35. Waking up

Severus woke up in a large room. It was all white and foggy, and he thought it looked a little bit like Kings Cross Station. It was empty, only far away he could see someone in white wizard robes walk toward him. When the person got closer he recognized Albus.

"Albus...!" Then he looked around and asked, "Where are we?"

"Where do you want it to be, my boy?"

"I don't know. Did I die? Did the Dark Lord kill me?" Severus asked

"Voldemort is dead. He is gone for good. You can say his name now."

Again Severus asked, "Am I dead? It feels so peaceful here."

"It depends on you, Severus. You can stay here if you want to. There will be lots of friends who will welcome you." Albus turned and waved his hand at some people behind him.

Severus noticed Albus's formerly black hand being healed and normal. Then he looked at the people he had been pointing to. He noticed Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and a few other people. Lily walked towards him and hugged him saying, "Thank you for taking care of my son."

Then James came and shook his hand. "Thank you for everything you did for Harry."

Sirius shook his hand. "I am sorry what I did to you when we were still alive."

Remus walked up to him. "You are the bravest one of all of us. Thank you!"

There were more people but he couldn't really recognize them and they all inclined their heads in a 'Thank You'. Then everyone but Albus dissolved in the fog.

"Albus, why is Remus here, did he die in the battle?"

"Yes he did, my boy and so did many more."

"Where is Peter Pettigrew? He also died," Severus said.

"You won't find Peter here. This is a place where only good people go. Peter is in a very different place. A place for bad people," Albus said.

"Am I allowed to be here?" Severus asked.

"Yes my boy! You are a good man but do you really want to be here already? You have so much living left. Do you really want to leave this behind?" Albus pointed to a window.

When Severus walked to it he saw himself laying on a bed with Bobbie snuggled up to him. She had tears running down her face, talking to him, stroking his face and hair and was trying to wake him up.

"She loves you, Severus," Albus said.

Severus kept staring at the scene of him and Bobbie. He longed to be there. "How can I get back?"

"You only have to close your eyes and think about her," Albus said and then he also dissolved in the fog.

Severus looked at what he saw in the window and noticed the window getting smaller. "No! Please don't close..." Then he remembered what Albus had said. He quickly closed his eyes and thought about Bobbie.


"Please Severus, don't leave me. I need you!" Bobbie said quietly with her head lying on Severus chest.

Suddenly she detected some movement and she noticed Severus's heart beating stronger. She picked up her head and looked at his face. When Severus opened his eyes she cradled his face and kissed it all over. "Severus! Oh God! I already thought I lost you."

"Don't cry, my Love," he whispered weakly and held her while she broke down after all the stress of trying to hold it together.

After a while she dried her tears on her sleeve. "I need to get Poppy. She said to get her when something changes."

"No, you can't. She hates me and will turn me in. I am fine." Severus tried to get up.

Bobbie held him down and said, "No, Poppy knows. She doesn't hate you anymore. She knows the truth and helped you. You almost died, Baby."

"I think I did die. I saw Albus, the Potters, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin," Severus told her.

Bobbie was taken aback. Severus saw Remus? She needed to know. She called for Winky who was assigned to Severus. She thought that the little elf would probably like to know that he was awake. When Winky appeared she looked at Severus and a huge smile spread all over the elf's face. "Headmaster Severus Snape! Winky very glad you's is alive." She hopped a few times in excitement.

When the elf calmed down a little Bobbie asked her to get Poppy but to make sure she didn't say it was for Severus if somebody was with Poppy.

There was a knock on the door 5 minutes later. Winky, who was already back, opened the door. Poppy came inside the bedroom and said, "Well, it is about time you woke up Sev... Headmaster. For a little while I thought we are going to lose you."

While Poppy was checking Severus over he asked, "Is the Dark Lord really gone?"

Poppy said with conviction, "Yes, he is!"

"Good! Now we can go back to normal and you can call me by my given name like you used to," he said and smiled.

Poppy smiled and shook her head slowly with tears in her eyes. She sat on the bed beside him and said, "You gave us quite a scare there, my boy. I thought we lost you in more way than one. First to 'You - Kn... Voldemort and then to the grim reaper."

Bobbie spoke up. "Poppy, Severus said he thinks he had died. He saw, Albus, James, Lily, Sirius Black and Remus. Is Remus dead?"

Poppy let out a sad breath and said, "Yes my dear. He is one of many. I didn't want to tell you because you had enough to deal with, with Severus being so badly ill."

"Oh God! Poor Tonks. He had just come back and now she lost him for good," Bobbie said.

