Chapter One

It had been almost 3 years since Amanithil's wedding to Carcyll; 3 years since Faen had seen Tarin. Faen had been her normal self, still begging to go on Haldir's quests, still being an avid hunter. Faen was glad to hear the news that her friend, Amanithil, was pregnant with her first child. Hearing the news from Lady Galadriel reminded her of meeting Tarin, the fine looking silvan elf that lived in Rivendell. He seemed so at peace with himself when she met him. Tarin was a beautiful ice blue eyed silvan elf with the most beautiful silver hair that flowed down his back like a stream. His body was extremely well built from the hunts he had participated in and such. Tarin had met Carcyll in Rivendell on one of his many visits to see Lord Elrond.

In her remembrance the smooth, ample face, Faen decided to visit her friends Amanithil and Carcyll in their beautiful home at Rivendell. She packed at least one dress besides her hunting clothes, so she could look civilized in the presence of Lord Elrond and Tarin. She told Lady Galadriel that she was leaving to visit Amanithil, and err, Tarin, in Imladris. Faen would not be back until a month later, so she had her housed tended to partly so it would not be a waste while she was gone.

Faen climbed upon her stunningly black horse, Daeroch, who was already loaded with the gear Faen needed for Imladris as well as her trip. Her trip would take a week, no more or less, and she had to be prepared for the days ahead. Faen left under the calm gray skies of Middle Earth enveloping the day. It soon began to rain upon the elf-maiden; Faen pulled her gray-cloak tightly around her body as it began to pour with sounds of thunder in the distance. As the rain seeped onto her back, also soaking Dearoch's mane, she thought only of Tarin, who eventually kept the total feeling of the rain away.

The week was soon up after tireless days of riding on the part of Faen. The whole week had been plagued with pouring rain, but oddly enough, when Faen reached Imladris, the rain stopped. The whole of Rivendell sparkled with the new sun like a fresh, dew-strewn spider web in the morning sun. She rode up to see a sight she had not seen in 3 years: Amanithil beckoning Faen to come to her (Amanithil's) home. Faen ran toward the site of her friend, now at least 2 months pregnant, standing on the balcony.

"Faen, my old friend! How are you?" Amanithil asked as she hugged Faen, who was remarkably crying. She was so happy that tears of joy were streaming down her dirt-smudged face. Carcyll walked out onto the balcony just as Faen and Amanithil ended their hug.

"Well hello Faen! It seems like it has not been that long since we have seen you last. I bet you are wondering where my old friend Tarin is also," Carcyll said as he also hugged Faen and then his wife.

"Umm, err-no, I wasn't, but has he been around lately?" Faen asked, her cheeks turning bright red in the presence of his name. "I am right here if anyone asks," Tarin said tapping Faen on the shoulder, presenting himself in his wilderness garb, streaming silver hair amuck. "Nice to see you Faen, you do look quite striking for a hunting elf- maiden. Are you joining us at dinner tonight?"

"Of course, Tarin, of course."

Amanithil looked up at her husband and whispered. "Let us make them fall in love. They seem a good couple." Carcyll nodded and kissed his beloved upon her forehead before walking back into their house.