looked around at her friends. Keeper, James, and Philip smiled, encouragingly. She took a deep breath and looked at Sasha. "Okay," she said, her voice quiet. "I'll do it."

"Great. Now, all we need is a dinosaur…"

Turning on the spot, Sasha led the others over to the shelves where Kendall kept the Dinosaur DNA. She turned to Shelby and offered her a vial that read 'Lesothosaurus' on the label.

"That's the size of a cat," Shelby said, shaking her head.

"We want something bigger, more powerful," said Sasha, putting the vial back on the shelf. "Hang on. Let me grab my tablet." She walked back to her workstation, picked up her tablet, and returned to others, already rifling through the dinosaur data she had available. "How about a Gorgosaurus?" she asked. "Or even a Majungasaurus?"

Shelby looked over the vials, selecting the two in question. "They're both pretty big," she agreed. "But not nearly as powerful as we need them to be." She put the vials back on the shelf. "Ooh! Titanoboa… they'd have been big enough to hunt crocodiles."

"Adelaide's afraid of snakes," Sasha said. "You want something that she's going to be able to work with, and not have a panic attack every time it's summoned."

"Fair point," Shelby said, putting the vial back.

"What about a Quagga?" James suggested.

Shelby hesitated and glanced at Sasha. The older woman searched the name on her tablet and shook her head.

"I'm going to have to say no," said Sasha. "According to this, a Quagga was half the size of a modern-day Zebra, and it's very skittish. It'd be afraid of our other zords, much less any monsters that are magnified."

"Baryonyx," Shelby said. "It stood at 9 feet tall, was 31 feet long, and weighs approximately 2 tons."

Sasha suddenly grinned, looking up from her tablet. "Baryonyx is a great choice, I agree," she said. "But there is one dinosaur that is bigger, better, stronger even."

"You're not thinking…" Shelby asked, her eyes alight with excitement.

"Oh, I am," Sasha nodded, taking a vial from the shelf. She held it up to show the others the label. "How about a Dinosaur that is a lot bigger than a T-Rex."

"Spinosaurus," Shelby grinned. She put the vial labelled 'Baryonyx' back on the shelf and took the Spinosaurus DNA from Sasha. "Also known as one of the biggest dinosaurs known to mankind. A Spinosaurus outweighs a typical T-Rex by about 1 ton and the next largest dinosaur - Giganotosaurus - by half of a ton."

"It's perfect!" Sasha grinned.


As Shelby created the Spinosaurus Zord, Sasha set about creating the Dino Charger that was needed to control it. There was no point in creating a powerful Zord if they had no chance of controlling it after. Thankfully, she had seen Kendall do it multiple times and therefore was sure that she could do it herself this time.

"You heard who saved us out there, right?" James said, wandering over and leaning in close to Sasha. "Heckyl. You don't think this is part of any plan, do you?"

"Plan to do what?" Sasha asked. "Destroy the Rangers and steal your energems? That's always their plan."

"But why would Heckyl help us?"

"Maybe he didn't," Sasha said, adding the aqua, pink, and graphite energems to the transmuter and turning it on. She leaned back and turned to James. "Maybe he was doing exactly what he said he was doing - avenging his world."

James folded his arms, staring defiantly at Sasha. "Look, I know I'm still new to this whole 'Ranger thing' and I haven't exactly been around for all the team-bonding, but -"

"That's nothing to do with it," Sasha interrupted. "I'd never not take your word into account, or say that someone else's version of events is more believable, but the fact remains is that we don't know exactly what Heckyl is up too. We don't know why he is patrolling the forests one minute, and then working as Snide alongside Sledge. What we do know is that they're up to something and that usually includes you Rangers and your energems. Until their plan becomes crystal clear, everything else is just speculation."

James sighed, knowing she was right.

The transmuter beeped and Sasha turned, taking the newly created Dino Charger from the tube. She removed the three energems and handed the Aqua gem to James. "Let's deal with one problem at a time, yeah?" she asked. "Let's destroy Badussa, save the others, and then we'll figure out what's going on with Heckyl and Snide."

