Bloody Mist

A scream echoed about my small domicile; blood curdling and above all loud. It took me awhile to realize it was my own screaming; the shear agony of cutting off my fucking face, distracting me quite a bit. I hardly noticed as several more explosions followed the first, nor the numerous screams that accompanied them. I was too busy staring at the strip of meat that was my face lying on the lichen covered floor of the small cave I had taken up residence in.

I watched as blood pooled around it, much of it flowing down from where the meat came from. I could feel my regeneration slowly fixing the massive wound, but I knew it would still be weeks before my face grew back. Of course, all of that was simply at the back of my mind; most of me was was focused on writhing in agony and clutching the bleeding wreck of my face.

An explosion rocked my little cave, sending me flying 'face' first into a wall. I groaned, standing up and blink- oh, wait no fucking face means no eyelids. I slowly stumbled over to the Kubikiribocho, grabbing the massive blade with one hand as the other chugged enough painkillers (thank… well not God, I suppose… I kept those on me) to kill a herd of elephants.

As sensation fled my body, replaced by a mildly unpleasant numbness, I shock my head (splattering blood all over) and crawled out of my hovel… and subsequently dropped fifty feet to the ground. I had forgotten exactly where my little hideout was located. I smashed into the water below, turning to ash and allowing the river to carry me towards the sounds of semi-distant combat.

When I figured I was as close as the river was going to take me, I pulled my scattered body back together and dragged myself from the water. For a moment I just stood there watching the battle go on before me… until some asshole attempted to decapitate me.

I frowned at the man, grabbing his sword arm as the blade passed through me, twisting it around and slamming the man's head into the water. His desperate struggles managed to annoy me slightly, even through the haze over my mind, and I snapped his elbow to keep him still. Eventually I grew bored of drowning the man and simply clenched the hand holding the back of his head; crushing his skull. I smiled dazedly at the way his brains squished out through my fingers, giggling drunkenly as the water current washed the blood away.

I slowly stood, still laughing like a drunken loon as I walked towards the battlefield; so many little meat bags to open up! Is it my birthday already? No... wait, do I celebrate that?

I shook off the thought, approaching the dancing meatbags with a smile, though how I managed to smile without a face I'm unsure, but I could definitely feel the proper muscles moving to form such an expression. The first ballerinas I approached screamed when they saw my face; they screamed much more when I cut off their legs. Unfortunately the pretty music stopped when I stomped on their heads.

I laughed joyously as I joined the dancers, my blade swinging this way and that, shearing limbs from distracted meat pies. I neither noticed nor cared which side of the battle I cut down; I just wanted to watch them bleed. My eyes lit up at the red rainbows that formed through their blood as it trailed behind my blade. I didn't even notice as a strange symbol burned itself onto my eyes in one of the spaces in the pentagram.

My maddened cachinnations drew numerous eyes to me and as I pulled my shiny stick from the thirtieth volunteer, I noticed the clangy, screamy music had stopped; prompting me to raise my head from where I was watching the sticky red stuff pour from a woman's chest around my choppa. I tilted my head, giggles pouring from between my teeth as my lidless eyes swiveled in my skull to look at all the ninjas staring at me; all two hundred of them.

They glanced to each other, before rushing at me as one; friend and foe bonding over a mutual enemy. Ah, to see Pein's dream realized in miniature; adorable. I giggled, raising my free hand as my right eye glowed.

The ninja got within a foot of me before a ripple passed through the air and a second later they shot back like a bullet from a gun; several slamming into (and through) trees, often with sickening cracks on contact. Many didn't get back up.

My laughter spiked as tar leaked from my eye; I had no idea how I did that, but fuck was it funny. Everything was so damn funny! I kept laughing as I rushed forward, slicing down the spine of a downed bleeder as I passed.

The first to rise was cut from shoulder to hip, her blood splattering over me as her guts fell to the floor. I reached towards her, grabbing a loop of her intestines as she fell to the earth. Leaning back to dodge an overhead swipe, I giggled as I wrapped the woman's guts around the next attacker's throat. He struggled and thrashed as I choked the life from him, though a blade through the chest from one of his "allies" put an end to that.

I laughed as the blade pierced my chest, turning to ash and flowing forth to skewer the swordsman, my massive blade completely bisecting his head with a single stab. I turned my head as I heard one my playmates scream, "What the fuck is that!?"

I once more raised my hand, my left eye glowing. The man who had spoken up screamed as he was dragged through the air to my outstretched hand. Some small, lucid part of me managed to notice the details of what I was doing as my outstretched hand closed around the man's throat. "I am pain on a level you simply cannot comprehend." My lipless grin widened as I channeled my chakra into the man futilely attempting to pry my fingers from his throat. He screamed, the blood curdling sound echoing around the battlefield as the man's extremities began to crumble to ash, burns forming all over his body. Seconds later his eyes began to swell up before exploding in his skull, splattering boiling eye juice over my skinless face. His hair fell from his burnt scalp, burning up before it reached the ground. I laughed as his body slowly fell apart, skin burning away to reveal muscle and bone that were themselves burning. Before long the man had been fully reduced to ash that drifted away in the wind.

Throughout the man's tortuous death no one moved; too shocked and horrified to even attempt to take advantage of my apparent distraction. The sound of hardened ninjas' vomiting and crying at the sight of my actions reached my ears as the man's screaming ceased to fill them. I raised my arms out, throwing my head back and laughing as I spun in a circle, "Who's next, little ninjas? Hahahahahaha!" My head snapped down, as a ragged battle cry reached me, "Yes, yes! Come, face your death with defiance! Go not quietly into that dark night! Hahahahaha!"

