Hey everyone, welcome to my newest DAL story, and one I'm very excited to be making... Another A Live! Ever since I saw the reveals about Mio in Vol 17, she's managed to tie with Tohka as my favorite Date A Live character, enough that I can't choose between them, and have them sharing the favorite DAL character spot. *giggles* Guess she's my personal Ensemble Darkhorse ^^

Now, before we begin, I think I should answer one question that I feel a few of you may ask due to the summer, what is a "Peggy Sue" exactly? I don't blame people if they don't know the term, as while the concept it represents is well known, I didn't know of the name myself until around last year, maybe two. Well, you know how there are time travel fanfics that act like a New Game Plus in anime style? That's basically what a Peggy Sue it.

With that in mind, I think you can tell where I'm going with this story. Another A Live is basically a time travel fanfic with Mio as the main focus, one you might not understand if you haven't seen Volume 17, which now that I think about it... I should probably put up a warning for before any of you any further, especially before I mention a detail that gives away Vol 17's secrets about Mio.


OK, that's done, if that warning didn't apply to you, then you can keep reading.

After learning who Mio had been all along, and how she's been around since the very beginning, and the reason (which still make me cry) for all of her actions up until now, I really wanted to make a story focusing on her. Once I decided that, the question was what should it be about? It wasn't until I watched the confession scene for "Plastic Memories" that I finally had an idea spark, and remembered my favorite Peggy Sue story, "Luffy's Renewed Adventure", that it hit me.

I should make a story where Mio goes back in time as a result of a bad future after the final scene of Vol 17, and make it a Shido/Mio story! From there, the ideas just began to flood in my mind, and I had this concept. I really wanted to wait until I finished a few stories before I started working on this one, but I just couldn't hold it anymore, so I decided that for now at least, I should just get this first chapter up. As a result, to anyone who enjoys this first chapter, updates will be slow for a while.

Since this is a time travel story, whenever something in the chapter has changed from canon, but I won't be able to mention it in the story, yet also isn't something that's a spoiler at that point in time (For a non-canon example: Kawagoe had 6 divorces, rather than 5), I'll mention it at the end notes to avoid any potential confusion. Me saying might not make sense right now, but once you read this first chapter, you'll realize what I mean.

With that out of the way, it's time to begin!

Chapter 1, Tohka Arc - Rewrite of Regret

Mio Takamiya stared at the scene before her in horror, wishing she was just having a bad dream, a nightmare that she could wake up at any moment.

"No, this is... this can't be happening!" She breathed.

Littered across the ground of Tenguu City were the dead bodies of various individuals, most of which were people allied to the Ratatoskr Organization, while the others included a few from the DEM, and everyone allied to the AST.

However, the worst sight stood between a group of ten differently colored crystals, showing the dead bodies of all ten Spirits, and the few who still had opened eyes upon their demise no longer possessed the signature eyes of a Spirit.

"Come on, this is funny everyone... wake up..." Mio begged.

She looked around, and then her eyes widened in horror as she saw the one body she wished that she'd never see drop dead again.

Standing before her, right in front of her very eyes... was the body of a teenage boy, one with blue hair, and brown eyes that had been shut closed. She slowly walked near him, putting her hands on the wound that killed him, one that didn't heal because Kotori had been killed before receiving it.

"...No, not you too, Shin!" Mio cried, her voice shaking.

"It looks like your plans have failed, woman."

Mio's eyes widened as she looked up, seeing a familiar bastard of a man walk towards her, the one man that had been the reason she was even born... yet caused all of the pain she had suffered through for the last 30 years.

The man who had now effectively taken everything from her once again, Isaac Westcott.

"To think you revived that boy, and split your powers just for his sake? Amazing at what you were able to accomplish." Westcott chuckled, staring at her.

Mio's body shook, filled with sorrow and rage as she glared at Westcott's disgusting mug.

"Unfortunately, it was all for naught, and now... it's time for you to fulfill your role in fulfilling my dream." He stated.

"Never, I'd never help a monster like you!" Mio screamed.

Westcott chuckled at that, soon going into a full-blown cackle.

"How cute, you think you actually have a choice in the matter, well you don't, and there's nothing you can stop it." Westcott smirked.

He summoned Beelzebub into his hands and the Sephira Crystals began to float around him as he used it to begin gathering their powers. As Mio watched, she tried to think of something she could do, anything that she could do... that's when it hit her!

"Yud Bet, I want to use it to return to thirty years ago."

"Vav, a bullet that allowed the target's consciousness to return to a past body"

Mio realized it at that moment, because of her small reverses, Kurumi had never had the strength to use both of their powers in tandem. If she had, should her plans go awry, she could easily go back in time, then lock her consciousness even further, losing no power, but keeping her memories.

She had stopped Shido from sealing Kurumi when Shido mentioned using his power to go seal her in the past, and as a consequence, the Sixth Bullet that Kurumi had continuously restored trying to save Shido during multiple resets, and the Twelfth Bullet she had bet her plans on? Both of them were now in her possession.

"Wrong, there is something I can do, something even you don't have the power to change..." Mio stated.

"Oh, and pray tell what would that be?" Westcott asked mockingly.

