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The awakening

Today was a great day for one of Kuoh perverted trio Issei Hyoudou. As today was the day he is going on a date with a cute girl name Yumma Amano. Unlike the other girls in Kuoh, that label him as 'the enemy of women' and 'the incarnation of lust'. Meaning that to Issei the heavens (LOL) has not abandoned him yet. She was very pretty, funny and kind girl. Issei hopped that he would not screw up, on the date.

And for the most part, it was a success as it happens exactly how issei planed. Which was unusual for Him as he thought that his friends Motohama and Matsuda. Would interfere out of sheer jealousy. Luckily for Issei, they didn't and Yumma enjoyed herself.

And so they stood in the park in the late afternoon sun shining on them alone.

"Issei. " As Yumma took a breath and smile ask "Would you mind doing something for me?"

'Uhh her smile is so sweet… no bad Issei keep your urges in control. 'As Issei try to control himself

"Yeah what do you want to ask?" again trying to control himself.

"as a celebration for our first date, can you die for me," Yumma ask with a smile.

For a few seconds, Issei brain just stop. As he tries to process the information. Then suddenly Yumma grew wings and her hands manifest a spear looking weapon and quickly pierce Issei on the chest.

"… why Yumma.. I don't…under-" this was Issei last words before he bleeds out.

"why Issei its because I was ordered to kill you," Yumma said with a cruel smirk.

She continued monologing to Issei corpse "though I had fun with our pretend play date.. you're a real sucker you know that giggle. Bye, lover bo-. What" before Yumma could leave something unimaginable happened.

? Location

The place was dark the pervert was in despair his girlfriend didn't love him and the worst part she wanted him dead.

But he felt comfort from the idea of his own death. Weird but true the brunet feels like it was the most natural thing to do. Death was the ending that all living things reach after all

"I see you finally embrace me, partner." A voice said startling the pervert.

"Who's there?" the brunette said in a panic.

"calm down partner I will not harm you. Afterall I have been with you since your birth I am your most closes and powerful ally."

Issei didn't argue with the voice as deep down he trusted him. He doesn't know why but he did "Who are you?"

"I am Ainz Owl Gown the being that was sealed into the Sacred Gear you hold the Tome of Nazarick."

Sacred Gear? Whats that? Issei thought while tilting his head.

"I know that you have question partner but we have more pressing matters. it's about that foolishly fallen angle that degraded you. "

Issei eyes began to flare up full of hate upon seeing this Ainz chuckled "good I see your will and hate are intact but once over what are you going to do? What is your goal!"

The pervert just smiled at that question, really there is only one thing the incarnation of lust Issei Hyoudou wanted in life "I WANT TO BE THE HAREM KING!."

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAH GOOD GOOD let's begin with adding her into your harem partner"

The pervert just looked as confused as ever "don't worry partner just sleep for now and leave everything to me."

And with that Issei began to lose consciousness and sleep leaving everything to his new friend

Kuoh park

Right in front of the fallen angel, Issei who should be bleeding out stood. Not only that the hole in his chest was fully healed.

Yumma(?) now irritated began to scream at the pervert "How is it that you are standing!" the fallen than prepared another light spear to impale Issei.

But before she could throw it. Yumma(?) noticed Issei right hand was reaching out to her direction. And out of thin air, a beating hearth appeared.

The sudden metallization of the organ made the fallen angle sick. The view of a heart pulse was so unnatural and freaky, it made Yumma(?) lose concentration on her own weapon and it vanishes.

Then Issei began to speak and it was the last thing that the Fallen angle will hear "Grasp hearth." the pervert than crushing the hearth in his hand.

Immediately after the fallen angle began to cough up blood and collapse. Just like that the assassin was the one that became the assassinated.

"huh how weak" as Issei(?) began to walk and kick on her corpse.

"but still I have to thank you. Because of you, my partner was able to embrace death. A.K.A me. So you have my thanks, foolish angle." A magic circle then appeared around the body and a black gooey orb material on top of it.

"create middle tier undead: Dark Avenger" the black goo than covered Yumma(?) entire body and her transformation began. She grew a pair of bat wings, her body proportion became even alluring (don't even know how that's possible), and her outfit change from the sexy BDSM outfit to a more modest attire, that of a maid with short sleeves and long black gloves with a skirt that has a long slit on its left side, revealing thigh high white stockings.

The body then began to move and looked up to her new master for orders. Issei(?) then smiled and nodded to himself in satisfaction. "this will do Partner will be satisfied what I have done here today."

He then looked at his creation and declared his orders

"Dark Avenger I order this to you:

You will follow the desires of my host without any question.

You will protect him at any cost even with your new life.

You will threat him with love and affection.

Unless he gives permission you are not allowed to hurt anyone that looks down or insulted my host.

you will scout and recruit any beast you find useful as long as long do not need to attack humans for nourishment, during my host sleep hours.

The last one you will continue to act as my host cute and lovable girlfriend in public.

Got it all Yumma-chan "

Yumma just nodes "understood master, I will love master Issei with every being of my existence."

''good now lets head back to my partner home and conclude this hectic date." The avenger just nodes and change her clothes to the casual cloth she wore before her reincarnation and walk beside him hugging and leaning against the pervert right arm.

Issei room

After his long nap Issei began to regain consciousness and to his surprise, he was back in his room. Was all of that a dream, nothing more than a dream.

"no partner it wasn't."

Issei just jolted out of his bed where he saw his killer standing right beside him and with a cool and beautiful pose.

"I see that you are awake my master," Yumma said with a sweet smile that made Issei hearth skip a beat.

Issei quickly looked away to hide both his red face and embarrassment. But the avenger noticed his attempts and chuckled. "Master you know this date isn't over there is still one event that still needs to be done."

The pervert was confused and turn his face around only to make his face even redder. Because the scene presented to him fried his brain. It was the action of Yumma stripping her cloth down to her black and sexy underwear.

Yumma than embrace her master and seductively wisped to his ear "Please be gentle it's my first time."

Whatever control that Issei had was gone, and with that Issei was able to reach one of his goals in life he lost his virginity. And his parents knew from the commotion they heard from his room.(secretly hoping to see their grandchildren soon.)

Ainz, on the other hand, was satisfied with this result as he knows that his partner is burden with a great task ahead. After all, he has sealed inside of him one of the four riders of the Apocalypse the pale rider. The one that brings death to the world.

This was the initial idea of what issei sacred gear was going to be.

But I scarped it as the powers that I would have to give him instate death spells, time manipulation and the ability to make minions would make him stupid broken.

But it would be a waste not to post my initial idea.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot.