Authors Note: This is a Snape/Harry fiction, full of fluffiness and sweet stuff like that. Rated PG-13.

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* Red and Green

By: Simplicity


I. Tomorrow Won't Come Until Today

Stupid brats. Adolescences. A sigh surpassed my parted lips as I twisted my fork into my food, the silver metal scratching against the plate in what most people would call irritating. If only they would listen to their selves talk. This was hardly the way I wanted to spend my vacation. But of coarse Albus had to just force me to come and 'enjoy the season' with him and seven other students. Oh, and damn, just shoot me now. Potter just had to stay and pester me.

"Candy heart, Severus?" Dumbledore asked as his mouth nibbled on a pink one and his eyes were full of glee. Dumbledore had become fondly attached to the piece of candy that he munched on a regular basis. I looked over at Albus with not exactly a look of agreement of approval. It was my last idea to put one of those pieces of childish candy tidbits with false words in my mouth.

"No thanks, Headmaster. I'd prefer not." I sneered to myself as he turned his attention back to the Christmas tree. My eyes followed to Potter as he insisted on talking about Quidditch to that damned Longbottom until I heard a slight sigh from Albus. I tried his best not to pity the man who always tried to make me cheered up, but sometimes, I had to. Dumbledore just offered a lot of chances to me, so Dumbledore was owed that respect. Sort of.

"You know you should try out next year." Potter's voice said cheerfully as he began to gnaw on one of those things Albus likes to call 'candy hearts'. I would burn them all to hell and laugh with joy, if I could. Maybe I should look up a spell later on that. I mean, it wasn't that drastic day filled with hearts and pink crap!

"I don't think I'd be a good member." Longbottom voice called in reply, but he was cheerful as ever that Harry would encourage him. Longbottom was finally right. He would have died the instant he gotten on the broom. Damn, he should try out.

"Severus, children. Won't you join me in a song?" Albus said gleefully, that sparkle in his eye. I couldn't help but mutter out a groan. Albus noticed it. Though he acted like he didn't. But what's one professor to seven kids and the owner of the school who wanted to sing? Well, to say the least, a groaning professor. I had every right to. I wanted to be in my dungeons, reading. or making a potion.

My ears wish they would break off my head and run as I hear Albus beginning to sing one of those foolish Muggle tunes. The children joining behind in chorus. Just burn them all to hell. And those damned candy hearts that Albus kept trying to offer me.


"Good night all. Hope you all wake up to a wonderful Christmas." Albus smiled brightly as he stood up from his chair and began to walk around the table, placing his hand on top of the children's head. Don't he dare touch my head. I would cut off his hand and burn it in my fireplace with joy. Do not touch my head, my hair, me.

He touched my head.

Damn. My eyes rolled and I stood up and the hand fell off my head. Potter shot me a cheeky grin. Was that some sort of 'fuck off and die' from him to me for a Christmas present? If it was, I loved it. Stupid brats need to grow up. And as they started to wander off to their house dormitories, Albus held me behind. Piss off old man in a hat.

"Severus, are you alright? You look so depressed at dinner." I snort, and sneer. Oh, I just do all of those impossible things that he's sees right through and grins. And there's that twinkle again. I only rest my hand on my head, as if aggravated by the man's attempts every year to cheer me up. I was happy. I had my dungeons. I had my fireplace. I had my potions. I had me.

"I'm fine." I mutter, I had to reply. He would be upset if I didn't. He only nods and wanders off down to the hall and hums another damned Christmas song to himself. Let me shoot the damned reindeer. I can put it out of it's own misery for being sung around a billion times during this Christmas time.

I made my way to my corridors. Where I belonged this Christmas eve. Why did we have to come up with such foolish holiday? Odd boy I was when I was young, for enjoying it. But I was highly glad that as I grew up I was smart enough to convince myself that this holiday was made for people to become lazy and sleep.

"Foolish." I mutter before changing into my night robes. I honestly did miss them. My own clothes needed cleaning. Cleaning from the children, from Albus, from the music, from those damned candy hearts. These robes were clean. They had been in my dungeons, in my air, around my potions. These robes were me.

I settle back into my bed, under the green sheets and my head tossed on my green pillowcase that shimmered brightly, shining their Slytherin colors. "Merry Christmas, Severus." I mutter softly before the sound of a quiet, and restful night evades my eyes. No more children, no more songs, no more candy hearts. It was about time I actually got to have the change to have sleep that I did deserve. Especially after all those corrections I had to make on dozens of essays today.

