Alright! Here I go with my second attempt at a Naruto crossover with Tales of Vesperia!

My first attempt had a few things wrong with it. For starters, I put Naruto there with skills that far surpassed anyone in the game. Another mistake was bringing in a character from a third series that had no business being there.

There are others, but those two mistakes were the most glaring. So, I've decided to scrap that idea entirely and this will be its replacement. The previous story will be deleted soon after this post.

Without further ado, let's begin!

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A Future Lived in the Past

Chapter 1: Current Future, Ancient Past

"In light of your injuries," Tsunade concluded, having heard the report from Kakashi and Yamato about the conflict with Kakuzu and Hidan, "I'm placing you on bedrest, Kakashi."

The man gave a tired eye-smile, having to be supported slightly by Yamato. "I appreciate that, Lady Hokage."

"And Naruto," she turned to the only male blonde in the room, seeing his arm in a sling, "that jutsu you created…" She closed her eyes to avoid seeing his obvious reaction as she finished, "I'm labeling it a Forbidden Jutsu."

"What?! But I worked my ass off to make it, and it put a stop to Kakazu!" he argued.

"Yes, but at the same time it has horrific backlash on your arm." She opened her eyes again, locking a stern gaze upon his blue orbs. "Tell me honestly, your arm hurts worse than any other time in your life, doesn't it?"

He cringed at the question, avoiding her gaze. "…yeah…"

"It's an amazing jutsu, Naruto; no one is denying that. However, it's not worth your arm or your career. Think about it; what will you do when the chakra pathways in your arm are too damaged for you to use jutsu?"

He clenched his left fist as it trembled, a sign of his frustration. "…Fine, I get it," he conceded, not hiding his displeasure.

No one could blame him for being so upset. After all, he had worked incredibly hard and devoted a lot of conjoined time into making his RasenShuriken. Without his clones putting in the effort as well, he'd still be stuck on the first step of Wind Manipulation training. Plus, it was the very jutsu that recoiled on his arm that pulled their asses out of the fire.

"Everyone but Naruto leave," ordered the busty Hokage.

The others shared a look with her before they complied with her order. Yamato and Sakura both led Kakashi to the hospital while the others went their own separate ways.

Left alone with the woman he constantly called Granny, Naruto let go of the restraints he put on his emotions. His frustrated expression became somber as he turned back to face the woman.

"So…what happens now?" he asked.

"For now, I'm assigning you to light duty. Your arm is still recovering, after all."

"What will I be doing? Helping you with paperwork?"

She smirked at him, showing amusement at his slight jab. "No, I won't spoil the fun for you yet. You'll get to enjoy it when you take the hat from me." She was pleased to see a faint smile on his face. "I believe it's time that you got started on learning fuinjutsu."

"Sealing Arts?" he queried, tilting his head. "Not that I'm not curious to learn, but why that?"

"You and I both carry Uzumaki blood within us, Naruto," she began to explain, not bothering to hide things from him. "I'd learn the art if there wasn't another Uzumaki in the village, if only to respect the ancestry of my grandmother, Mito."

"But, since I'm here…"

She nodded, confirming his silent question. "You'll be learning them instead. To be frank, I have no particular interest in sealing other than this mark on my forehead." She jabbed a thumb to the rhombus marking. "I think that you'd show more interest in them than I ever will."

He nodded in understanding, his gaze downward. "…Could you tell me which of my parents was an Uzumaki?"

She heard the desperation in his voice, which made her stand up from her chair and move around her desk to stand in front of him. She placed a gentle hand on his cheek, guiding his gaze back to hers so he could see the proud smile she had on her face.

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki, a dear friend of mine that I saw as family; despite us already being distantly related. She was a wonderful woman who was a master of fuinjutsu."

"You said was," he noted. "So, that means that she's…"

"Yes, she's dead. I'm sorry…"

Shaking his head, he gave her a teary smile. "Don't be. I'm just happy to finally learn about her. The Old Man was always so tightlipped about my parents whenever I brought up the subject. I was honestly afraid that she was alive and hated me…"

"She would never hate you, baka. She loved you from the moment she realized she was pregnant with you, and she loved you in death as well; both of your parents did."

