Beth knew Daryl hated such kind of parties, or parties in general. She could see it in his nervous face, could read it in his body language, every muscle in his body seemed tensed, he didn't know what to do with his hands, but sometimes you had to do things you didn't like, and this party was one of these times.

They had to go there, it was for Deanna's birthday party, the leader of their home Alexandria. Beth had secured him, that they didn't have to stay long, not till the end. If she was serious, she would also prefer it right now to lay in bed, after a hot shower. Cuddled in the fluffy blanket, reading her favourite book, after this exhausting day, but here they were.

Standing in the corner of Deanna's living room, talking to their family and friends, at least Beth was doing so, Daryl only listened to the conversations like always. Maggie and Glenn had asked the two of them, if they didn't want some delicious strawberry punch or for Daryl some beer.

They both had rejected to her sister's and brother-in-law's surprise. From the corner of her eyes, Beth could watch, how Daryl's cheeks had blushed a little, because like her he remembered about that one night, when they had gotten drunk and burnt down that shack. The next morning they have both promised each other to not ever drink any alcohol in their lives again.

Not only because of the bad headache they had or about being so stupid to burn down their only shelter, not even mention the danger of attracting ever walker nearby. No, they made themself that promise, because alcohol won't ever solve any problems. Even when Beth had to admire, that since that night Daryl wasn't the same any more, at least not around her.

He was softer, kinder, even open-minded, let her close to his heart and Beth had never thought that she would ever say that in her life, but Daryl Dixon was damn cute. Not even two hours ago, he had warmed up her heart from the bottom to the top, when she had waited all ready for the party downstairs for him and he finally entered the room with an old shirt, his usual angel-wing-vest and a trouser with five holes in it on.

First Daryl hadn't even noticed her giggling amused, when he had starred that obviously way at her like always. He was never good hiding it and Beth never bothered about that. "Do you really want to go like that on the party Mr. Dixon?" Beth had asked him, still looking unbelievable at his outfit.

Looking down at himself, Daryl finally got it what she meant and his whole head began to blush badly. "Don't worry, we still have time. Just change into something other." She had tried to calm him down, she always hated it to see him that uncomfortable. It was never her intention, but Daryl got very easily embarrassed.

Biting down on his inner cheek like always, when he was feeling nervous, Daryl had stepped from one foot to the other, before he finally said it out loud "Can you help me to find something better?"

How could she ever say no to this cute face? Of course, she had done. Together they had gone upstairs into the room, which first was hers, but not for long. Even in the very first night, after she had gone alive trough the gates of Alexandria, he had knocked at her door and asked like a shy, little boy if he could stay.

He wanted to sleep on the floor next to her bed, without a pillow or a blanket, just the need to be close to her. Beth almost had to pull him inside the bed, not allowing herself to let him lay down an the ground, but finally she could tell that Daryl was happy about it, laying with her together in the same bed.

They haven't said even one word that night, they had just slept peacefully next to each other and the next morning Beth could see it in his eyes, that he probably hadn't slept that well since a long time.

Since that night, they were sleeping always together in the same bed. Finally they had even gotten the less things Daryl owned inside her room. No one ever questioned about that, they obviously understood, that they simply needed each other close.

Quickly Beth had found some new looking dark brown trousers and a clean black, long sleeve shirt in their closet, which she handled him with a smile on her lips. "Maybe you can keep the vest away for only one night Mr. Dixon." She had said playfully.

He had rolled his eyes dramatical in response, but Beth already knew, that he will do what she had said, because he always listened to her. Without even thinking about it, Daryl had pulled out of his vest and shot it into Beth's direction, his own special scent followed the fabric and Beth inhaled it instantly, trying not to close her eyes while doing so.

They saw each other with only their underwear on almost every day, they had needed over one year to get comfortable with that, but now it was almost the normalst thing in the world. And if Beth was serious, she loved it feeling his eyes on her body, when she came out of the bathroom, after taking a shower, with only her thin sleeping shirt and panties on.

Beth had never thought, that Daryl would be shirtless in their room voluntary, but he finally felt comfortable enough, after such a long time, being so close to each other. She knew about his scars since the farm, since he had gotten shot and she helped her daddy making sure he was alright.

She had finally told him so and that he didn't have to feel ashamed about them. They are part of his story, like the ones on her skin. Of course, he was only taking off his shirt, when they were alone and sure that no one could simply come in.

But even after she had seen him shirtless so often, it still made Beth breathless. Slowly he opened the buttons from the old shirt, before he slipped the fabric over his broad shoulders and down his upper body.

"Can you give me the shirt, please?" Daryl's words almost made her jump, because her eyes were that busy with taking in his muscular body. "Yeah, of course. Here. I will wait for you downstairs." She had stammered with an already watering mouth. She didn't want to watch him getting out of his trousers and standing in front of her just with his boxers on, she simply didn't want to make him more embarrassed than necessary.

Together they finally went to the party and damn he was looking good in those trousers, that fabric so tight around his butt, and she couldn't look away from his bare under arms, his dark brown body hair, the veins sticking out of his skin, because he had rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. The buttons of his shirt were almost begging for mercy, so tight the fabric was around his muscular upper body.

While they were going silently down the street to the party, that one question, she was thinking about so often in the last time, got into her mind again. She simply couldn't name what the two had. They had something special, that was for sure, but what exactly was it?
Were they only very close friends or something more? Or did she just imagine things? Did he feel the same way like her? Could he even make himself feel something like love? Was he even interested in being that kind of close to someone? Beth had never seen him together with any women, nether in the prison or here in Alexandria. Or did he maybe like guys?

Beth just couldn't figure it out, but she exactly knew how she was feeling. She loved that damn cute man, who was probably almost twice her age, but she didn't care about that one bit. He had done things for her like no one ever had and no one ever will. Daryl had protected her, made sure, that she always had enough to eat and drink, always got enough rest, even when that meant, that he got less.

The second night she was in Alexandria, Daryl and her had finally spoken about everything. Really everything, almost the whole night long. How she got kidnapped, about the roles and people at Grady, why she had wanted to kill the policewoman, what had happened to her after waking up in the fire truck and how she had found them.

Beth was almost surprised about how much Daryl was talking that night, he probably hadn't talked with anybody about it and how he was feeling. Obviously he had really needed and probably it had also helped him, at least a little, to tell her his story. They had cried more than once that night, but now they had finally someone to get comforted.

When she had told him about that cop, Gorman, back at Grady and what he had almost done to her, Daryl jumped up from the bed and wanted to kill that bastard, like he used to call him, instantly. It had needed almost thirty minutes to calm him down again and make him realise that Beth had already done it, which made Daryl worry even more.

He was a good guy, one of the last decent man in this world. Beth owed his life more than once him and his skills. Daryl made her feeling comfortable, he calmed her down after horrible nightmares, she had from time to time. Whenever she asked about something he got on a run instantly and only came home again, after he had found for what she had asked for.

But still Beth didn't know what they had, if they had anything at all. Because of that she was trying to get him out of his shell from time to time. She tried to flirt with him a little, which always caused red cheeks in his face and an uncomfortable Dixon. She tried to make him nice eyes with wearing sweet underwear or tight shirts and jeans, but his hands always stayed by his sides.

Beth tried to touch him from time to time, not these casual touches, sometimes she stroked his arms, while they were laying in their bed and he was close to fall asleep. She cuddled herself close to his warm body in the mornings, even kissed lovingly the back of his hand or his forehead, when he was all cute again.

But nothing worked, no reaction. Of course, he didn't flinch away any more, sometimes Beth even had the feeling, that he was waiting for her touches and soft words, but he was never the one who started it. Always waited for her to make the first move, before he touched her back.

Even when they were spending almost the whole day together, Beth still couldn't tell if Daryl was interested in her or not. But just thinking about his reaction, if she would ask him so, made her shiver badly. Maybe that would destroy everything, their relationship, the special connection they had. She couldn't risc that, she had to find it out in another way.

Beth could see it in Daryl's eyes that he was already damn tired, of course, she was it too, after that exhausting day they had, but they simply couldn't leave the party right now, they weren't even one hour here.

Softly Beth laid her hand on Daryl's upper hand, trying to tell him without any words, that they have to stay a little longer. And like always he understood her, when he nodded a little annoyed his head, which made her smile compassionate up at him.

They were on a run the whole day long. Tried to find supplies or any useful things they could find and everything was alright, till their car broke, when they were on their way back home. Thankfully they were still in the little village with cars on every corner. Finally they have found one, that had worked and after they have reloaded everything from the one car into the other, they started their way home.

Like always Daryl was sitting behind the steering wheel, not like he didn't let her drive, he just wanted her to get some rest after the run and she could simply better read the maps than him. After the first few meters the car had begun to get damn loud, it sounded more than just unusual.

Beth had just wanted to ask what was wrong with the car, when they both noticed, that it had gear shift. Daryl watched the gear lever like he had never seen one in his life before. After a half eternity, Beth had thought that the car will explore with the very next second, when Daryl finally switched into the next gear.

The whole car was shaking then and it almost broke Beth's heart hearing the sound it made. She had thought, that maybe it wasn't his intention and just didn't work that well, because he hadn't driven a gear shift car since a long time, but after the second time Beth got it and began to laugh out loud.

"What's so funny girl?" Daryl had asked her confused, switching in the third shift, which made her laughing even worse. Only after minutes she had finally calmed down again and said amused "So Mr. Dixon can't drive a gear shift car. That's interesting."

Like always his whole head began to blush and he tried to hide his eyes from her behind his way too long hair, she had already threatened him to cut in his sleep, but if she was serious she loved it. Loved to let her fingers slide trough it, when they were laying in bed, seeing it all wet after he had taken a shower and when they were sticking to his face, because he was sweating that much.

"But you can or what?" He had muttered back and Beth could see the surprise in his body language, when she answered with still a big smirk on her lips "Of course, I can. You know I have grown up on a farm. Have you really thought, that I have never driven one of daddy's tractors?"

Unbelievable Daryl was looking over at her, probably imagine sweet Beth on a big tractor, which finally also caused a smile on his lips. "If that's so, I bet you want to drive then Greene." He had said playfully, before he stopped the car with some turbulences on the roadside.

While Daryl got out of the car and went to the passenger door, Beth had easily climbed from her seat to the other and made herself ready. Daryl wasn't looking bad, when Beth drove away without any problems and also when she swifted into the next gear, nothing happened. Normally Daryl was teaching her new things, but Beth loved the feeling to teach him something for a change.

They had finally driven through the gates of Alexandria without any turbulences and when Beth stopped the car in front of their house she said, that she will keep it and learn him how to drive it, which caused Daryl rolling his eyes in response, but she also knew, that he will let her doing so.

Sure they were teasing each other much, but only Beth was allowed to do so and Daryl knew, that she didn't mean any harm. In response every time someone was teasing Beth, or only looked wrong at her, Daryl narrowed that person badly, trying to tell to stop it or he will make it an end. Like her, only he was allowed to tease her.

Beth could remember that one afternoon Daryl had gotten home with that blue eye and bloody knuckles. First he just wanted to get by her and hide himself inside their room, but finally he let her take a look at it.

"What happened?" Beth had asked worried, while she cleaned the wounds on his hands, making him flinch from time to time. "Nicolas." Was all he had answered, before he hissed unwanted. "I'm almost done. Just let me take a bandage around it." Beth let him know with a soothing voice, hating it to hurt him, but that wound had to get cleaned and covered from the dirt.

"What has he done?" Beth had asked carefully, while she took a look at his blue eyes. It was swollen badly and will get all kind of colours in the next days, but he was alright. "Doesn't matter. He got what he has deserved." Daryl mattered and Beth got it. He didn't want to talk about, at least not yet, and she didn't want to pressure him, so she kept quiet.

A few days later she got to know what had happened between the two men. Nicolas had said something to Spencer about her, or with better words about her body, how much he would like it to date her and other things she didn't want to think about any more. Daryl had heard Nicolas talking to his friend and finally Daryl had made the man kiss his fist.

At the same day, when Daryl and her were already lying in their bed together, she had taken his wounded hand, leaded it closer to her lips and pressed a lovingly kiss on the back of his hand. She didn't have to say anything, because they understood each other without any words and Daryl's whole head blushed embarrassed.

He was her protector, her chaperone. For now and forever. And Beth couldn't say how thankfully and happy she was about that. They always had each other's backs, even when they were teasing each most of the day. But teasing each other with Mr. Dixon, Greene or girl, they latest stopped, when they got to bed.

Beth could also still remember about their first few nights. Daryl was laying so stiff, afraid about moving even one inch. Sometimes Beth was afraid, that he will fall out of the bed, because he was laying on the very edge and he always got up, before her.

After about two weeks Beth had enough watching him, like he was laying in a coffin, when she pulled him closer during the night. But that was a long time ago. Now they were waking up with their legs knotted into each other, Daryl laying behind her, having his nose buried deep inside her locks, sometimes Beth even cuddled herself against his back, they have also already woken up with her laying on top of him, her legs laying on his or her head placed between his neck and shoulder.

They needed this like air inside their lungs. They both needed the closeness, the knowage that someone was there, someone who understood the thoughts and feelings from the other. Not only Beth, also Daryl had bad nightmares from time to time, when he was screaming from the volume of his lungs, crying like someone was torturing him or moving his arms and legs to get free from something, which wasn't even there.

Beth quickly woke him up then, ending his pain, and took him protective in his arms. Cradling him soothing, kissing his head, stroking his trembling body, whispering calming things into his ear, till he wasn't shaking and crying any more. She didn't bother the less sleep or worries as long as Daryl was feeling better again, because he was doing the same for her.

In some nights Daryl had quiet nightmares, which Beth didn't even notice, only when she woke up in the morning and he had crawled closer to her during the night, even closer than usual. Had wrapped his arms around her belly, holding her against his chest and not letting go again, like he wanted to make sure, that no one could taker her away from him again. His face buried deep inside her locks or neck and he even wanted to cradle for some minutes, before they will finally stand up.

Never in her life before she was so close to someone, so close with a man. Of course, Beth had some boyfriends before, but it never felt like this, even when Daryl wasn't her boyfriend. They had something special, something deeper than that.

And being so close to someone also meant to get to know even more things from each other. Sometimes Daryl snored, not loud, just hearable, but Beth didn't care. So she knew, that he was sleeping good, without any nightmares and that he was still here.

It had already happened more than once that she had woken up with her hand or leg very close to his middle. Not like she did bother that, but still now she just didn't know, if he was feeling the same. One evening Daryl was suddenly standing in the middle of the bathroom, he hadn't heard her being inside. Beth had just taken a shower and was standing in front of the mirror with a small towel wrapped around her body.

He had mattered something about being sorry and that he should have knocked and before he left, Beth could see his red, blushed face in the reflection of the mirror. She had smiled to herself the whole time, while she was brushing her hair, but she stopped when she got outside, so Daryl didn't have to feel even more uncomfortable.

Some mornings, when Beth woke up with Daryl laying behind her, his chest and her back were pressing together, she could feel it, could feel him. The first few times she hadn't dared to even move one inch, pretend to be asleep, till he woke up and slipped away into the bathroom.

Now she was waiting for these moments, where she could feel his morning wood against her lower back. Beth knew, that it was impossible to say, but she tried to figure out how big he actually was. Sometimes she moved or pressed herself even harder against him, to feel even more of him.

She had also already thought about it to simply risk everything and wiggle her butt against his erection. Let him know, that she wanted him and his hardness. Show him that she was wide awake, that her body was screaming for his and his closeness, but of course she didn't do that. Beth didn't want to risk his trust and the bond the two of them had.

But still she pretend to be asleep, acted like nothing had happened and let him get out of the bed first. While Daryl was in the bathroom Beth still imagined his hardness against her and that one special place between her legs suddenly began to feel damn hot and heated she pressed her tights together, so she whimpered helpless into the pillows.

If Beth was serious the party wasn't that bad. The music was great, the food delicious and she liked it to be able to talk to everybody, especially to the one she didn't see every day. But she also knew, that Daryl wasn't sharing her happiness. He was still feeling wrong here, uncomfortable, nervous and tensed, even when most of the people didn't even look or recognize him, like most of the time.

Beth's mood got even better, when suddenly the air was filled with one of her favourite, old songs. Even before she could never stood still, didn't matter where or when she had heard that song and so she began to move to the beat.

Daryl was eyeing her like he had never seen someone dancing in his life before, his cuteness made her smiling even brighter. Maybe this was worth a try to get him out of his shell, Beth thought, before she moved her hip in a sexy way against his.

"Do you want to dance?" Beth asked sweetly, while she pointed to the dance floor in the middle of Deanna's living room. Shocked Daryl began to laugh a little too loud, before he muttered "I'm not gonna dance girl." Beth watched how his head began to blush with just thinking about it, but she still wasn't finish with trying.

"So if you don't want to dance Mr. Dixon, I bet one of the guys over there will ask me soon." Beth said, while she looked over to Spencer, Nicolas and their friends, looking at her direction. Beth exactly knew what that made to Daryl, what he was thinking right now, he could almost see the green, jealous monster inside his eyes and her plan finally worked out, when he took her hand and mattered "Damn it. C'mon, let us dance."

Maybe Daryl was a little too premature, because when they finally reached the dance floor, he looked around like a shy deer, not knowing what to do with his hands or how to start the first dance of his life. Beth hated it to see him so helpless, so she quickly said, to redeem him from this uncomfortable situation "Take my hand."

And so Daryl did with his shaking one and Beth didn't say anything, when she leaded his other hand on top of her waist, because he would have probably hesitated for minutes, if she would have just told him doing so. Slowly Beth finally started to move, taking Daryl with her, getting him used to the steps and movements.

Of course, the song was already over since a long time, even four other have already played, when the two of them finally made it. Daryl didn't even seem that tensed and nervous any more, when they made their circles around the room. But still he stepped on her feet from time to time, but Beth didn't bother, she simply smirked up at her chaperone.

She couldn't stop smiling for even one second, just being happy, that Daryl was willing to give her this moment. From the corner of her eyes she could see how some people were looking at the two of them, giving them something to talk about. But Beth had never cared about what the other were thinking or saying about Daryl and her.

Beth had fun and also Daryl was smiling small, while he watched her spinning around and coming back into his arms. It was when they were dancing in the corner of the living room, when Daryl leaned carefully forward and whispered into her ear "You are looking beautiful tonight."

Beth almost thought then that the wrong Daryl was standing in front of her, of course, he had made her complements before, but not like this one. Overwhelmed she watched how his cheeks began to blush and this time she also couldn't stop herself from doing so.

"Thank you Mr. Dixon. You are also looking pretty handsome tonight." Beth whispered sweetly back, still thinking that she had imagined his words. Daryl's face got as red as a tomato then and he tried to hide it behind his long, shaggy hair.

Stopping this embarrassed, but also cute moment, Beth made them dance faster, spinned around some more, before they had to stop, because they were that damn breathless and thirsty. Quickly they made their way over to the drinks, to cool themself down and Beth didn't even notice it, that she was holding Daryl's hand the whole time long.

After they have gotten their drinks and calmed down again, Beth suddenly got damn tired and also Daryl's almost happy mood had changed into uncomfortable and nervous again, looking around the room, asking himself why he was even here.

"Do you want to go home Mr. Dixon?" Beth finally said to release him from his discomfort. Quickly Daryl nodded his head, looking as relieved as never before tonight and after they have said good night to their family and friends, thanking Deanna for the invitation, they headed outside.

Even when it was in the middle of the night, it was still damn warm, while the full moon and stars were shining down from the dark night sky, lightened them their way home. Beth had always loved such summer nights, hearing the crickets singing their songs, the air smelled like adventures, a gentle breeze was moving trough her hair, such nights were almost magical for her.

She stopped dreaming about nights like this back at the farm, where she had slept in the barn by her horse on the straw, after making a moonlight ride, when she suddenly heard something click next to her.

Beth tried to sound mad, maybe also a little disappointed, but still she couldn't suppress her smile, when she told him "I though you wanted to stop." Daryl exactly knew what she meant, even when he took a deep inhale from the cigarette between his fingers. "Just needed one after all this."

"That bad?" Beth asked surprised, she had thought that he had at least a little fun. Daryl didn't answer, just took another inhale and looked down at her, his eyes were telling Beth everything anyhow.

"Maybe you should also let me take one inhale. I have never taken a smoke before." Beth said playfully and it caused the reaction she had expected. "Hell no. I'm not gonna let you take even one." Daryl answered determined, while he took another inhale, thinking that if he finish first she couldn't talk him into it any more.

"Why Mr. Dixon? There's nothing to it." Beth said with a big smirk playing on her lips, while she watched him amused. "Because your sister would kill me, if she would catch us, girl." Daryl suddenly got quiet, probably thinking about what he had just said and how it had sound. Finally he stopped walking and with an already blushed face he tried to tell "I.. I mean.. You know.. not.."

"I know what you meant Daryl." Beth secured him, trying to suppress to start laughing, because she knew he would feel even more embarrassed then and maybe he would be mad and disappointed at her, for laughing at him. But damn he was cute, when he was embarrassed.

"Besides it's unhealthy and stupid." Daryl added, while they started again to walk down the street. "And why are you doing it then, when it's so unhealthy and stupid like you have said? And don't tell me it doesn't matter by you any more, because it does." Beth told him serious, because sometimes she was really worried about his healthy. There were already some many dangerous things in this world, they didn't need him to get ill because of this damn drug.

Daryl exactly knew how Beth was thinking about his stupid habit and that she was just worried about his healthy, so he took quickly out the cigarette with his shoe and looked at her with a sorry expression. She thanked him with one of her usual sweet smiles, before they went on going home.

Beth could feel his eyes on her, while they were walking silently next to each other. She loved the feeling he gave her with that. Her whole body felt warm then, from the tip of her ears down to her toes. Even when a cold, but not uncomfortable, shiver run down her back and her whole skin was covered with goose bumps. She loved it how Daryl made her feel, even when he probably didn't even know that.

"Beth?" She was almost surprised to hear his voice, sound so soft, almost a little guilty. Looking up at Daryl, she gave him her whole attention. "I have to tell.. have to confess you something." His voice was almost a whisper, like from a sorry little kid.

The warm feelings she loved so much were suddenly all gone, instead she began to feel worried and nervous about what he wanted to tell her. "The group I was with for a short time, you know, after.. after you were gone." Daryl stopped, looking down at her to make sure, that she knew which group he meant, before he went on "I have broken our promise there. I didn't want to, but.. I felt so guilty, so alone, so.. sad. It was only one swallow of the cheap liquor, I swear."

And again Beth wanted to laugh out loud, not only because Daryl Dixon was the cutest human on this world, because she also felt so relieved, after expecting the worst. "Hey, don't worry about that Daryl. It's okay, not bad and of course I'm not disappointed. Just forget it. We are here now and we can make new promises." She said softly, trying to secure him how serious she meant it, with taking his hand into hers.

