…and his September the First

The morning of September the First opened with the Potter household in a chaotic chorus of banging doors, screaming kids and flying cutlery. Even James wasn't spared from the din—he was mercilessly woken up from his sweet Quidditch dream by his younger siblings, who threw themselves on top of him and were trying to crush him in his quilt blanket.

He kicked them out of his room and surveyed the mess he had piled up over the summer: crumpled parchments and broken quills littered around the wooden floor mixed with muggle papers and ballpoint pens, the umpteenth time he had broken his cartoon lion alarm clock, his trunk was still not packed and lay open at the foot of his bed, and his new school robes were tangled in a heap with his dirty clothes…

He couldn't help but let out an annoyed groan. His mother would probably love to take this opportunity to strip his room bare together with the ancient and foul-mouthed house-elf Kreacher. Sighing, he dumped the trash into the enchanted bin, which choked angrily when he threw his muggle textbooks rather violently into it. He didn't care—he was very glad that he wouldn't have to see those boring teachers ever again. He was certain that his first day at Hogwarts would be a blast just like the stories he heard from his parents and older relatives.

"James!" He was startled by Ginny's voice just outside his door. "Breakfast is ready, so hurry up!"

Picking up his school supplies that were scattered everywhere in his room, he then chucked them all into the trunk before he finally slammed down the lid and dragged it down the stairs. The smell of bacon filled his nose and his stomach growled loudly, which sent Albus and Lily into a giggling fit.

"James," Ginny looked up after she set down the plate of scrambled eggs on the dining table. "Why are you still in your pyjamas?"

"Jamesie going to school in ugly pyjamas!" Albus chanted, in an attempt to rile him.

The older brother rolled his eyes. That little twerp was probably trying to get back at him for the time that James sent him screaming for mummy when he dropped a wriggling millipede down the inside of the back of his shirt.

"Shut up, midget."

"James." Ginny narrowed her brown eyes at him. "Sit down and eat quickly. We're running late."

"Sorry, Mum."

They finished their food quietly but not without a silent kicking match under the table, which James won and made Albus fall off his seat. That earned him a whack on the back of his head and a hex threat from his mother before he changed into a plain white shirt, a pair of faded jeans and his new sneakers.

His father, Harry, finally arrived to fetch them and bring them to King's Cross station, but they were suddenly told that they would be travelling by the Knight Bus—which received angry chirps from Albus and Lily, who were expecting a Ministry car.

James wished that he hadn't gobble down half a plate of sausages during breakfast just now.