He wiped his tears with a slightly hoarse chuckle. "That's a relief…"

"I'd tell you about your father as well; but I think that reveal should be made by the pervert."

"Pervy Sage? He knew my parents too?"

"Yes, but just be a little more patient. I'll have him talk to you as soon as he can, okay?"

He nodded gratefully. "Thanks, Tsunade…"

"Oh? No Granny puns this time?" she asked with a raised brow.

"Nah… I can't find it in me to say it to your face anymore; considering you told me something I've wanted to know for as long as I can remember."

She smiled at his reasons, placing a hand on his cheek again. "They'd be proud of the man you're becoming Naruto. Don't ever doubt that for a moment."

"I won't," he promised before he excused himself from the office.

The next morning found Naruto seated atop the head of the Fourth Hokage, waiting for the Perverted Toad Sage to arrive. He looked down at his village, smiling at the beauty of it and at the villagers going about their day-to-day lives.

"Thought I'd find you here, kid," a familiar voice called out, prompting him to turn and see Jiraiya grinning at him. "So, I heard you finally completed it. Nice work. I knew you had it in you."

He rubbed his head bashfully at the praise. "Thanks, Pervy Sage."

"Still calling me that, huh? No respect, I tell you…"

"Sorry," Naruto replied jokingly, knowing that this was just byplay between him and his master. "So, Tsunade said you were gonna get me started on fuinjutsu?"

"That's right, and let me just say that I'm glad she convinced you to do so. I've got plenty of experience with fuinjutsu, and I was worried my knowledge would go to waste. But, my fears don't matter anymore since you agreed."

The two shared a grin and a laugh at that. "Hey, before we start…could I ask you something?"

"You wanna know about your old man," Jiraiya stated, earning a surprised look. "C'mon, did you really think Tsunade wouldn't tell me before I came here? She's the one who wanted me to tell you, remember?'

His cheeks flushed in embarrassment at forgetting that. "So…?"

"I'll cut to the chase, then. Your sitting on the carved head of your father, Naruto."

"But I'm on…" His eyes widened at that. "…My dad was the Fourth Hokage…"

"And my apprentice before you," added the Toad Sage. "He was a good man, a great ninja, and," he gave the young man a smile, "he would've been a wonderful father to you, kid."

Shock filled Naruto to the brim. The man he had idolized as a young boy was his father. It was a heavy pill to swallow; especially since his father was also the one who put the Kyuubi in his gut.

"You gonna be okay?" Jiraiya asked in concern.

"Y-Yeah… I just…need some time to wrap my head around this."

Nodding, the older man walked over to his apprentice, pulling out a dark blue scroll from his haori. "Here," he said, tossing the scroll into Naruto's lap. "Those are some of my notes on fuinjutsu. Go ahead and take a look at them when you think you're ready."

"I will… Thanks, Jiraiya."

"Oho! Calling me by my name now, are you?"

"Like I told Tsunade, I can't find it in me to call you by the nickname I gave you since you told me something I've wanted to know for so long." He then deadpanned at the Sage and added, "I'll most likely get over it after I catch you peeping or doing something else perverted."

The Gallant Jiraiya gave out a boisterous laugh at the honesty coming from his young student. "I'd be worried if you didn't!"

With that, he walked off with a wave over his shoulder, his laughter dying down to chuckles as he headed down. Left alone, Naruto turned back to the village. His mind was filled with questions about his parents, but he didn't dwell on them for too long. He was beyond happy to learn about them, but they were gone; and they'd been that way for his whole life.

He'd have time to think about them whenever he wanted. For now, he had some studying to do; something that made him chuckle. After all, it was ironic that the Dead Last of the Leaf Twelve would study anything since he never did it in the Academy.

"Think he'll be okay?" Tsunade asked, sharing some of her sake with her old teammate.

"He'll be fine. The kid's tougher than we give him credit for." He took a drink from his dish before adding, "Don't forget that he grew up thinking the worst, and he still turned out okay."

"That's not exactly something we should be happy about, Lord Jiraiya," Shizune cut in, looking concerned. "It must have been horrible to think that Lord Minato and Lady Kushina hated him and abandoned him at birth."

Tsunade paused in her drink, setting down her dish with a somber expression. "How the hell did he stay so optimistic throughout the years?"

