"With the Princesses and the Mario Brothers given full power of the Mushroom Kingdoms and the North has been ceased to an acceptable level, Bowser has been surrounded and placed on trial following his last days to live. What he decides it to be attracts famous characters from all over the lands to participate in the world's biggest Double Dash Tournament to Date including 16 duos. If Bowser wins, he is set free. At the same time, many other characters face new experiences without having the main antagonist with power. Will their fate be the same as Bowser's? Includes many fan favourite characters."

Fighting In the Streets

Chapter 1 – Donkey Bingo

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A/N: It would be 100% more understanding if you have read Speed Dials and the Two Origins; this is the Sequel to all of them. If you have read them, go straight ahead and that's completely fine. If you haven't and are probably not bothered to then that's a bit depressing – shame on you!

I recommend reading them before this but if you still are not bothered then here's a quick background. This contains SPOILERS of the other fanfics so once again, I advise to read the others, and you would get a bit confused when reading this. This fanfic is set during events that occur after Rhonaward's arrest, the Résethal riots were ceased in 2010(2) but only stopped just after January 2015(1), Bowser is almost on the edge of loss to the Mushroom Kingdom, but before he is sentenced to *achoo!* he is allowed to do one thing before he cannot do anything anymore. Some of the parts of this chapter may be a bit lecturing but it is still obligatory to read them.

Although I have already typed around 200 words, I don't care you need to get it in your head. Let's start the fanfic.

Part One – Everyday Lives.

January 5, 2015(1), 8:50PM


He rotated to his right, investigating any equipment that may be of use in his job. A slight tickle of green booger dashed down his cupid bow while he stretched from his stool to grab his tiny red tie. After spending over a minute trying to eventually put it on, he jumped upwards and landed on his stool on all fours, rotating to his right so the far right of his right eye could notice anybody who he would expect to be behind him.


After jumping up and doing a 180degree turn to the right, he glanced along what seemed to be an endless corridor of rooms. Suddenly, he started to hear banging noises from the room next to him.

"Useless, Malfunctioning, Machine!" A rather Toad-ish voice whined across the entire area. He got up and crawled along the floor, investigating the room next to his. He could hear more banging on what he presumed was the machine that was causing all of the kafuffle. Nervously, he opened the door and then slowly rolled his eyes in relief. He had realised that the source of the loud noises was just a printer.

"A printer?" He opened the door widely and jumped up onto a stool.

"Mister Kong, it's good to see you're ready before I am." The Blue Toad flicked up his glasses and looked at Donkey Kong.

"Have you printed out the sheets?" He asked quickly while looking to the right along the corridor which led to the main room of the building he was in.

"That's the thing; the printer does not seem to be working." He turned around and climbed onto the table, investigating all sides of the printer, which did not actually look broken.

"Toadbert! We're going to have to cancel it." Donkey Kong turned back to the printer in annoyance. He jumped off of his stool and hopped across the corridor towards the stage which was in another room. He jumped up onto it and glared at the several elderly Toad citizens sitting at tables, all bored, some sleeping and some standing up totally clueless.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the poor productivity of our printer, we're going to have to cancel Bingo tonight." Donkey Kong spoke through the microphone; surprisingly, there were no ranting Toads.

"We're playing Bingo?" One of the Toads who seemed to have short memory questioned Donkey Kong as he sat back down on his chair.

"Bingo? I thought this was Old Koopish Language Club." The Toads began to get up and leave the building, all proceeding home. Donkey Kong turned to his right where he saw Toadbert with his right thumb up. Donkey Kong raised his left arm and slowly walked back to the room that he was in two minutes ago, at this point in time he was actually relieved that Toadbert said nothing; he had a feeling that if he did, he wouldn't be seeing him for a while.

"I guess it's time to go." Donkey Kong hopped towards his belongings which lay on the left corner of his 'preparation' room and picked them up weirdly.

"This is the life." Toadbert giggled anxiously as he unplugged the disturbing printer and grabbed his twenty-centimetre rucksack with all of his belongings and departed the building with Donkey Kong. The two travelled for three minutes along the suburban roads of Mushroom City, until they came across the car park.

"Good night Toadbert, see you tomorrow." Donkey Kong got his keys out and slowly separated from Toadbert, who decided to walk home on this night. Whereas Donkey Kong opened the boot of his car and shoved his preparation items inside of it, he swiped the few sweat droplets from his forehead and closed the car boot quickly. He noticed a vague human reflection from the window of his car and noticed that it was actually a human.

"Bingo, Bingo." The human remarked as Donkey Kong remained staring at the window for a while. "Is this what you do now, for a living?" The human continued as he walked over towards Donkey Kong's car only to get a better look at his face rather than looking at the window to see a silhouette.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Donkey Kong finally turned around and stared at the human.