My little finger twitched as the first ninja reached me. The man's eyes widened as his leg jerked forward and he fell back. I took his head before he hit the ground. With the Kubikiribocho in one hand and chakra strings coming from the other I clashed with a small army of ninja. Blood flowed like rivers as I butchered enemy and ally alike, my drug fueled haze preventing me from telling the difference. Oh well, I'll just have to make sure there are no survivors to inform my employer of my betrayal. Of course, at the time this thought didn't enter my mind; only that cutting people apart was uniquely entertaining.

I stood in the middle of the crowd of ninja, an oddly safe place to be. See, I am uniquely suited for fighting large numbers of enemies; my field of omniscience granted by my eyes preventing anyone from surprising me. The recent addition of seeing the world in slow motion and predicting people's actions making it even harder to take me out. Of course it helps quite a bit that these people are fucking fodder; I doubt any of them are above B-rank. S is for superb, A is for average, B is for bitches, C is for completely useless, and D is for dead in a ditch.

It took my enemies quite a while to realize what I was doing; whenever I clashed with someone I would use a chakra string to trip them up, causing strikes to miss, tripping people, sending attacks into allies, forcing openings in defences, and generally fucking people about. While I only had five chakra strings to work with, my ashen form and the enemy's inability to attack with more than a couple people at once (nor use any jutsu for fear of hitting each other) allowed me to breeze through the small army like a living lawnmower.

That is, until a shiny black hammer decked me in the face and sent me flying across the battlefield, smashing into several people before crashing into a tree and dispersing into ash. Had I still possessed eyelids I would have been blinking in shock; how had that blow connected? I had easily killed half the ninja's out there (causing another symbol to appear in my eyes) before this and not a one could hit me. I turned my attention towards the hammer wielder, watching a savage smirk spread across her face as the shiny black coating left her warhammer. My eyes bulged, was that fucking Haki? Like from goddamn One Piece?

My haze came crashing down as lucidity flooded my mind. I had half reformed before a many voiced cry of "Wind Release; Great Breakthrough!" sounded up from the much depleted army. A semi circle of powerful wind blasted into me, scattering my ashes far and wide. The last thing that reached my mind before I found myself scattered all over Water Country was a roar of abject rage and despair sounding out before white flames swallowed the entire area.

Well, at least I won't have to worry about survivors.

Several Hours Earlier

Actually escaping the leaf village was simple; no one really expected the Uchiha heiress to attempt such. All she really had to do was just walk out the gate during one of the guards shift changes; though she did make a note of how blisteringly incompetent said guards were. She would have used one of Danzo's tunnels, but she assumed the man would have some sort of surveillance on them and wasn't willing to take the chance.

She ran into a small amount of trouble when a chunin team attempted to apprehend her at the border. But genin or not, Itachi Uchiha was a once in a century prodigy rivaled only by the infamous Madara Uchiha himself; no chunin were stopping her from reaching her goal.

A quick fire ball to incinerate their bodies and she was back on track. It didn't take her long to reach the ashen wastes that once housed Wave country; far less time than Ken'o himself took. "Hn, he wasn't kidding." She sighed, "Why am I not surprised that fool managed to destroy an entire island."

She glanced around, spotting a distant shape in the uniform ashen desert. Her head tilted slightly to the side at the sight of the dead child, before her eyes narrowed as she examined her wounds. 'Well, Ken'o was definitely here; even if I didn't recognise his chakra signature in all these ashes, these wounds are pretty distinctive.' Ken'o's chakra left odd burns on his victims, looking almost like extremely rough cauterization that somehow did nothing to actually staunch the bleeding.

She frowned, blowing out a fireball significantly larger than necessary to cremate the girl. She kept fueling the fire for a few moments, attempting to muddy Ken'o's chakra signature to throw off sensors. She nodded as her chakra saturated the air and distorted Ken'o's signature before turning and heading into the Land of Water proper.

Her blank expression showed none of her irritation at the ease with which she could track her precious. She looked over the destroyed camp, not even slightly acknowledging her mental title for Ken'o as she examined the humanoid ash piles. A lesser nin may have been bothered by the excessive cruelty displayed here; Itachi was certainly not lesser. She merely grunted her clan's signature grunt and moved on, following Ken'o's trail.

It didn't take long for The Raven to find the Demon; all she had to do was follow the screams of pain and terror. A small smirk spread across her face as she watched him massacre the plebeians, though she did raise an eyebrow at the massive blade he wielded. Just as she was about to enter the fray her eyes shot open when a hammer crashed into the side of her fixation's head and threw him across the field. When he slammed into a tree and burst into ashes she felt her eyes burn.

The pain faded when she saw him reforming… then the wind jutsu hit and tore him apart; and the pain came back ten fold. Blood flowed from her eyes as they twisted into a new shape. She screamed, her rage and pain pouring out her mouth as white flames poured from her right eye.

The flames that do not and cannot exist poured out and unmade reality before the distraught Uchiha. Everything it touched was unmade, destroyed on a level beyond most people's comprehension; not even the components of the components of the components of the components of atoms remained. The fire did not merely burn; it destroyed absolutely, reducing reality to the same nonexistence as itself. All it touched simply ceased, made as if it had never existed at all. And when the flames faded at the Raven's command the space the lightless white flame devoured imploded, and the universe was just a little bit smaller for even space and time were consumed by the fires of nonexistence.

