Chapter: VI If I can't Have you, No One Can..

Jake went through the woods, using the mirror to guide him. He was able to find Manx and stopped, jumping down to his side. He lifted Manx and set him on Phillip, heading back to the village. He was glad the creeplings didn't attack him this time, making it easier to find his way back to the main path. Through the woods they went, till they came to a ridge and Jake slowed as he saw the house come into view. Home, he put Philip in the stable and took Manx into the house, setting him on the couch.

He place blankets on him and got some food ready, knowing he was probably hungry from his journey. Jake went back and forth, making the dinner and checking on Manx. Soon Manx stirred and woke, sitting up and looking around with confusion. He saw Jake, who sat down beside him.

"J-Jake? Tis it really ye? Ah thought Ah would never see ye again."

"Yes, it's me. You're worn out and need rest." said Jake, fixing the blankets on Manx.

"B-but how did ye get away from that mutant?"

"I didn't, he let me go."

"That horrible monster?"

"No, he's different, changed somehow."

"What makes ye say that?"

"Look what I have."

Jake took and held Manx's paws, taking the rose rattle and placing it in his open palms. Manx with wide eyes saw the familiar object and felt his eyes watering, looking from them to Jake.

"He took me there dad. I know what happened to my mother."

"They ye know why Ah had to leave. Ah needed to protected me son. Ah probably protected ye too much."

Jake wanted to tell Manx about his adventure and how he and Chance became good friends."

"I have wonder full news."

Before Jake could go on, a knock at the door interrupted him. With a arched brow, Jake and Manx shared a confused glance. Jake heard another knock again and got to his feet, making his way over to the door. He opened it and saw a creepy old looking kat, who wore a long cloak. The cloaked figure had a weird vibe and Jake didn't dare want to let him in, keeping the door partially closed.

"May I help you? It's very late to be knocking on someone's door."

"Mr. Clawson, we're here to collect your father."

"What! Why do you want my father?"

"Not to worry Mr. Clawson, we'll take good care of him."

The kat stood aside, waving a paw to a horse drawn carriage. Jake read the words 'asylum' written on the side. There were a couple who stood behind him, one a short male and the other a tall she kat.

"Mac, Molly, see to it Mr. Manx is given a nice seat in the cart."

"No! I wont let you take him!" said Jake, shutting the door. He locked it and went to Manx. "We got to get out of here."

He took Manx's paw and drug him to the back door, thinking they could make a quick escape. The front door was beaten and hit upon, the pair trying to kick it down. Jake open the back door and they were met by Burke and Murray, who grabbed them.

Jake tried to fight back, while Manx was picked up and taken away. Jake tussled and threw the other to the floor, punching him a few times. Murray rolled Jake over and went to try and hit him. Jake put up a good fight, keeping from getting hit. He punched Burke across the muzzle and slammed his knee into his crouch area, shoving him aside with ease.

"Put me down, Jake!" shouted Manx, being taken down the steps to the cart. "Let go of me!"

Jake got to his feet and ran through the door way, going to aid his father. He was nabbed by Mac and Molly, who held him back. He struggled in their hold, looking around as if hoping to spot someone who would help them. That's when he saw her, Turmoil. She stood with a small smile on her face, watching what was happening. He knew the whole thing was orchestrated by her. He stepped on Molly's foot and set his elbow into Mac's face, allowing himself time to get away and reach her.

"Turmoil, please. You know my father isn't out of his mind! Stop them, I beg you."

"I could straighten zis whole thing out, if.."

"If what?"

"If you do something for me."

"Like what?"

"Marry me, tonight. I have a vedding zat is being prepared as ve speak. Take me as your mate. Promise to be me mine, and mine alone. All it vill take are three little vords, and your father vill be let go."

Jake frowned and pulled away, shaking his head.

"No, I will never marry you."

"Have it your way."

"My father is not crazy. Listen to me, anyone."

"Oh, yeah. A while back he was goin' on 'bout some castle and a mutant," said Burke.

"And you don't call that crazy. There ain't no castle 'round here," added Murray.