"That's what I thought you said." He laughed as he scratched his nose.

"My job is a caring job, I host the Bingo for the Toad pensioners, it's one of the lowest paid jobs in the whole kingdom, and because of the absence of Bowser, I am only getting twenty coins a month, which in Toad circumstances it is like fifty pounds a week. I will ask again, who are you supposed to be?" Donkey Kong's voice changed elaborately as he looked directly into the human's eyes.

"Who am I, my name is Tom Tûnis, and I am the guy who technically ruined your life..."

Donkey Kong did absolutely nothing for the next few minutes besides keep staring at the human. However, sweat began to race down his face as he continued staring.

"T-thanks to you, I haven't got a well-paying job." He shivered as he walked around his car towards the driver's seat door.

"Not just me, there's another human that kind of helped as well, but he's gone back to the real world." Tom stated as he walked to the other side of the car. Donkey Kong looked through the two windows of the car, noticing Tom, making his eyelids drop until he could still just about see.

"Get in." He said depressingly as he opened the door to the pre-owned Fiat 500. The two jumped into the vehicle and drove out of the car park and into Toad's Turnpike.

"Well then." Tom began. "I must say working for Bowser doesn't really count as a job, earning over ten thousand coins a year for throwing a few barrels and eating a few bananas every now and then, there's no effort in it.

"How do you get YOUR money then?" Donkey Kong asked with a much louder voice.

"I don't have a job; I retired from serving the princess just after I stopped the riots. I live on the blocks, and I can easily get twenty coins a day if you go out of the cities. Or maybe Bowser is going to donate all of his money, by money he means what he has left.

"You know what will happen to him?"

"Vaguely, I heard that Princess Peach is going to dine on his heart with a sword as she slices it through his corpse, if that happens." Tom proclaimed as the car changed lanes.

"Turn off on the next left." He asked as Donkey Kong steered the wheel going to the Mushroom City circuit track.

"Didn't he say he was going to announce it tomorrow?" Donkey Kong wondered as he once again switched lanes. He had the urge to speed on the road like he tended to do in most Karting events, but this time he kept a slow pace. Suddenly the car began to slow down due to an unusual and surprising amount of traffic.

"It's 21:00; there cannot be so much traffic at this time of night." Tom complained as he looked at the one-hundred or so cars that were on each lane. He hopped out of the Fiat and jogged through the traffic and noticed that the source of it was a car crash by the inter-crossing bridge, when Tom arrived from the top left corner of the 'starting line' there was a crash by the right of it. Several cones were stopping the vehicles from passing by and Tom walked across the Police line that separated the crash from the vehicles.

"Sir I'm afraid you're not allowed to go beyond this point." A Toad Police Patrol halted Tom as he investigated the car.

"Please, I saved your life! I might be able to save the owner of this car's one too." Tom ignored the Police Patrol and opened the main door of the car.

"Uh, help." The owner of the car was just about able to speak, Tom undid his seatbelt and carried him out of the car, an ambulance arrived from the top right of the bridge, the only set of lanes that was not entirely covered in traffic.

"Remember to get the patient out of the vehicle instead of letting him die." Tom walked over to the ambulance and handed the Toad over to the medics.

"Is he alive?" The police patrol asked.

"Yes, thanks to me." Tom replied as he headed over to the crashed vehicle.

"Okay people! You can go now!" The police patrol shouted out, making the traffic proceed onwards back to normal in Mushroom City. Tom investigated the vehicle, and found nothing suspicious by the front seats. It was a Taxi unusually in the shape of a van, and he opened up an area to store vehicle items and spotted an envelope wrapped in leather and secured with solid Bowser Oil, he also noticed a body at the very back of the car, presumed dead, he left the body to be dealt with the police. Tom ripped the lock off and read the envelope.

Dearest Toadstool,

I am submitting my final choice of events that will take place from January 15, 2015(1) to March 10, 2015(1). It is a Double Dash themed Kart 32-race Grand Prix that will consist of 16 Teams of two. The first eight teams were automatically selected for the events:

Mario and Luigi

Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Wario and Waluigi

Peach and Daisy

Yoshi and Birdo

Toad and Toadette

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopa.

The other eight teams will go towards the public and will be selected; these teams are to be decided by January 10, 2015(1) in which the 32 races will be announced as well, that is my trial.

Most Horrible Regards.

[Bowser's Signature]

The Rightful King of the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Are you coming Tom?" Donkey Kong arrived to the vehicle, which collapsed and fell off of the Mushroom City Bridge onto the ground below. Tom travelled back into the Fiat and they drove off.

