Goku was the man, he could kick my butt any day! But when he's gotta go... he's gotta go BAD! This man needed a potty. But not just any potty, a special potty. This man has instant transmission which only takes 0.1 secs but that mans so dumb he fell on his dumbbells. Right into Chi Chis chi chis. He got slapped so hard he crashed onto Korins tower where he met master Gokan.

Who's Gokan? He's my original fan character. He has a power level of 100 trillion and kicked Goku's booty. It made him shity. It made goku fly right into Bulmas bulmas so Bulma slapped Goku right into ultra hyper super Vegeta who punched him right into Yamcha who later died. Goku said his classic catchphrase "oh shit".

In order to defeat his shity shit fuck he transformed into super saiyan shit head and went wheeeeee. Bam bam bam kapooty. 46 episodes later and the shit was gone. However the worst was yet to come as he found out there was no more toilet paper on the entire earth. So Goku had no choice but to summon Shenron and ask for a roll.

Goku's ass was now as clean as his fighting technique but there was SO much more to be done. Goku had to pick up Goten from his job as an accountant. He had to drag him with his big gorilla hands. He shaked him until all his money fell out. Goku then had to pick up Piccolo from his job as a statue. He wasn't thrilled to see him. Piccolo was smart and knew that Goku would be his demise. Piccolo folds in apon himself and disappears from existence. Goku thinks he's playing hard to get.

At home, Chi chi is forced to cook Goku a 12 course meal every night which makes up her entire day and existence. She only lives and breathes for her senpai. Gohan was smart so he moved out. Chi chi spent her day wondering her life choices. Goku came home WOW THATS DIFFERENT! He said hello and asked were his 12 course meal was. Chi chi could only make a 11 meal course due to their dwindling finance so Goku killed Chi Chi and brought her back to life to teach her a lesson. There was no hope.

Things only got worse when Krillin came and offered Goku a pie but in the process accidentally eat krillin! "Goku, I draw the line at you eating our friends." Goku looked all innocent like "but Chi chi, i'm soooooo hungry. Chi chi had enough and kicked Goku in the dragon balls. Goku spat out Krillin's skeleton and transported to King Kai's planet to train. Chi chi later died of depression. You better not have laughed! Depression is no laughing matter.

Goku then eat King Kai and his planet and continued to eat everything in existence. After eating everything and shitting himself for the billionth time, Goku burped and said "hmmm I wonder if in the middle of nothingness theres dessert". This was the end of everything. I hope I wrapped up everything thats ever happened ever. This story is FACT! NOT FICTION!