"He's been trying to find zee castle for zee past several months. Even 'ad that beggar Paul to help him."

"There is palace, I'd just came from it." said Jake, shouting to make sure everyone heard him.

"You vords mean nothing. You vould say anything to free your old man."

"You want proof, I'll give you proof."

Jake ran into the house to grabbed the mirror, standing on the porch and holding it up for all to see.

"There is a mutant! Show me Chance Furlong!"

The mirror chanced and Chance was seen, for the town folks to see. They all gasped and Jake held his paws up to get their attention.

"Don't fear him. I know he looks scary and some what intimidate. But he's really kind, sweet, funny and wonderful. He's my friend."

Jake held the mirror and touched it gently, running his paw over the smooth glass. Turmoil saw made her way to him, grabbing for the mirror. He tried to keep it, feeling her pull his bay to her.

"If I didn't know. I'd say you had strong feeling for this-this mutant. This monster!"

"He's no monster, Turmoil. You are!"

With a groan, Turmoil punched Jake in the gut. He clung to the mirror, refusing to let go. She backhanded him, forcing him to let go. Jake crumbled and dropped to his knees, feeling a sharp pain. She held it and smiled, turning as he spoke.

"You don't remember, the spell has affected all of you. Everyone here, can't remember certain things, can't recall certain parts of their own life. I know there was a castle, I read about it before we came here."

"A spell you say?"

"Yes, I'm not affected, neither is my father. We can help you."

Turmoil paused, seeing the folks whisper and point.

"He's bewitched, it must be dark magic. Vhy that mutant could come here and kill us all. Ve are not safe until zat creature's head is mounted on my wall!"

"Stop, I wont let you hurt him, Turmoil!"

He jumped Turmoil and tried to take the mirror from her, fighting with all his might. She took him by the wrist and puled him close to her face, chuckling as he struggled. She tightened her grip on him and drug him over to Mac and Molly, throwing him harshly to the ground.

"Search zeir pockets for weapons, cuff zem to zee barred vindows. Lock zem up good and tight till ve get back. Ve can't have them running off ot varn the monster."

Jake thrashed in their grip, the couple forcing his paws behind his back. Jake tried to fight back, but a hit to the gut stopped his kicks. He and Manx wrists were cuffed to the bars windows on either side of the cart, the back door slammed shut as was locked by Dark kat. Dark kat looked to Turmoil, who gave him a nod.

"You vill be paid extra to watch and make sure zey don't escape."

Turmoil turned and took a few steps, only to fell a paw on her shoulder. She turned to fins the Lieutenant, gazing at her with worry.

"Captain, don't you think you're taking this a bit too far. I mean-"

"-Do you vish to join zem." Turmoil saw as the Lieutenant backed down, letting her paw fall to her side. "Fetch my horse and follow me. That's an order, Lieutenant."

Jake felt the metal dig into his wrist as he tried to free them, siting on a bench. He could see outside the bar windows in the back as Turmoil stood on top and spoke, waving a torch around as she yelled.

"As I vas saying. I say ve kill zee mutant!"

"Yeah!" cheered the folk, who stood beside the mighty Captain.

Turmoil's cape whipped behind her as she held the mirror up for everyone to see, hearing them applaud her. She grinned and stepped off listening to what the frightened villagers had to say.


"We'll cut off its head,
It be best if its dead,
Else it'll come take us from our very beds,
He might plunder and pillage, upon our entire village,"


"It time to stand tall my friends, tonight the castle falls,
In the timber thought the fog, we'll cut down a log and use it to break in the castle,
Once we're done we'll take all the gold,
Afterward we're bake a cake to celebrate,
That mutant has dark bright red eyes, a sign he is truly evil,
He may beg and plead, but we wont give a heed,
For he's bad, very bad,
Kill the freak,"

Turmoil flung the torch it in a hay stack, engulfing it in a sea of flames. The kats cheered and went to light their own torches, rousing everyone up. With her horse brought to her, Turmoil mounted and led them. Through the streets of the village they went, the hooves clicking against the stone. The Lieutenant rode beside Turmoil and gazed at her coldly, shaking her head.


