Chapter 12

Brooklyn (Post-TimeDance)

Brooklyn's POV

I walked into Alex's nursery. Alex cooed at me. Owen was there as well. He seemed more intrigued by my visit than anything else.

"Hey, buddy, I missed you." I picked him up.

Alex nuzzled my face.

"I was about to read to him his bedtime story." Owen told me.

"That's fine. I just want to hold him." I said.

"What do you think, Alexander? Do you want Brooklyn to stay for story time?" Owen asked.

Alex squealed in delight, waving his arms.

Owen read him a story. I rocked Alex in my arms. Alex yawned. He was getting sleepy by the end. I put him back in his crib. We said goodnight to him and left.

"You're much better with babies now, Brooklyn." Owen commented.

"Yeah, I guess I am." I smiled.

Brooklyn's POV End