Dirt and broken trees rained down around the heiress as she panted, her rage fading beneath her exhaustion and grief. She sank to her knees, tears mingling with blood that flowed down her face. The "Curse Of Hatred" is truly the "Curse of Absolutes"; Uchiha either obsess or they don't care at all. They love with all of themselves and hate with all of themselves; an Uchiha has no developmental stages for love and hate and their opinions are near impossible to change. An Uchiha will go from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye; their heart utterly devoted to loving or hating. What an Uchiha calls love or hate most call deranged obsession. Few Uchiha (and not a single pure blood) are capable of lesser feelings beyond the most basic; especially after they have found the singular object of their devotion.

And when an Uchiha loses that singular focus around which there mind orbits… insanity is a mild term for it. Many an Uchiha has been turned into an omnicidal monster after their world came crumbling down; though Madara and Obito certainly got the closest to succeeding. And in the not-so-rare circumstance where their love matches up with their fixation the obsession is made infinitely more intense.

Itachi's obsession and affection just so happened to line up in the form of one Ken'o Hyuuga… and she just watched a group of Kiri nin murder him. She had no idea that Ken'o would recover and she neither knew nor cared that half the army was made up of rebels; all she saw was ninja with Kiri headbands killing her Ken'o.

Her bleeding, bloodshot Mangekyou turned slowly towards the semi-distant Kirigakure, hatred glowing in her swirling eyes.

I groaned from where I lay on the forest floor, staring up and the full moon's mocking light with my single fully formed eye. I raised my single arm up, pointing at the celestial body with my partially reformed middle finger for lack of an index or thumb. "Fuck… you."

My arm dropped back at my side, shattering back into ash. All I had managed to gather up was most of one arm, half of my head, and a third of my torso. Anyone who saw the ragged mess I had become would assume I was long since dead; that is, until they saw my eye swivel about. I couldn't activate it yet, most of my chakra was busy trying to pull myself back together from where ever I had been scattered to. "I'm gonna exterminate wind users; go all fire nation on their ass. Though, hopefully more successfully. No last survivors to get revenge on me!" I snickered at my own joke, though the thought of annihilating the wind release users lingered in the back of my mind.

I sighed as my arm finally fully pulled itself together and began to gain colour once more; turning from ashen white back to equally pale flesh with black veins running over it. I stared at the veins for a moment as my clothes started to form over my exposed skin before shaking my head; I'm not even surprised really.

I stared up at the moon for a while longer before sighing, "I can't stay here. I'm too vulnerable like this; anyone could easily capture me as weak as I am now. Ah fuck, I need to find shelter before anyone finds me."

WIth my arm reformed I gained a little of my chakra; at least enough to form chakra strings. From each of my fingers a chakra string formed and shot out to latch onto the tree branches above me. I grimaced as I slowly reeled myself up until I was hanging a few feet off the ground, dangling by my single arm as ashes slowly floated back to me.

My fingers twitched and I began to move; my strings pulling me along at a decent pace through the sparse forest. Without the ability to activate my eyes navigating the forest was significantly harder than I had expected; guess possessing semi-omnipotence from childhood leads to over reliance. After over three hours of wandering (during which my head and half of my left arm reformed along with most of my torso) I finally came across a small village. The lack of shinobi told me this couldn't be Kiri proper; probably just some farming town.

Unfortunately for the villagers as soon as I laid eyes on them a deep and utterly wrong hunger came upon me. As I hung in the branches on the outskirts my eyes snapped downwards at a small peel of laughter. Twenty feet beneath me and utterly oblivious to my presence four children of maybe five years were playing. I licked my lipless teeth as my eyes glowed, staring through their skin to see the pure young souls that danced within their nubile bodies; not noticing how sharp my teeth had become as they easily cut into my long tongue.

I slowly descended, my chakra strings elongating to enable my slow descent; like a spider approaching its prey. A dark hunger gleamed in my eyes as all but my middle finger snapped forward; the associated chakra strings detaching from the tree branches above and whipping out to attach to the children. My chakra surged through them in an instant as I dragged them up into the branches above.

They screamed and writhed as their skin peeled away from burning muscle, disintegrating long before it hit the ground. Before long their muscles too had burned to cinders, their eyes melting out of their skulls and eventually even their bones crumbled to ash.

The whole process had taken no longer than a minute; nonetheless the nearby village had heard the bone-chilling screams and rushed to investigate. I dropped to the ground, the children's ashes swirling to form the rest of my body as I landed amidst the terrified and enraged villagers.

I raised my hand, the remaining ashes swirling to form the Kubikiribocho. I grinned savagely, noting that the ashes had reformed my face (though I could feel that the seal had not reformed with it) as I felt my new lips stretch across my teeth. My eyes flickered over the villagers as I settled my massive blade on my shoulder, my long serpentine tongue licking over razor sharp teeth. My massive grin displaced the thin black veins radiating out from my eyes.

With the black hunger clouding my mind all I saw as I looked at the enraged and terrified townsfolk was their glittering souls. In a move far too quick for untrained civilians my blade left my shoulder and sheared through five of the twelve villagers around me.

Screams rang out as their bisected bodies hit the earth, blood and intestines fell from them as the villagers attempted to flee. Attempted being the operative word; I chuckled as they ran away, the sound unhinged even to my own ears as I formed a half tiger seal with my left hand. I pursed my lips and blew out a hail of fire senbon; the black needles easily crossing the twenty feet between me and the fleeing civilians in a heartbeat, piercing the farmers and exploding soon after. The small fiery explosions consuming the plausibly innocent civilians in seconds.