"Gather what you can, we bringing a battle,
Like he has never seen,
It may seem cruel, but he need to know who will rule,
After this faithful night,"

The Lieutenant:

"I'm filled with fright beyond words,
But if I leave, she light me up,
Onward, get your bow, and your finest armor,
Stand tall, here we go,"

The villagers lifting their weapons and grabbed other things to use for the battle. They broke metal pieces off of the buildings to use as blunt instruments, gathering what they could for the journey. Through the wood, the torches appeared like fireflies against the dark background. They moved through the path and Turmoil held up the mirror, knowing it could lead them to the mutant.

"Show me zee castle."

Turmoil watched the glass change to show a towering gray castle. With a sly grin she tapped her heel into the horse's sides, making him move on. A tree was chopped down, using the long as a batting ram.


"We hate what standout, out from the crowd,
This creature could be hazardous to us all,
To our well being, and existence, to our future,
And families,
Kill the freak,"

They walked and came through a foggy area, where the creeplings came out at them. Turmoil showed no fear and simply cut them down, showing she was unstoppable on her quest. With several sweeps of her blade, a line of dead corpses lay on the ground behind her. She wiped the blood off her sword and smiled, pressing on. They came to the large gate and with a few hits from the log, they were forced opened, allowing them to enter the garden area.

"Ve found his strong hold. Now keep an eye out for danger and be ready!"

As the mob closed in, the object were unaware they were coming. In the castle, Felina and Callie danced, while Mrs. Abby sat on the windowsill with her son. It started to slowly, seeing it patter against the glass and trickle down. Steele glanced outside and saw a small light coming through the fog, thinking it could be Jake.

"I don't think he's coming back," said Callie, sweeping with Felina.

"Yes, my master didn't work, this time."

"Mom, it's him! I think Jake's coming back to us."

The others jumped up and gazed out the foggy glass, wiping it clear to get a better look. The gates were broken down and they realized there wasn't just one torch, but many. By the amount of torches they assumed they were a mob, coming to try and hurt Chance. A female ridding a horse and lead them, holding the mirror in her paw.

"Great one above! They're coming this way!" exclaimed Callie.

"We'll take care of them with ease." said Felina.

"Indeed, I'll let Mr. Furlong know what happening." said Hackle, turning and leaving the group.

"As for the rest of us, to the doors." said Feral, leading the group downstairs like the commander he use to be. "Barricade the doors, and hold!"

They gathered everyone they could to defend the doors at all cost, knowing it was the only thing standing between them and the army. Johnny came in and saw the tinier object gathering to the doors, watching the bars lock it down. Being a piano, he was bigger and knew he could pose as a threat to the mob.

"Everyone get out of the way! I'll use myself as a block."

They scattered like ants as the large piano raced over to the door, jumping up and standing on it. Feral, Felina, Callie and Mrs. Abby pilled on top with other household items, knowing the extra weight would help.

The gang:

They brought a fight to us,
They'll see how wrong they were,
We'll make them pay for all this,

Outside the mob raised the log back and with a might shove.


The mob:

"Keep strong, we're almost thought,
Soon victory will be ours,
It's so close,
Kill the freak,
Kill the freak,
kill the freak."

It hit the doors and sent a jolt though the household braced themselves for another blow and wondered how long they would be able to keep it up. With another few blows, a piece of the door was broken and the breakable items back off, seeing the doors shake even more.

"This wont stop them." said Mrs. Abby.

"What are we going to do!" asked Callie.

"Everyone let them in. I have a plan!" exclaimed Felina.

"I hope it's better then your trying to set Chance and Jake up."

"Shut up, Feral."

As the object went to work, preparing for the army, Hackle ran up the spiral staircase, huffing as he reached the top. Chance was crouched down and saw the chaos unfold before him, perched high on the towers ledge.

"Mr. Furlong, there is a huge mob outside. They're trying to break the doors down," said Hackle between deep breaths. "What do we do?"

"Just let them come. It doesn't matter."