Mio held her hand near herself, forming a copy of Zafkiel's guns using her Reiryoku.

"[...Yud Bet]"

Mio fire at herself, causing her body to be enveloped as Westcott showed surprise.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm going back in time, to before all of this, to 30 years ago." Mio answered.

Westcott's eyes widened.

"Ellen, stop her!" Westcott shouted.

Ellen flew at Mio, wearing a slightly damaged Pendragon, and prepared to attack the Spirit of Origin. However, she would arrive too late, as Mio's gate to the past would make her vanish from the current axis of time they stood on.

~30 Years Ago

Mio soon found herself on a building top of Tenguu City, and quickly looked around to verify her surroundings, once she had...

"This is... the town where we used to live." Mio realized.

She had returned to the place where Shido met her 30 years ago, where she brought him to his home, first met Mana, learned of the world, and then received her wonderful name. Mio, a name based on the number 30, the day of the month she and Shido first met.

A slight tear shed from her eyes as the slight nostalgia, and soon she recalled what she had to do. Yud Bet would wear off eventually, and she'd return to the future after that, so she had to lock herself into the present.

"Here goes..." Mio stated.

She formed another copy of Zafkiel, and prepared herself for the last instance of Kurumi's time bullets she'd get to use.


She fired at herself once again, and her eyes widened as she felt her mind break off, going back even further in time. Eventually, her mind went back to a certain moment, and that was...

"Come on Mio, we've gotta run!" Shido shouted.

Mio's mind took a moment to register where she was, and then the horror finally sunk in? This was the moment right before Westcott killed Shido with a gunshot.

Her eyes widened as she tried to act, but just like before, she wasn't fast enough.


Shido's eyes widened before his body fell to the ground, making Mio stare in horror as just like before, he was killed right in front her, and powerless to stop it. However, there was something different this time.

When she had sent her mind to the past, there was something she hadn't known...

Westcott's eyes widened.

"Ellen, stop her!" Westcott shouted.

Ellen flew at Mio, wearing a slightly damaged Pendragon, and prepared to attack the Spirit of Origin. However, she would arrive too late, as Mio's gate to the past would make her vanish from the current axis of time they stood on.

Westcott growled a bit, only to see something he hadn't when she disappeared, not only did she vanish... the Sephira Crystals had as well. They, or rather their power, had followed her to the past!

The Sephira Crystals were part of her, so by sending herself to the past, they had followed her without Mio any the wiser, so when she had sent her consciousness to the past, to a point before they had ever been created? She didn't just transfer her consciousness back to her younger body.

"Mu... Shido."

"From now on, I'll be by your side."

"I will never give up."

"Big brother!"

"Thank you, Shido... I... just the time I was with you... I was truly happy..."

"As expected of my other half!"

"Rebuttal. Much has been learned from our 99 battles."


"Because I've met you... I'm no longer an existence that was born to disappear."

"I can't have such an embarrassing appearance."

"You don't remember?"

"The truth is... I've never fallen in love with anything but 2D."

"Barring family, none may lay a finger on my hair."

She felt it, all the girls she gave the Crystals to, and the two Spirits born is an incomplete version of her own creation? They all transferred with her, because part of them had stayed within the Sephira Crystals. Mio felt all of their memories, including their sadness, pain, fear, and anger... including everything that was the result of her own actions.

Normally, this wouldn't matter to her, as having lost Shido so long ago had made her quite jaded, melancholic, and desperate to do anything to get him back, but now? For some reason that wasn't the case, all because of a second reason Kurumi never used Yud Bet and Vav together.

'M-my... head... it's-' She thought.

When she used Vav, her mentality mattered because of the overlaying of the younger mind with the older one's memories, if Kurumi were to go back too far in time before using Vav, then that younger mentality would gain the older one's memories. Because she was at the point before Shido's death had jaded her?

For the first time, she understood the true morality of her actions, something that Shido's death would not, or rather could not let her understand... just how horrible her actions in the 30 years following this day had been.

'...What have I done!?' Mio realized.

It was at that moment, that it all finally sunk in, and she finally realized... nothing that she did aside from reviving Shido had been justified. As the sadness of the truth hit her, and the anger of seeing Shido die again not once, but twice in only a short period echoed in her mind, she screamed loudly.

Westcott looked in awe as her power fully awakened, being the equivalent of her entering the Inverse Form he currently had yet to relearn of, the power that represented his dream to replace the world with the Spirit Dimension, his world for only mages.

"Yes, this is it!" Westcott stated.

Mio quickly picked up Shido's dead body, and soon looked at Westcott with a distant, glass look in her eyes.

- (*Attack on Titan - Omake Pfadlib*) -

"Now, time to capture-" Westcott stated.

Suddenly, before Westcott could even react, instead of running away, she rushed at the forces he had brought... instantly destroying them with Kotori's flames. The DEM chairman turned in shock, confused at how she used such an ability.

'What? How does she have an ability like-' Westcott wondered.

"MANA!" Mio screamed.

At that moment, the Spirit of Origin teleported to another location, and using the brief moment she had, she kissed his deceased form. Like she had 30 years ago, his body turned into light and absorbed itself into her, intending to give Shido back his lost life once again.