Poppy took Bobbies hand and said, "I am sorry, I know you and Miss Tonks were close... but... she also perished."

"Oh no!" Bobbie had to sit down on the bed. Tears were streaming down her face again.

Severus sat up as well as he was able to and wrapped her into his arms and held her while she cried. Poppy got up wanting to give the two some privacy but Bobbie said, "Please stay. I have to know. Who else?"

Poppy swallowed and sat back down. "Of the people you know we also lost Fred Weasley, Lavender Brown and Colin Creevey."

Severus said quietly, "No...! Fred Weasley... Merlin. First I maimed one twin and then they lose the other..."

"It wasn't your fault. It was an accident," Bobbie said.

Poppy said, "Severus, Harry was looking for you. He said you died in the Shrieking Shack. He went there shortly after the battle trying to get you, so he could give you a proper burial."

"How long was I out?" he asked.

"Two days," Bobbie said.

"I know you told me not to tell anybody that Severus was alive, my dear. But I told Harry. He is keeping quiet," Poppy said to Bobbie and then she looked at Severus, "...but he said he would like to see you if you are pulling through. He said he has something for you."

"Why would you tell Harry of all people? He wanted Severus dead," Bobbie asked Poppy.

"Not anymore. He didn't say how but he said he knows the truth."

Severus said, "I gave him my memories and told him to put them into a Pensieve."

"He has all your memories?" Bobbie asked with trepidation.

"Only what he needed to know," Severus said with a smile. "He knows nothing about us."

Poppy spoke up and said, "I better get back to the infirmary. Everyone who is in there is out of danger now but I can't stick around that long. All the other nurses went back to St Mungo's and I'm the only one left. Do me a favor Severus and take it easy for a few days. The wound on your neck is pretty much healed, but you will still be sore." She patted him on the shoulder and left.


Severus slowly moved his legs over the side of the bed and sat there. Bobbie was beside him and took his hand. "Voldemort is gone, Baby. You are finally free."

Severus looked at her and said, "I can't believe it. What am I going to do now?"

"What do you want to do? You can do anything you like now."

"I am a fugitive. As soon as I show my face somewhere I will go to Azkaban."

"It is only for now. Since you let Harry see your memories we are already two people who can get you exonerated."

"I guess I am going to find out how Sirius Black had to live when he was in hiding." As soon as Severus said it he thought about what he had seen when he was dead. He remembered Black saying he was sorry for the way he had treated him.

"Baby, it will be temporary." Bobbie tried to reassure him. "As a matter of fact, I should go around in the castle and see who is there and slowly spread the word. I want you to get some more rest. I won't be long."

Severus, who was still fighting dizziness from loss of blood, lay back down. Bobbie made him comfortable with the pillow under his head and covering him with the duvet. She kissed him and stroked his hair and left.

When she made her way to the infirmary she didn't see a whole lot of devastation but she knew most of the fighting had happened in the entrance hall and the Great Hall. When she walked through the door of the infirmary she saw that about 3/4 of the beds were occupied. She saw Poppy bustling around and Minerva and Pomona Sprout were helping. Bobbie felt a little guilty leaving Poppy alone. She had been so afraid for Severus, she hadn't thought about anything else.

Minerva saw her first. "Bobbie it is great to see you. Poppy told us you were fine but you had to take care of someone critically ill. How is your patient?"

"He will be fine. He's still tired. He almost died," Bobbie answered.

"Someone I know?" Minerva asked.

Bobbie was saved from answering by Harry Potter walking towards her asking, "Dr Carter, can I ask you something?"

Minerva, who probably thought that the questions Harry had were questions he was asking Bobbie because she was a Psychiatrist, patted Bobbie's arm and said, "I will talk to you later."

Bobbie took Harry on the wrist and walked him into a corner where they wouldn't be overheard. Harry asked, "How is Professor Snape?"

Bobbie who had grabbed Harry on the wrist on purpose because she wanted to check his new flashback for any hostility against Severus, saw that he was sincerely concerned and answered, "He is still tired and run down from losing so much blood."

"I would like to see him and thank him for all the help. I know I'm not one of his favorite students but..., I think it is the right thing to do..."

"He is in my rooms, just in case. He has lots of enemies on both sides," Bobbie said.

"I understand!" Harry said.

"Maybe you can come by tomorrow later in the morning?" Bobbie asked.

"I will be there about 10:30."

"Thank you!" Bobbie said and then asked him, "If you have a little time now, would you help me convince Professor McGonagall of Professor Snape's innocence?"