With one last hit the door fell apart, hitting the ground. The dropped the log and gathered around, parting ways as Turmoil wanted to enter first. allowing them to enter. She walked in and looked around the darkened palace, raising her touch to get a better look. The Lieutenant peered our from behind her, shaking with fear.

"Aren't you afraid of ghost?"

"Be quiet. Ve don't vant to give away out position."

The other members entered, looking around. Greenbox scratched his chin, seeming curious.

"I say, I feel like I've been here before. Like in a dream, no, a memory. What if Jake was telling the truth."

"Zen killing the mutant vill free us from zee cures."

She squinted eyes, seeing several objects scattered around the room. They slowly walked across the hall, hearing only the shuffling and tapping of shoes. Their shadows moved over the objects and slowly Felina opened an eyes, seeing someone reach for her.

"Now!" yelled Felina, lighting up.

All at once, chairs, tables, plates, along with other objects came to life and attacked the army. In the panic, Turmoil grabbed the Lieutenant and used her like a shield, not knowing what was happening behind her.

Johnny bucked like a mule and set his attackers to the ground or flying through the air. He laughed and moved, seeing Al bit and growl at their feet or tails. Felina used her flames to scare back the kats, while Callie brushed dust in their faces, blinding the trespassers. Mrs. Abby, Steele, along with other glasses, poured hot water on the kats below. The kats cried out in pain and ran around, bumping into others, making everything a jumbled mess.

Among the heat of the battle, Turmoil made her way up the right flight of stairs to find the monster, making sure she had her weapon ready. After Turmoil left, from the other flight of stairs came Ann along other items. Seeing the battle below, some of the object jumped down and struck a few kats here and there. Johnny who was fighting, saw a female lift a ax up behind him. He gasped, watching as she prepared to strike him.

"My love!" Ann jumped up and stood on the rail, close to where the she kat was. "This time the fat lady is singing! Ohhh!"

Ann dropped down and hit the floor boards with a crash, sending her flying through the air. With jolt of energy, he used his keys like bullets, hitting the kats around him. While the excitement went on, it was dull where Manx and Jake were. They sat in the back of the carriage, feeling trapped. Jake struggled to try and loosen, becoming frustrated and yelling out with rag.

"There no way I'm going to be able to get to Chance. This is all my fault."

Jake hit the back of his head into the wood, doing it repeatedly till Manx spoke.

"Easy there, lad. Maybe Ah can reason with them outside."

He pressed his back to the wood and pushed up, seeing Mac and Molly. The leaned on the cart, passing a cigarette back and forth. The horses were taken with the mob, so they weren't going back to the asylum any time soon.

"Would ye to be so kind as to let me and me boy go. Ah know Turmoil offered ye a good deal of money. But won't ye help us out. Find it within ye heart to do a good dead."

"Shut up old man. You don't know nothin' about us." said Mac.

holding a deck of card in his paws, playing poker with his wife. She let her cards down and glanced to the aging kat.

"Yeah, or we'll gag ya."

"Well," was all Manx could say. "Aye, did me best. "Sorry lad, guess ye be going to marry Turmoil after all."


Jake leaned back, feeling hopeless. There was a sound of someone being hit and falling to the ground in pain, along with the lock being back door swung open, Paul holding a set of keys in his paw.

"Paul!" exclaimed Jake.

"Yes, now let's get those cuffs off you," said Paul, climbing in to free them."By the way Jake. Your cane doubles as a weapon, Burke and Murray haven't bothered me for the past few months."

"That's great Paul, but I have to get going. I need to warn Chance about the mob. I hope I'm not to late."

He whistled and Philip trotted up, stopping for them to get on. Jake removed his coat and vest, wanting to be able to move. He listed Paul and got on, offering a paw to Manx. With a tug, Manx sat behind Jake, who held the rains.

"All right Philip, to the castle!"