Before that, she breathed as it began to rain, part of Yoshino's powers reacting to her sadness and tears, then looked towards the nearest DEM facility she could spot from the distance... she knew what she had to do.

"Mana, this time... I'm going to do what I should have done, rescue you from that monster." Mio said quietly.

She screamed before rushing off again, and one by one, she raced towards the DEM building in her sights. As the members detected her presence, they quickly dispatched their defenses to stop her, and then capture her on Westcott's orders.

However, it was a fool's errand, using the memories of the Spirits from the future, she managed to use some of their buildings against their defenses and forces, easily crushing everything in her way. While she didn't have all their powers, or their advanced techniques, such as some of Kurumi's stronger time manipulation powers, she still managed to overwhelm and leave each DEM building across the world in ruins!

"How dare you... HOW DARE YOU!" She shrieked.

She continued to scream, yell, cry and rampage through each building, until eventually she found the right one. Inside, she noticed an unconscious Mana hooked into a pod, and noticed she had yet to be put through the procedures that shortened her lifespan in the old timeline.

Mio forced the machine open, and soon looked at Mana, crying as she rubbed her cheek, sobbing as if to beg for forgiveness.

"I'm so sorry, for what I've done, what I didn't do, what I couldn't stop... and I asked you to forgive me for what I'm about to do." Mio begged.

Mio leaned towards Mana, and soon enough, her form turned to light in the same was as Shido's had. With her mission done, realizing Westcott was likely somewhere she couldn't find to just end him now and be done with it, not to mention feeling physically and emotionally drained from her rampage... Mio teleported away from the final DEM facility.

Mio found herself back at the home that she, Shido, and Mana all once shared, sobbing as she ignored the TV broadcast about the DEM attack she unintentionally turned on when she sat on the bed.

"-No one can figure out what happened to the DEM facilities across the world, but what we do know is that the current chairman, Isaac Westcott, has stated that he's confident that they'll recovery, and is happy to announce despite the devastation, no one was actually killed." The reported stated.

Mio eventually shed every tear she could, and soon looked up at the wall she was looking towards.

"...Shin, all of done, I can never be forgiven." She told herself.

She wiped her tears, and soon used her powers to forge a note, leaving behind a message for the landlord, one that would make him think a kidnapper had taken all three of them hostage, and stole everything inside.

After that, she left the apartment, and began wandering until she found the crater that would eventually become Tenguu City in a few years.

"I don't know how things will go if too much changes, I have to keep this same path, but..." Mio cried.

She sniffled, wiping her tears ago.

"This time, I won't make innocent people suffer, and I won't do this all for my selfishness... after all I've done, I don't deserve that." She said solemnly.

From there, Mio began her first step on a similar path to the one she walked long before, but this time, she intended to change things. Now that she fully understood the consequences behind her actions, she would at least make sure the things she couldn't change weren't as bad, and most of all...

She wouldn't let the girls she dragged into her selfishness be lost in despair, she would give them some kind of hope, no matter how minor she was able to.

"I will not let Westcott succeed, Shin... that's the only way I can atone for my sins."

Mio looked up at the sky, and shed the only tears left in her eyes before looking back down, and holding her hands out... creating a familiar set of colored spherical gems once more, all while holding Mana's locket in her hands.

- (*insert song end*) -

"You'll all get another life to live, one that won't be ruined as a result of my selfishness..." She whispered.

*Date A Live - Save My Heart plays*

(*high pitched violin playing*) The sight of Zafkiel's clock, missing its "VI" and "XII" as it turns counterclockwise, the scenery changing behind it.

[I've done terrible things, and once I had no regrets, but after losing everything and giving myself a second chance... now I regret everything. There's no way to amend what I've done, so all I can do is try to atone, for the rest of my life. With this second chance, I've removed all the pain I could, prevented the wounds and scars I inflicted once before, and did my best to try and give a happier ending for everyone. All the while, punish myself, because of all I did for the sake of love...]

Soon, the scenery stops as Zafkiel's clock breaks, revealing the backside of a silver-haired girl behind it, her hair blowing in the wind.

[...This is my story, the tale of "Another A Live."]

(*higher pitched violin playing*) The silver-haired girl turns at that moment, showing her crying face, one that was still shedding tears.

(In my monochrome days that have already come and pass...) Mio walks through various environments, various weathers and scenery showing themselves as she passed through them without a care, a downcast look on her face as her head focused towards the ground.
(You suddenly appeared right before my very eyes...) Shido appears in front of her, and she sheds tears as she runs forward, phasing through the illusion that he was, invisible chains with the words "guilty", "selfishness", "suffering", and "misery" wrapped around her arms and legs.
(The air was blowing so cold before...) Reine looks at her from afar, looking said at the sight before her, only for someone to walk near her, making her smile as she sees them give a nod of assurance to her.
(But now, the wind's warmth has suddenly changed!) Mio walks into Raizen High, trying to pass by Shido's classroom, only for her to see her come from behind, with Tohka and Origami offering a hand to her. While a bit scared, she decides to take it.

