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[April 11th, 2021 - Week Two, Day Four]

Natalya awoke that morning with determination filling her mind and body. Today she had a mission and No. Matter. What. She would complete her mission and eliminate a certain vile bitch! Natalya then got out of bed and headed for her bathroom to get ready for the day. After showering and getting dressed, Natalya stared at her reflection in the mirror as she began to brush her hair.

'Today is the day I finally make that vile bitch pay for the atrocities that she has committed' she thinks to herself as she finishes brushing her hair before giving her reflection a dark smile. She then turns away from her mirror and steps out of her bathroom and into her bedroom where she grabs her bag. She then makes her way downstairs and out of her house, locking the door behind her before setting off down the street to meet Alfred so they can walk to school together. The day is just like the last couple of days, warm and sunny, the complete opposite of Natalya's current mood. As she walks forward, she goes over her plan once more in her head, planning what to do in case certain obstacles get in the way. As she gets lost in her planning she almost runs into Alfred catching herself at the last second.

"Whoa, Nat, you okay?" Alfred asks concern clear in his eyes as Natalya clears her head and snaps to attention.

"Yes, i'm fine Alfie" she says as she nods her head, "Just distracted this morning" she adds as Alfred smiles at her.

"That's good, glad to hear my sidekick is doing well" Alfred replies still smiling as Natalya takes in his perfectness. His sunny blonde hair, his sky blue eyes, his glasses which she finds so sexy on him and that cute yet stubborn cowlick that won't stay down. Her musings were then cut short by a familiar giggle. Doing a one-eighty Natalya finds herself face to face with the vile bitch whose heart she wants to plunge a knife deep in. Multiple emotions flash through Natalya's eyes before settling on cool indifference. Although her insides are a spiraling fury of fire and death!

"Michelle, vhat a surprise" Natalya comments in a flat tone, "Vhat are you doing here?" she adds her flat expression becoming slightly curious and still masking her rage. Michelle simply smiles as she tilts her head to the right.

"Michelle showed up at my house this morning as she wanted to walk to school with us" Alfred says with a smile on his face.

"Yes" Michelle says with a nod of her head, "I wanted to walk to school with Alfred today and 'e told me zat you two always walk togezer so 'ere we are to pick you up as well" she adds as Natalya nods in understanding, still masking her fury that this vile abomination is intruding on her alone time with HER ALFIE! Instead of acting on her violent tendencies and stabbing the bitch right here and now, she takes a deep breath and allows a fake smile grace her face.

"Vell it's great to have you vith us this morning" Natalya replies retaining her smile and forcing her fury deep down within her.

"Zanks" Michelle replies also smiling fakely before both of them are pulled into a hug by Alfred.

"Aww, i'm so glad to see that you two are becoming the best of friends!" Alfred says as Michelle and Natalya's fake smiles grow larger as they both hug Alfred back which immediately infuriates Natalya due to the fact that Michelle is touching her beloved. After pulling away from the hug the three of them make their way to school with Natalya of all the ways she could gut the vile bitch on the other side of Alfred. Whilst stewing in her thoughts Natalya didn't even realize that they had already reached school with Alfred and Michelle conversing the whole way. Upon reaching school, Alfred turned to Natalya noticing that she is once again lost in thought. He reaches out with his right hand and gives her left shoulder a little shake.

"Hey Nat we're here" she says as she shakes her head and comes too, noticing that they have arrived.

"Right, thanks Alfie" Natalya replies with a nod.

"Wow, you're really out of it today" he replies with a slight look of concern, "Anything that the hero can help you with?" he asks with a friendly smile as Natalya smiles back at him.

"Vile I vould love that, I doubt you can help me vith my psychology paper since you're not taking that elective" Natayla replies sprinkling a little bit of truth into her lie as Alfred nods in understanding.

"Ahh right!" he agrees before smiling again, "Well even if I can't help you with the paper, I can still be there to offer moral support" He adds as Natalya smiles at him again before hugging him.

