Chapter 10

Talon (Derek)

Talon's POV

"You want me to what?!" I growled.

"Just watch Alex for a bit. He's a good kid." Elisa said.

I frowned.

"It's just a few hours. I wouldn't be asking if I could do it myself." She told me.

"Ugh, fine." I sighed.

Alex yawned and woke up. He blinked sleepily before seeing Elisa. He reached out to her. She nuzzled him.

"Hey, Alex, this is my brother, Derek. He's gonna watch you for a bit." Elisa pointed.

He turned his head and looked at me. He smiled. Elisa handed him to me along with the diaper bag. Alex waved goodbye then she left. I took him to my room. Maggie was there.

"My sister dropped off Xanatos' kid." I told her.

"I thought they had a butler." Maggie asked.

"I don't know what exactly is going on, but Elisa said it would only be a few hours." I shrugged.

We turned the TV on and watched cartoons with him for a bit. Then he needed his diaper changed. After that, Maggie fed him a snack. Then he wanted to be held. Alex liked our fur and rubbed his face on us when given the chance. I found a plastic toy in the bag and let him chew on it. We played a few games before Elisa came to get him.

"Did you have fun, Alex?" She asked.

Alex burbled happily.

"He was well behaved." Maggie told her.

"Here's the bag." I gave it back to Elisa.

"Well, I have to get him home. I'll come back soon. Say bye bye." Elisa told him. Alex waved at us.

"Bye, see you later." We waved as they left.

Talon's POV End