I laughed, dark amusement rolling off me in waves as I felt my hunger lessen and my chakra coils expand slightly. Honestly, Fire Release is easy; even for me. I have no affinity, not really; my chakra doesn't lean towards or away from any element. However, you would never know that by looking at my fire techniques, my chakra's naturally destructive nature lending itself well to fire. And, like I said, Fire Release is easy; it's literally all shape manipulation after learning to create fire chakra. If you know the Great Fireball technique and can adjust its shape and size you literally know everything you need to about Fire Release. Lightning and Wind are very similar and Water can be at higher levels; its Earth that's the problem.

My chakra doesn't play well with others, making manipulating existing earth difficult (even before my chakra altered my elemental natures to be just literally spitting the elements of Hell), thus forcing me to create earth in the same way I created fire, wind, lightning, and now blood. Creating dirt (now obsidian) from chakra alone is much more costly and difficult than the intangible wind, fire, and lightning; even water is cheaper and easier to create.

The acrid smell of smoke shook me from my thoughts and drawing my now less-rabid gaze to the burning villagers. I didn't even blink when I saw the black flames I conjured spreading over the small village. I sighed, raising my hand to catch my head as I let it fall. Great, nothing like a trial by literal fire to learn to put out my flames.

I lifted my right arm, grabbing the wrist with my left, fingers clenched in a grasping motion as I concentrated on the flickering flames. I grit my shark-like teeth (suppressing my shock at that piece of information) as I attempt to exert control over the dancing fire. My eyes narrowed as sweat dripped down my brow, for several minutes nothing seemed to happen.

Had I not been staring at the flames so intensely I easily could have mistaken it for just another, more violent flicker; fortunately I had been. I watched as the black flames slowly crawled towards a central location, leaving naught but ashes in their path. Eventually the flames formed a small, dense ball floating a few feet off the ground in front of my hand… and still managing to incinerate the distant branches of trees. I frowned, 'Great, all I'm doing is compressing the flames; that ball is probably hotter than the core of the sun as it is now.'

I grit my teeth, trying to will the flames to go out to little effect; instead of going out the ball just compressed even more until it was barely larger than my eyeballs. I growled, slowly raising my arm and dragging the now miniscule black ball of heat into the sky. "Fuck it, if I can't put it out I might as well get it away from me." My right eye glowed as I blasted the ball away in a high arc; I have no idea where that will hit, but I do know nothing will be left of whatever it is.

On a distant island a large cabal of lunatics were performing a ritual sacrifice to their dread god, attempting to bring forth the demonic entity into the mortal realm. The high priest of this cult laughed joyously as he slit the pregnant virgin's (and hadn't that procedure been a bitch and half to perform) throat over the dais. The unnatural light in his ever-wide eyes brightened as her blood flowed through the strange interconnected sigils, spreading over all seven concentrically raised platforms from her position at the top.

He leapt back off the platform with an unnatural grin on his face, the hooks pulling back his lips and eyelids helping him widen the expression beyond human ability as the gurgling woman's stomach burst open. She writhed from where she hung upside down as her unborn child tore its way from her, its eyes glowing with an unholy yellow light. The fetus was twisted and wrong, its limbs extending with a series of sickening tears and cracks; its flesh and bone expanding in a grotesque manner as it devoured its mother. The woman's tears mixed with her blood as the flesh her monstrous offspring consumed flowed straight from its jaws to its body, the corpuscles slithering into the aberrant creature's form from the moribund mother.

When the abomination finished devouring its progenitor it turned its hideously glowing eyes on its creators, grotesquely elongated limbs moving the horrid creature towards them; the profane hunger in its eyes growing with every twitch and acidic saliva pouring from its distended jaw.

The high priest spread his arms wide as the creature leapt onto him, flayed limbs grasping onto the man as its jaw closed on his neck. The other cultists watched on in horror or bliss as the monster gorged itself on their leader's flesh from their place nailed to the floor in kneeling positions.

Only those who turned their eyes to the sky with whispers of prayer to hopefully more benevolent gods saw their salvation and doom approaching. Their eyes widened as the ball of black flame streaked across the sky towards them. The condensed ball of flame struck the ragged remains of the sacrifice right in her devastated womb, expanding many times its size in a fraction of a fraction of a second. The flames of Hell swept across the island in an flash, consuming the twenty cultists and their horrid creation without pause.

The flames spread twenty miles from the shore, reducing even water to ash before losing the battle against the sea. The black orb of fire could be seen for hundreds of miles around, looking to all who saw it like some sort of twisted, Earth born star. When the flames finally faded the island was simply gone; not even a crater was left to signify it had ever existed at all after the sea filled the massive gap the flame had consumed.

I panted from the exertion before falling on my ass as a wave of force accompanied by the loudest thunder clap I had ever heard sounded out. My eyes were like saucers as I saw a towering ball of black flames expand on the horizon and I felt my chakra coils expand; "What the Hell did I just do?!"

I watched, stunned, as the orb continued to expand before collapsing in on itself. "Jesus Christ, did I just fire a fucking fiery Bijudama?!" I ran a hand through my sweat-matted hair, "Well fuck, if I could get the charging time down from twenty fucking minutes that would be extremely useful for dealing some serious damage… if I can figure out how to aim it properly and not accidentally vaporise myself in the process." It didn't entirely surprise me that the fire version of Kirin molded like a bijudama would be powerful, I just hadn't expected this much power. Then again, over a mile of a flame I can guess either straight up is or is as strong as Amaterasu (given Amaterasu is said to be the flames of Hell and I'm pulling these flames straight from said extra-dimensional prison) being condensed into a space smaller than my fist probably would pack quite a punch.