"Okay," James agreed.

Sasha nodded and returned to where Shelby and Philip were standing with Keeper. "The Dino Charger is ready, are you?" she asked the pink ranger, handing back the two remaining energems.

"Almost," Shelby said. "I need a spirit of a warrior."

"Is that all?" Sasha asked, looking to Keeper. "Where are we going to find one of them?"

Keeper smiled at her. "We need not look far," he said, handing her his staff.

Sasha frowned as she curled her fingers around the pole. "Why are you giving this to me?" she asked.

"Sasha, you do not realise how important you are to this team," said Keeper. "You're smart, brave, and wise. Your warrior spirit will be perfect for the Spino Zord."

Shelby, Philip, and James turned to Sasha, murmuring in agreement.

"Oh no!" Sasha said, shaking her head. "No way! I'm not a Power Ranger."

"You need not become a Power Ranger," Keeper assured her. "Just awaken the Spino Zord, and it will do the rest."

Sasha hesitated and glanced around at the others. "Oh boy…" she muttered. She handed the Spino Dino Charger to Shelby and took hold of Keeper's staff with both hands. "What do I have to do?" she asked.

"Just hold the staff's head over the geode, and think of a reason to fight," Keeper instructed.

Looking down at the staff, Sasha carefully lifted it over the geode and took a deep breath. She wanted to protect her family, her brother and sister. But she also wanted to protect her friends - Kendall, Shelby, and the others. They had done everything to protect her and the world, it was only fair that she try to do the same.

A golden glow shone down from the gem in the head of the staff and enclosed around the geode. Soon it detached from the staff, and Sasha handed it back to Keeper. The geoede's glow grew brighter and the egg started to rattle, as if something was inside, trying to break out.

"It's not going to hatch, is it?" Shelby asked, looking worried.

James shrugged.

The egg suddenly sparked and rolled sideways off the table. It hit the ground, but instead of shattering, it melted straight through the floor.

The three Rangers, plus Sasha and Keeper leaned over, frowning.

"Where ever did it go?" Philip asked, curiously.

Shelby looked at Sasha.

"Either I'm going crazy," said Sasha, putting a hand to her head, "which given my current lifestyle, isn't exactly an unknown factor, or I am hearing voices inside my head."

"What are the voices saying?" Keeper asked.

Sasha shook her head, trying to listen.

Come to me, warrior… come to me….

"It wants me to go to it," said Sasha. "Is that the Spino Zord? What kind of creepy mojo did I sign up for?"

"Follow the voice," Keeper instructed. "It'll lead you to the Zord."

"Sure, why not?" said Sasha, sarcastically. She turned on the spot and headed for the back of the lab. "Let's all follow the disembodied voice into the middle of nowhere. What a great idea!"

Shelby cracked a grin and followed after her friend, along with Philip, James, and Keeper.


"We better find this Zord sooner rather than later," Sasha grumbled, massaging the tips of her fingers into her temple. "Because I'm starting to get a headache."

"Once the voice stops, we shall be there," Keeper informed her. "Just keeping listening. It will make itself clear, soon."

Sasha whined and continued walking through the trees. She continued to massage her head as the voice grew louder and stronger, and then suddenly stopped.

"Hey, it stopped!" Sasha announced, stopping suddenly. She stumbled as James walked into her from behind.

"Whoa, sorry," James apologised, grabbing Sasha's waist to prevent her from falling over.

Philip looked around. "Hey, what's that?" he asked, wandering away from the group. The others followed him, spotting the makeshift camp in the middle of a grove of trees. Philip reached the campfire and held his hands over the pile of dying embers.

"Is it warm or cold?" Sasha asked.

"Still warm," Philip answered.

"What does it matter?" James asked.

"If it were cold then whoever made camp here is long gone," Sasha asked. "Being warm means whoever was here as either only just left, or could come back at any moment."

"It could be just campers," James said with a shrug.

"Or it could be something else," said Sasha. "Like a trap, to draw us in."