"I have some bad news." Tom uttered as the two exited Mushroom city via the bottom left exit of the bridge. Tom re-read the envelope and then handed it over to Donkey Kong; Tom opened his door and jumped out just after pulling it in to be closed.

"Somebody's in a hurry." Donkey Kong laughed as he stopped his car at a traffic light. He opened the envelope and started to read the text on the page. The traffic light went green and Donkey Kong turned to the left and drove out of the city. He put the vehicle on auto-pilot and started to read the text.

"Mother-fucking Bowser, I knew it." He glanced at the page and noticed that he and his supposed nephew are competing on the same team, and also on the same vehicle. "I got to warn the family. They might want to sign up as well." Donkey Kong turned another right and drove onto a motorway. He saw several Toads and Koopas driving trucks and blue cars, all advertising the new brands that came in May. Varying from Bowser Oil, Lemmy's Tires, Iggy's Glasses, Morton Building Construction, Larry Lights to name a few. Donkey Kong groaned every time he noticed a sign on each truck. He thought in his head 'Why do they get to invest in something where I, Bowser's right hand Ape, get nothing?'

He parked his car on a side of the end of a road which then continued towards the Northern Mountains, he ran into a green forest to the right of the road which happened to be known as DK Jungle to the people. He swung across a rope and landed in front of his 'bigger-on-the-inside' home in which most of his family lives in. The Kong family were munching on a giant banana which was chopped up into pieces for each to eat; Donkey Kong had arrived home from 'work' and sat by the table. He was given a plate and a slice of a giant banana within a few seconds by his family who had not uttered a word since his arrival.

"How was today?" Wrinkly Kong asked politely as Donkey Kong slouched on his chair.

"It was cancelled." He moaned. "I also found this today; Bowser's finally came up with his event." He handed it over to Cranky Kong who read it vaguely.

"Double Dash Tournament, 16 Tag-teams, 32 races! All of his money left as the prize!" Cranky Kong laughed as he showed it to the others. "Donkey and Diddy have to play."

"Oh crikey!" Funky Kong laughed in amazement. "I really want to be part of this!" His eagerness made Cranky Kong happy as well.

"Eight guaranteed teams, and eight teams for sign-ups, I suppose you and I should go, Funky? What do you say to that?" He asked. Funky Kong jumped out of his seat and started practicing some dance moves by the table.

"That's not all, no matter what happens Bowser will still be dealt with." Donkey Kong moaned as he further slouched on his chair, wishing he could do something about it but still was not bothered. "We will go into poverty." Everybody gasped as he uttered those words out onto the dinner table.

"This is the end!" Diddy Kong shrieked.

"We must win, nephew." Donkey replied.

"No worries Donk, if you don't win, we could win as well!" Cranky Kong laughed. "It will be fine, isn't that right Funky?" He turned around to notice that he was still dancing.

"Err, yeah!" Funky Kong stopped dancing and pounced back onto his chair.

"I might hit the hay early guys – I feel as if I need some shut-eye due to what's happened today." Donkey Kong left the room while the rest of the family dug into a giant banana that was served right after he left the room. He travelled up a few tree logs and climbed into his barrel-shaped bedroom on top of four twenty-metre wooden sticks which were placed below a lake, before he went to bed, he glanced at the Toad-industrialised track known as DK Jungle; he peeked at the giant red flower and noticed several tyre marks on the leaves. He thought to himself that he didn't want the track to exist. He turned around and noticed the wooden bridge to his left with several dead plants that he always loved to look at. He shook his head rapidly and went into his banana-shaped hammock, beginning to recall today's events in his head, he had remembered the time at 10:30AM in the morning he was forced to quit his job due to Bowser's entire empire being ceased according to the Three allied kingdoms – Wuhu, Delfino and The Mushroom Kingdom. He witnessed the Mushroom Nations gather in the Tri-Border conference hall by the border of the Three Kingdoms. Donkey Kong called them Kingdoms but theoretically they are considered as districts by the majority of the people living in them. He remembered making the depressed face when The Three Districts and One... Recovering District in which many Toads do not even know had existed. Ever since February 2010(2) the Kingdom of Résethal which is currently recovering from its 17-year long riots that began in 1993(115). Having lost a 75% vote of the Kingdoms, Bowser has lost all of his supposed chances of staying free. Having the First Koopa Minister of Résethal, Koopan Haluka voting against the future of Bowser, The District of Résethal is hated by many people, including citizens living on its coastal towns such as the soon-to-be fortified Town of Urscan. Donkey Kong fears that the District of Résethal will become independent from the lands leaving no choice but to be named 'The Republic of Muhino.' However, within a few seconds Donkey Kong fell solid asleep.

It was almost one in the morning on January 6, 2015(1) according to the Koopa Calendar – a stone had been thrown into the room hitting Donkey Kong's hand, waking him up.

"Sweet Bananas!" He howled as he woke up. Thankfully, he did not wake up anyone nearby; he got out of his bed and peeked out of his barrel bedroom. He saw no sign of any life within his vision, but hidden from his sight was two humans both looking at him.

"Why are we trying to wake him up, may I ask?" One of the humans asked the other as quietly as he could, but it was loud enough for Donkey Kong to notice the two in the distance. He spotted unusual brown hair beside a bush, which made him assume that one of the humans was Tom.

"We need to tell him what will happen to Bowser." Tom replied to the other human while trying to be as quiet as he could.

"Tom?" Donkey Kong called out, questioning him. He jumped over to the lake stack that the two somehow managed to be on.

"You are awake." Tom replied to Donkey Kong, trying not to answer anything he is going to say.

"Why are you here? Is that Enrique?" He noticed the other human's blonde hair and rather similar face to a woman that Donkey Kong had met around 7 years during a kart tourney.

"I was called from the 'real' world to return here." The human – who is Enrique, replied with a monotone voice.

"We're here to tell you important news to tell you about Bowser." Tom explains to Donkey Kong, the three begin to hear rustling bushes to their right, behind the giant red flower.

"What's happening to the lord?" Donkey Kong anxiously prayed for the answer.

"It turns out to be that Bowser is-." The three turn to see a very young Koopa on the edge of the course, who suddenly slipped and fell into the lake.

"Help! Help!" Enrique jumped into the river and swam over towards the Koopa; he lifted him up and rescued him ashore. Tom jumped over to the mainland and dashed around the lake while Donkey Kong climbed vines and reached the other side much quicker than Tom did.

"Which Koopa are you supposed to be?" Enrique scarily shouted at the Koopa who started shivering.

"Leave him, Enrique!" Tom shoved him out of the way as Donkey Kong walked over to the Koopa.

"Short red hair, red shell? Koopak III what in the stars are you here for? You were meant to be back in Noki Bay!" Donkey Kong stuttered loudly at the Koopa.

"I couldn't get out of Koopak II's extra suitcase and he took it with him." He shrieked while he got up and sat comfortably on the grass.

"That's not good at all, the carers won't be happy either." Donkey Kong recalled an event in which he had once visited Noki Bay in the Delfino District in 2002(57), just after Bowser was exiled from Isle Delfino, and by that he meant the whole Island, not just the areas in which he saw Mario come across in Mario's adventures there, but the whole island, which is about a fifth of the Delfino district size but half of the population live on the island.

"Hold on a minute." Tom walked back over to the Koopa. "Wait – you're Koopak III? Since when did Koopak II have a son? He never told me he had you when I saved him and Bowser back at Wuhu Island!" He complained at the Koopa while he turned around and threw some grass into the lake.

"I guess I was not to be told to the world." He replied quietly.

"Like an accident?" Donkey Kong questioned.

"Like his father." Tom laughed.

"Well, I don't care if I am an accident or not! I am an Asquia and you know it!" He shouted as he kept turning around and looking at the trees.

"He's like his grandfather." Enrique whispered to Tom while he walked over to the trees. He walked around the edge of the lake and stood in the middle of the bridge-part of the track, and then he started strolling along the track, losing contact with Tom and the others.

"Koopak, why are you here anyway? As in DK Jungle." Tom asked the Koopa after watching Enrique leave his vision.

"The Toad Police are chasing after me." The Koopa replied. "Apparently any Asquia is banned from entering the Mushroom District, my dad took a Bowser-supporting rival of Galaxy Air, known as the Koopa Airlines, since the Airport was right at the border, and he left his second suitcase at the airport." He continued lecturing. "It was the one with me in it, so I had to escape the suitcase and I took a Taxi to Mushroom City under the name Koopak Lewis."

"What made you get here?" Tom hesitated as if he was bored of what Koopak was saying.

"With my dad going to North Delfino, and me in Mushroom City, the police spotted my taxi and chased me, I jumped out at the intersection bridge, little did I know that the car crashed after I got out-.

"Hold on a minute – that car that crashed was the taxi that you were in?" Tom butted in after getting up from the edge of the lake.

"Yes! Yes! Were you there?" Koopak asked Tom while peeking behind a tree.

"I was there a while after you were – the person in the vehicle is safe, but when I was there the so called taxi looked like a lorry." He assumed as he started walking around the area.

"Yeah." The Koopa replied.