"Stubbornness," Jiraiya answered. "The kid's as stubborn as Kushina; which isn't a bad thing, actually. He may have thought the worst, but he stubbornly believed that he'd prove everyone that they were wrong about him. It's what kept him going."

"I'm guessing you saw that stubbornness?"

"Many times," confirmed the man. "Every time he acted that way, I couldn't help but see his mother in him. It was hard to keep it from him during our training trip."

"Speaking of that," Tsunade began, her expression turning stern, "why didn't you start him on fuinjutsu when you were gone? Based on the reports of his recent missions, Naruto still relies too much on his clones and the Kyuubi. I understand that he needs to get a better handle on that chakra, but that shouldn't mean his other skills should stagnate or suffer."

"I had to drill in the basics for a majority of the first part of our trip," the Sage confessed. "He didn't even know how to dispel genjutsu, after all. By the time he got a better handle on them, we had spent more time than I hoped. After that, I focused on toughening him up so that his body could handle Bijuu chakra, while putting some battle tactics in that head of his."

"So, the problem was that you lost too much time because he wasn't taught properly to begin with," Tsunade concluded.

"Exactly. As cruel as it may sound, maybe Naruto messing up his arm was a good thing." He held up a hand to stop any outbursts from the two women. "Hear me out. Because you've put him on light duty, he has to be really careful with what he could train in. This gives him plenty of time to get started on the fuinjutsu he wasn't able to see during our trip."

"I suppose that's true," Shizune conceded, sharing a look with her master.

"Yes, even if the circumstances leading to this could've been better. At any rate, I suggest we give Naruto some space for now. He's got a lot on his mind, and he'll talk to us when he's ready."

The other two nodded in agreement.

A couple of weeks later showed Naruto sitting in his apartment, looking over Jiraiya's notes once more. His right arm was out of its sling, but it was still tender. He was told to give it some exercise so that his muscles wouldn't atrophy from the backlash of his jutsu. The many healing sessions, combined with the Kyuubi's chakra, were slowly repairing the damage; but it was definitely slower than any other time he had been on recovery.

Currently, he was trying to copy a sealing formula that focused on trapping targets in a barrier that threw off their sense of time. It was meant to be used in tandem with multiple copies so that it covered wide areas; which meant multiple targets. He was taking his time, considering he was right-handed and said arm was still recovering.

He had stayed up all night working on the seal, his excitement preventing him from getting any sleep. Currently, he was only dressed in his orange pants with the necklace of the First Hokage resting on his neck; the gemstone lightly touching his chest.

He had a look of concentration that was rarely seen on his face, taking extreme care with his writing. Calligraphy wasn't his strong suit, and he only made sure to write neat enough for his words to be legible to a degree. But with fuinjutsu, the writing and brush strokes needed to be meticulously precise and neat. So, this was the hardest thing he had done in a while; mentally at least.

With a relieved exhale, he finally pulled away from his work and compared it with the notes in the Toad Sage's scroll. "Looks alright to me," he mused before creating a Shadow Clone, wincing at the chakra moving through his still healing chakra network in his arm. "You mind activating this for me so I could experience it firsthand?"

"You sure we shouldn't wait for Pervy Sage or Tsunade to witness this?" the clone asked.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," fired back the original, using a quote he had seen many times in Jiraiya's notes. They acted as both a notebook and a journal, with writings about Jiraiya's personal experiences with the seals he was studying and little tips/reminders. "So, go ahead and fire it up."

"If you say so," the clone conceded, still looking a tad bit concerned.

He was a perfect copy of the original, after all; so, his worry was also Naruto's worry. It's just that Naruto's excitement was superseding that concern.

"Here goes," the clone began, activating the Temporal Displacement Seal on the floor, with the original sitting perfectly in the center.

The brilliant flash of sky-blue light broke through his apartment windows, catching the attention of many villagers while the burst of chakra caught the attention of the shinobi. One of them, who happened to be in the area, rushed over to the scene while making a clone to report to the Hokage. They were nothing more than a tan blur as they raced to the glowing apartment complex.

"Dammit, gaki," growled out Anko Mitarashi, who had gained a soft spot for the blonde after their mission together years ago. "What the hell are you doing?"