They tore off through the village, heading into the woods. The galloping of hooves echoed as they passed over several dead creeplings, coming upon a familiar set of gates. They drew closer, seeing shadow from within the brightly lit windows. In the great hall the kats were bombarded and attacked by the furniture and other items. Ann set out a stream of clothes that swirled around Murray and Burke, changing their dress wear. The pair stood back and saw they were dressed as she kat, with make up, heels, and of course wigs. Murray screamed, while Burke seemed to like his outfit.

"What have they done to ya!"

"I don't know Murray, but I kind of like it."

"Let's get the heck out of here!"

They held each other and ran, fleeing as other joined them. Felina lit sparks to scare the rest of the kats away, making them palace in a mad scramble to escape. They left the house hold items to cheer and celebrate their victory, jumping up and down. Below the stairs, Philip stopped for them to get off. Jake searched for Turmoil, hoping she'd be among them. Though, a a familiar face did appear, coming his way.

"Lieutenant, where is Turmoil?"

"I don't know, she ditch me."

"Here, I need to stop here."

He passed her the reins, leaving his father and Paul, the pair slowly following him into the castle. Upstairs Turmoil went from room to room, breaking the doors in trying to find which one the monster could be in. She aimed her arrow in, thinking he would be awaiting her. After no such luck, she came to a spiral staircase, leading up a tall tower. With a smirk she raced up the steps, the echo of her heels hitting along the stone. She reached the top, seeing a figure crouch near the edge. With a grin she walked over with a bow raised, thinking he'd put up a fight.

"I must say, you are burly fellow. If you veren't so hideous to look at, I vould like you," said Turmoil, getting no reaction from him. "My name in Turmoil, Jake set me."

Chance never turned around, only digging his claws into the stone. Chance couldn't believe it, would Jake really do this too him?

Turmoil set a boot into Chance's back, sending him forward over the stone. He dropped the book, seeing if fall far below. He turned back, meeting Turmoil's dark gaze. She gave a hit that sent Chance off the side, sliding down the stone, creating sparks as his claws dug into the hard surface. As he scrabbled to get up, she reached for an arrow only to have none. She whirled around and saw Jake, holding a hand full of arrow. He stepped back as Turmoil tried to take them. Quickly, he held them over his knee and snapped them in half, throwing them aside where they tumbled down the stone steps.

"Where is he, Turmoil! What have you done!"

"You vould give yourself to zat deformed monster, vhen I could've given you everything. Vhen ve gat back to zee village, you vill be my husband, and marry me. As for your precious monster, his head vill hang on a vall in our bedroom" said Turmoil, reach for her side arm. "Ve vill tell our kittens how I saved your life, and you fell madly in love with me."


He tired to grab the gun form her, holding it tight as they spun this way and that. They wrestled with the gun and shot off, smoke floating around them. Turmoil yanked it away, kicking him in the shin, dropping him to the ground. He groaned and staggered back, clutching his foot. She frowned and back handed him, sending Jake to the stone. He cupped a paw to his mouth, blood pouring out of his nose.

"Sorry about that honey, but you need to know who's in charge."

Turmoil leap off the balcony, going after Chance. He reached out and tried to call out to her, only a croak emerged from his muzzle. He coughed and slowly got to his feet, dashing to the down the steps. He raced down the halls and came to a window, watching as Turmoil went after Chance. Jake came to a window and looked out to see Chance. Chance, with all his strength jumped to the closest tower, scrambling to get to safety. His cape blew behind him as the rain fell from the sky. He was able to reach solid grown and struggle to stay up.

"No!" shouted Jake over the wind and rain.

Chance saw Jake, seeing the open shirt blew every so lightly in the breeze. He managed to hang on the towers top and jumped from one to the other. His eyes sparked and lit up, seeing Jake had come back.

"Jake! You returned!" yelled Chance.

"I tried to stop them!"

"I'll come to you, stay there!"

Turmoil stood between and saw how they reacted to each other and it made her furious She glanced from Jake to Chance, knowing he was an enemy now.