"Thank you, Alfie, you're my best friend" Natalya says as Alfred hugs her back.

"You're my best friend too Nat" he replies as Natalya looks over his left shoulder and smirks at a fuming Michelle who has her arms crossed.

"Just you vait bitch, you'll get yours" Natalya thinks to herself as she and Alfred pull away from their hug. Not wanting to be seen angry by Alfred, Michelle immediately places a fake smile on her face and moves towards the front gate into the school.

"Let's not be late for class" she says as walks through the front gate towards the front entrance with Alfred and Natalya following closely behind. As they all walk forward Natalya admires the numerous trees from all over the world lining the walkway towards the front doors including Canadian Maple trees, Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees, etc. Turning her thoughts away from the trees lining the walkway Natalya makes her way to the door with Alfred and Michelle following right behind her. The three quickly make their way to their classes with Michelle splitting off and heading to her own class but not before sending Alfred a friendly farewell which only ignited Natalya's fury even more. After arriving at class Alfred and Natalya took their seats and began to learn.

[Time Skip]

Morning classes flew by quite quickly as before Natalya knew it, it was already lunchtime. Standing up out of her seat, Natalya began to stretch her arms for she had been sitting for so long. After she was finished with that she turned to her left to see Alfred's smiling face.

"Hey, Nat, I got us lunch today" Alfred said holding up a large McDonalds bag as Natalya gives him a serious look.

"Did you get my fries?" she asks as Alfred's face takes on a similar serious expression.

"Of course I did Nat" he replies before they both break-out in laughter. After settling down the two make their out of the classroom where they find Toris and Felicks waiting for them. Immediately Natalya groans in annoyance at being in Toris' presence as Alfred and Toris begin glaring at one another as Felicks hangs in the back with a nervous expression on his face.

"What do you want Toris?" Alfred asks breaking the silence between them as he moves to stand in front of Natalya as she smiles lovingly at him from behind due to the fact that he is trying to protect her from the vile boy that has a crush on her. Toris sends Natalya a desperate look before turning to glare at Alfred.

"What. I. Want IS FOR YOU TO SAY AWAY FROM MISS NATALYA!" Toris exclaims in a determined tone as Natalya groans from behind Alfred and facepalms at Toris' stupidity as Toris continued his tyrade, "Your not good enough for her, you false hero!" he adds in a still agitated tone as Alfred gasps in shock as Natalya's eyes widen before she narrows her eyes sending Toris the most heated glare ever! If looks could kill Toris would be a million times dead. It is then that Natalya notices Alfred's shoulders shakes slightly letting her know that he is fighting back tears. she immediately clenches her right fist as fury laces through her bones. She would make him suffer!

"Toris!" Natalya exclaims catching the boy's attention.

"Yes, Miss Natalya?" he asks her as he gives her a hopeful look as she steps around Alfred and gives Toris a dark glare.

"I. Vill. Never. Love You!" Natalya annunciates clearly to plant her point clearly in the Lithuanian boy's head, "You are a pimple on the ass of the vorld's smallest amoeba, in my eyes You. Are NOTHING!" she exclaims getting up into his face, "Now get out of my sight before I chose to break something else besides your wrists" she says venom leaking from her tone as her eyes glare furious dagger of pure unbridled hatred Toris' way. Felicks quickly realizing the situation his friend was putting himself in, gently grabbed Toris by the shoulders and dragged the shell-shocked boy away as Natalya turned to Alfred concern appearing on her face as she wrapped her arm around him giving him a hug as he hugged her back.

"Don't listen to him Alfie, he only tells lies" she says as she tightens her grip on her beloved, "You are the greatest hero to ever exist, never forget that" she adds as she hears Alfred slightly sniffle.

"Thanks, Nat, your my best friend" Alfred replies.

