Title: The Funeral

Rating: T or PG-13

Summery: A parent was suppose to love their kid no matter what and help them through anything. Not throw them out because you didn't want to deal with it. She gave a mental shrug, but that was the past and the past was now buried and she could now get on with her new family.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

A/N: Okay, I have made some changes, worked on some grammar and some spelling and worked a couple of more words in here and there, its not anything to noticeable but it was something that I had to do, I mean I just had to fix some of it.

"My. God. Will it ever END?" Jubilee whined to Marie and she just rolled her eyes. "You said you wanted to come. I gave you plenty of opportunities to bail. So now you're stuck and shut up, before someone comes over and tells us to shut up." Jubilee gave a chuckle and flexed her hand and said, "Yeah, and then I'll fry their ass."

"I'm hungry." Came Kitty's voice out of the blue. Marie and Jubilee stifled their giggles by bearing their faces into their hands. Their shaking shoulders made it look like they were crying.

'I can't believe the disrespect they are showing! Its her father's funeral, she should be mourning him and she's laughing with the girl in the god awful yellow.' Marie's mother, Mrs. D'Ancanto silently shook her head. She always wondered what had happened to her daughter, and now she was more curious. When she had sent the letter to the place where Marie said she was living she thought it was a school but the car they pulled up in was not cheap.

A jag was what they arrived in and with a gruff looking man she thought was a bodyguard, was beginning to look like anything but that. The time they had been here, he was always by her side, she thought he had a death wish because he was always touching her. His fingers in her hair, a hand rubbing up and down her arm and a hand at the small of her back and always playing with the chain around her neck. They had been in Mississippi for four hours and she finally caught a look at the necklace, it was dog tags; the kind people in the army wear, it said Wolverine and had a number.

But she found something else strange; her daughter was always leaning into the man, always by his side, holding his hand. They were almost possessive of each other. She remembered the first time Marie's mutation showed up she shunned all bodily contact. She was pulled back to the conversation when Kitty spoke.

"What?" Kitty asked, she couldn't figure it out. She hadn't said anything and she knew they were laughing at her. "Your hungry?" Jubilee questioned. "I said that out loud?" The look on her face was one of horror.

Marie nodded her head 'yes' and then said; "I'm hungry too. I want stake."

"I want Pizza" Jubilee announced.

"Hot dogs and French fires." was Kitty's answer. Everyone remained silent as they contemplated on what they wanted to eat.

'Finally they're quite.' Mrs. D'Ancanto thought. Her mind against its will, was pulled back to the conversation she just heard. Her daughter wanted meat? Before she left she was only a veggie eater. And then one in the yellow? Jubilee? Can she put people on fire? And what about the gruff one, was he a mutant too? Even the shy brunette one? She suddenly wished she knew more about her daughter's life, so she continued to listen.

"I'm thirsty." Marie said. "Me too." Came an answer from the gruff man.

"Vanilla Coke." "Root beer float." "Beer." Came two replies.

'Beer? Now she drinks beer?' Was Mrs. D'Ancanto wildly thought.

Logan and Kitty and Jubilee looked at her and she gave a sheepish smile and said "Craving," as if that explained everything. " Hey, Wolvie you let her drink?" Jubilee questioned. "No and she won't until she's of the drinking age." he practically growled out. "Hey! Why not? You know, its your fault I have these cravings." she complained. But her mother noticed she was smiling while she said this and Marie had snaked an arm around his waist and he pulled her closer, if possible.

She listened to them and then silence lasted for a few more minutes and then:

"Damn it! Why does it have to be sooooooo hot!" Jubilee complained...again. " You wanted to get away from Storm and the cold front she was causing." Kitty pointed out. "Yeah, I know but I didn't think it would be this hot! You know, just because she found out Remy was cheating on her doesn't mean she has to punish the rest of the state of New York. Remind me to kill Gambit next time we see him." Marie gave a deep sigh. "Where's Bobby when you need him?"

"You know Rogue, you could have persuade the Iceman to come. Then maybe he could make snow cones for us." Kitty said. Logan, Marie and Jubilee looked at her and the sounds of muffled laughter could be heard. They got a glare from the priest and few family members, which they ignored.

"You should have done it Shadow Kat. We all know you LLLOOOVVVEEE him." Taunted Jubes, and again they fought down laughter at the shade of red Kitty's face turned.

'Rogue, Wolvie, oh Wolverine got it, Shadow Kat, Iceman, Gambit. Are these code names?' All of a sudden Mrs. Knight made up her mind. She was to weak to stand up to her husband when he threw Marie out, she was going to fix that mistake and see if she could forgive her and perhaps become, dared she hope, friends at least.

"So did you finally visit Magneto?" Kitty asked. The three girls ignored the growl that came from Wolverine. "Yeah, I asked him why me, and he said 'My dear child, why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer to?' Ohhh, he was so lucky that the entire room was plastic. If I knew the damned answers I couldn't be asking the damned questions! So I asked him was it really necessary to kill me...Hey, they're finished. " Marie declared.

"Oh Thank the gods." Jubilee said dramatically. Marie knew she should be more respectful, but she couldn't find any respect for her father. A parent was suppose to love their kid no matter what and help them through anything. Not throw them out because you didn't want to deal with it. She gave a mental shrug, but that was the past and the past was now buried and she could now get on with her new family.