Shelby looked up at the sound of crunching leaves. "I hear something," she said, turning around and looking for the source of the noise.

"Welcome to my humble home," said a familiar voice.

Philip whipped around and backtracked quickly, his friends racing to his side as Heckyl approached from the opposite direction.

"Stay back!" Shelby warned.

"Don't be so dramatic," Heckyl said, rolling his eyes. "Snide's the one after your skin. Not me."

"You and Snide and the same enemy," Philip pointed out.

"New flash, Snide and I have had a little… split," Heckyl explained.

Sasha eyed the man in front of her cautiously. "You and Snide divided?" she asked. She paused and glanced at James. "That's why you helped them against Badussa."

"I wasn't saving them," Heckyl scoffed. "I was there to destroy Badussa. He's devastated entire galaxies, including my own. He helped Lord Arcanon destroy my planet in search of the dark Energem."

"You survived the destruction of Sentai-6?" Keeper asked.

"Yes," Heckyl nodded. "And everything I've done ever since was to try and restore my planet."

Sasha scoffed. "Sorry, but I don't see how destroying another planet, and trying to rule its people is going to bring back what you lost," she said.

Heckyl sighed, unable to think of a retort.

"I told you you'd pay, Heckyl!" sneered another familiar voice.

The Rangers, Sasha, Keeper, and Heckyl all turned to see Badussa standing behind them. He held up his amulet and Heckyl pulled on his glasses, as the others instinctively covered their eyes.

"No, he won't!" said Shelby. With her eyes closed, she run forward, jumping into the air and kicking the amulet out of Badussa's hands.

"My amulet!" Badussa cried.

Sasha lowered her hand and spotted her friend on the floor. "Shelby!" she called, running over to her. She held the youngster stand as Philip and James joined her.

"It's morphin' time!" Shelby said, reaching for behind her back. "Dino Charger -!"


"Unleash the Power!"

Sasha stood aside as the trio of Rangers run into battle. She turned to Keeper as he joined her, holding his staff in front of them protectively. Neither of them was Rangers, but Keeper was skilled in defensive powers where Sasha was not.

"Shelby," Keeper called, running into battle and blocking Badussa's club from striking the pink Ranger. "Destroy the amulet."

Sasha looked around, spotting the magic object in question. She run over to it, blocking it from Heckyl as he made a move. "What do you think you're doing, huh?" she asked.

"You want to save your friends, yes?" Heckyl asked. "The only way you can do that is by destroying the amulet."

"Sasha!" Shelby called, running over.

"I don't trust you," Sasha told Heckyl. "And given everything you've done to us in the last year, I don't see why I should. But you're right about one thing, I do want to save my friends." She looked at the pink Ranger. "Shelby, you have to destroy the amulet, but you can't do it alone, you aren't strong enough." She looked back at Heckyl. "You will help her. But if it doesn't work… so help me god, I will find a way to destroy you."

Heckyl swallowed and nodded.

Shelby hesitated and looked at Sasha. "Are you sure about this?" she asked

"We don't have a choice," said Sasha. "It's the only chance we've got."

"Okay," Shelby nodded. She crossed the clearing and stood alongside Heckyl, loaded her dino morpher and aimed it at the amulet.

Sasha stepped aside just as Heckyl held out his hand, his fingertips glowing a soft blue. "Do it!" she said.

Both Heckyl and Shelby blasted the amulet, causing it to explode.

"Guys, are you there?" Sasha asked, taking out her dino comm. She waited patiently for a few seconds, throwing Heckyl a hard glare as Shelby prevented him from leaving.

"Sasha, what the hell are you doing out in the field?" Adelaide asked, her face suddenly looming into view on the LCD screen.

Sasha let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, you know," she said. "Just doing my part at saving the world."

"Does someone want to tell me why there is a Spinosaurus skull on the table?" Kendall asked.

"I'll explain everything later," Sasha said. "But right now the others need your help. I'll send you our coordinates."

"Sounds like a plan," Jessie agreed.

"See you soon!" Adelaide called.

The line disconnected and Sasha looked up at Heckyl. "Thank you," she told him.

"A hint to the wise," Heckyl said, considering her for a moment. "Get off this planet. Soon."

"What? Why?"

Heckyl shook his head and strode off, disappearing before Sasha had a chance to follow him.

Shaking her head, Sasha turned at the sound of a yell and saw her friends get blasted through the air. She quickly rushed over, falling to her knees beside Shelby. "Stop it!" she snapped at Badussa.

Badussa laughed. "You think your words affect me, human," he said, shaking his head. "Unlike your colourful friends, you are insignificant in my master's final plans. Unimportant. You're not even worth the air you breathe." He pointed a clawed finger at her. "I should just destroy you now, putting you out of your wretched misery will save you from what's to come."

"No…" James said, struggling to stand.

Sasha merely glared at Badussa.

"Defiance, I like it," Badussa said, scoffing. "You would've made a great warrior." He held his club over his head and let out a cry, running full out towards Sasha. He swung his club as he got close enough, but before he could hit the human, he was knocked off his feet by a massive tail.

A loud roar rocked the entire area and Sasha looked up to see a rather large, and angry Spinosaurus standing over her. It growled down at Badussa, its jaw opening wide and showing rows upon rows of sharp teeth.

Badussa snarled and scrambled to his feet. "You want to play rough?" he asked. "Fine! Let's take this to the big leagues! Magna Beam!" A red light shot out of the clouds, encased him and embodied him with enough energy to make him grow bigger. He towered over the Rangers and laughed. "I will destroy you, just like I did the Kyoryuger Galaxy!"

"They never learn," said Sasha, looking up at the Spinosaurus. It still stood over her, as if protecting her from any harm.

Hearing her voice, the Spinosaurus cocked its head and looked down.

"I think it understands you," James said, scrambling to his feet. He helped Sasha stand and looked up at the Spinosaurus.

"It's bonded to her," Keeper said. "Just like your Ankylo Zord is bonded to you. She's waiting for a command. Sasha, what do you want her to do?"

Sasha blinked and looked up at the Spinosaurus. She was fascinated by the fact that his great creature was looking to her like some overgrown pet lizard.

"Sash?" Shelby asked, gently playing her hand on older woman's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Uh? Oh, yeah, sorry," Sasha said, shaking her head. "This is just so...unreal! I never thought, even for a second, that this would have happened when I agreed to stay. I always thought I would remain behind the scenes, be there when you guys needed me. You know, moral support and all that."

Shelby squeezed Sasha tightly. "You're still our moral support," she said. "We just need a little physical support from you now. So, what do you say? Shall we form a Megazord and take the big guy down?"

"Music to my ears," Sasha grinned. She held up the Dino Charger in her hand and clicked it like she'd seen the others do hundreds of times before. "Dino Charger -!"

"Ready!" Philip and James said, activating their own zords. They threw their chargers into the air and summoned the Ankylo and Pachy Zords.

Sasha pulled back her arm and threw the Spino Charger into the air. It soared into the waiting jaws of the Spinosaurus, binding the great dinosaur to her permanently. "Activate Spino Charge Megazord, Ankylo-Pachy Formation!" she called.

"Come on!" Shelby said. She took Sasha by the arm and jumped into the cockpit of the Megazord. The others followed, each one appearing either side of the two years.

"You did a great job with this, Shelby," Sasha praised. "You should be proud of yourself."

Badussa roared and charged forward, swinging his club at the Megazord.

"Pachy Wrecking Ball!" the four inside the cockpit shouted, swinging their arm around. The Megazord followed their actions, fluidly swinging the wrecking ball and smashing it into Badussa.

He stumbled back, caught off guard.

"Ankylo Hammer!" the team added, following up with a second attack. They punched down with their other arm, smashing the hammer down on top of Badussa.

Badussa cried out as energy rippled throughout his body.

"Spino Boomerang Attack!"

The boomerang glinted in the dying sun, and with a quick flick of the Megazords hand, it went sailing through the air at Badussa. It slammed into him several times, before returning to its original perch.