"And what kind of promises?" He asked curious, looking down at her with these mysterious eyes, which made her shiver in a good kind of way. "Don't know, but I bet we will find some." Beth answered, squeezing his hand gently and Daryl response with a small smile and squeezing back.

While they were going down the street to their house, Beth told Daryl about the warm summer nights, she had spent by her horse in the barn. Where they grilled sausages and later marshmallow over a campfire her daddy had made before. When they were singing happily next to the flames and how excited her these nights had made, because they had something special, something almost magical.

"Daddy always teased me, whenever I had a new project for such nights, with calling them moonlight ideas. Most of them were kinda really crazy, but I loved the little adventures." Beth told Daryl with smiling bright up at him, still holding his so much bigger hand in hers.

Daryl answered with a lovingly smile, because he couldn't tell her such sweet childhood stories in responce. Beth knew how his childhood was and at the beginning she had felt bad, having the fear to make him feel uncomfortable or even sad, talking about her childhood at the farm, but finally she got to know, that he loved it listened to her stories.

They were almost at home now, just had to get around the corner, when Beth looked at the little lake of Alexandria to her left. The water surface looked so still, almost like a mirror and the stars and moon were reflecting in it. The sound of the water made her heart jump and the fireflies remembered her about her beloved farm.

Beth didn't know where it came from, this moonlight idea, when she suddenly dragged Daryl closer to the water. "Beth?" He asked confused, but still he followed her, he had to, she was still holding his hand tight in hers. She just let go, when they were by the shore and she instantly began to get out of her clothes.

"What are doing girl?" Daryl asked almost a little hysterical, not knowing if he should look at her with his widened eyes or away. With one move the sweet summer dress was over her head and she was standing in front of him with just her underwear and boots on. "What does it look like Mr. Dixon? I will take a swim, that's all. Just a moonlight idea." She told him, while getting out of her boots.

"That's a stupid idea girl." Daryl mattered, while he couldn't take his eyes away from her. "Does that mean you won't join me?" Beth asked playfully, causing a blushed face from him, which she could even see in the darkness. "Hell no." He answered maybe a little too quick and indignantly.

"Oh yeah, I have forgotten. Someone has to keep watch, right?" Beth said and winked playfully over her shoulder, while she made her way closer to the shore, feeling his eyes on her back. If she was serious the water felt almost a little too cold against her uncles, but that didn't stop her from getting the whole way inside.

She gasped surprised and shocked, when she had made quick work and just dived inside the cool water, when she was just waist high in it. Beth began to giggle even more, when she saw Daryl standing on the shore, not knowing what to do with himself, while he looked worried around to make sure that no one will see the two of them.

Unconcerned Beth made her circles in the water, dived from time to time and turned on her back so she could watch the stars and the moon above her head. Then she had enough, being the only one, who was having fun and also feeling a little alone, when she got unnoticed closer and closer to Daryl, because he was still busy with making sure, that no one will catch them.

He showed her his back, when Beth splashed a big amount of water against him. Shocked Daryl turned around to her, his mouth wide opened in unbelievement. "For what was that for Greene?" He asked, which made Beth giggle even more.

"C'mon Mr. Dixon, get yourself inside here. It's pretty nice and you are already wet." She teased him, biting down at her lower lip, while she waited for his answer. After looking at least one full minute shocked at her, Daryl finally muttered "Damn it."

And this time it was Beth, who couldn't look away, while he quickly stripped out of his clothes. Daryl made quick work with his shirt, opened the tiny buttons easily and let the fabric slide down his broad shoulders.

At the same time he got out of his boots, so that he was only standing with his trousers in front of her any more. It had something damn sexy, while Daryl worked on his belt and zipper to get them opened, to finally step out of the fabric and his socks, so he was only standing with his boxers on at the shore.

And damn did his muscular body turn Beth on, like nothing before in her life. Her eyes widened, while she took in ever inch of him and her middle began to feel damn hot and comfortable wet. Slowly he made his way into the water and Beth decided, that she had never seen anything hotter in her life before.

She stared that unconcerned way at him, till his whole body was hidden under the water surface and when her eyes finally met his, she got it how offensive she had looked at him since he had agreed to join her.

Embarrassed she looked away, hoping that he won't see her red cheeks. To end the silence Beth told herself to stop being that way, it was even her idea to go swimming in the middle of the night, when she finally said "Have I promised too much? Ain't the water feeling great?"

Obviously Daryl didn't bother the cool water around his body, at least his expression hadn't changed for even one second, while he made his way over to her. "Yeah, but I still have to pay back something to you girl." Daryl said playfully, meaning splashing him with the water before.