I shook my head, the middle of a hostile nation is not the place to be contemplating city killing jutsu I can't reliably use. I walked haltingly into the burned out village, the mental strain of "putting out" my flames leaving my slightly less exhausted than I was when my hunger drove me to… hunger? I stopped in the middle of the ashen plane that once was a small town. Since when did killing people satisfy my hunger.

I turned around and marched up to the pool of blood surrounding the bisected villagers, staring down into it to see my reflection grinning up at me. He laughed and beckoned me towards him.

I scowled down at the demon, before sighing and sinking into my shadow. The shadow realm was just as I remembered, a twisted and red lit parody of reality; and not ten feet from me stood my own distorted reflection. The grinning creature laughed at the scowl I sent it, "Well creature, my eyes have evolved significantly; what has changed?"

The being laughed, "Hahahahahaha! Oh my, you're growing much quicker than anticipated! The Queen is delighted!" The creature clapped its hands as it spoke, the delighted gesture made disturbing by the entity performing it.

I frown, "Yes, yes; I'm a prodigy, I get it. Can we get to the part where you explain my new abilities."

His horrific grin widened, "Impatient aren't you? Oh, very well." He gave a flamboyant and somehow mocking bow, "Why don't we start with what's so obviously bothering you, eh?" His mocking smile turned to a smirk, "Your brand new hunger and your inability to sleep. Congratulations; you no longer require food, water, or sleep. The only sustenance you'll ever desire is more souls."

I frowned contemplatively, "Well shit, looks like I picked the right career. To bad you can't carry victims around like food… oh wait, seals. Not a problem then."

The mimic smirked at me, "Done contemplating? Well, you won't really need to worry about always having someone murderable within arms reach; even a weak soul could keep you going for a solid year, barring any… unexpected circumstances."

Well that brightened my mood more than a small bit; without the restriction of eating, sleeping, and drinking I have much more free time to do whatever I want… mostly training, honestly.

The demonic copy laughed, "Oh, seems you quite like that. Well, it gets better. You may have noticed, though considering you were high off your ass you probably didn't, that you blasted those losers away and dragged that asshole to ya during that little skirmish with the mist and the traitors?"

Huh, yeah that did happen didn't it? Damn, maybe downing an entire fucking bottle of painkillers wasn't the best idea. That whole fight's a blur 'till that hammer chick whacked me upside the head.

"Well, there you go; one eye controls attractive force, the other repulsive. With some finesse you could manage a rough form of telekinesis."

I nodded slowly, contemplating the implications. So, I essentially have the Deva path of the Rinnegan; useful.

"Yes yes, you stole from God's eyes; congratulations." The demon's grin was a twistedly saccharine parody of joy. "Look at that; the little Devil is already stealing from the Heavens… I'm so proud." The monstrous creature pantomimed wiping a tear from his eye as a massive shit eating grin spread across his face. "Of course, Hell couldn't simply steal from Heaven; we improved. In exchange for that omnidirectional blast of the Rinnegan you can use this force of nature from anything within your sight; a more than fair trade in my humble opinion."

My eyes widened, "Anything within my sight…" I whispered. That's insane! With my massive visual range I could effectively attack someone without being even near them.

The demonic reflection's smile turned ever so slightly patronising, "Yes yes, you're an omnipotent god of gravity. However, there are some limitations, with practise you can mitigate them, but for now they're rather severe; consecutive or simultaneous strikes decrease in power dramatically. As I said, with some practise you can decrease this cost, but as is a full power blast can only be used once every thirty seconds, lesser strikes can be used more frequently. If you widen the area of effect or attack from multiple directions, the force will be also be decreased correspondingly. An overpowered strike can only be used once a day and will leave you incapable of using normal strikes for hours."

Well, that dampens my pleasure somewhat, though not all that much. With this power I was suddenly thrown into a realm few could deal with; S-rank (if not officially) at half the age it took Itachi to achieve the same level. Of course, a lack of experience and a body weakened by prepubscence would see me dead to a true, high tier S-ranker along the lines of Pein, Kakuzu, and Obito. "Exactly what counts as an "overpowered" strike?"

The demon theatrically rolled his eyes, causing the now decorated pentagram to spin amusingly and sighed, "It depends on your chakra level and control; currently you could probably level a decent sized building at most."

So weaker than Pein's super blast but stronger than the average Great Breakthrough; still very useful. I quirked an eyebrow, "Anything else?"

The demonic reflection's shark-toothed grin widened, "Well, in case you haven't noticed; you can see souls and your elemental chakra is being pulled straight from the pit. Each one has a unique effect; wind is a potent neurotoxin. Earth, the foundation, absorbs all energy it's hit with to be released at a later time. Water is acidic, flammable blood. Lightning causes decay rather than burns. And I rather imagine you can guess what fire does, hmm?"

I nodded slowly, "I wasn't aware of the source of the change in my elements; but I was aware of the change nonetheless." I made a mental note to put more effort into mastering earth release; that seems quite a bit like an ultimate defense.

The abomination's obscene grin stretched unnaturally wide, blood leaking from his face as his flesh tore to enlarge his grin. "Well your latest ability is a rather large hint for what comes next; You can use the chakra based abilities of those you've slain."

My eyes went so wide I felt they would roll out of my head. "That… that's..." I didn't even realise I had spoke out loud until I heard the demon laughing.

"Incredible?" The creature's smug grin physically could not widen further without removing his whole face, "Ha! If you think that's amazing you'll jizz your pants when you get the next symbol!"