Tsunade perked up at the feeling of chakra, and she was about to call on her ANBU before someone broke through her window, landing unceremoniously and breathing hard. "Mitarashi! What the hell are you-?"

"It's the gaki, Lady Hokage!" the clone of the Snake Mistress interrupted. "Something's going on at his apartment, and it's what caused that chakra spike just now!"

Honey brown eyes widened and a stern voice ordered, "ANBU, get down there on the double! I'll be right behind you!"

"Yes, ma'am!" they all replied before four blurs took off for Naruto's home, their Hokage not far behind them.

'Okay… Something's not right here,' Naruto mused as a translucent blue barrier surrounded him on the outlines of his sealing circle. He looked to his clone, only for his blue eyes to widen in surprise when he saw that it had already dispelled. Memories rushed back, and he was shown that activating the seal disrupted the chakra in the clone and forced it to dispel; most of the disruption being in his arm. "Uh-oh…"

No sooner than he said that did the barrier begin to swirl, becoming a sky-blue hurricane of bright light that cut off his sight from outside his seal. He heard voices and noise on the other side, but the hurricane of chakra distorted them to the point where they blurred together; most of them sounding as if they were in slow motion.

"Well, at least it slightly works," he mused nervously, trying to stay hopeful that things will be alright.

Those hopes were dashed, unfortunately, when the barrier of swirling light began to close in; making his heart race. Closer and closer the edges crept, and his necklace began to react to their proximity by glowing a stunning emerald.

"What the hell-?" he started to ask before the green light overtook the blue, and felt his body suck in on itself.

To the ANBU, Hokage, and Special Jonin witnessing the phenomenon, they saw the blue hurricane gain an emerald core before it all caved in on itself; dispersing in a burst of bluish-green dust that was swept away by the outside breeze. And ANBU wasted no time to inspect the place for anyone who could've caused this while Tsunade and Anko just stared at where the light once resided.

"Naruto/Gaki…" they whispered, both women worried about the whiskered blonde.

"Welcome, spectators from all over the world to the Nordopolica Coliseum!" an announcer called out, standing in an elevated booth that overlooked the arena floor. "We have a special event for you all, today! This is our 50-Man Melee!"

The spectators in the stands all cheered at the announcement, watching eagerly as fifty combatants were let into the coliseum. It was chaos when the melee started, but it was such wonderful chaos that the audience was on its feet in excitement.

Soon, it was down to four exhausted combatants. They all stared one another down, waiting for one of them to make the first move. One of them was about to give into his growing nerves, but a blue hurricane that sprouted in the center of the arena made them all back off on instinct.

The hurricane raged, and a bright emerald light was seen forming in its core before the whole thing dispersed, revealing a blonde teen who stood shirtless in the center of the field. The surprise of his appearance left everyone speechless; even though some of the female spectators blushed at how handsome he looked.

"What the hell…?" Naruto murmured to himself.

"What's this?!" the announcer called out through his microphone, using the sudden appearance to his advantage to get the crowd more excited. "A brave new challenger has appeared! How will he fair against four opponents?!"

"Challenger? Opponents?" repeated Naruto, looking to the four armored men standing around him.

Unknown to him, a man with red hair and a patch covering his left eye was also watching the match. His lone eye narrowed at the young blonde, but he was brought away from the scene by another member of Palestralle. "What is it?"

"The Duce felt a disturbance and asked me to investigate," the woman answered. "Any ideas what happened, Natz?"

"That boy," Natz pointed down to the blonde that was dodging attacks from the other four men, "appeared in a burst of light. That happened moments before you came."

The female member of the guild observed the whiskered blonde. "Why's that boy only wearing pants?" She then spotted the necklace he wore; specifically, the gemstone. "Is that a blastia?"

"Possibly. I'll escort him to the Duce as soon as this match is over. It wouldn't be a good idea to upset the spectators, after all."

"I'll let Belius know," bid the woman before she took her leave.

Natz turned back to the arena floor, keeping his eye on the newcomer and how he finished off the final combatant with a hard kick to his chest. The crowd cheered for the boy's victory, the announcer getting them all the more hyped up about it. With that, Natz gathered two more guildmates and headed down to the arena.