"And you are mine" Natalya replies as she basks in this perfect moment. Only for it to be ruined a moment later by someone clearing their throat making the two of them pull away from their hug to come face to face with the fake smile of Michelle Bonnefoy who simply tilts her head to the right in curiosity whist still retaining her fake smile hiding her envy.

"Am I interrupting somezing?" she asks in a light yet curious tone as Natalya's insides begin to boil with fury.

"HOW DARE THIS VILE BITCH RUIN MY PRECIOUS MOMENT WITH MY ALFIE!" Natalya exclaims in her head, dark thoughts of vengeance already forming as Alfred quickly settles back into his usual cheery self.

"Hey Michelle, you already for lunch?" he asks her as her fake smile morphs into a real one as she stares at Alfred completely ignoring Natalya's presence as Natalya glares hatefully at her.

"Yep, I'm aaaallllll ready!" Michelle responds in a sing-song tone of voice as Natalya's ire towards her grows hotter! Clenching her right fist, Natalya takes a deep breath as she relaxes and unclenches her fist as a fake smile graces her face.

"I am as well" Natalya adds as Michelle and her lock eyes, daring the other to make the first move. They are quickly snapped out of their staredown as Alfred grabs both of their wrists and drags them to the roof. After reaching the roof, the trio quickly made their way to one of the benches to eat lunch together. It is at this point that Alfred sees Emil and Iiluuna coming towards them.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" he asks as Iilunna speaks up.

"I was wondering if I could speak to your for a second Natalya" she begins as a look of guarded curiosity appears on Natalya's face before Iiluuna continues, "Alone" she adds quickly noticing the darkness appear in Natalya's eyes causing her to smirk before turning to her boyfriend, "Emil you'll keep Alfred company whilst Natalya and I converse won't you?" she asks as Emil sends her a troubled look as she soothingly rubs her right hand up and down his left arm, "Don't worry we won't go far" she says as he gives her a nod.

"Good" he agrees as Iiluuna turns to Natalya.

"Come along Natalya, we won't be long" she says as Natalya slightly curious as to what the girl has to say stands up and turns to Alfred.

"I vill be right back" she says as Alfred gives her a nod in understanding before he and Emil begin a deep discussion as Michelle tries her hardest to insert herself into the conversation. Natalya follows Iiluuna a few feet out of ear-shot before pulling out one of her knives and holding it up to Iilunna's throat.

"VHY HAVE YOU INTERRUPTED MY ALFRED TIME?!" she exclaims, fury lacing her tone, "EXPLAIN YOURSELF BEFORE I GOUGE OUT YOUR THROAT!"" she adds as Iiluuna holds up in her hands in surrender whilst keeping a calm face.

"I'm not trying to interfere in your time with your beloved" she begins before smiling slightly, "I just wanted to offer my help" she adds as Natalya relaxes slightly and lowers her knife.

"Help?" Natalya asks with a look of curiosity on her face as she hides away her knife back up her right dress sleeve, "Vhat kind of help?" she adds as Iiluuna smirks.

"The kind that will help you in your quest to claim your beloved" Iilluna states as Natalya's eyes widen before they narrow as she crosses her arms.

"Then spit it the fuck out already" Natalya sneers as Iilunna chuckles slightly.

"From one yandere to another, I would like to offer my services in providing you with things Info-Kun can not" she says as Natalya's eyes widen slightly before narrowing again.

"How do you know i'm in contact vith him" Natalya asks as she uncrosses her arms and clenches her fists ready to extract one of her many knives.

"I didn't" Iilluna begins as Natalya feels herself fill with rage at being tricked by a girl younger than her. The only thing kepping her from attacking the girl is the fact that there are now witnesses as students begin filtering onto the roof. Iilunna ignoring Natalya's seething rage continues, "I assumed that he had contacted you after Amelia had arrived due to her closeness to Alfred and then when Michelle inserted herself into Alfred's life my assumption grew larger once her idiotic friends went missing" Iiluuna said with a smirk on her face as Natalya's rage cooled off into shock. Before she could say anything, Iiluuna continues, "I'm not implying you had anything to do with that, but if you did, you don't have to worry about me blabbing, after all I wish to help you in your goals not hinder" Iiluuna finishes as Natalya gives her a cool look.