My expression settled back in its default neutrality as I thought on his words. If he wasn't simply bullshitting me with his saying this latest abblity was a clue to the next one it would have to be at the very least related. This time I managed to restrain myself from gasping, though judging from the increased amount of blood flowing from my doppelganger's torn cheeks I hadn't completely repressed my reaction.

"Hahahaha! Now, I'm typically not allowed to tell you about what's upcoming, mostly because I rarely know, but I'm gonna go ahead and say your probably quite close!"

"Your saying my next level will allow me to use the physical bloodlines of those I've slain?" I raised an eyebrow, that could be very useful.

The demonic mimic laughed a high-pitched and clearly psychotic cackle, "Well, you're not wrong; though your not entirely right either!" The abomination's maddened cachination slowed and quieted to a low, eery giggling; an image of insanity only punctuated by the creatures wide eyes and the blood flowing from its torn cheeks. "Heh heh heh heh heh…" Suddenly the creature's head jerked upwards sharply, hate and more than a touch of fear suffusing its expression, "The Anathema approaches…"

I raised an eyebrow once again (an instinctive, if pointless gesture considering the full body bandages) "The "Anathema"?" I questioned; though I certainly had an idea what he meant.

The travesty's eyes snapped to mine, unusually serious. "You are not ready to face them. Their very presence is inimical to you; this Champion of Heaven. They are your opposite but certainly not equal; they have a very distinct advantage, especially with both of you so young: they are filled with Heaven's holy light and their very touch burns away your darkness." A dark little smile spread across its face, "However… they are not immune to your corruptive influence entirely. This world is flooded with evil; rape, murder, war, etc. So much darkness and pain suffuse this planet that you can cloak yourself in the suffering with little issue. This will greatly accelerate your training in Demon Sage Mode; if you can achieve the Cloak of Suffering before they don their Heavenly Attire you may just have a shot."

The malevolent joy on their warped face at the thought of slaying what I can only presume was the Messiah was simply perverse. Hmm, so I'm to fight the last, best hope for mankind, eh? In all honesty it would probably be best if I just laid down and died; 'cause if I win, humanity is fucked. A grim smile spread across my face; well to bad for them, I rather like living and I have no intention of letting some self-righteous (or actually righteous, I guess) cunt off me just because I'm destined to drown the world in blood and darkness.

My ruminations were interrupted when my demonic associate slapped me in the face. I stared at them in accusation; they merely pointed a long clawed finger back at me, "You get that damn grin off your face; right now they'd fuckin' slaughter you!"

I raised an eyebrow, "How do you know all this? Has this happened before?" I had been running under the assumption I was a unique circumstance; if that was not the case many plans may have to change.

Thankfully, the mimic shook its head. "No, this… event, Heaven and Hell choosing champions, is unique. Hell tells the Queen what happens as you grow closer to it, in its own way, and she relates this information to me to give to you." The creature shrugged, "How Hell can communicate I have no idea. Though any Demon of sufficient age or experience can tell you the effects of coming in contact with Holy Energy."

I nodded slowly, "What happens when I kill Heavens Champion?"

The demonic creature raised a hairless brow, "When you succeed? Confidant are you?"

My expression turns from placid to grim, "Doubt leads to hesitance, hesitance leads to lost opportunity, lost opportunity leads to weakness, weakness leads to death."

The mimic snorted, "'Spose it's not the worst motto I've ever heard." The creature rubbed its chin in a disturbingly human expression for what I knew was certainly not one. "Honestly kid, I got no idea. I've seen more than my fair share of clashes with the Heavenly Host; usually they end with a few worlds burned to ash, a couple million dead -if either side's really taking it seriously-, and a whole lot of fucking nothing accomplished by either side. Rarely do the Ravening Horde and the Heavenly Host clash in full; and when they do they put all other wars to shame." The twisted reflection shrugged, "This though; this is unique. Never before have the two sides picked a champion to bet on. Honestly, for all I know your battle may decide the fate of the omniverse… or it may be a meaningless little interlude to the unending war for dominance of the afterlife. Either way, you're not ready."

My fingers drummed against the leather of my blades hilt. Well that's just lovely; I have no idea what the result of my inevitable clash with the Messiah will result in regardless of the victor. At least I now know just how devastatingly destructive the factions I'd become embroiled with could be. Multiple worlds destroyed? Juubidara might be able to pull that off, Kinshiki pretty much dedicated his life to it, Kaguya might have the firepower for it; but none of them could say they frequently accidentally reduced planets (at least, for all I know when he says 'worlds' he means dimensions) to rubble.

The sudden realization of just how small a fish I really was in a suddenly much bigger sea was a bit of a gut punch. Even so I knew it would be bad to stay in one place for long if this "Anathema" was hunting me; the possibility of some cosmic horror coming out of space to vaporize my planet didn't really change my plans. The siren's song of power filled my ears and I was more than happy to dash myself across the rocks of madness and evil.

I turned to walk away, intending to head to Kiri proper (I still have several bounties to collect after all), taking the creature's words as something of a dismissal (though if he had any aspirations of being in charge I would happily oblige his obvious death wish) before the creature interrupted. "One last thing before you go; your eyes are complete enough to open small portals, allowing lesser demons out… or yourself in. The wreckage of your soul will burn much quicker from now on."

I stopped dead, turning to look at the creature over my shoulder. For a long moment I simply stood there, before turning to continue walking through the twisted shadow realm with a grunt. There's no turning back now; not that there ever was.

