This could take place after the previous 2 'Morose', or it could be a seprate scene entirely. Your call.

Morose # 3
The question

By Icka! M. Chif

Hakuba stepped up softly behind Akako, who was looking out over the cityscape with a morose expression on her face. "He did it, didn't he?" The words were soft, the gentle breeze easily bearing them away as if they'd never been said.

Akako heard them anyway, and closed her eyes, nodding.

He sighed, taking the last few steps that would move him to stand next to her. "And she said?"

"Yes." Akako's voice was thick with un-shed tears. She couldn't cry of course. To do so would be to diminish her power, and to admit that the thief meant more to her than just the thrill of the chase.

"I see." He looked out over the sparkling city that spread out below the hill they were standing on. "She knows that he's-"


The detective blinked, looking slightly afronted. "She knows and she still said 'yes'!?"

She nodded.

They fell silent, watching the lights shift below like molten fire through the night sky.

"You care for her too." Akako finally commented, her voice clearer now, not as likely to break. "Why didn't you ask her first?"

He let out a dry chuckle, almost devoid if humour as he reached into a pocket and pull out a small black velvet box. "I did." Opening the box, he reached inside and pulled out a small gold ring, the city lights catching the small clear stone that was perched on top and making it glow. "She turned me down."

There was no hurt in his voice, just a vaguely ironic tone.

"She really loves him, doesn't she?" Akako murmured.

"Yes." Hakuba agreed, returning the ring to its box and slipping it back into his pocket. There was a wisdom in his expression, of knowledge hard won. "Yes she does. And he loves her too."

"I know." The admission was soft, almost sad.

He nodded, making a thoughtful sound.

They stood in silence again, this one more companionable than the first.

"What will you do now?" He asked, more curious than concerned.

Akako shrugged her shoulders, using the rolling motion to straighten them and hold her head up high again. "Go home. Scream. Possibly throw things around. Remind myself not to hex either one of them."

"Probably a wise idea." He agreed, a faint smile curving a corner of his mouth. The magician had the strangest luck, any curses would probably find some way of returning to their owner.

"You?" She asked, in much the same air he had.

He shrugged in response as well, sticking his hands into his pockets. "Brood most likely. Maybe mope around a while. Then offer my services to Kuroba as a best man, should he need one."

Akako's eyebrow rose. "You're a strange man, you know that?"

He shrugged again. "Fair play and all that. The best man won, I suppose."

"Huh." She snorted. "Next you'll be saying that we should be happy for them."

"Are you?"


Hakuba chuckled with the first real humour in his voice all night. "At least we're honest."