(I wanted to talk with you so much, I felt my heart burst.) Kotori skips across the sidewalks of Tenguu City, turning around and giving a wink with an open-mouthed smile, surprising Mio as it aimed at her.
(And yet, beyond those many unsaid words...) She turned to see Kurumi put a hand on her shoulder, passing by her, and leaving a familiar teddy bear in her hands before Mio hugged it close to her chest.
(I really wanted to convey my feelings towards you.) Mio held Mana's locket in her hand, and soon threw it forward, causing it to fly across the sky.
(But why didn't I know how I felt?) The locket eventually landed in Mana's hands, and she opened it to see the picture inside, but now filled with color, she smiled as she threw another locket to Mio, showing Shido, Mana, and herself in this one.

(I've passed so many people before...) Mio stared at each other directly, the wind blowing across them.
(But there's something special about you...) The sight of all the dead bodies, and the actions she took to make them, overwhelmed Mio, and she began to cry as the image of each of Shido's deaths flashed near the end of it.
(That's when I realized I empty had been.) At that moment, Mio began to run away, but...
(And the feelings that came from you!) She felt Shido grab her, pulling her into a hug before she finally gave in, and shed all the tears she had unknowingly held for years due to the guilt she made herself bear.

(Can you, feel me?) Mio stood up with a smile, before taking off into the sky.
(Do you understand, I think you might be the one!) Mio flew in front of the sky, with Tohka, Yoshino, Kurumi and Kotori following. The colored apparitions of the remaining Spirits appearing behind them after Kotori flew by.
(You woke me up from my slumber, and warmed me up inside.) Mio lands on the ground, looking confused as she tried to find someone.
(Just like a prince from the fairy tales I admire as a kid!) A tap of her shoulder makes her look behind her, where Tohka stood smiling, both Kotori and Kurumi on each of her sides, doing the same. Mio closed her eyes and did the same upon seeing it.

(Please touch me, life felt hard, but not when I'm with you...) A dark cloud forms as Westcott, Ellen and other members of the DEM appear in it, terrifying Mio as they stared at her, and making her take a few steps back.
(The door has opened up, now I beg you... let me through!) Shido lands by her side, holding Sandalphon in his hands as he turned towards her, making her smile as she put her hands on top of his.
(Even if my tears try to separate us, don't give up on me, so I beg you-) They raised the Angel together, both giving a determined look as they swung it down, creating a bright light that clashed with the shadowy cloud.
(Please save my heart!) Mio appeared in a room, sitting on Shido's lap as she laid against him, holding her teddy bear close to her heart.

(*high pitched violin playing*) From Mio's body, ten differently colored light flew out, slowly finding a structure based on the Sephirot, and each hitting their respective spot to show the Spirit that represented it. When all of them had, she appeared in a hidden spot showing her own before she jumped down, joining Shido's side as the two smiled for a camera picture together.


Shido groaned as he felt Kotori standing on top of him, dancing as she attempted to get him out of bed. His attempts to ignore it quickly began to fade as she started to drive his patience to its limits.

"Kotori... darling little sister of mine?" Shido asked.

This got Kotori's attention as she briefly stopped moving.

"What is it, darling big brother of mine?" Kotori inquired, smiling the whole time.

"GET OFF ME, YOU'RE TOO BIG!" He shouted.

Right at that moment, Kotori suddenly jumped into the air, giving a slight peak at her white and pink striped panties giving him a drop kick to the gut! Shido gasped at the pain of the blow, with Kotori giggling at his reaction.

"Sorry, did that hurt? I bet you're awake though." Kotori smiled.

It took only a few seconds after Shido gave her the stink eye that he just went back under the covers, making Kotori gasp as she tried to just outright yank him out of bed with her arms.

"Hey, don't just go right back to sleep! Wake up! Come on sleepyhead, wake up!" Kotori shouted, still pulling on him.

"Listen to me Kotori, runaway..." The boy said.

Kotori looked at her big brother with a confused expression, wondering why he'd say that.

"Run away, but why?" Kotori questioned, slightly worried.

"Because... I've contracted the mysterious "Ten more minutes of sleep, or else my sister goes to tickle hell" virus, often referred to as the T-Virus for short." He answered.

Kotori suddenly stops pulling and steps back, suddenly feeling frightened as her lower eye area became shadowed.

"What? You've got what!?" Kotori yelled fearfully.

"Runaway Kotori, run! While I can still control myself!" The boy moaned.

"But wait, what's gonna happen to you bro?" Kotori asked.

Shido's body shook a bit, the lights suddenly dimming to Kotori's further worry, starting to scare her.

"As long as you're safe, it doesn't matter what happens to me..." Shido answered.

Shido's body began shaking more, making Kotori's legs shake.

"Run away!" He begged.

"No, I can't... I can't leave you!" Kotori shouted.

At that moment, Shido suddenly got up, with his upper face suddenly black, one of his eyes glowing white, and then he shouted like a monster! Kotori screamed in fear before running out of the room, and heading downstairs.

Shido's head slowly turns at her retreating form, and the lights come back on before he makes his face look normal again.

"OK, that's much better." Shido smiled.

Realizing that little trick shrugged off his fatigue, he chuckled at himself.

"Well, guess I'm awake now."

