AN - I do not own IT or the characters, except for my OC.

This is my first attempt at an IT fanfic. And before you contradict me, yes I have read the book, but it's been ages so I forgot most of it. Therefore, I shall be going off of the 2017 movie logic. Plus, this isn't going to be a serious, 50 chapter story. Probably 15 if I so choose. This is just meant to be fun.

And I also know what you're thinking:

"Oh God! Another fanfic with an OC that's trying too hard to be friends with actual canon characters!"


"Honestly, this girl better not be a Mary Sue!"

"God! Don't try and be a writer, just don't even try with IT. You don't have the talent or knowledge to write about something and/or compare it to Stephen King!"


But like I said, this is my first time writing something like this so if it flops, it flops, and if some people like it, thank you. AGAIN, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! Don't take me, somewhat, seriously!

The next few chapters will be longer once I can get enough time to write. So just enjoy and be sure to review, favorite, follow, what have you.

I hate today.

Granted it was the last day of school, but I wanted my last day of middle school to be in my hometown. I missed my friends. I knew they would be having fun without me, seeing as how my parents decided it would be "best" for me to spend some time with my relatives; my father's side of the family. My Uncle Wentworth, Aunt Maggie, and my obnoxious cousin, Richard.

Not only did I get the delightful bullshit chance to spend half a year in Derry, Maine, but I also had a chance to spend a summer here as well.

Oh, my name's Nora, by the way.

Not only did my cousin completely ruin my morning, he may have seen something private...

6:00 a.m

Grabbing the bar of soap lying in the kitchen, I hastily made it to the bathroom before Richard attempted to use it. That whole assumption that girls take forever to use the bathroom is utter nonsense. I take 20 minutes tops if I hurry.

I looked in the mirror. My hair was dark, like that girl from The Breakfast Club. Due to my lack of hairstyling, I took a pair of scissors to try and imitate her. I failed. Now it's basically a permanent mess for the rest of the summer. I whipped off my pajama top, only to throw it on the floor along with my panties that were joined on top. Turning the water on at the sink, making sure it was hot enough, I started scrubbing head to toe with the hair tainted soap.


I jumped.

"Come on, Nor, you've been in there for ages! Don't use up all the hot water!", yelled Richard.

"Delinquent", I murmured. "I'm sinking!"

Sudden scuffling outside the door as I heard him pressing up against it. "You're what?!"

"I'm sinking!", I yelled again, hoping he'd take the hint. Before I even had a moment to look and see if I had locked the door, it swung open.

The next few minutes were a complete blur; I screamed, he screamed ("FUCK!"), I threw the bar at him, he immediately shut the door and ran to his room.

I now realize that after the incident when the two of us were having breakfast, that Richard informed me that was not the way these Tozier's showered. At my house that was how we always bathed, at the sink... sinking.

I suppose one of us had to make light of the whole situation, but that one of us was definitely not going to be me; my cousin had just seen me naked...

Today was going to suck. But enough of the slight peek of cousin incest that had just taken place. Time for a new nightmare.