Having realized that he already made a big scene with his sudden entrance, Naruto didn't do anything against the three people who ordered him to follow them. He noticed that they all had the same emblem on different parts of their clothes or armor; so, it was obvious that they were all part of the same group. No doubt, he was being taken to their superior; most likely for questioning.

But their emblem was strange to him; as was the city he had landed in. The seal he was working with wasn't meant to transport him at all; only mess with his sense of time. Worry began to grow within him, and it only grew when he realized that he had nothing with him other than his pants and necklace. No weapons, no headband, nothing…

He was in trouble.

"Before we enter," the leader of the trio spoke up, bringing Naruto's attention back to him, "I strongly suggest not speaking of anything you see in here." It was only then that Naruto realized that they stood in front of a large set of double doors. "This is one of Palestralle's guild laws, and we will gladly take you down should you break that law."

He nodded immediately to show he understood. He was on their turf, so he'd play by their rules if he wanted to stay alive or out of trouble. When he was led into the room, he couldn't see anything for a few moments before torches were lit. The being revealed to him made him speechless as his blue eyes widened in amazement.

Looking like a cross between a fox and a centaur, he was greeted with the sight of the obvious leader. It was made more apparent when the redheaded man moved to stand in front of her, facing the blonde as he announced, "This is Belius, Duce of Palestralle and founder of the city of Nordopolica."

Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat when Belius beckoned him closed. Nervously, he stepped up to the being and kept his gaze from straying. It was beaten into his head that looking away from important figures was extremely disrespectful; even when he had his own form of respect.

"You are a peculiar one, child," Belius spoke, the voice female. "What is your name?"

"Naruto… Naruto Uzumaki," he answered. The obvious power she held made him nervous, and he didn't want to get on her bad side.

"I was informed that you arrived in a brilliant light, and I can feel how the aer reacts to you."

"The…air?" he cut in, sounding confused. "I don't think I understand. I mean, I know I have a Wind Chakra Nature, but-"

This time, she cut in. "Not air with an 'I', child. Aer with an 'E'. Your ignorance to that fact makes you even more peculiar." She turned to her guild members and ordered, "Leave us for now."

"Yes, Duce," Natz replied, leading his guildmates out of the chamber.

"If you don't mind me asking," Naruto began once they were alone, earning a nod from Belius, "what are you? You don't match any of the descriptions of the Bijuu, and you definitely don't feel like them."

"I am not familiar with the term 'Bijuu', but based on your words, I assume their beings of great power and size."

"Yeah, there are nine of them. From One to Nine, each is more powerful than the previous; and they're recognized by the amount of tails that match their number."

"Interesting. I'd like to know about them later." He nodded in agreement. "For now, tell me something else. You mentioned 'chakra' earlier. What exactly is that?"

"It's an energy that shinobi use; but everyone has. I didn't exactly pay attention much during the Academy, but I remember that it's a mix of physical and spiritual energy."

"An inner energy, you say? Show me," she ordered, her eyes narrowed slightly.

Nodding at the order, Naruto held up his left palm and formed an incomplete Rasengan in it; Belius taking note of a strange marking on his abdomen as he did so. However, something felt off with his chakra, and he fell to a knee as soon as he dispelled the jutsu. Sweat formed on his brow and his breathing grew heavy, as if he had gone through an intense workout with Rock Lee and Guy-sensei.

"Does this 'chakra' always exhaust you so easily?"

"N-No… I always had chakra to spare; but, something feels wrong with my chakra. It felt harder to call on, and I don't feel like I have as much as I used to."

"Hmm… How did you arrive here in Nordopolica? What was that light you appeared from?"

"I was working on a seal," he began, getting her interest once more. "It was meant to throw off my sense of time, and I was having a chakra based clone try it out on me so I could get a better understanding of it."

"Strange… Every seal I've heard of does only that; seal away something. Are you saying that seals where you came from do other things?"

"Yes. Some seals can store away objects, some can weaken people…and some are powerful enough to seal the Bijuu I mentioned earlier."

"That mark on your body… You have one of those Bijuu within you, don't you?"