"Spino Boomerang… Whirlwind Finish!"

With one last powerful throw, the team hurled the boomerang back at Badussa, before putting a spin on their own megazord.

Badussa yelled out as he was thrown into the air after being smashed into by the boomerang, and caught up in a powerful whirlwind.

Catching the boomerang as Badussa was tossed through the air, the Megazord landed not that far away and turned to watch Badussa as he exploded.

"I've hit rock bottom!" Badussa shouted as he collapsed.

"Right on!" James said, reaching over to pat Sasha's shoulder.

"You're a natural, Sasha!" Shelby grinned.

"I now know why Adelaide loves Donnie so much," said Sasha. "Having a Zord is great! Thanks for letting me help."

"We should be thanking you," said Philip. "Without your help, we never would've made it this far."

Sasha smiled, a light tinge staining her cheeks.

"Hey, look, the others are here!" Shelby said, pointing to the ground where she could see the others running into view. "Let's go!"

"I hate to ruin the moment," Sasha said quickly. "But be on your guard. I have the feeling Sledge isn't quite finished with us yet."

Shelby nodded and took off with Philip and James.

Sasha smiled and then turned to Keeper. He had been standing in the corner of the cockpit, watching the battle. "Can you take me back to the lab?" she asked.

"Of course," Keeper said, holding out his hand.

Sasha took it and they both disappeared in a billow of red smoke.


"Fools," Badussa growled, picking himself up from the ground. "I can't be destroyed that easily." He clutched his club tightly and spun around, looking for the colourful pests and their pathetic human mascot.

Adelaide laughed as she run across the quarry, and straight into Philip's arms. "You're okay!" she said, pulling away slightly.

"I'm just glad you're okay!" Philip said, drawing her back in. He held her tightly around the waist.

Badussa growled as he found his prey. They were all there, well, all of them except the pesky human.

"We can't celebrate yet," said Tyler, spotting Badussa. "Look."

"He survived?" Shelby gasped.

"Celebrate this, Rangers!" Badussa said, spreading his arms and summoning an entire army of Vivixs from the ground. His gaze swept across them and he threw his head back, laughing escaping him. "I see your pathetic human mascot decided not to stick around."

Adelaide clenched her hands into fists. "He better not be talking about Sasha," she growled.

"From what we just witnessed," said Jessie, stepping forward. His own hands were clenched into fists and he looked visibly angry. "That pathetic human mascot just kicked your ass! She also happens to be my sister, and I won't let anyone talk down about her,"

"What he said," Adelaide agreed, stepping up to her brother's side.

Reaching for his morpher, Jessie held up his Dino Charger. "Let's finish this!" he said. "It's morphin' time!"

"Dino Charger -!" Adelaide said, holding her Dimetro Charger out in front of her.


"Unleash the Power!"

"It's about to get wild!" said Tyler, once morphed. "

"Tyrannosaurus Rex, Power Ranger, Red!"

"Parasaur! Power Ranger, Black!"

"Stegosaurus, Power Ranger, Blue!"

"Velociraptor, Power Ranger, Green!"

"Triceratops, Power Ranger, Pink!"

"Dimetrodon, Power Ranger, Scarlet!"

"Pterodactyl, Power Ranger, Gold!"

"Plesiosaurus, Power Ranger, Purple!"

"Pachysaurus, Power Ranger, Graphite!"

"Ankylosaurus, Power Ranger, Aqua!"

"Titanosaurus, Power Ranger, Silver!"

"Postosuchus, Power Ranger, Crimson!"

Running into battle, the Rangers split off in multiple directions to fight on their own front. Chase and Adelaide jumped into the air and fired their Dino Morphers at the Vivix's, shattering as many as they could before they landed. Once they did, Chase run down several more, sliding across the floor and spinning around whilst firing his morpher.

"Dino Steel, armour on!" Adelaide called. She run towards the quarry wall and kicked off, flipping over the vivixs and firing multiple arrows at them. Each arrow hit its target, causing them to explode. As she landed, Adelaide felt an arm around her shoulders and grinned up at Chase.