"And just how are you able to help me in vays Info-Kun cannot?" Natalya asks as she once again crosses her arms.

"I can provide you with alibis should you need one" Iiluuna begins as she twirls a lock of her hair with her right index finger as a smirk graces her face, "I can also enlist Emil into helping me in keeping Alfred distracted whenever you need so that he doesn't see your more...unsavory actions" Iiluuna says as Natalya stares at the girl deep in thought, thinking over her offer and how helpful she could be.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Natalya asks keeping her tone level as Iiluuna smirks once more.

"I love my Emil with all my heart" she begins as Natalya nods in understanding, "He is my reason to live and he considers Alfred a good friend so that means I consider him a good friend as well and I think as his best friend you are the perfect match for him and as his friend, I would like to see the two of you get together" she says as she turns to look at Alfred conversing with Emil and Michelle a few feet away out of hearing distance, "I've seen the way he looks at you, he cares deeply for you" she says as Natalya gasps slightly as tears prick her eyes. She immediately banishes them. Natalya knew Alfred cared for her, but the thought that he could love her as much as she loves him gave her hope. Taking a deep breath and making her features go blank, Natalya comes to a decision.

"Very vell, I shall accept your offer and request that you distract Alfred this afternoon after classes end as I have a special...project to enact and I cannot let him find out vhat it is" she reveals as Iiluuna smirks.

"Done, Emil and I shall approach Alfred about joining his club whilst you carry out your...project" she responds as Natalya nods.

"That is acceptable Iilunna" Natalya responds as Iilluna smiles.

"Since we're friends now please call me IA (AN: pronounced eee-ah) it's my nickname" IA says as Natalya's expression remains blank ignoring the fact that IA had referred to her as a friend. In Natalya's eyes this girl is an ally and nothing more. The only person in Natalya's life that is worth the title of friend is her beloved. Curious at the girl's peculiar nickname, Natalya poses a question, "Interesting nickname, how did you acquire that?" she asks in a slightly curious tone as IA chuckles.

"Emil, when we were little he had trouble pronouncing my name so he referred to me as IA instead, and it kind of just stuck" she reveals as Natalya nods in understanding. The two then share a wicked smile before making their way back over to the others with Natalya pondering over the fact that she has now made a new ally.

[Time Skip]

Classes ended far too slow for Natalya as the anticipation to enact her plan to ruin a certain harlot was just eating her alive. The moment class ended, Natalya began gathering her things as Alfred approached her.

"Guess what Nat, Emil and Iilunna asked if they could visit our club, so we have to make sure we show them how awesome the hero club is!" Alfred exclaims in an excited tone as Natalya smiles at his excitement before sighing, "What's the matter Nat, is my sidekick not feeling okay?" Alfred asks concern lacing his voice.

"I'm fine Alfie, it's just that I have a previous engagement so I won't be able to make it to the club today" she says in a slightly somber tone as Alfred nods in understanding.

"Well that's okay, I can show them what our club is all about and if your thing wraps up early enough you can join us" he says as Natalya smiles.

"I'll see what I can do" she responds as the two share a hug before going their separate ways. The first thing Natalya does is head towards the lockers where she stuffs a note into Toris' locker. Next, she heads to empty The Drama clubs as the members hadn't arrived yet, she "borrows" a raincoat and pair of black leather gloves, placing the gloves on. Making her way to the empty cooking club she grabs a knife out of the knife holder. Upon exiting the cooking club she sees Michelle in the distance walking towards her. Dropping the knife on the floor Natalya rushes around the corner and waits for the girl's whose life she plans on ending to approach. Upon noticing the knife on the floor Michelle rolls her eyes in annoyance and picks it up.