Itachi's mind a was a maelstrom of flame, whirling like her eyes. Hatred and rage burned atop a depthless void of misery and despair. Everything her feverish gaze fell upon suffered and died; blades split the vein, illusions devoured the mind, and tongues of flame licked up the flesh.

Her beloved was dead; murdered before her eyes by Kiri. And for that she would see every one of them die; every man, woman, child, pet, animal, insect and plant would feel her unending rage and know her pain.

Now for most people, this would be both irrational and impossible; Itachi Uchiha was not most people. For one, she was an Uchiha and Uchiha were not known for having rational responses and the stronger they got the more crazy they became (a fairly common thing amongst all ninja, honestly; though Uchiha are certainly the kings of madness). Secondly, she wasn't just any Uchiha; she was Itachi Uchiha.

In this world, at this point, that meant very little to most people; to most she was just the heir to the Uchiha clan head. To Ken'o however, she was less than four years from becoming one of the most powerful and deadly S-rank missing nin on the planet; already she was a high ranking ANBU. Now, one could argue that a lot could happen in four years; and they're right. However, the most important thing to happen in that time was her acquisition of the mangekyou sharingan; something she had already done in this timeline.

The mangekyou was based on almost fulfilling wishes; a mocking gift that never gave you what you really wanted. Obito wanted nothing more than to escape from reality, to turn the world into an illusion; his eyes let him do just that, he could literally leave reality and turn himself into an illusion (kinda). Sasuke wanted only destruction; first his brother, then his friend, then his village than the world; his eyes granted his wish with Hell's fire. Madara wanted nothing more than to go back in time, to fix his mistakes and save his brothers; his eyes let him go back, but never far enough.

Even amongst the Uchiha there was no one alive that truly understood what exactly the Mangekyou was. See, back when Indra and Ashura were fighting for supremacy Indra came to the realization that he would never win at his level; the sharingan simply didn't give him enough of an edge. So Indra did something stupid, really really stupid; he delved into horrid pits housing the worst sort of scum. In the blackest depths he found what he was looking for; a smiling monster that offered him a deal. In exchange for his soul and a blood sacrifice he would grant him great power. Indra smiled and shook hands with the devil.

Nearly a thousand years later Indra's folly still cursed his descendents. Itachi was lucky, though she didn't know it yet; when here emotions drew Hell's attention it noticed why she was so distraught and decided to give her the best it had without the immediate blood price (a depleted army of Kiri nin was more than sufficient after for the delay). While the intelligence behind the extra-dimensional prison had no real authority over the White Flame and the Mind Eater (merely being in possession of those who held them (and having eaten up quite a few resources in breaking their wills)) and thusly couldn't give them to its other; it could bind said beings to a mortals cursed eyes. Hell was not fully sapient in the way most thought (this being much of why it had decided to fuse with a mortal), but it had enough intelligence to see the distraught girls loyalty to its other and had pounced on the opportunity to put two of its greatest uncontrolled assets to work.

Most thought the price of the mangekyou was killing a loved one; this was entirely true. Killing a loved one merely fulfilled both of the requirements Indra's descendents needed to gain the mangekyou; despair and blood. Despair to draw Hell's gaze, blood to complete the deal.

Itachi had already seen the incomprehensible power of the Impossible Flames; the strength to unmake existence. The Mind Breaker was no less terrifying in power; the absolute most powerful genjutsu. The kotoamatsukami could force one to do anything and think they wanted to; The Mind Eater could destroy and shatter the mind, twisting it into whatever it's wielder wanted. The Mind Eater gave its wielder unfettered access to the victims mind; and they could do whatever they wanted to it once they had it. From simply reading thoughts and viewing memories to completely changing who they were; nothing was beyond their reach within the victims mind.

Itachi only learned this when she tore into the rebel camp in her maddened fervour. The first ninja to spot her never managed to scream; a gloved hand around his throat kept him quite until she was ready. Itachi hung him from a tree with his own intestines; letting his gurgling screams be her declaration of war.

His companions came running, flowing from their tents like ants. They crowded around the hanging body; fear, anger, curiosity, and sadness driving them to investigate. They ignored his frantically shaking head; not seeing the desperation in his gouged out eyes.

In an instant the most of the rebel army's rear guard was obliterated; the dozen high powered explosive seals shoved into the man's gut detonating with a thought from the psychotic elite hidden in the distant trees under several genjutsu.

She descended on the scattered survivors; contempt for their weakness only fueling the fires of her hate. Dropping silently to the churned earth with a kunai in hand she effortlessly killed the first survivor; a flaming man who ran screaming towards her, a chunk of rock where his eyes and nose used to be. She cut his throat as he ran past her, ignoring him as he ran several more feet before collapsing to the earth in a spasming pile of melting limbs.

Of the forty seven ninjas that rushed forth to investigate ten were still alive and only three of them injured; two had missing arms, one's leg was hanging on by a few scraps of flesh halfway down the shin, the rest were missing fingers or eyes. The injured were no challenge; most would have died even if here raged filled heart would have let her stop.

Those well enough to move rushed to help those who couldn't. Itachi scowled; how dare they try to take her vengeance from here, was her beloved not enough. Her right eye swirled and those laying in the blood streaked mud burst into brilliant, stark white fire; consuming them and those who sought to help them.

The only survivor stumbled black, tears flowing from her blue eyes as she desperately tried to pull bits of her former friends from her long blonde hair. She screamed as a wanna be medic ran screaming towards her, white fire spreading up his right arm. He was barely ten feet from here when he started running, only his fingers alight; he was completely consumed before he made it halfway.

