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Double P.S I'm not good at writing the life of a topper A student,because I'm always the troublemaker girl sitting in the back of the class,throwing spitballs at random people,etc etc,so if it doesn't really sound like Annabeth at all,forgive me.

Ah,college. I had worked off my entire head for the past few years just to wait for this moment. Ever since I was a little girl,Yale has always been my biggest dream. Apparently my mom used to study there,and ever since I found out I've become obsessed with it.

My name is Annabeth Chase. Age eighteen,topper student of the class, (Hey,there's nothing wrong with that!) and a new student at Yale,as you can already see. Technically there's about two more months until the college opens for the term,but I'm so eager to finally leave the devil and move out.

Oh and by the devil,I meant Helen,my step mom. Sure,her younger twin sons Bobby and Mathew are the cutest angels ever,she believes I'm a spawn from hell. I mean,just because she's one doesn't mean I am too.

Yale is a place where students can stay for the holidays,though right now the campus was completely empty. Turning my back on it,I headed for the apartments that lined the school borders. It's not exactly a dorm school,but I moved out early. I walked into the hotel up to the lady at the front desk. She looked up at me.

"May I help you?"

"Yeah. I'm from Yale-"

"Say no more toots," she said at once,taking out a clipboard and checking it. Apparently a lot of Yale students live in the apartments around the school,because she didn't seem surprised at all.

"Yes please?"

"Annabeth. Annabeth Chase."

"Annabeth...Annabeth...ah yes,here we go! Annabeth Chase,second floor room fourteen. Here's the key. You already have three roommates."

"Thanks." I took the keys from her. It didn't seem like reality that I was not living with the devil anymore. I grabbed my suitcase and rolled in the the elevator and pressed the second floor,my heart thumping. As I got out,I looked left and right until I saw a door with a '14' on it. I hesitated for a moment,then decided to ring the bell. I waited for a few seconds,until the door opened by a girl. She blinked.

"I take it that you're my new roommate huh?" She asked.

"Yeah,I am." I answered. She smiled.

"Come on in. Here let me get that." She added,reaching out for my suitcase.

"Thanks." I said gratefully to her. I looked around my jaw dropped. Wow,this place was huge. The living room was the size of my room back at the devil's plus another bedroom and the living room. The girl grinned at my expression.

"I know,wicked right? Every apartment is fit for about four people to live in,so that's why it's this huge." She explained as I followed her into one of the rooms. There was a huge cupboard and a bathroom,with a study desk too. The bed was huge,with several sheets and a night table next to it. She put my suitcase next to the bed and turned towards me.

She tall,a bit taller than me with a good posture,so I figured that she might be a sportsperson. Her hair was black long and curled at the bottom,dyed with streaks of blue and green which matched her green eyes. She had a couple of slightly visible freckles splashed on her nose and cheeks. She held out a hand.

"I'm Penny. Penny Jackson."

"Annabeth Chase."

Suddenly I heard the door open and close,and another girl joined us at the base of my room.

She was about my height and a bit darker skinned. She had brown hair which was braided in several places that looked choppy,as if it had been cut by a kindergarten. Her eyes seemed kaeiloscopic;I couldn't seem to decide on what color they were. She seemed out of breath.

"Hey! You-you're Annabeth Chase right? Piper McLean." She said,shaking my hand. I had the feeling that I've heard that name somewhere,yet I smiled.

"Nice meeting you."

"Woah Pipes,you seem out of breath! Well,you're always in a hurry so I don't blame you." Penny added. Piper shrugged.

"Don't blame me for that."

" I the only newbie?" I asked cautiously. Piper tilted her head.

"Did you study at Goode High School?"

"Um,no. I was in San Fransisco."

"Oh. Well,most people in Goode usually end up at Yale,like me. So I guess you could say I'm new,even though I'm familiar with half of the people around here."

"I studied at Goode High School two years back with Piper," Penny shrugged "But they kicked me and my brother out,so I ended up at Yale High School,so I'm not new since I know everyone already. Though this is my first year at College. Plus,home is a little to far,so I've been living here ever since last year."

"Why were you kicked out?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Last day of term,we vandalised our principal's car,trashed the classroom and clogged all the toilets and even skateboarded in the halls. But believe me,I'm a lovable and nice person." She grinned,making me smile. I usually stayed away from these sort of people,but Penny seemed nice enough.

"So anyways,how about pizza for dinner?" Piper asked.

"Suites me. What about you Annabeth?"


"Cool! We'll let you unpack." Piper nodded. As both of them walked out,closing the door behind them,I sighed. No more devil,helloo college.


"Well,after High School,college looks like a park," Penny shrugged "High School is hell."

"What are you interested in doing like,after college?" I asked. Penny,who was halfway in reaching for the bottle of coke stopped. She hesitated.

"I like Oceanography. Just don't mention-you know what? Never mind." She said hastily. Piper caught my eyes and gave me a look that said 'Don't ask'. Okay...

"So,you guys have known each other from last year?"

"Well,when Penny used to study in Goode two years back we were best friends. After she got kicked out,we decided that for college we'd try for the same one and then find a place." She explained patiently "And are you sure this is veg Penny?"

"You bet!" Penny grinned. Catching my expression,she said "Piper's pure veg." Piper nodded.

"I can't even stand looking at a hunk of meat." Piper nodded. Penny smirked.

"Jason's a pretty hot hunk of meat."

"Oh,shut up." Piper muttered,going bright red.

"Who's Jason?"

"Her crush ever was in Kindergarden. He studied in Goode too with Piper. Like Piper's my best friend,Jason was my brother's. So they made the same plans as us. You know,getting ito the same college,living together,blah blah. Only thing is Jason lives in the next apartment with three other dudes."

"'ve been having a crush on a guy since you were little?" I asked in awe to Piper,who was blushing. She shrugged a little.


"You guys are cute together." Penny nodded,munching on pizza. Piper smirked.

"What about you Boss? See any guys lately?"

"Nah,they usually see me." Said Penny savagely. Piper winked at me.

"Oh really? Not even a certain...Apollo Solace?"

Penny started choking on her pizza,and Piper started laughing. I didn't know whether to help her or laugh,so I compromised by smiling faintly. Once Penny recovered,she grinned mischievously.

"Okay,I admit that guy is a hot piece of meat." She said casually "but hey,you know me Pipes! I move on. Besides,he only flirts,not like he actually likes me."

Piper rolled her eyes. I have never seen someone talk this casually about a guy they like.

"So! I guess we shoulder turn in for the night? Piper asked. We nodded and got up,cleaning up the table. I was full and drowsy,ready to crash. As much as these guys were all different,I liked them. It's actually been forever since I had a friend,thanks to Helen...

"Night guys." Piper yawned,as she walked to her room.

"Nighgt." Penny and me grunted. Once in my room,I grabbed a book from my suitcase randomly. Romeo and Juliet has always been my favorite,and I never go to bed without reading. Plopping down on my bed,I began to read,but the pizza was really getting to me. Deciding on calling it a night,I switched off the light.


My eyes fluttered open slowly. It was still the middle of the night. Groaning,I turned and hugged my pillow,except that it was much to big and warm to be my pillow.

"You seem sleepy,Juliet."

"P-Penny?" I yawned,my eyes squinting to see a pair of green eyes "W-What are you doing in my b-bed?"

"I'm not Penny." A male's voice boomed.


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