He quickly got dressed and went downstairs, and as walked into the living room/kitchen, he noticed Kotori's hair sticking from part of the couch, showing she was still hiding from him due to his earlier joke.

"I don't wanna go to tickle hell, someone help me!" Kotori whimpered.

Shido give a cat smile, and quickly crawled over to the couch, slowly moving up until he shouts, giving Kotori a jump scare, and freaking her out even more as she rushed forward, only to accidentally corner herself against the wall.

"It's me! Calm down, it's only me." Shido chuckled.

"A-are... are you sure?" Kotori whimpered.

Shido playfully saluted at that.

"Yes, I am much good friend to you. Yes, I am Kotori big brother." Shido replied in a deep voice.

After hearing that, Kotori calmed down a bit, smiling as she forgot about Shido's little prank.

Shido was soon in the kitchen, cooking up breakfast for the both of them, with Kotori watching the news while she waited.

"A Spacequake was recorded earlier this morning by the center of Tenguu City. There was only slight damage, with no casualties among residents in the area. As usual, investigations are still failing to determine the case of these quakes, and the related geographical locations." The reported announced.

"Again, it sounded close too." Shido commented.

"It was..." Kotori answered.

Shido grabs a few ingredients out of the fridge, showing bacon and pancake mix to Kotori, his sister points at the former, causing Shido to start cooking it as she put a Chupa Chups lollipop in her mouth.

"You know, it's weird, there's been a lot of them around here lately, haven't there?" Shido mentioned.

"You're telling me." Kotori remarked.

She scrunched her face up slightly, realizing what this meant.

'And that means... it won't be long before Tohka shows up.' Kotori thought.

Shido soon noticed something.


Kotori gasped as Shido zoomed in front of her.

"No sweets!" Shido stated.

Shido tried to pull the lollipop out, but Kotori's teeth had a death grip on it, eventually making him give up as he sighed.

"Just make sure you eat breakfast, OK?" Shido asked.

"OK big bro, I love you!" Kotori agreed.

The two stopped near Danny's on the way to school, the diner being located right at the crossroad path between Raizen Junior High, and Raizen High Schools.

"OK, so after school, I'll be waiting for you right here in front of the restaurant." Kotori stated.

"Sounds good." Shido remarked.

"And don't break your promise, no matter what happens! If it's still possible eat here, then we are going inside and eating, no matter what!" Kotori exclaimed with excitement.

Shido chuckled before petting her on the head.

"Right, I promise." Shido agreed.

Kotori closed her eyes, smiling a bit as a few faces looked at the sight.

"Be careful on your way to school." He added.

Eventually, out of the faces looking at him, a trio of girls had its blonde-haired member speak up.

"Hey, isn't that Shido Itsuka." Ai asked.

"Do they seem too close to you? Cause I've heard he's got a weird sister complex." Mai questioned.

"If that's true, then that's gross." Mii stated.

While the two was talking, the sound of someone banging into a metal poll distracts them, causing them to turn as they saw a girl with long white hair hold her bruised forehead, wincing from the slight pain.

"Ow... I thought this only happened in anime." She whimpered.

She briefly looked at Shido before heading off to Raizen High, and causing Mai to look at Ai who was still staring her way.

"Hey, wasn't that girl..." Mai asked.

"Yeah, that was definitely the super genius over there." Ai answered.

"Guess she has no grace." Mii commented.

As she walked along, the white-haired girl looked back at Shido briefly with a slight smile.

'It's really him, after all this time, I didn't think I'd ever get to see him again.' She thought.

Soon enough, Shido had made it to Class 2-4 of Raizen High, his homeroom class for the school year. Currently, he was listening to Hiroto babble about his virtual girlfriend as a familiar white-haired girl walked over to him.

"This particular app is groovy because she lives in your-" Hiroto mentioned.

"Um, excuse me, you're Shido Itsuka, right?" The girl interrupted.

The two turned to see her looking at them, her face blushing a bit once Shido's gaze met her own. While both were completely unaware of it, Shido and Origami had finally met again in the new timeline.

"Who, me?" Shido inquired.

Origami nodded, putting a hand to her ear as she tried to calm her nerves slightly.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Shido asked.

"I guess you don't remember, I guess I can't blame you." Origami answered.

Shido blinked at that.

"So, we've met before?" Shido asked.

"Yeah, about 5 years ago... it was fairly brief, but you and I met during the Tenguu Fire." Origami answered.

Shido's eyes briefly widened at that, as it answered why she knew him, but not the other way around.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but truth is I lost some of my memories of that day, so if we met... I can't really remember." Shido replied.

"I-It's OK, I guess we didn't really know each other, it was..." Origami answered.

Origami bowed to him, confusing some of the class.

"You... you saved my parents lives, and I never got the chance to thank you, so... thank you!" Origami thanked.

"I did?" Shido replied.

Origami nodded again, moving her hands near her chest.

"I was running around, looking for them during the fire, and when I did... something fell from the sky, and I panicked thinking that I'd lose them. You saw it happening, and pushed them away in time, but you disappeared before I ever got the chance to thank you. When I saw we'd be attending the same High School, I was so happy because I finally had the chance to tell you how happy I was for saving my parents lives." She explained.