Jake flew back and headed down the hall to the next room, hoping to met Chance there. Suddenly the stone beneath him shook and some of the hall crumbled Jake with all his might ran along the falling stone and jumped, reaching safety. He landed on the ground and pushed himself up, going on. As Jake was eager to reunite with Chance, so was he. He made it a flat part, seeing lightning flash across the sky. He saw the shadow of Turmoil along the stone, turning just in time as she lept a him.

He managed to grab and threw her across, sending her tumbling before e she came to a stop. She got to her feet and ran forward, swinging her sword. Chance dodged it and tried to keep out of her reach, seeing as she cut down a stone gargoyle that sat along the edge. Rock pieces flew as the wind whipped, knocking her hat off. He blond hair blew, rain dampening strands along her cheeks and jaw.

"Vere you in love vith him? You really thought he'd vant you, vhen he had someone like me! Jake is mine!"

Chance shot out, knocking her back. She teetered on the edge, losing her sword. She got her balance and pulled a knife from her waist, trying to stab Chance. They danced along the stone, Chance feeling her arm sweep by with each swing.

Jake came to Chance's bed room and ran to the balcony, seeing the pair fight. Chance was sent to the ground and Turmoil went to stab him through the chest. Jake leaned out and couldn't bare the sight.

"No! Turmoil, stop! Please don't kill him!"

Turmoil raised her paw and went to bring it down, only to be stopped in mid swing. Chance pushed back, keeping the digger at arms length. Turmoil was taken back as he stood tall, towering over her. With his free paw, he reached and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her over the edge. The wind and rain fell, as a strike of lightning lit up the sky behind them. Turmoil held her paws to Chance's scaly paw, keeping herself from chocking. She dangled and kicked, but was unable to break free.

"Spare me please, I beg of you! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything, anything!"

Chance stared at her with dark eyes. Slowly, his face melted and he brought her back in, keeping her at eye level.

"Get the cuss out of my castle you sniveling coward." He set her down and watched as she scrambled to get away, taking off down the stone platform. Seeing this Chance yelled. "Go, get out of here!"

He smirked and turned to the balcony, seeing Jake . He saw there was a few feet between them and figured he could make the jump. He took a few steps back and eyed up his target.

"Don't it's too far!" yelled Jake.

Chance flew forward, leaping through the air before disappearing. He dangled and clung to the windowsill, feeling his cape whip behind him. Jake leaned over and took Chance's paw, helping him up to the rail. Chance ran his large paw beside Jake's face, cupping his cheek. They gazed tenderly into each others eyes, happy to be together once more. Chance slowly leaned forward and was ready to share a kiss with Jake. Jake was so caught up in the moment, that the world seem to vanish, until reality came back with a vengeance.


A gun shot rang though the air and Chance's fell to the rail, while half his body body still hung out. Jake gasped and looked back to see Turmoil reloading her gun as she stood across from them.

"Turmoil, no! Please, don't!" yelled

He tried to pull Chance in before another shot rang out, hitting him again. Chance grimaced and gripped the railing tightly as the pain surged through his body. He felt Jake's paws on his side and feared Jake might get hit as well.

"Get back Jake!"

Chance pushed him back, but without his support Chance fell forward, tumbling to the ground, unable to move. Jake gasped and looked up to met Turmoil's gaze. Her long cape bellowed from the wind as her arm extended, locking onto Chance.

"If I can't have you, no one vill!" shouted Turmoil as a shot a lightning flew in the background behind her.

Her finger was on the trigger, when suddenly the ground shook and broke a part where her feet were. The bottom gave out and dropped, bring Turmoil down with it. The stone and her fell, her scream could be heard before a loud crash. After brief moment all was still. Jake turned from her and went to Chance, dropping to his knees. He flipped him to his back, seeing if he was still alive. Chance cough a little as a pool of blood collected under his body.

"Chance! You're alive! I'm so sorry."

"I can't believe you came back?"

"Of course, I'll never leave you again. This is all my fault, I shouldn't have brought Manx back here in the first place."

"Guess, I'm the one leaving this time."

"Don't say that."

"Perhaps it's better this, now you can truly be free to see the world, and all its wonders."

"I don't want to do any of that without you." said Jake, stroking Chance's face, feeling his soft fur between his fingers.