I deserved my robes.


The glimmer of light through my only window awoke me. It was Christmas day. The grounds of Hogwarts were covered in a thick sheet of icy snow. And it was bloody cold. Just go kill the snow for me, please? If I did it myself I would have to get up from under my warm fireplace and go outside. And for every damn reason I had in my mind, I was certainly not going to.

Then Albus showed up at my door. Now how the hell did he get in? I was flabbergasted at the fact that he could just walk into my dungeons, without the slightest bit of emotion on his face. Besides the damn smile. And the damn twinkle. He walked towards me and smiled, it never went away. It was like glued to his face. "Happy Christmas, Severus."

I grunt and pull the covers up to my shoulders. Fuck being professional. It was just too damn cold and I was too damn lazy. "Happy Christmas to you too, Headmaster." Oh those words could just twist my throat and die. It hurt as much trying to kick Albus out of my dungeons as it was to say those words. I didn't wish him a Happy Christmas at all. So what? I have to lie to make the man think good of me. He was owed that respect. Those thoughts. Or else the poor old man might have a heart attack.

"You have gifts you know." He smiled. I grunted and turned my face back into my pillow. But it was just a cover up. I was in shock. Gifts? From who? Oh! Of coarse, those Weasley boys have bombs for me. Joy. They leave the school and they still torture their favorite teacher to torture, me. "They're not from the Weasley's either."

How does he know everything I think? How the hell does he know? I give up on the fact that I thought I might get sleep and sit up. To my surprise there were two gifts stacked in a small pile by my bed. "From who, then?" His eyes gazed at mine as he picked the two parcels up and placed them atop my bed. This was too childish. Ridiculous.

"See for yourself." He smiled pleasantly and that twinkle shined again. Damn that twinkle. He made his way out of my room and I sat on my bed with two presents. Joy. And I think it was curiosity that made me want to touch them, to even dare open them rather then throw them in my fireplace. My hand lifted up the tag on the first box, which was rather small, and I grunted. It was from Albus. Sick man. Forcing me to open presents with sarcastic joy.

It was just too damn cold. And I was just too damn mean. I placed the box to the side to see a box covered in that odd silver paper that people called 'gift wrap'. There was a large bow at the top. Flipping it over with a sigh, I looked at the tag. But it shocked me. It was from Potter. Even worse then Albus, the damn boy got me a gift.

I stopped myself from opening it to see what the boy had done. But damn the curious invasion of thoughts in my mind. Damn the Christmas songs. Damn the coldness. And damn those candy hearts. Damn me for opening the box.

The paper flew to the side as I grunted and sighed through the whole process. Just in case Albus was waiting around the corner. I couldn't get my rather thrilled and excited for an inch thoughts be shown to anyone. Especially that old man. He would just be so thrilled that I was happy for a minute. Moments. Seconds. My hands fondled the paper off entirely. It was a book.

It was a rare book. The ends of the pages were gold. The covers were worn, but it just made it even more rare. 'Potion Masters and their Potions'. I decided that this wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. I could do without the paper, bows and nametags. But the book was nice. There were thousands of pages. I flipped through them all. Pages filled with pictures of Potion Masters I looked up to, and some of their potions. The worlds most famous.

But Potter was not going to get it easier in Potions for this. If that was what he was hoping for.

I set the book to the side, but I couldn't help to have my gaze fall on it as I opened Albus's present. I was just so eager to read the book, so eager to see everything about it. But all those thoughts as I looked at Albus's present.

It was a bag of candy hearts. Damn him.


"Just in time for Christmas lunch, Severus." Albus grinned broadly, pointing to the seat next to him with his eyes. I looked as if I were ready for lunch. Inside I was puzzled by Potter's gift, but found it best not to speak of it now. A certain 'thank you' is required, but I could deal with that later. I sat elegantly in my seat, looking over at the seven students. My eyes stayed on Potter for much longer the needed. As soon as I realized that I moved my eye's to Albus quickly. Too quickly.

"I hope you all had a very happy Christmas." Dumbledore smiled as he tapped his glass and the plates before him and me were filled. Plus the one long table Dumbledore had moved specially for the students was filled with food. They all began to gobble down what they could get their hands on. I really wished at least one Slytherin student would have stayed; they'd have the elegance to eat properly.

Minus Crabbe and Goyle. Those two got placed in the wrong house.