"Lemmy's Tires, a Taxi? Oh dear." Tom worried. "This isn't good, Koopak, they're chasing you because they know you're an Asquia. You need to get out of this district – they will kill you!" He dashed to the left towards the bridge. "DK! Koopak! We need Enrique, wherever he has gone." The three started jogging along the race track looking for Enrique. They all jumped across the ramps before crossing the giant banana. They stopped as they realised that the track turned to the right and slanted upwards.

"I don't remember this." Koopak looked at the slant. Tom had spotted Enrique who was on the other side of the giant temple room.

"Enrique? How did you get here?" Tom asked as Enrique stared at the Banana.

"This slant is impossible to get across unless you have the anti-gravity karts." Donkey Kong pointed out as he looked at the blonde human on the other side of the room.

"I just... Somehow... Got here." Enrique struggled to even say a word. He gasped as he turned to the right. "I don't think the Tiki Statues like me."

"Why are you there?" Donkey Kong called out. Tom tried to climb up the slant; he turned at Koopak and picked him up.

"What are you doing to me?" He screamed. "I am an Asquia! Put me down!" Tom threw Koopak onto a small post that was on the edge of the slant. He stood up on the right side of the post and then jumped and slid down the slant on the other side.

"Smart thinking." Koopak III laughed as he randomly changed his emotion from cowering in dear and anger to being amused by the plan Tom had just made. Enrique walked over to him without uttering a word.

"Enrique, why are you over there?" Tom asked again.

"What made him go over there anyway?" Donkey Kong whispered to Tom.

"I don't know." He replied. Enrique still had not said anything after he had problems uttering a word. He picked up Koopak by his shell which made him unable to grab any part of Enrique. Without saying anything he walked over to the edge of the track, below the four was a black pit that nobody could see the bottom of.

"What are you doing? Put me down!" Koopak shouted.

"Enrique? Enrique. Put down Koopak. SAFE ON THE GROUND!" Tom slapped his head and complained at him while he stood by the edge.

"Asquia?" Enrique finally spoke out.

"Put him down!" Donkey Kong risked his life by jumping across the considered-to-be-bottomless pit. Luckily, he landed on Enrique's body and pushing him and Koopak III out of the way and onto the centre of the track right next to the Banana.

"What are you doing Enrique?" Tom complained from the other side of the room. Enrique ignored him and threw a punch at Donkey Kong sending him to the floor; he ignored Koopak too, who was complaining at him as well. He dived from the edge and fell into the other half of the lake. Donkey Kong crawled over to the edge and searched for him, he couldn't find Enrique in sight.

"He's disappeared." Donkey Kong walked over to Tom.

"Can I get round by any chance?" He complained.

"Go around."

"The ramps."

"Dive down!" Donkey Kong suggested. "You might find him." Koopak walked over to the edge and jumped down into the other half of the lake. Donkey Kong jumped down too and made a giant splash in the water, without realising that somebody else was watching the two.

"Did you see a human?" Another Kong's voice echoed across the land.

"Funky? I did." Donkey Kong replied. Funky Kong jumped down into the lake.

"He was blonde, like that criminal." He warned Donkey Kong as he swam over to him, Koopak III was by the shore lying down about to fall asleep.

"You mean Enrique?" He wondered.


"But he saved The Fourth District?"

"As well."

"That is one corrupt person."

"Corrupt?" Funky Kong started laughing as he said that word. "I would've described him as strange, but corrupt? He's not like Rosa's bro."

"But he's doing weird stuff."

"He's sitting on the fence that determines which side you're on."

"I guess." The two Kongs swim back to shore and carried the sleeping Koopak back to Donkey Kong's barrel house.

"Are you sure he's safe here?" Funky Kong asked Donkey Kong.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. Go back to your bedroom and sleep, we'll discuss in the morning." Donkey Kong went into his bed and Funky Kong left the room...

At around half-two in the morning, another stone hit Donkey Kong's head – while he was sleeping.

"Habudada!" He shouted a word that he heard in one of his dreams. He shot up and banged his head accidently on the roof of his barrel-shaped house. "Tom?" He called out as he spotted him after turning to the right.

"I have Enrique." Tom pointed over towards another blonde human wrapped in rope and cosmic duct tape attached across his mouth.

"Kjo është një përvojë ë dhimbshme që edhe unë gjej bezdisshëm." Enrique mumbled as he shook his head.

"Whatever that means." Donkey Kong groaned as he sat by the edge of the wooden platform that the barrel sat on. "I don't want any massacre again." He turned around and stomped back into his bedroom. Tom stood on the grass and watched Enrique lie down on the floor acting rather bored. As he stared back at Donkey Kong's barrel, he too sat down onto the floor and watched Donkey Kong eventually come out of the bedroom.

"Can we go back to Mushroom City?" He pleaded as he crept out of the barrel, paying lots of attention to Koopak III who was sleeping on the floor. He climbed across the vines which led him to the forest behind the giant flower. Tom dragged Enrique along the road and they took a detour through the woods to exit DK Jungle.

"Whuh huh wuh gohuh." Enrique mumbled again as they reached a massive grassland plain which surrounded a road which went from Mushroom City to the Southwest Kingdom of Beanbean, near the Delfino Border.

"Mushroom City." Tom replied to Enrique as he threw him into the boot of Donkey Kong's parked car. Tom and Donkey Kong got into the Fiat stolen from the 'real' world and turned left to travel back into Mushroom City. They drove four-hundred metres before entering the city and arrived at the bridge, as they changed lanes to travel past the top right exit of the bridge, they spotted somebody riding a kart. By the looks of it Tom had assumed that the creature was riding the Nitrocycle, he then noticed that the creature wore a blue hooded cape and had goggles wrapped on his head. The creature entered the lane next to the others and they drove along the road together.

"Kamek?" Donkey Kong spoke out to him. The creature slowed down to keep in pace of the vehicle that the others were in.

"Kong?" He replied. "The games are in a week a bit, better start practicing!" He giggled while noticing Tom next to Donkey Kong on the right of the vehicle. The two vehicles slowed down by some traffic lights.

"You choose to be part of it then?" Tom croaked while hitting his neck. "Apologies."

"Yep, getting all of the experience from Dry." Kamek turned ahead and watched the traffic light turn red. "Who's this human then? A real-worlder? I wonder if Rosa brought him here." He turned to Donkey Kong expecting an answer.

"Err." He was speechless.

"Yes, she did bring me here, five years ago." Tom explained. "I'm Tom Tûnis; I was first brought here in 2010, taught by the 'authoritarian' princesses on saving the riots in Résethal." He continued after taking a few breaths. "Now I wish I never helped them."

"It was brave of you to do it." Donkey Kong spoke to Tom. "What you did was a very brave task, but if it was given by Bowser to do the opposite, you would be favoured by even more people."

"What do you mean?" Tom looked confused.

"In a nutshell." Kamek explained. "More people support Bowser than you think, and the people beyond The North (if there is any) might support him too."

"Are you saying many people in Mushroom City, Toad Town, Toad Harbour, there are people who secretly support him?" Tom wondered as he stared forward. He noticed that the traffic lights had remained red.

"But there are some people who love Peach more than Mario does." Kamek pointed out.

"Ata nuk duan që ju të shkoni." Enrique groaned from the boot of the car.

"Is that a human in the back?" Kamek questioned the two.

"Yes, its Enrique, he needed to shut up a bit." Tom covered up the story.

"Alright – what's with the traffic lights?" Kamek moaned.

"Just go." Tom pointed out as Donkey Kong put his foot down and the vehicles accelerated. As they raced down the lane the traffic lights suddenly skipped amber and turned green, several Toad Patrol vehicles chased after the rest.

"Circuit!" Tom shouted to the two. "Keep going!" The three drove their vehicles past the other large cars and sped ahead of them, several police cars began driving by their tails. Enrique started bashing the back door of the car, trying to escape. Tom unclipped his seatbelt and climbed behind the car seats and spotted Enrique without duct tape on his mouth and ropes only sealing his legs together, he had full grip with his hands and started punching the window. He created several cracks in the window just before Tom had approached him, falling into the boot of the car as well.

"Are you out of your mind Enrique?" Tom shouted at him as Donkey Kong made a quick-turn up to the bridge.

"Sorry about that!" Donkey Kong shouted. "I'm not used to karting tracks while driving a one-and-a-half-tonne car."

"Whatever – keep driving." Tom ordered as he spotted several Toad Patrol vehicles at least ten metres from the Fiat, several Toads and Koopas got out several Toad Pistol Prototypes and started firing at the window, the glass of the window was broken and bullets started flying in. Donkey Kong ducked and kept driving. Kamek turned around again and took the short-cut, but never came out of the other end.

"They took Kamek!" Donkey Kong shouted as he took an off-track detour and drove through the main part of the city. Tom started punching Enrique as he managed to get the ropes off of his legs.

"What are you doing?" Tom tried to hold Enrique, who hadn't uttered a word since he spoke in Old Koopish. Unfortunately, he manoeuvred around Tom and got him into a headlock.

"So easy how I've managed to speak the language." Enrique shoved Tom onto a seat and jumped out of the window, going to land in front of the police car, but because of its fast speed he crashed through the Patrol's car window. Tom turned around and jumped into the seat next to the driver's.