"I can't believe someone would just leave zis 'ere" she says with a shake of her head, "I'm going to 'ave to speak wiz brozer about the idiocy of 'is club members" she says aloud to herself as she walks into the cooking club and places the knife back into the holder with the others before leaving the room and making her way back down the hall. Once she is out of sight, Natalya rushes back into the cooking club and grabs the knife with her gloved hand before throwing the raincoat on and making her way outside to the cherry tree behind the school

It was a very upsetting day for Toris. The love of his love basically told him that he was worthless and that she didn't care whether he existed or not. It had been a really rough afternoon for him and now all he wanted to do was go home and crawl into his bed and cry himself to sleep. As Felicks opened his locker for him, he noticed a note fall out.

"Hey what is that?" Toris asks as Felicks picks it up and opens it, reading it and gasping in shock.

"Like oh my god, it's from Natalya" Felicks says in a shocked tone as Toris' eyes widen.

"Show it to me!" he demands as Felicks shows it to him as Toris reads it.


Dear Toris,

I am so sorry for hurting your feelings earlier. I lied about what I said to not upset Alfred. The truth is i'm head over heels in love with you, please meet me at the cherry tree so that we may consummate our relationship with a kiss.

Love Natalya.

P.S. Please make sure you bring this note with you!


Having his eyes widen in shock, Toris immediately rushes away from the lockers towards the cherry tree as Felicks who is still holding the letter rushes after him. After a few minutes, Toris and Felicks finally reach the cherry tree out of breath. Before they can catch their breaths, Natalya appears from behind the tree, pulling out the knife that contains Michelle's finger-prints as she tip-toes up behind Toris. She threw her arms around Toris and slit his throat, slicing his jugular and dropping him to the ground as blood begins to gush out of his throat staining the green grass below.

"LIKE OH MY GOD!" Felicks exclaims as he turns to run however he doesn't get far as Natalya throws the bloody knife at him as it lodges itself in the back of his right knee bringing him down to the ground incapacitating him. Stalking over towards him, Natalya bends down and rips the knife out of his knee before grabbing a fistful of his hair, pulling his head back and sliting his throat as well as blood gushes out. She then drops his head to the ground and jams the knife into the back of his neck as she stands up. Grabbing the letter she wrote Toris, she pulls out her lighter and burns the letter, letting the ashes blow into the wind. She then walks away from the two boys she has just killed. Quickly making her way to the incinerator, Natalya removed the raincoat and gloves and tosses them in before turning it on. With some time to spare, Natalya rushes inside to make it to The Hero Club to join Alfred whilst waiting for someone to find the bodies to frame Michelle. However, on her way to her club, she once again runs into Michelle.

"Natalya just the person I was looking for" Michelle calls out to her with a sickeningly sweet fake smile as Natalya's mood instantly goes dark as she turns around to face the vile bitch.

"Yes, Michelle?" Natalya asks as she stares Michelle down as the girl approaches her.

"Natalya dear, I want you to stay away from Alfred" Michelle still retaining her fake smile on her face, "I know you and 'im are best friends, 'owever I also know zat you are in love wiz 'im" Michelle begins as Natalya's mood grows darker as she begins glaring at Michelle, "And zat just won't do as 'e is mine now, so Natalya dear, do your best to never speak to 'im again, kay?" Michelle asks with a wicked smile on her face she turns away from Natalya and begins to walk away. If only she had been more attentive then maybe Michelle could have foreseen that she had made a mistake that she will never be able to take back. One minute Michelle was feeling smugly satisfied, the next she felt searing, hot white pain, as a sharp object was thrust into her back and head repeatedly as screams of unbridled fury met her ears. If only she had paid better attention, if only she didn't turn away from Natalya then maybe she could have been prepared and fought her off. but now here she is laying in a pool of her own blood as she was stabbed to death. Michelle's last thought was of Alfred's smiling face before her eyes shut and she fell into darkness. After stabbing the bitch a few more times, Natalya came out of her rage-induced blackout to the realization that the stupid bitch ruined her plan.

"Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" Natalya exclaims as she kicks Michelle's lifeless corpse. It is then that she notices that she is covered in Michelle's blood eliciting a groan from her as she has now realized that she now has to change into her spare uniform which she had hoped to avoid. Just as she was about to bend back down to pick up Michelle's body, Natalya heard footsteps coming down the hall towards her.

"Fuck" Natalya muttered to herself as she booked it down the hallway and turned the corner just as she heard a girl's voice exclaim, "Oh my god, is that a dead body!?". Natalya quickly made her way down to the girl's locker room, throwing the door open and quickly entering, Upon entering, Natalya quickly stripped out of her bloody uniform dropping it and the bloody knife to the ground. She then removed her bra and boxers before rushing into the showers, jumping in one of the stalls, turning the hot water on and letting it pour over her body. She rinsed all of the blood off her body and out of her hair, using both shampoo and body soap. Once she was finished, she dried herself off with a towel, used a blowdryer on her hair and quickly got into her spare school uniform. With the knowledge that she could not use the incinerator as it was still burning from earlier, Natalya was freaking out for a second as she was having a hard time thinking of what she was going to do with the evidence when an idea popped into her head. The vat of acid upstairs in the science club. Quickly gathering her bloody uniform and knife, Natalya made her way out of the girl's locker room and upstairs quickly making sure to avoid anyone as she arrived at the science club which currently had no one inside. Natalya rushed in and opened the vat of acid to the far left. She dropped her bloody uniform and knife into the acid and watched as they disintegrated. With a sigh of relief, she closed the lid to the vat and made her way out of the science club and towards her own where Alfred awaited her. Natalya's body was full of adrenaline from removing three stains of filth from this planet. With a happy giggle, she literally skipped all the way to the hero club. Upon arriving she opened the doors and was welcomed to the sight of Alfred, Emil and IA all hanging out.

"Sorry i'm late, my tutoring just wrapped up" Natalya says as she steps into the room.

"No prob Nat, glad you could make it" Alfred says giving her a happy smile.

"As am I" IA says giving her a knowing smirk which she returns. The four of them quickly got to know one another for a little while, until they got ready to leave school to head home, with IA excitedly agreeing to join the club and Emil agreeing as well to be with his beloved. As they were getting ready to leave however, they found out from a teacher they ran into that students were currently not aloud to leave school grounds as someone discovered a corpse and the police were arriving to investigate. Half an hour later, Alfred, Natalya and the rest of the school were all standing outside the school as three body bags were wheeled out on stretchers. The police confirmed that Toris, Felicks and Michelle had all been murdered. Natalya quickly took notice of Francis and Lucille both crying over the death of their sister. Natalya then turned to Alfred who has his fists clenched.

"I can't believe something like this could happen" disgust clear in his voice as his usual bright and energetic sky blue eyes become as hard as steel, "I am making a vow right here and now that as the hero I will find whoever this disgusting villain is and bring them to justice!" Alfred exclaims as Natalya nods in agreement.

"As vill I as your sidekick" she says as he pulls her into a hug, so very happy that whoever this villainous monster is that they didn't target her, not know that he is currently hugging said villainous monster. Natalya simply smiled and hugged Alfred back, content with her plan to let the supposed murderer fade into non-existence never to be found.

[The Info Club]

Once again Gilbert is seen smirking as he checks his monitor seeing the police and paramedics taking the three corpses away. An evil smirk graces his face as he turns towards a corkboard that has a picture of Amelia, Michelle and eightother people on it. He quickly grabs his red marker and places a red x over Michelle's face this time.

"Another one down" he says smirking evilly, "She will make them all pay for vhat zey did to you!" he declares.

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