After eating, each of the students showed off what they got. But Potter didn't show off anything. I was suspicious. Why wasn't he showing off his new toys and gadgets to all of his friends? Maybe I shouldn't have had asked myself that question; I was gawking at the boy. And Albus noticed. Albus tugged at my robe and murmured into my ear very quietly after he was confident Harry and the others were caught up in talk too much to notice us. "Harry hasn't received any gifts this year yet."

But. No. Wait. What about that Granger girl? Weasley? What about Dumbledore? ..Wait. Since when did I care? It was the coldness, I blamed. My eyes looked to Potter and then back to Albus. I had a thought of guilt in me. I got something from Albus, and Potter did not. It was a weird feeling of guilt that hit me. I was never the person for Christmas, but maybe.. No. It was the coldness. And that book.

But still Harry looked happy as ever. He was smiling, laughing. The boy didn't need box gifts to be happy. He could settle on being with people who cared for him. Damn Gryffindor pride. Damn Gryffindor courage at that. The boy was too full of it, and you know I'd only admit that to myself.

As the students began to wander off into pairs of two or three groups to test out their new gifts. Potter found himself sitting by himself, playing with a chess boards pieces. It was an old set, but he enjoyed looking over their care that they got when they were made. He set up the board. And played by himself.

I admit it. I wanted to play. But intentions only to beat the child and show him that I could beat anyone. Or.. I think.

I sighed to myself. It was the holiday spirit, I blame as I stood up and walked around the teachers table to stand before Potter and the chess set. He looked up at me and smiled. He was just too into the Christmas holiday. "Thank you for the gift." I mumble quietly, hoping no one heard. But I gave up and knew that Albus would hear as soon as I felt those twinkling eyes fall on me.

Potter nodded to me and grinned broadly. I ignored the shades of red that crossed his cheeks. It was just too cold. Faces could turn green for all I care. "You're welcome." He looked over at the chessboard. And this his gaze fell back on me. He wanted to play. I wanted to play. I wouldn't ask. He'd have to. I couldn't. Damn it.

"Are you any good, Potter?" My voice stays cold as I watched him. He only shook his head and frowned some, those little, innocent fingers swirled around the chess pieces as his eyes looked as if he was thinking hardly. Too hardly. "Would you like to have a game, professor?"

I grunt as a reply, before sitting down into the table's seat. My eyes watched as Potter set up the chessboard with happiness. The pieces settled into their spot. He smiled softly and gave me the black pieces. Of coarse, with all this black I wear, he would think to give me the black pieces.

But I liked the white ones. They got to go first.


"I really hope you liked my gift." The cheeky brat smiled. His fingers set up another game. He had already lost four games to me - but still; that damned Gryffindor pride I blamed. He seemed all too consumed in the fact that I was doing something besides reading this Christmas day. And I must admit, I did like it. Just an inch. A centimeter. A millimeter. Damn it, a whole damn lot.

"It was nice." I mutter as I sip my tea. Albus gave me the tea. I knew it was a way to get me to stay with Potter and play chess. And I knew that Albus had hundreds of cups of tea waiting behind it. But all to the same, I was curious. I wanted to know how Potter had gotten his hands on that rare book. I shouldn't ask. But I did. "Potter. How exactly did you get that book?"

He looked up at me. A grin planted across his lips as he moved his chess piece first. I still wanted the white ones. They did bigger smashes when they took my pieces. Not that many got taken. "I, uh, got a catalog. I found it in there. Looked for the perfect book for some time."

I almost gapped. I was a bit shocked. I only offered him a small smirk trying to hide my need of questions to be answered. But my inner voice was doing nothing more then shooing me away from those pesky thoughts that always took me into their cold, and shivering emotions. I blamed the cold weather. "Planned it out?"

Potter's eyes grew, but instantly closed. That brat's blush again. Scarlet shades crossed his cheek as he nodded some, making his next move as I moved my chess piece. He only seemed to be a bit dazed at my question. I was very thoughtful on how he would answer it.

"Everyone deserves a gift." He smiled softly. I was about to cut in with the fact I did get one from Albus, but his innocent voice stopped me. "And Professor Dumbledore's gift of candy hearts did not count. He got everyone some. Everyone deserves something unique."

The chess piece in my finger almost dropped. It was clinging onto my peach skin. I looked at him, but quickly turned my face. And Albus looked at me as he found a second to spare to look away from that Longbottom boy. That damn twinkle in his eye flashed at me. My face returned to Potter's, and he sat there, looking innocent as ever.

Maybe there was a boy behind the scar.

But I still wanted those white chess pieces.

To be continued ...