"Not by choice," Naruto defended, confirming her assumption. "It was attacking my home village and nothing my people tried could stop it. So…my father," it was still hard to believe to him, "who was named the Fourth Hokage, or leader, of our village used a sacrificial seal to place the Kyuubi inside me. The Kyuubi is the strongest of the Nine Bijuu, and my father gave up his life to seal it away. My mother gave up her life to help him do so…"

"Fascinating…" Belius commented sincerely, intrigued by his story. She felt no lies from the young human; only truth and sadness. It was obvious to her that the loss of his parents was still a heavy subject for him, so she didn't bring them up. "Go on with your story of how you arrived here."

"Right, got a little sidetracked," he confessed awkwardly. "Anyway, something went wrong with the seal and I was trapped inside of it before it collapsed in on itself and I wound up in your arena. I didn't mean to intrude or cause problems, and I'll leave right away. I just want to get back home. No doubt I worried my friends with my grand exit…"

"And where exactly is your home?"

"It's in the Land of Fire. It's known as the Hidden Leaf Village."

"I've never heard of such places," Belius confessed, making his eyes widen. "I assume it's a well-known location, despite 'Hidden' being in the name?"

"All of the shinobi villages have 'Hidden' in their title. It represents the general area where they're located. For example, the Hidden Leaf is surrounded by lots of trees and forests."

"I see. However, I repeat that I've never heard of such places. Currently, you're on the continent of Desier. Does that sound familiar to you at all?"

"No…" he answered, his worry once again growing. "D-Do you have a map?"

She nodded and gestured to one of her walls, showing a large map with several land masses that surrounded a massive ocean. She led him over to it, pointed at her city on the eastern tip of Desier. "We are here, in Nordopolica. Do you see your country or village?"

He studied the map, going over it all many times before his heart sank. "…no…" he whispered.

"Then my theory may be correct," mused Belius, getting his full attention. "You said you were working on something that interfered with your sense of time, but it didn't act like it was supposed to."


"…I'm thinking that your 'seal' may have went above and beyond what it was intended for. It DID mess with your sense of time…by sending you out of YOUR time."

He recoiled in shock, finding his legs growing weak at the theory. He looked back to the map desperately, hoping beyond all hope that her theory would be wrong. But, the more and more he looked at the map, the more and more her words and his actions replayed in his mind.

He couldn't be in another time…could he?

"She's…right," a weak, guttural voice echoed in his head.

'Kyuubi! How do you know that she's-?!'

"Because I'mstarting to disappearfrom your seal," the Bijuu interrupted, "and your chakra…is fading away."

'N-No… Was that why-?'

"Yes, that's why trying thatdamnable jutsu your father madeexhausted you. You only sped up the process; butit looks like your body is adaptingto the changes of the worldas both your chakra and I leave you."

'But why are you leaving?'

The Bijuu took a breath, gathering some more strength. "Half of my essence – half of what makes me what I am – exists in a different time. I can't exist without being in the same time as my other half; it's impossible," it answered, sounding better than it did earlier.

'But what about-?!'

"I already told you, your body is adapting to this time and the energy it has. It's tethering you here, stopping you from simply dying or fading away into nonexistence. Congratulations, boy; you've once again done the impossible."

The praise felt far more bitter than sweet. '…How long?'

"I have perhaps another week based on how fast my chakra is fading. You, on the other hand, will be without chakra in a couple of days."

Naruto fell to his knees, his fists pressed against the ground as tears fell from his clenched eyes. "No… It's not fair… I didn't want this to happen!"

Belius said nothing, seeing the young human before her finally coming to terms with what had happened. Absently, she made a mental note to send word to her friend Don Whitehorse, as well as call her brother, Phaeroh. Both of them would want to know about this boy.

"For what it's worth," the Kyuubi spoke up, getting through the distress Naruto was feeling, "this could be an opportunity for you, boy."

'How the hell is this an opportunity?! I've lost everything and everyone important to me!'

"True, you have. However, take a moment to think about this question I have for you. How many times have you asked – prayed even – for another chance; a new life without the pain you suffered?"


"Think on it when you have a moment… Consider this the last time we'll speak with one another. I'd rather fade away on the terms we have now, after all." A chuckle was heard as the fox added, "You've shown yourself to be different than most humans in my eyes. And that's enough for me."

Naruto couldn't find anything to say to that final comment, feeling the connection between him the Kyuubi fade into silence. "…I…" he tried to say, but the words evaded him.