At that moment, some of their classmates began to tear up from Origami's heartwarming story, while Shido was a bit surprised, that actually did sound like him, so he had little reason to believe she was lying to him.

"That sounds like me, so... I guess I should say you're welcome." Shido responded.

At that moment, Shido realized he didn't know this girl's name.

"Oh, where are my manners, I still haven't gotten your name." Shido stated.

"Wait, seriously, how do you not know who she is?" Hiroto questioned.

Origami had a slight sweat drop towards Hiroto as Shido gave a look of confusion.

"Uh... am I supposed to know her?" Shido asked.

"Of course you are, that's Origami Tobiichi, the one they call the super genius! She always has some of the best grades of our class, she's ridiculous at sports, totally gorgeous, and on the school's list of: "Girls that I'd like as my Girlfriend" list, she's never left the Top 3." Hiroto explained.

"...And she's still standing right here, able to hear everything you're saying." Origami mentioned, a sweat drop on her cheek.

Hiroto froze up at that, while the so-called super genius chuckled awkwardly.

"I'm... gonna go... sit down now, yeah."

At that moment, the school bell went off, and everyone took their seats as their homeroom teacher for the year came in.

As the school day ended, and Hiroto indirectly insulted Shido, a familiar alarm suddenly went off, catching everyone's attention.


"A Spacequake?" Origami said in surprise.

"Another one, already?" Hiroto remarked.

"We need to evacuate, the shelter near the school should be safe enough." Shido stated.

Everyone began standing up as their teacher slide into the room.

"Quick, everyone stay with your class, let's get to shelter quickly!" Tamae shouted.

Outside, various buildings and locations began to either shift underground where they'd stay until the danger passed, or act as a mode of transportation into the special Spacequake shelters, allowing everyone to get in without crowding causing any complications.

Meanwhile in the school itself, all the students began heading to the shelter, a moving road being used to help speed things along without accidental shoving or related movements knocking people other in the rush.

"Everyone please calm down, and don't forget your three D's! Don't push, don't run, don't wait around!" Tamae exclaimed.

"You might wanna take it down a notch." Hiroto mentioned.

"Of course, I'm sorry." Tamae apologized.

As they were, heading to the shelters, Shido took out his phone, and tried calling Kotori to see how evacuation was going for her, wanting to make sure she was OK before anything else. After it rang for a bit...

『 We're sorry, the number you're trying to reach is currently not available. 』

"Crap, she must be at a shelter with bad reception." Shido groaned.

He decided to check her GPS location, knowing that wouldn't be impeded the same way a call would. Unfortunately, the moment he did, he could only gasp in horror as her phone's location stated she was at... Danny's!

"Why is she there? Don't tell me..."

"And don't break your promise, no matter what happens! If it's still possible eat here, then we are going inside and eating, no matter what!" Kotori's voice echoed.

'Kotori... no!'

Shido suddenly ran off to the surprise of many students, and Tamae who tried to call him to come back, noticing this, Origami silently followed him. As he ran outside, he noticed the now deserted city as he tried to quickly spot Danny's.

"OK bro, I love you!"

"Why?" Shido questioned.

"Thank you so much, bro!"

"Why did she not just take shelter!?" Shido questioned again.

He kept running, using every second he had before the quake went off, being unable to notice any signs of rippling to determine where it would go off. Warning signs filled the streets, only adding to the reality of his situation.

"Please... don't let me be too late, Kotori!" Shido shouted.

At that moment, he turned a corner, only for his eyes to widen in horror at the sight of the Spacequake's ripple finally collapsing, causing the dark energy that was a Spacequake to spread out towards him.

"Shido, look out!"

Shido turned to see Origami jump at him, knocking him to the ground as a wave of smoke flew towards them. The quake's explosion faded as quickly as it had come, and luckily for the both of them, neither was caught in the blast radius, keeping them both alive.

After the dust settled, Origami got off of Shido, looking at him worriedly.

"Shido, why'd you suddenly run off like that, you could have died!" Origami shouted.

"I couldn't just leave my sister to die, my phone said she was waiting by the restaurant we promised to go to after school!" Shido replied.

Origami showed some surprise at that.

"She did what?" She questioned.

However, before anything else could be said, Origami noticed Shido staring in shock at something, causing her to turn around and look in the same direction. It only took a few moments before she realized what he was seeing.

- (*Date A Live - Seirei*) -

Standing in the epicenter of the Spacequake was the sight of a girl with purple hair tied up in a ponytail by a ribbon styled like a butterfly, one of her legs rested up against some kind of throne. She was wearing what looked like a princess gown, mixed with knight armor, giving her the appearance of a warrior princess.

While currently lacking the name he'd eventually give her only a week after today, Tohka had finally reunited with Shido and Origami, though this time, it was her first meeting with the latter.

"It's... a girl..." Origami whispered.

Taking a look at the situation, Origami knew by her position, she wouldn't have survived the Spacequake if she had been standing there, and with the unique outfit she was wearing, it didn't seem like she was a regular human either. Not to mention that parts of the outfit looked like they were made of light, further showcasing this girl's otherworldly nature.