"They never learn," said Chase, squeezing her to him.

"If they did, we'd be out of a job," Adelaide laughed.

Chase smiled and nodded.

"Guys, let's finish this as a team!" Tyler called from nearby.

With their foot soldiers defeated, the team run off and regrouped around their leader.

"Combine!" Tyler and Ivan called, combining their powers into two dino chargers.

"Together!" the team called, falling into line behind one another. "Dinosaur Might, Ready to Fight! Victory Maximum, Final Strike!"

Twelve brightly coloured dinosaurs burst out of the end of the T-Rex Super Charge blaster, and rammed into Badussa, causing him to explode.

"Monster extinct!" the team cheered, turning their backs.

Suddenly the ground shook, and the Rangers stumbled as they lost their footing. Whipping around, Tyler looked up into the air just in time to see Sledge's ship shooting off into the clouds.

"Oh no… we're too late," Tyler said, pointing it out to the others.

"He must've powered his engines with the dark Energem," Kendall theorised.

"So, what, it's over?" Adelaide asked. "It can't just be over. We haven't finished!"

Jessie placed both his hands on Adelaide's shoulders. "It's not over, yet, Ade," he said, soothingly. "This just means there's more trouble on the horizon."

"I thought Sasha was the wise one," Adelaide grumbled.

"I heard that," said Jessie.

Adelaide giggled and quickly run off. "RACE YOU BACK TO THE LAB!" she called over her shoulder.


Sasha squeaked as she was attacked by both Jessie and Adelaide the minute they returned to the lab. The squeaked turned to laughter, however, as Adelaide started to bounce excitedly up and down after pulling away.

"You commanded a Zord!" Adelaide gushed. "I can't believe you command a Zord, and a Spinosaurus, no less. That's like, the best dinosaur out of all dinosaurs!"

"I thought Donnie was the best?" Chase asked, frowning.

"Donnie is the best prehistoric mammal," Adelaide corrected. "The Spinosaurus is the best dinosaur ever to be discovered. It dwarves both a T-Rex and a G-Rex, and its sheer size is nothing compared to the power behind it. There is no carnivorous reptile that can trump a Spino, not even a Postosuchus, and Jessie would agree with me on that."

Jessie nodded. "As much as I love commanding the Postosuchus, a Spinosaurus has always been my favourite dinosaur, ever since I was a little kid," he said. He turned to Sasha. "I'm so jealous."

"Me too," Adelaide said.

Sasha rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. "You owe a lot of thanks to Shelby," she said, pointing at the pink ranger. "Because if she hadn't have created the zord, then I never would've gotten the chance to command it."

"She's right," Zenowing said. "You did well, Shelby. If I ever need an apprentice, maybe you -"

"Thanks, but I think I'll stick to studying dinosaurs, rather than building them," Shelby interrupted. Although she was touched by the gesture, she hadn't liked the pressure that came with creating such a powerful animal.

The team chuckled.

"Very good," Zenowing nodded.

"I'm proud of you, Shelby," Sasha said. "You learned from your mistakes, and you saved the day. You should give yourself a bit more credit."

Shelby smiled as she caught Sasha's gaze.

Kendall sighed as she stood around the main console. She looked up as the others joined her. "Sledge has been trying to get the Energems for 65 million years," she said, earning herself everyone's attention. "He's not going to quit now."

"And what's he been doing since his ship crashed?" Philip asked.

"Heckyl warned me," Sasha said, drawing everyone's attention to her. "He said we should get off the planet."

"Yeah, but just because he helped us once, doesn't mean we should trust him," said Chase.

Adelaide nodded. "Don't forget all the things he's tried to do to us," she agreed. "Not to mention manipulating us into trusting him. How do we know this isn't just another manipulation?"

"We don't," said Jessie. "Which is why I think we should take anything he says with a grain of salt."

"Perhaps. But he may truly know something that we don't," said Ivan. "That Sledge's plan is so devastating, so huge, that the only safe place was outer space."