Before Beth could even begin to like this thought, Daryl dived into her direction. Quickly she tried to swim into the other direction, even when she couldn't see where he was. It made her giggle and her heart began to beat faster, while she tried to flee from him, even when she didn't really want that at the same time.

The lake wasn't that big and Beth not that fast, maybe it was also her intention, and so Daryl suddenly gripped with both of his strong hands her waist under the water surface and didn't let go any more. Gently but firm he pulled her closer and Beth couldn't stop to giggle the whole time.

Beth couldn't even recognize what was happening, when Daryl suddenly dragged her under the water surface. She wasn't feeling afraid or scared for even one second, even when it was unexpected and she wasn't ready for it, because he had his hands around her and she couldn't act another than feeling safe.

The less seconds she was under the water, Daryl turned her around, so she was facing him and her chest pressed against his. She had closed her eyes the whole time, but she could feel his skin and warmth against her and Beth knew, that he had probably his eyes opened and watched her with a smile on his lips. And then he pulled both of them over the water surface again.

Beth instinctively opened her mouth and searched urgently for air, while Daryl was still holding her tight in his arms. "You alright girl?" He asked her worried, before Beth opened her pressed closed eyes and nodded smiling at him.

Gently Daryl whipped the water drops away from her face and Beth eyed him the whole time, while he was doing so. He was always so protecting, lovingly and worried, when it came to her and she couldn't tell how much she adored that.

Only after moments Daryl obviously got it how close they were, when he stopped his movements, loosened his arms around her and pulled away. Beth missed his touches and warmth in the second he was gone, but she tried not to show it.

Uncomfortable Daryl cleared his throath, not knowing where to look at or what to do next, so Beth made the next step, when she started to swim around. Again she could feel his eyes on her and wasn't surprised one bit, when she looked over her shoulder and looked directly into his.

Encouraging she smiled at him and seconds later he followed her with the same smile on his lips. Silently they made their circles in the cool water, enjoying their little adventure and when Beth turned on her back she told him with pointing at the night sky "Look Daryl. Isn't this beautiful?"

"Yeah." He simply answered and from the corner of her eyes, Beth could see, that he wasn't even looking at the stars above their heads, instead his eyes were still fixed on her.
Her heart began to beat faster then and her whole body warmed up, while she wished that maybe he meant her.

Finally Daryl also joined her and together they were watching the night sky, the sparkling stars and the bright moon. Beth started again to tell him little stories about her childhood, when a shooting star suddenly made his quick way over the dark sky.

"Daryl, have you seen it?" Beth asked excited, even when she knew that he hadn't because his eyes were still spellbound on her, she could feel them almost burning inside her skin. "Of course I have." He laid pitifully, which made Beth laughing out loud.

"You are a bad layer you know that Mr. Dixon? You haven't seen the shooting star." Beth said amused, which also caused a big smile on Daryl's lips. "Maybe. And what do you want to do against it now girl?" He asked Beth playfully and how much she loved it seeing him all happy and relaxed.

"The same you have done with me before." Beth told him, while she already tried to catch his arm. "But I'm faster and stronger than you girl." Daryl said laughing, when he easily swam away from her.

Of course, Beth knew that too and she found it even more adorable, that Daryl finally let her catch him, when she wrapped her body against his back like a little opossum. "Got you Mr. Dixon." She whispered close to his ear.

It was dark, no one could see them or even notice them, if they stayed quiet. And Beth definitely didn't want to get caught, even when they weren't doing anything forbidden, but Daryl's upper body was bare and just imagine his horrified expression, if anyone would see him like that and his scars made her sad.

Easily and without even trying to stop him from doing so, Daryl turned Beth around so they were facing each other again. And this time Beth made herself a promise, that he won't be able to pull away so easily again, when she wrapped her legs tight around his middle and also strengthens her hold around his neck.

Of course, they were sleeping since over one year in the same bed, had hugged before and also were close, but not that close like right now. Her legs still wrapped around his lower belly, Beth could feel, that her butt pressed against his middle and even when it was unwanted she was thankfully for it.

His protective hands around her waist made her even more excited and maybe also encouraged her for being braver, when she pulled his face closer to hers. Their bellies were pressing against each other, skin on skin, she could feel his hard muscles and how tensed he was at the moment. Daryl's chest against hers, his body hair was tickling her in a good kind of way.

This situation was, like the night, almost magical and it was a chance, a chance for Beth to get to know, what the two of them had. Beth could see in Daryl's midnight blue eyes how nervously he was and also a little frightened about what will happen next, but still he didn't pull away. Beth would have let him, she didn't want to pull him into a situation he didn't like or to do something he didn't want to.