"He's in their car now." Tom informed Donkey Kong as they suddenly appeared speechless as more Patrol cars arrived in front of them.

"We're screwed." Donkey Kong stomped on the brakes and turned left. Enrique, after breaking in to the swerving police car, flew out of the car's right window and flew downwards down stairs into the Mushroom Kingdom Underground, he rolled down the stairs and slipped onto a train, which then closed doors and sped underground to another part of the city.

"What are the chances of that?" One of the elderly Toad's on the train laughed as Tom became the centre of attention.

"No fucking idea." Enrique replied...


"Attention Donkey Kong. We have you surrounded! Get out of your car, and put your hands up or we will fire!" One of the Toads pointed his pistol at the car. Donkey Kong got out of the vehicle and raised his front graspers in the air. He was handcuffed and put into the same Patrol car as Kamek.

"What happened to you?" Donkey Kong asked. "Were you surrounded?" Kamek took a deep breath.

"The vehicle slipped and I got caught." He answered in depression.

"Still need improvement then." Donkey Kong laughed as he noticed no Patrol members were in the car.

"That's if we're allowed to get into the games." Kamek pointed out.
"Bowser will think up of something, it was in his orders that Peach accepted, some phony Patrol cannot ruin it for him." Donkey Kong thought as the Patrol members entered the vehicle.

The vehicle had driven off through the streets while Donkey Kong began to sweat excessively. While Kamek kept looking out of the window, Donkey Kong tried rubbing of the sweat from his fat furry head.

"Where are we going? Why are we held captive?" Kamek requested to the Toad Patrol members at the front of the car, after he spoke, they closed the gap between Kamek and Donkey Kong, and the Toad Patrol members. "Harsh much." He stated again, still no answer.

"Where is Tom?" Kamek spoke to Donkey Kong as he took a deep breath and looked down. He looked up again and took another deep breath.

"He is the luckiest bugger in the world – I accidently put my foot down on the breaks and turned left to stop as the Patrol cars were surrounding me. Enrique, without his seatbelt on, fell out of the car and rolled down onto the underground, I guess he managed to get onto a train and escape safely." Donkey Kong explained with a depressed face.

"Seems possible, but without magic? Improbable." Kamek thought as the vehicle started speeding ahead as they turned to the left along Toad Town high-street.

"What's going here?" Donkey Kong looked out of the window, little did he realise that the windows were slowly unwinding up automatically, he had to put his head back inside the vehicle and looked out of the window. He could hear sliding as the car quickly drifted through the lanes, several car horns beeped quietly as the vehicle sped fast. Kamek tried getting out of the vehicle but the doors automatically locked. Donkey Kong head-butted the window and made a large crack.

"No way out?" Kamek asked Donkey Kong as he tried budging the door. "Apart from the windows."

"There's always a crack in that god-forsaken reflection." Donkey Kong laughed as he broke the window glass.

"God?" Kamek seemed confused.

"Never mind." Donkey Kong replied. "Seat belts off now." He and Kamek began to undo their seatbelts, but they didn't seem to open.

"They're jammed!" Kamek screamed loudly as he tried using ways to get off of the seatbelt.

"The Patrol wouldn't do this." Donkey Kong bashed the seat he was on.

"Why would Peach do this?" Kamek thought.

"She might have turned a little eerie maybe."

"Let's just get out!" Donkey Kong roared as giant bright light flashed ahead and the car started to pull breaks. Three cars simultaneously exploded but caused no injuries or casualties. The Patrol members exited their vehicle and investigated the scene. Donkey Kong and Kamek tried getting out of the vehicle but were unable to.

"I cannot believe we're missing this!" Donkey Kong moaned and barging the door. Luckily, a familiar human ran out of the underground station of central Toad Town and rushed over to Donkey Kong and Kamek. It was Tom; he grabbed parts of the door and pulled it off. He got out a Swiss Army Knife that was given to him five years ago.

"Quickly! Out!" He cut the seat belts and led the two out of the crime scene. The three headed down an alley way and went through a pipe which led to the sewers. They travelled along a drain line for about a kilometre south of the city, Tom busted a door and the three arrived to another rather familiar place, in the sewers...

"It's Enrique's business again." Tom mentioned as he crept along the sides of the rushing waters that led to a waterfall – surrounded by blocks and ramps. "Stay here for a while; we'll be safe here for a while." Tom sat down as the three reached a part of the area that was a rather large and was almost all dry. Kamek inspected the large area and remembered racing here once in his practices. Donkey Kong, remembering this place than both of the two, sat down by a sewer entrance to moisturise his furry skin.