Tohka slowly turned to face the two of them, with her eyes directly meeting with Shido's, and in that moment, a sword handle jutted out of the throne. She gripped it, and pulled out a strange looking sword that looked like it was meant to be used by both hands, but she was able to hold with just one. She jumped up, and with a single slash, she created a wave of purple energy that purposely missed them.

"No way..." Shido breathed, looking at the new gouge in the ground.

"...What's your name?"

Shido suddenly turned back, seeing Tohka standing in front of him, and pointing her sword at his face. He quickly fell to the ground, and she neared his sword towards him once again, her expression unchanging.

"What?" Shido asked.

"Answer the question, if you don't, then... I'll have to assume you're trying to do the same as them." Tohka demanded.

Shido's shook a bit.

"Do... what exactly?" Shido asked.

Tohka glared, not happy he was dodging her prior question.

"...I see, so it's true, you're here to kill me." Tohka stated.

Shido and Origami gasped at that.

"No wait, m-my name's Shido, I'm not here to kill you... I couldn't kill anyone!" Shido answered.

Tohka's eyes widened at that name.

"The people wearing that armor, they'll be intending to kill you, so do defend yourself at all costs, but... don't kill them or you'll be no different from them."

"If they aren't, ask them to tell you their name, if they answer, then they aren't trying to kill you."

"However, this third instance is the most important one, if someone tells you their name is Shido Itsuka, then he..."

Tohka's hand trembled a bit, shaking a bit.

"Uh, are... you OK?" Origami asked.

Before Tohka could answer that, she turned as she noticed a familiar group of people, better known as the AST. They quickly began firing at the Spirit, making her turn as she held up a hand, forming a barrier to block the incoming fire.

"Why do they not understand the futility of their attacks?" Tohka questioned.

Soon, the missiles began to crush themselves, and they exploded into a large purple sphere of energy, blinding the two behind her as they started to lose consciousness. Before they knew it... both of them had blacked out.

After a bit of time passed, Shido suddenly felt himself regaining consciousness, but he couldn't get his eyes to open up.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Shido asked.

"This time, I won't make innocent people suffer, and I won't do this all for my selfishness..."

"Huh, who are you, what do you mean?" Shido asked.

Unfortunately, Shido would never get his answer as he started to regain consciousness, and once he did, he noticed a light shining in his eye. Once she saw he had woken up, the light turned off as the person holding it looked at him, revealing it was Reine, but for some reason... she didn't have dark spots under her eyes.

"Thank goodness, you've finally woken up." Reine smiled.

"Huh, who are you?" Shido asked.

"My name is Reine Murasame, I'd prefer you call me by my first name, I'm the head analyst here." Reine answered.

Shido showed confusion at that.

"An analyst, then... where am I exactly?" Shido asked.

"This is the Fraxinus' sick bay, you and your friend were knocked unconscious during the battle between the AST and that Spirit, so we brought you both here for your own safety." Reine explained.

Shido blinked for a bit, trying to remember what happened.

"Oh yeah, I saw that girl, and then..." Shido recalled.

He gasped, realizing he had forgotten about Kotori before now, but before he could ask about it...

"Your sister's fine, don't worry." Reine answered.

"Wait, what? How'd you know I was gonna ask that?" Shido wondered.

Reine sighed, looking at him.

"I guess it wouldn't be wrong to say we're partly responsible for making you believe your sister was out in the open like that, she was never at the restaurant like your phone's GPS stated." Reine answered.

"Huh?" Shido blinked.

"I'm assuming you want some sort of explanation, but I'm not the best person for that, you should ask the Commander for those details." Reine replied.

At that moment, Origami walked into the room, seeing Shido was awake, making her smile in relief.

"Oh, Shido! Thank goodness..." She breathed.

"Origami, why don't you lead Shido to the Commander for me? There's something I need to finish before I can do so." Reine requested.

"Sure thing." Origami agreed.

She turned towards Shido, chuckling awkwardly as he took his hand to start leading him towards the bridge.

"You're gonna be pretty shocked by what you see, Shido." Origami stated.

Once both of them left the room, Reine stared at the door for a moment, and then looked towards a certain spot in the med bay.

"You can come out now, he's left." Reine stated.

"Thank you."

A picture hanging on the wall suddenly turns into light, slowly changing itself into none other than... Mio!

"...It's finally starting again, after 30 years, the race to save the Spirits has happened once more." Mio commented.

"Will you be alright?" Reine asked.

Mio held the bear that was so dear to her close, and unlike before, it was as brand new as the day Shido had won it for her. Taking a deep breath, she looked at Reine...

"It doesn't matter, because what needs to be done is keeping the world safe from my selfishness 30 years ago, what matters is will I be able to succeed or not." She answered.

Shido and Origami were seen walking across the halls as the former pondered over what his sister, who was somehow the Commander of the ship, about the Spirits, and the AST that was hunting them down, topped with how he could help them by somehow being able to seal their powers away.

"...I still can't wrap my head around all of this." Shido mentioned to himself.

Origami soon turned to Shido, and stopped for a bit.

"Hey, Shido..." She spoke.

"Huh, what is it, Origami?" Shido asked.

"About what I told you in class today, well, there was a part of it I lied about... no, more like a part of it I had to lie about, one that might fit into all of this." Origami answered.