But he kept still, too still, so Beth had the upper hand about what will happen next. Curious she eyed his expression, how mysterious he was looking right now. His wet hair sticked against his forehead and cheeks, scattered water drops were still present in his eyebrows and on his lids, while the moon and the stars were reflecting in his eyes like on the water surface.

Beth could tell, that he was scared, she could feel his heart pounding wild against his chest. She could feel his breath against her nose, coming out of him in waves. Finally her eyes wandered down to the beautiful outlines of his lips.

They were opened and maybe she was imagined it, but were they trembling a little? But they still looked so soft and like already so many times, she asked herself how they had to taste and feel against hers.

Moments of comfortable silence passed by, while they were looking each other deep in their eyes, when Beth finally decided, that it was time for the next step. Carefully, almost afraid that he could pull away, if she was moving too quick, Beth got closer and closer and she wasn't even surprised, when Daryl flinched shorty, when the tip of their noses finally met.

Nothing more, only their noses, while Beth was still looking him in the eyes, trying to tell him, that he didn't have to be afraid, that she won't ever hurt him. Slowly she started to move her snub nose softly against his, stroking it gently and suddenly her eyes fluttered shot.

So close, they were so close. Beth could smell his scene with ever breathe, while their noses almost danced together, even when Daryl still kept still, while Beth caress him lovingly. Their lips were only millimetres away from each other and she knew, that they would touch, if one of them would try to say something.

The world around them seemed forgotten, Beth didn't care any more, if they would get caught and even when, she would protect him, like he had done already so often for her. Even when Beth was feeling so warm from being so close to Daryl and his touches, she still had goosebumps everywhere on her body and a shiver run down the whole way of her back.

Gently she was still stroking the tip of her nose against his, when their eyes found each other again and Beth was really surprised, when she could suddenly hear his whisper in the darkness of the night. "Beth." It was only her name, but still it her made her heart jump wildly, even when their lips hadn't met, like she had expected.

Beth just implied him whispering her name, that she could take the next step and she promised herself, that she will be as carefully as possible, when she will press her lips softly against his, when Daryl started to stroke his hands up and down her sides and said "We should go inside. You will catch yourself a cold otherwise."

Beth didn't want to show how disappointed she was feeling at the moment, but she also couldn't hide it, when Daryl slowly let go from her and removed his face from the closeness to hers. With an opened mouth and unbelievable eyes she was looking at him. What had she done wrong? Was that the proof now, that he didn't want anything from her? Had she read all the signs wrong?

Tears started to burn in her eyes and Beth hated herself for feeling this way, even when she couldn't stop it. Never before in her life she had felt so stupid, so ashamed, so wrong. Daryl had already started his way to the shore, when he stopped in the second he had noticed, that she didn't follow.

Compassionate he gave her one of his sorry looks, of course, he didn't make it with purpose, but Beth could also tell, that he was feeling like that. But still she couldn't tell, why he had acted this way. First he let her close and then fall like a hot potato. Why couldn't he just simply show or even better tell her what he wanted and what not? The answer was even simple, because it was Daryl and Beth could never ever hate him from being the way he was.

"C'mon girl. You really should get out of here." He told her one more time, even tried to smile small into her direction and after Beth had breathed deeply inside her longs, her lips also tried to form a smile, before she followed him.

Only when they finally reached the shore, she got it how damn cold she really felt. Her whole body was shivering and covered from goosebumps. Maybe Daryl had really saved her from a cold. Still embarrassed she didn't even dare to look over at him, while Daryl got quickly into his clothes.

Beth wasn't that fast, because her shaking fingers gave her a hard time getting into her dress and taking on her shoes was almost impossible. "Let me help you." Daryl said courteous, before he sank on his knees in front of her and helped Beth carefully into her boots, while she supported herself secure by his strong shoulders.

After Daryl had gotten up again, he saw how bad Beth's whole body was shaking, how her usual so rosy lips were now a mixture about dark blue and gray, while they were also trembling. Moving his hands up and down her bare arms, trying to get her warm, Daryl whispered "Damn girl, that was probably really not that great idea. You want my shirt to pull over?"

Determined and quickly Beth shook her head, unable to say anything, because her teeth were crashing against each other and made that one special noise. But she exactly knew how much this gesture meant for him. He would be okay with that someone could see his back and all the old scars there, just so she would have it warm. Later, when she will be able to speak again, she will thank him for that.

"Okay, then let you get home and out of these wet clothes. C'mon girl." Daryl said, before he took her hand protective and dragged her quickly into the direction of their house. Now the warm breeze almost felt like a cold snow storm against her still wet skin and hair and also the air in general didn't feel that warm any more. Beth's legs were shaking badly, but somehow she managed it to not slump, even when she knew, that Daryl would carry her then.