"Jake, listen to me. You gave me the greatest gift in all the land. You showed me that love exist, and that even someone like me could find it. Thank you for being someone I could truly love."

Jake felt tears stream down his face as he placed paw over Chance's larger one. Jake smiled and he heard Chance's breathing slowly stop. He watched as Chance's paw fell limply to the side, and his eyes shut. Chance fell back, showing now sign of movement.

"No, no. Don't leave me. Please come back."

Jake clutched Chance, hoping he would wake ad wasn't dead. He let tears fall like rain down his face, laying his head on Chance's chest. He didn't yell or wail, he simply cried and clung to the lifeless body, mourning the loss of his friend. On the stone table in the glass vase, the last peddle fall, fluttered as it fell. Down at the front of the stairs stood the gang, jumping with joy for their victory. The were still celebrating until something seemed off and out of place. Felina turned and found Callie frozen, unmoved as she lay on the floor.

"Callie, Callie speak to me. Oh, what happened to her?"

"This must be our fate. To freeze."

Feral stood by and cast his eyes down. On the stair way stood Ann and Johnny stood face to face. They felt the change, Ann's doors shutting while her arms folded up.

"Oh, Johnny, you were so brave. Goodbye, my love."

Seeing this Johnny panicked "Ann, don't leave me!"

He felt his keys stop moving, his candles flickering before going out. Out from the castle came Al, who jumped on the piano, going from Ann to Johnny. With a whimper, Al became stiff and fell over, reaming still. Feral and Felina watched as one after one, their friends. No there family, froze from the curse. Coming out on her cart, Mrs. Abby huffed with worry.

"Have you seen Steele. He wondered off and I couldn't find him. Where is my little boy?"

Mrs. Abby puffed steam out her spout one last time, before her face froze and faded away, leaving only a tea pot.

"Mama! Mom!"

Steele jumped through the air, falling to the stone. His bottom shattered into pieces before he was scooped up by Hackle. Hackle set him beside his mother and stood, freezing up. All that was left, was Feral and Felina. They looked at each other and didn't know what to say. It was hard to think they were so close, and now it would be over.

"Felina, it was an honor working with you by my side."

"No, the honor was all mine.."

Feral saluted her one last time, before his arms went to his sides and stuck. His face chanced to a regular clock and he was no longer alive. Felina spun and became still. Her lights flickered out and all the items in the castle Lieutenant stood and watched with glassy eyes, seeing as even the lights in the castle slowly went out.

Manx and Paul arrived in Chance's bedroom, finding the Jake. Judging by the frozen items thing didn't look good. They saw Jake crying over the monster, Paul stopping from interrupting. Manx waited, giving his son some space.

"Oh, Paul. We be too late." Manx slowly approached Jake and placed a paw on his shoulder. "Come on, Jake. Let's go home."

"I can't just leave him, not like this."


"You don't understand. I love him."

Jake threw himself on Chance, sobbing. Manx went to talk, only for Paul to talk over.

"Manx, why don't you go get the horse ready. I'll stay with the boy."

Manx nodded and walked away, heading out. With Manx gone, Paul smiled and walked over to where Jake was. Only instead of joining him, he pulled a golden watch out from the inside of his cloak. He held it up to the plant and light emerged from it, making the dead flower come back to life. The peddles lifted and the glass turned to light, floating over and surrounded Chance.

Jake saw this and sat back, wondering what was happening. With wide eyes he got back and watched. The sea of light transformed Chance, coming from where the plant was. Jake looked over and saw Paul, who's cloak changed to a sea of gold. The light and peddles slowly faded and sent Chance back on the ground, where he lay for a few moment. Jake stepped forward, but drew back when Chance stood. Normal, Chance deformed side was blond and had three dark brown stripes across his back. Chance looked at his left and right paw, then turned to Jake with a smile.


"Jake, it's me."

Chance walked over to took Jake's paws, gazing down with soft blue eyes. Looking closely, Jake brightened.

"It really you? But how? You were dead."

