June 2005

Narcissa was reading the paper in the solarium enjoying the warmth of the morning sun when Misty popped in. With a quick curtsey she said. "Mister Neville is here to see you Missus."

"Oh it's rather early, thank you Misty. By the way there is really no need to curtsey dear, but the gesture is appreciated." Narcissa said patting the soft cheek of the young elf. Misty relished in the affection. Narcissa walked to the foyer to see a very relaxed looking Neville in grey a jogging set. "Darling, your here early." She greeted holding out her hand to him, pulling him closer to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Yes I figured you wanted to get the gardens ready for Draco's party, so I am offering my services to you." Neville said with a grin.

"You just wanted to get your hands dirty, quell that Herbology itch." Narcissa said with a wink leading him further into the house.

The weather was unseasonably warm for the time of year, so slowly the layers that Neville had on came off till he was left in a sleeveless vest that was fitted to his body. Narcissa was elbows deep in potting soil as she was planting a new set of tea roses in one of the garden beds. Every so often Narcissa would sneak a look at Neville, his arms glistening with sweat in the sun. Neville would chance a glance when Narcissa bent over to pluck up a weed or two, admiring her bum.

The two played this game of timidly looking at one another when the afternoon sun became too much and Neville was about to shed the vest. As he raised his shirt a bit, he caught Narcissa staring at him. He playfully teased her by lifting his shirt half way up his body then dropping it back down. She stood there eyeing then gave him a nod, he slowly raised his shirt to expose his solid abs looking at her with a sexy smolder. Narcissa walked towards him taking her gardening gloves off one by one tossing them aside on her approach. Neville had launched the shirt over to the pile of his other tops by the time Narcissa reached him. He felt her hand smooth up his stomach towards his chest. She felt the softness of the hair on his body as she ran her hands up to inter twine around his neck. He pulled her body closer to his as he claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. His hands were just about to glide down to cup her arse when there was a sound of someone clearing their throat.

Startled the couple broke away from one another. Narcissa turned around to see Draco, clearing her throat she said. "Draco dear, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Apologies Mother, Neville, I didn't mean to intrude. I was inviting you to tea. When you didn't answer my floo call I just walked in on your snogging." He said with a wink.

"Hush child, we would be delighted to join you for tea. See you in an hour?" She said then made a quick turn. "Is that ok with you darling?" She addressed Neville.

"Sure love." He replied then placing a kiss on her temple.

"You will keep that at a minimum, yes?" Draco teased.

"If you can keep your gooeyness for Hermione under control as well, yes." Narcissa retorted.

"It's not goo, we're newlyweds." Draco muttered before turning back to the house.

"I'd like to get gooey with you." Neville whispered in Narcissa's ear. She blushed giving him a coy smile.

"Well you are sticky darling so let us get washed up for tea time." She replied leaning up to kiss his lips again. As Narcissa began to walk away Neville gave her a pat on the bum. She let out an audible 'gasp' at the contact then put an extra wiggle in her step as Neville looked on with a grin following her into the house.

Draco's Birthday June 2005

The gardens were set as well as the decorations and refreshments. Narcissa busied herself with the final touches just before the guests started to arrive. Misty in a white, sleeveless, multi colored polka dotted dress and party hat, popped into the garden to announce that Draco and Hermione had arrived and also to give her a note from Neville that just arrived by owl.

The note read...

My dearest Cissa,

I am so sorry I will be late to the party, I was called in to the office this morning.

I will try wrap up as soon as possible so I can be there.

Maybe twirl you around the dance floor.

See you soon, yours


She smiled reading the note as Draco walked up disturbing her musings. "Love letters from Longbottom?" Draco said by way of greeting.

Narcissa shot him a look. "Happy Birthday my dragon." She said embracing her son.

"Thank you Mother, the gardens look amazing." Draco replied.

"Hermione dear..." Narcissa opened her arms to her daughter-in-law.

Hermione obliged with a hug and a couple of air kisses. "Cissa everything is so beautiful." Narcissa looked around at all the details she and Misty had worked on.

"Yes it did come out lovely, Neville will be late but our guests should be arriving any minute. I had Misty set up a Lemonade bar in the foyer." She led the way back into the house to form an informal receiving line as the guests arrived.

A few hours into the party Neville arrived with a large bouquet of roses in pastel colors. Walking through the garden he greeted those he passed by searching for Narcissa. Spotting her by the fountain he made a b-line towards her. She was speaking to Pansy and the Greengrass sisters when the sensation of a hand around her waist interrupted the conversation.

"Sorry for the intrusion ladies, Cissa these are for you. I am so sorry to be late." Neville said a bit breathless.

Smiling up at him she turned her attention back to her guests. "Girls, if you will excuse us please." Narcissa said with a smile. The three younger witches nodded then followed the path to the other side of the garden. Turning back to Neville, she spoke. "My darling, no need to apologize."

Neville took a step closer, running his index finger down her cheek he hooked it under her chin bringing her lips to his in a sweet kiss. "You are beautiful, you know that." He said just above a whisper. She nodded taking the flowers from his hand to then held it as she lead him back towards the house.

"I am sure you are hungry." She smiled.

He wanted to reply 'in more ways than one' but he thought she would find that crass. He simply replied. "I'm famished." As he let her lead him to the buffet table.

Neville sat at one of the round tables close to the buffet. Narcissa had excused herself to tend to some party guests. As he was eating a familiar voice said. "So you and Narcissa, I never would have guessed."

"Harry, join me mate." Neville greeted mouth full of food it reminded Harry of Ron for a minute.

Harry chuckled as he took a seat next to Neville. "I should have known though. You always seemed to gravitate towards her when we were out." Harry continued.

"Yes, I have been attracted to her for awhile now. Harry, she brilliant, you know. Witty, generous, creative, brave... I wish everyone could see her magnificence." Neville said animatedly pausing his meal.

"I take it there is some backlash from others." Harry questioned.

"Others I can handle it is one in particular that is giving me serious grief." Neville said, his voice laced with disappointment. Harry looked at him puzzled, Neville catching sight of his questioning stare replied. "My Grandmother."

"Ah." Harry said in understanding. "Mate, I'm sorry..."

"I lied to her today." Neville rushed out before Harry could finish his thought. "I lied to both of them. I didn't have to, I could have told Narcissa the truth but we just started seeing each other. She's finally giving me a chance, I don't want her second guessing my feelings because my Grandmother has a grudge against her sister. Mind you who is dead and gone. Narcissa makes me happy. I just want to be happy."

Harry looked at the pained expression of his friend. After everything didn't they all deserve some bit of happiness. He clapped Neville on the shoulder. "I know one thing is for sure mate, you make her happy. Narcissa looks like she is floating on air and that has everything to do with you. Your Grandmother will come around eventually." Harry reassured Neville.

Narcissa came breezing by the table once again. Neville kicked his seat back as if her were going to stand but instead pulled her on to his lap, his arm possessively around her waist. Narcissa threaded her fingers through his then addressed Harry. "Mr. Potter are you having a good time?"

"Lovely, thank you so much for inviting Ginny and myself. She is amazed by the gardens." Harry said.

"Oh how sweet, I cannot take all the credit though. My Neville here did his fair share of work." She said giving Neville's fingers a squeeze. He looked up at her with that crooked grin that made her heart melt.

"Well done mate. If you will excuse me I better find Ginny." Harry said nodding to the couple.

"You'd better finish eating darling, cake soon." Narcissa said as she kissed his cheek then got up to mingle. Neville just watched his chest tight with emotion.

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