-Author's note: If you don't like the way it's written, don't bitch to me about not liking it. -

Faen smirked, devilishly grinning for something devious was upon her mind. She took out the pin that held her beautiful golden hair up, letting it flow about her shoulders and back. Faen approached Tarin who stepped back, hitting a white marble column in the courtyard. He had a sense of knowing that Faen had something coming for him; he wasn't sure what exactly it was.

"F-Faen, what exactly are you doing?" Tarin asked, staring into Faen's deep blue eyes. They were almost like the ocean on a dark day; the dark water seemed to splash about Faen's pupils-a storm that had to be calmed by another.

"If I am to kiss you once more, I do it as a ordinary elfin woman, not as some fellow huntress," Faen said, putting her pale hand upon Tarin's warm, blushing cheek. Tarin was not expecting for Faen to say that she wanted another kiss; he didn't even expect it to come from her!

"Who said anything about another kiss? How do I know you liked the first one? I mean-," Before Tarin could say anything more; Faen had put a finger to his lips, telling him to hush.

Faen's mouth seized Tarin's in a spellbinding kiss; one of pure passion and love. Faen had never experienced this feeling. It was like red- hot fire had shot up her veins, making her head swoon, wanting more. Faen kissed Tarin, infatuated with the fire that ran her body. She bit into his lip, making Tarin jump, but want Faen all the more. "Hmmm.this blood tastes good." Faen thought as the blood dripped into her mouth. Tarin's tongue shyly played with Faen's as they kissed. They were mad; finding each other absolutely irresistible. Yet, out of all this seemingly fantasy-like kissing, something brought Faen back to the grips of reality.

"Faen! Faen, come quickly! We need to you to help Amanithil!" Faen heard the voice of Carcyll, her brother-like friend. Amanithil was in trouble, but it couldn't be the baby, she was only 3 months along. Faen stepped away from Tarin, releasing herself from the all-consuming kiss. "I have to go" was all she said.

Carcyll waited frantically for Faen to come; Amanithil was deathly white and convulsing in the Hall of Fire. Carcyll and Amanithil had entered the great hall to visit Aragorn, who had come from Bree to visit Arwen and the others. Amanithil had been complaining of a pain in her leg, a pain that convulsed from a spot where an orc arrow had shot her only 3 years before. Upon entering the Hall of Fire, Amanithil collapsed onto Carcyll's shoulder. The wound had apparently resurfaced due to some force that had not been seen.

Faen met Carcyll outside the hall; Aragorn had already started to treat her with some leaves of the Kingsfoil plant that he kept in a pocket. They eased the pain slightly, only to where Amanithil had stopped convulsing. Faen entered the hall to see her friend pale and deathlike on the floor.

"What's happening to her?" Faen said asking Carcyll who was just as baffled as she was.

"She complained of her leg, but I thought it was just something to do with her pregnancy," Carcyll said, leaning down to stroke the forehead of his wife. Meanwhile, Aragorn used his knife to cut a hole in Amanithil's garments, revealing the wound. It was black and yellow like someone had dealt a good blow to Amanithil's thigh.

"I've seen this before," Aragorn said, helping himself up so he could gaze over the elf maiden's body. He whistled and Elladan and Elrohir, knowing this call, appeared before Aragorn. "Elrohir, gather as many of the elven guard as you can. There might be orcs near the borders. Make sure that none enter here," Aragorn said, putting his hand upon Elrohir's shoulder. Elrohir nodded and was off to gather the guard. "Elladan, alert your father to come here. This resurfacing might be deadlier than perceived, and I cannot help her much farther. She needs your father's medicine." Elladan, too, was off to alert Elrond.

"What's with sending Elrohir off to guard the borders? There is no war now of days," Faen said looking straight at Aragorn, who she had very little trust in.

"Well, if orcs come near, then this wound might be signaling that. Otherwise, I have no other idea what this might be," Aragorn said, scratching his short brown beard.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" a voice said, coming from behind the group. It was Tarin, who had fear and pity in his eyes, seeing the limp body of Amanithil on the ground. Faen ran to him, hugging the elf as assurance for her and him that everything was going to be all right. Aragorn looked at Tarin and told him to be ready to help Aragorn and Carcyll carry Amanithil to her room. As Aragorn waited for Elrond and Elladan, Faen went and prepared Amanithil's bed. Soon after, the body of Amanithil, carried by Aragorn and Carcyll, entered the room. Tarin followed, making sure they had a straight path for the safety of the elf- maiden.

"It is best you leave Carcyll and me to take care of her," Lord Elrond said, entering the room and walking over to his child. Tarin, Aragorn, Elladan, and Faen left the room to hear fighting in the distance. With their keen eyes, the 3 elves could see arrows shooting through the air as a band of orcs came towards the elves.

"You were right, Aragorn, I was wrong to doubt you," Faen said, not believing her eyes at all.

"It's all right," Aragorn said, unsheathing his sword, and walking over to his horse. "I am going to fight with my brothers, I'll be back." Riding away, he left the 3 elves still in awe of the raging fight. Elladan grabbed his bow and headed for the stables, but Tarin grabbed his shoulder.

"Where are you going? It's dangerous, plus Elrond doesn't want another risk of losing a son," Tarin said. Elladan pulled away from his grip and turned around, facing Tarin.

"My brothers are out there, defending YOUR home. I plan to help them, death or not," Elladan said, with a look of disgust upon his face. He walked off with Tarin trying to follow. Faen grabbed him, telling him to let the elf go.

"It's not worth your life too. Elrohir and Elladan are great hunters and warriors. I've seen them fight before. Trust me," Faen said her eyes meeting his with a look of simple compassion. Something was different in Tarin though; a change Faen had not noticed before. His eyes were no longer the cold, mysterious ice blue they once were. They were the color of a golden afternoon sun ending its presence in the sky.

"You're eyes are gold, Tarin? Why is that?" Faen asked, resting in Tarin's arms as they stood under a wooden gazebo. The fighting had settled down. From the looks of it, many orcs were dead, but a few elves had fallen too. The orcs were now retreating away as afternoon sun shone above them, revealing their positions in its bright light. The sound of fast-paced footsteps startled Faen. She broke free from the clasp of Tarin's arms about her waist to see Carcyll running up the path.

"She's going to be ok," Carcyll said, igniting, cheers from Tarin and Faen. "But Lord Elrond and I had to pull this out her leg." Carcyll held up a tiny piece of metal that had apparently come from an arrow. It, too, was black as if it were stained with orc blood.

"I must have missed it when I healed her. It was burning the wound. Amanithil is resting now. She'll be up by tomorrow. My daughter is strong, she'll survive," Elrond said putting a hand on Carcyll's shoulder.

"Of course I'm strong, my father raised me well," said a voice. Carcyll whipped round' to see his wife leaning against the wall in her robes. They hugged, and Amanithil smiled at Faen. Faen ran and hugged Amanithil gently; glad to see her friend alive.