"That's the beauty of magic," said Chance, turning to Paul. "Speaking of which. What are you doing here? I have a bone to pick with you."

"Chance don't, he's a friend of mine. Paul, you're the Pastmaster? "

"Yeah, like I told your friend, beauty is found within."

"Can we at least keep that magic book?" asked Jake.

"Oh, heck no. I'm taking it with me. Well have a good life."

The Pastmaster made the book appear and flew off, heading off balcony. The watched as the Pastmaster left in a cloud of dust and magic, going who knows where.

"Well, that happened." said Chance. "Well, Jake the offer still stands. Will you stay here with me?"

"Yes, I would love to."

Jake threw his arms around Chance, nuzzling into him. Chance slowly pulled him away and leaned in, giving Jake the kiss he always wanted. Jake stood on his toes to reach Chance, wrapping his arms around him. The kiss sealed the deal and the stone flew back in place, other section repaired themselves. Outside, light washed over the dark gray castle. It swept over the frozen objects and Ann opened her door, letting streams of clothe out. The clothe flew around Johnny as a shadow of a she kat showed. Once the clothes fell, the couple with their dog huddled together.

Hackle came to life and felt his chest and arms, unable to believe what had happened. Feral change back to his old self, becoming the tall commander. He fixed his hair and saw light beside him. Felina was back to her regular form, .grinning at Uncial.

"What did I tell you Uncial. The master plan always works."

She hit his arm and he sighed, rolling his eyes. As they stood, feathers flew up from where Callie was. Quickly, Felina went over and took Callie's paw, that emerged from the pile. Felina pulled Callie out and was half crying, seeing her wife once more.

"Oh, Callie my love."

"Felina." Callie kissed Felina, pulling apart as smoke floated from Felina's head. Callie patted it out and went to hug her love once more. Over to the side, Mrs. Abby's cart started to roll away. Feral reached and grabbed it, but not before the pot and cup went flying through the air. They changed, Mrs. Abby landed on the tray and sliding down with Steele on her lap. They came to a stop and the mother and son embraced.

"Steele, you're a little boy again. Oh, I missed you so much."

Manx, the Lieutenant, along with many others greeted the servants to came out. Families were reunited, hugging and crying. Everyone was happy and stood about chatting away. Then, out of the door came Chance, holding Jake's paw. Seeing him, Feral, greet him.

"Mr. Furlong, your highness."

"It's good to see you old friend."

Chance hugged Feral, turning back as Jake spoke.

"Highness? You mean you're a prince?"

"Actually, I'm a King."

Jake almost fell over, throwing a paw to his forehead.

"Wow, a KIng. So, what will that make me."

"King number two, maybe," said Chance, blushing.

"I say we celebrate!" said Felina.

All were gathered in the ball room, the place full of color. Flowers were woven and hung from the chandlers, tide with a ribbon in the center of the dance floor. Johnny played while Ann sang, the pair smiling at the joyous occasion. Other kats join in with violins, and other instruments.


"Broken is the curse,
Mended is our hope,
Love found a way,
Thanks to Jake Clawson,
That funny kat,"

Jake and Chance danced, gazing into each other's eyes. From the side, Manx watched and wiped a single tear away, happy his son found someone to love. Feral patted him on the shoulder, spotting Felina and Callie among the dancers. Mrs. Abby spun Steele, left her side to Mr. Greenbox, who lifted him up and down.

Mrs. Abby:

"Buds bloom to flowers,
Snow melts into spring,
The bad days have past,
Only good ones last,
Seeing with the heart,"

Jake gave Chance a curious look, to which Chance was confused.


"Haw would you fell about shaving your right side?"

"Very funny, Razor. But that isn't happening. You'll just have to get use to the new me."

"We have a life time, so I'm in no rush."

Jake stepped in close, raising his face to Chance's. They shared a kiss as the dancers surrounded them, in a sea of color.

"Night makes way for day,
What else is left to say?
Time to say goodbye,
It's time to fly,
Jake and Chance,
Give love a chance, never give up hope,
Seeing with the heart."

The end.