This got Shido's attention.

"What, seriously? Then... what is it?" Shido asked.

"Remember when I said something fell from the sky? Well..." Origami explained.

Origami looked as above her parents, some glowing figure was seen, one that released some kind of beam that shaped itself like a blade of light. She gasped in fear before the sight of Shido rushing by, pushing them out of the way just in time, while barely avoiding it himself.

She looked at the spot on the ground where the attack had struck, which had left a mark in the form of ash, not unlike the same ash markings left when a cover was placed over an explosion. The being from above disappeared, almost as if something retconned it from existence.

"Wait, seriously?" Shido said in shock.

Origami nodded.

"I'm sure of it, that had to have been a Spirit, and the Tenguu Fire? No one ever managed to confirm what caused it, almost as if something just burned the area while it was there, yet at the same time... when the fire happened, you and my parents were the only people I even saw, almost like it happened when almost no one could have caught in it." Origami replied.

"So, there could have been two Spirits that day?" Shido asked.

"That's one possibility." She agreed.

Origami places a hand on her chin as she did a little more thinking.

"Not to mention, things like rain without any clouds, hurricanes that form and vanish in an instant, and then what we saw that girl do... what if those are all caused by Spirits? Possibly because they're confused about this world, one they don't understand."

Shido pondered that himself, Tohka could have easily attacked killed him, but instead... he just asked him his name.

"Hey, wait a second, didn't that girl seem surprised when I said my name?" Shido mentioned.

"Actually, I noticed that too, and that might be why Kotori said what she did." Origami agreed.

The two kept thinking on it, but knowing there was only so much they could analyze with what they knew now, they decided to just return home for the day, hoping tomorrow might lead to some of the answers they were seeking.

In another realm, the sight of Tohka sleeping was seen, wearing a dress made of light as she rested on the ground.

"That boy... was it really him?" She said, talking in her sleep.

Her eyes briefly opened, wondering about the boy who revealed himself as Shido, and soon they closed again as her slumber in the mysterious world resumed itself.

~The Next day, April 11th

Shido soon came to class like usual, with Origami already present in the seat to the left of his. After he sat down, Tamae walked into class, looking a bit excited as if she had some good news to share.

"Hello everyone, are you enjoying your second day?" Tamae asked.

It was no surprise no one wanted to answer, considering their first day started with a Spacequake. Realizing that was a bad choice of words, she cleared her throat, hoping what she was about to say would clear the air.

"Well, I am, because today we have a brand-new homeroom assistant teacher!" Tamae smiled.

At that moment, everyone suddenly noticed said teacher, as if she had just popped into the room. Shido and Origami showed shock, quickly realizing it was none other than Reine standing before them. She was wearing a white lab coat, a pink top with a purple skirt, black stockings, and bear slippers. Around her neck was necklace with a ring on it, which if not just for show, represented Reine was a widow.

"I'm Reine Murasame, and I'm excited to be here." Reine greeted.

'Why's she here?' Shido wondered.

"Alright then, with that out of the way, let's begin-" Tamae smiled.

Reine cleared her throat, getting her attention.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Ms. Okamine?" Reine implied.

Tamae blinked for a few seconds, and then her eyes widened as she realized what she forgot.

"Oh, I can't believe I forgot that!" Tamae shouted.

Tamae cleared her throat, soon raising a finger into the air.

"Are you ready for a surprise? We have a transfer student joining our class today!" Tamae cheered.

Most of the students were surprised at that, while getting a new student was surprise regardless of any point in the school year, but to get one as early as the second day? That was an even bigger surprise.

"OK, come on in." Tamae cued.

At that moment, the door opened up, and the new student revealed herself as she walked in. Most of the boys suddenly stared at the beauty before them, and she turned to let the class take a good look at her before she finally revealed her name.

"Hello everyone, my name is Mio Takamiya."

And there it is, that last scene is the true divergence point between the two timelines, because Mio herself is going to be directly involved... or is it she's directly involved as herself, rather than Reine? *shrugs* I have no idea. Either way, with Mio around since the very start of the story, canon is now officially derailed for the new timeline that Mio's created.

The first thing I think most of you will noticed when you reach this point is that Mio and Reine both exist, at the same time. Why this is the case is something I can't reveal until next chapter, but what I can say is that it partially relates to how Mio's integrating as a Human. From that point on, everything else about Reine is a big spoiler for the story.

Meanwhile, we've already got a few ideas of some of the changes that Mio's made after reliving the past 30 years. If you don't count her saving Mana since I actually showed it happening, we have Kotori who apparently already knows a bit about Tohka, Origami isn't with the AST, and then there's Tohka herself, who apparently was told something, and to watch out for anyone who revealed their name was Shido... just what will this new timeline bring?

Until next time everyone, and stay awesome! ^^

Here are the timeline alterations revealed in this chapter, just to make sure you didn't miss any of them.

~ Mana was rescued from the DEM, her current whereabouts in the present are unknown
~ Kotori is already aware of Tohka's existence
~ Origami's parents are still alive
~ Mio has not given Origami the Metatron Crystal yet
~ Reine and Mio are separate entities
~ Tohka learned Shido's name from Mio, telling her it'll be important one day