Harry agreed and they walked over to Minerva who had just decided she wasn't needed in the infirmary anymore and could get ready for the teachers meeting. They caught her when she was about to walk out.

"Minerva, could we talk to you for a moment?" Bobbie asked.

"Of course! How can I help you?"

"We would like to talk to you about Severus." As soon as Bobbie had said that, Minerva sniffed and stiffened in her demeanor.

Harry quickly said, "He's innocent."

Minerva looked at Harry speechless, like he had lost his mind.

"It is true!" Bobbie bombarded Minerva before she could get another thought. "Please let us explain."

While Bobbie and Harry were laying out the whole story Minerva's hand had slowly gone up to her mouth, covering it in astonishment. Finally she said, "Good heavens! Where is he? I have to see him. I have treated him like the dirt on my shoe..."

Bobbie said, "He is resting. He almost died. He regained consciousness just a little while ago. If you don't mind, please wait until tomorrow."

Bobbie and Minerva arranged a time an hour after Harry would see Severus in the morning. Minerva asked Harry to come to the teachers meeting to let all the teachers know about Severus while Bobbie went back to her rooms.


When she came back she saw Severus was still asleep. Bobbie decided to let Millie bring her a small dinner. Since Severus wasn't able to eat anything solid yet because of the sore throat from the snake bite, there was no reason for her to wait until he woke up and make his mouth watery with the smell of food.

After her meal she got up from the table and went back to Severus. When she sat down on the bed and stroked his cheek he opened his eyes and said quietly, "I saw you trying to wake me up from a window in the place where I saw Albus. It made me want to come back."

"I am so glad you decided to come back. I wouldn't know what I would have done if I had lost you," she stroked his hair and kissed him. Then she reached over to the nightstand and got one of the nourishment potions Poppy had left for Severus. She opened it up and gave it to him.

Severus sat up and looked at it. When he recognised it he swallowed it with a wince of pain.

"Poppy said you will be fine to eat solid food in a few days. By the way, Harry and I told Minerva about you and they will let the staff know tonight at the teachers meeting."

"What did she say?" Severus croaked.

"Not a lot. She looked more shocked than anything else and she couldn't believe how badly she had treated you, now that she knows."

"She did what she thought was right," Severus said while sitting up against the headboard.

"She will come to see you tomorrow morning and so is Harry."

Severus nodded in thought and took Bobbies hand in his. "The war is over. Do you still want to marry me?" His gaze going from the ring on her hand to her eyes.

She smiled at him. "Yes Baby, I do!"

"Maybe it would be better to wait until I am exonerated. You don't want to be married to someone who has to go to prison," Severus said sadly.

"No, I don't want to wait any longer," Bobbie said.

"Maybe after the cleanup of the school and before the students come back. It won't be a lavish wedding. I think Filius has a license to marry people," he said.

"I don't need a big wedding. All I need is you."

Severus lovingly smiled at her and leant over to her and kissed her. He pulled her close deepening the kiss. Bobbie responded for a little while until she remembered Poppy's words. She softly pushed Severus away and said, "Poppy said to take it easy for a few days."

"I want you!" Severus said, his voice laced with desire.

"Sev, you shouldn't! I don't think it is..." Bobbie tried.

"I want you now!" Severus shoved the cover down to expose the erection in his pajama pants.

"Please Baby, we can't," Bobbie tried.

He then pushed down his pants and started to slowly stroke himself. His intense gaze was never leaving hers. A surge of heat raced through her body seeing him like this and she felt herself instantly ready for him. She stilled his hand and undressed in a hurry, her eyes locked on his. Severus scooted down from his sitting position, waiting for her.

She straddled him and took him into her with a moan of desire on her lips.

Severus closed his eyes in ecstasy, moaning when she rode him with long slow strokes. He was desperate for release but didn't want to leave her behind. He put his hands on her knees and slowly moved them up her thighs and then up to her mound and started stroking her with the pad of his thumb. The sensation caught her by surprise. She came with a vengeance tightening around him throwing her head back, crying out is name. Severus, feeling her climax finally gave in to his passion and emptied himself into her.

Bobbie collapsed on his chest panting. "Poppy is going to skin me alive if you have a relapse."

Severus chuckled then said in a voice charged with emotion, "You have no idea how much I needed that. It was exactly what I needed, my Love." He then pulled the cover over both of them.

Bobbie eventually lay down beside him in his arms, with her head in the crook of his neck. He kissed her long and softly and they went peacefully to sleep.


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