"Why are the Patrol after us?" Kamek wondered, expecting Tom to have an answer, at this time he was thinking in his head of reasons that the Patrol are after the three.

"I believe Peach is up to this, I feel as if she wants Donkey Kong to be held captive due to his partnership with Bowser, it's similar to the fact that they were after all of the Asquias, I believe any high-status Koopa Houses. So that's people like the Asquias." Tom began to list rich Koopa families.

"They'd probably be after the Jautjas – Koopol. McShells, Koops, Koopie and Kooper, and maybe any other high-status families, Troopas, Koopas, Koopexes, Rushes, Lakitus, Fonavans; you guys have heard of these families? The ones associated with Bowser?" Tom asked the other two.

"They might be after the Calaghals too." Donkey Kong laughed, making Tom make a sigh.

"You are actually technically right, they might find the Humans too, but the only 'so-called' evil humans or non-Mushroom Kingdom followers are me, Enrique, Marrec, Rosalina and her brother, so not a lot of them will be found."

"What about the twins? And your friends?" Kamek asked.

"Ah, those too." Tom replied.

"Who is Marrec?" Donkey Kong questioned.

"He's the bartender of The Old Bluetoad Inn in Vurduresa, The Fat Goomba Pub in Castelia, The Eastern Cape in Urscan and The Asquia's Astonishment in Aypyidaw."

"Oh yeah, see I wasn't in Résethal for those years, some of the people who I worked with never knew it existed."

"Just like the company." Tom mouthed while looking at Kamek.

"So" Kamek explained. "In my view, Patrol members want us to be arrested like the others, all of the Bowser-supporters. And they'll send us to Peach, who wants us to be either imprisoned or to serve the Princesses."

"That's possible, I feel as if the Koopas would make a flowchart on the 'Koopa Future Theory' and see what everyone else thinks." Tom wondered. He got up and peeked into the distance, he saw a dead Piranha Plant that's corpse still remained above the pipe. "These gruel Toads – didn't feed the Piranha Plant after the Anti-gravity games. And they say the Koopas are the bad ones." Tom proceeded on while Kamek and Donkey Kong got up and followed him.

"This is Piranha Plant Pipeway?" Kamek wondered.

"Yes indeed, used in the seventh games and the eighth again, only to be no longer used, unless it might be used during the games." Tom thought.

"Dry and I are going to be in those games, we might be Tag-Team 9." Kamek stated. "Are you going to be in the games Tom?" Tom stood still for a while; stuck in deep thought of how to explain the answer he was going to say.

"Well." He uttered quietly. "If I was to be in it, the only person who I might be able to go with is Enrique. I'm not sure if he will be up for it and maybe I might not be up for it. I have never been able to go karting. Especially with all of the items, in the 'real' world we have these kart facilities but we do not have items, accelerated speeds, flying coins and most of the things that you include in your ones.

"Can I go to the real world?" Kamek asked Tom.

"Well, may I explain?" Tom replied reluctantly.

"Yeah go ahead!" Kamek said with an eager face.

"The most common answer you would hear from any human around here is a definite No. Firstly, you wouldn't fit in there, magic doesn't exist either, so you can't use your wand. Secondly, they have more advanced technology besides magic, Sniper Rifles that can kill 31 people with one bullet, aircrafts that don't." He paused. "Have pieces sticking out peculiarly. Thirdly, the 'real' world is full of humans, no Toads, no Koopas, no Goombas. And lastly, the few times in which you people went into the real world was in the 1990s. When the Toad's thought that the Koopalings were Bowser's offspring. Kooky Von Koopa, Cheatsy and Bully Koopa took a really young child to your world, luckily that child was Enrique. The Koopalings also massacred some parts of the world, besides that you aren't probably allowed."

"That sucks." Kamek groaned as his eyebrows dropped.

"It's true." Donkey Kong interrupted. "Because of the amount of human visitors, by amount I mean just around six, Marrec, Tom, Enrique, Jaapayo, Jack and Ronald; they have made difficult access to each world, you need the qualifications, the test results and permission from at least ten of the sixteen feminists."

"You mean princesses, but yeah." Tom noticed. "It is tough."

"I will get there someday." Kamek wished as he exited the Piranha Plant Underground. Tom and Donkey Kong immediately ventured forth with them.

"We made it out of the Pipeway, and we made it away from the Patrol, we need to know what happened to Enrique and see who else will participate during the games." Donkey Kong warned the others as they walked past the finish line and climbed over the fences.

"Yep, I might join the games; anything left of Bowser's would be rather entertaining for... Thousands of years!" Tom burst into laughing just before a bright, luminous flashlight shun over the three.

"It's sure is great to see you three."

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