She tripped on a severed arm as she turned to run from the shadowy form advancing on her from across the killing field. A foot crushing down on her back and neatly severing the ligaments of her spine put and end to her desperate crawling; though her broken nails still clawed futile at the broken earth.

A sharp kick flipped her onto her back, and watery blue eyes met with pitiless pinwheels. Her last though was a desperate plea to any deity that was listening to save her.

Itachi knew the girl's final thoughts as she savagely tore into her mind; instinctively ripping her thoughts to pieces. Every memory, every thought the girl ever had was laid bare and subsequently incinerated; the Unmaking Flames let free upon every thought the Uchiha read.

Itachi scowled down at the drooling husk of the rebel before her; contemplating what she had learned. With a growl she crushed the girls skull under foot; noting in the back of her mind to acquire some boots as she felt the girls brains squish up between her toes. How dare this harlot try to seduce her Ken'o!

Of course, demented obsessing over imagined slights notwithstanding, Itachi had managed to find where the rebels were headed. The final push of the revolution was at hand; Kiri's fate would be decided within the village.

She frowned, turning towards Kiragakure no Sato proper; her powerful eyes easily picking up the subtle signs of an army of ninjas on the march. They would all pay; for none were innocent before her fanatical eyes.

Three separate forces headed to Kiri; each with a different motive. One sought profit; seeking the heads of the strong and the souls of them all. One sought vengeance; wishing to bathe the world in fire for the perceived loss of her love. One sought justice and freedom; desperate to slay their Kage and free themselves from his genocidal tyranny. The bloody mist would soon live up to its name.

The rebellion got there first; clashing with the larger army of loyalists as only ninja can. Most ninja are not used to large scale battles; preferring to fight one on one rather than in large groups. Many lower rank ninja lost their lives when they forgot just how many foes they had as their minds focused on a single battle, only to be stabbed in the back by an enemy they had forgotten about.

The more intelligent and experienced ninja used the chaos to their advantage; subtly directing their opponents into the strikes of others. Slightly less intelligent but more eager ninjas planted explosive tags in key areas; bringing down buildings on enemies (and the screaming civilians within). Before long the never thriving village was a bombed out husk, the ground pathed with broken bodies and shattered buildings.

It didn't take long for the Kage to take to the field; announcing his presence with a massive cannon blast of water. The blue beam smashed through dozens of combatants; rebel and loyalist alike torn apart by the pressure.

A bolt of lightning shot towards the childlike man almost reaching him before a being absorbed into a mirror of water hanging from the Mizukage's thick, hooked staff. With a twist of his wrist the mirror turned and the bolt remerged, launching out to electrocute a rebel mid step.

Yagura stepped over the smoking body of a loyalist; pupiless pink eyes utterly cold. A sneer crossed his face, twisting the long scar beneath his eye to an ugly shape as a cloud of mist approached him. He leapt back, launching himself over twenty feet in the air to land atop one of the few buildings still intact enough to have a good as his honour guard melted in the acidic mist.

He ignored their screams as he locked eyes with the leader of the rebellion. "Hmph, Mei Terumi; come to die at last, have you?"

The resistance leader smirked, attempting to use her sex appeal against the man; she may as well have been flirting with a block of ice for as much as he reacted. "Not quite, Yagura-chan. I've come to relieve you of that hat; and perhaps the head it sits on."

Then Itachi arrived and a veritable ocean of heatless white flame swept across the ruined city. The surprise interference of an unknown third party took everyone by surprise and hundreds fell to the fast moving flames that ate reality.

The ocean of impossible flame vanished in an instant after swallowing the burnt out remains of the broken village. The subsequent implosion of reality sucked most of the survivors and and a massive amount of earth and trees into the hole in the world; many were crushed by the force or other shrapnel.

Of the thousand ninjas and three thousand civilians only three hundred were still alive when the debris settled; all of them ninja. Any ninja that attempted to save anyone else either failed to escape the fire or was caught by the implosion; only the self serving survived.

One might think that such a devastating attack would unite the dissaperate forces; such optimistic idiocy was soon disproven as one of the survivors stabbed an enemy nin that landed atop them. This single act of violence reignited the battle; the spark being the first to fall in the endless spiral of retaliation, finding himself with a length of metal where his trachea once was within an instant.

Of the two leaders Terumi arose first, though the sight that met her eyes made her wish she had died in the attack; Yagura was impaled upon a broken tree, using his remaining arm to slowly pull himself free of the intrusion. Now, such was not enough to phase a woman who regularly boiled people alive; no, it was the horrid way his torn flesh bubbled and writhed, leathery blue-green flesh replacing the lost.

His single eye glared hatefully at her from beside it's mangled twin above his shark-toothed snarl. She could see the influence of his Bijju as he freed himself; already algae and coral had begun to grow on the surfaces around him as the wood burned away.

His breath fogged the air before him, the scent of seawater filtering stronger than ever ad he fused with his aquatic demon. His fleshed bulged hideously as the change overcame him, an eye patch growing from his flesh to cover his damaged eye.

She charged forth, kunai in hand; no way in Hell was she just gonna let him transform unchallenged. She sent a jab towards his throat, frowning as he let her pierce his palm to block the blow. A savage smile spread across the dictators face as he twisted his skewered arm down and slammed his half transformed fist into her face. At the last second she blew out a cloud acidic fog, the caustic substance surrounding them both.

Mei attempted to separate and let her mist do its work, though the Sanbi seemed to be slowing down her progress. Releasing her kunai she leapt back…

Straight into a massive slab of sharpened metal.