"We'll speak more tomorrow, Naruto Uzumaki. For now, I'll have someone show you to a room to rest for the night."

Taking a shaky breath, Naruto slowly rose to his feet and locked eyes with Belius. "Thanks…"

"I expect to hear more from you and your time tomorrow. I find myself intrigued by you and where you come from; even if I may never experience it for myself."

He couldn't stop the faint smile from showing on his face. It made him happy that his life would gain such interest; even if it wasn't human interest. Speaking of which…

"Hey, you never answered my question earlier. What are you?"

She chuckled at him and answered, "I am what is known as an Entelexeia. I'll tell you more tomorrow, child."

He nodded while Natz came back in and had someone escort Naruto to some barracks to rest and get possible medical attention. Left alone with his leader, Natz asked, "Is he trustworthy, Duce?"

"Yes, I believe he is. He has a very interesting story, and I'll be hearing more about it tomorrow. For now, I'll tell you what we've figured out."

(Skit: I'm Sorry…)

Naruto: I can't believe this is happening… *a look of frustration* I only wanted to try out a seal and I wind up leaving my own time… And I left everyone behind too… *sob* I'm so sorry… I didn't want this… I had so many promises left to keep… Sakura… Tsunade… Pervy Sage… Hinata and Neji… Sasuke… *sob* …I'm sorry…

Days began to fly by, turning into weeks, months, and a little over a year. Naruto was seen standing before Belius and Natz once more, wearing the emblem of Palestralle on some clawed gauntlets. He still wore orange pants and got a new pair of sandals made that looked like his older pair. But he now wore a black vest with orange buttons that held it closed, a replacement headband with the Hidden Leaf emblem on its metal plate, a long black sash that acted as a belt and had the tail ends able to float in a breeze, and his necklace still around his neck. (1)

"Are you ready for today's training?" Belius asked, earning a nod from her youngest guild member. She had offered him a place in Palestralle a week after his arrival, hearing plenty about the time he was born in and the people he had loved and lost. She couldn't let someone with such drive and determination in his time slip passed her.

"As ready as I'll ever be. I still doubt that this necklace is a blastia like you think it is," he answered, looking down at the green gemstone Tsunade had given him.

"We won't know unless we try. Now, I'll have Natz show you an Arte and I want you to try and copy it. get a feel for the aer around you, call upon it, and unleash it as you attack."

He nodded and Natz showed him a simple technique aptly called Palm Strike. It looked like a regular attack, but Naruto saw the slight distortion around Natz's palm and knew it was anything but regular.

"You think you got it?" the larger man asked.

Nodding, the whiskered blonde took a stance and focused. He tried to get a sense of the aer, using his old chakra methods as a starting point. It still saddened him to this day that he had lost his chakra, but he wouldn't wallow in self-pity. He had done enough of that during his first week in Nordopolica.

He mentally shook himself out of those thoughts and concentrated once more. Something strange came over him, something he had never felt before. Going with it, he thrust out his hand while his necklace gave a brief glow. Striking the wall, he roared, "Palm Strike!"

Aer came out of his hand in a burst, cracking the wall in front of him while his eyes widened in shock. They looked down to his necklace before turning to his two superiors, seeing the proud looks on their faces.

"Excellent. Now, we can truly start your training."

He couldn't stop the grin from forming on his face and saluted the Duce. "I won't let you down, Belius!"

"I don't doubt that in the slightest," she replied with a chuckle before she had Natz take him to the arena for training. Left alone, she mused aloud, "I'm looking forward to the mark you'll make in this time, Naruto. Truly, our Terca Lumireis will need to be ready for you."

(Skit: No Backing Down)

Naruto: So much has changed… I thought I would just drift away and lose myself, like I lost my home and precious people. *takes a breath* But, I won't give up. I didn't do it in my time, and I won't start now. It'd be an insult to everyone if I did. *small smile* Everyone… I'll be okay. There's no backing down from this. I'll be the best I can be; that's my final promise to you all.

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Naruto's a part of Palestralle now, and it turns out that the necklace Tsunade gave him is actually a blastia! But how far did Naruto go between timelines? What impact will he make on this timeline?

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