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Take's place during RWBY Volume 4 and after OFF.


It had been another depressing day for Yang.

Ever since she lost her arm, things have gone downhill.

First, she is still being accused of assulting Mercury in the tournament.

Next her own sister and uncle left her and her father on their own while they go do Oum knows what.

The school gone and turned into a pile of rubble as it was being rebuilt.

Now her friend Blake left without warning and Weiss was dragged back by her father.

She felt alone and angry inside, she felt they're was nobody on Remnant, no the universe, that could relate to her pain and woe. To lose everyone and everything important to you.

Oh how wrong she was when she met someone later that night.

As she browsed TV channels, hoping from channel to channel. Nothing seemed appealing, she wasn't interested in the movies she loved to watch back at Beacon.

Her father Taiyang came in from the kitchen "Hey there my little firecracker."

"Hey dad." Yang said sadly.

"What's wrong?" Taiyang asked, clearly sensing the barely hidden sadness Yang spoke in.

"I don't know anymore. I feel like nobody understands the pain I'm in. Accused of asult, losing your favorite arm, mostmof your friends and family leaving you. Your the only one I have left dad." Yang said as tears began to flow from her eyes as she cried into Taiyang's arm. He then pat her on the back to cheer her up.

She wished she had a friend that she could relate to...


Zacharie sat on the ground as the sound of fighting played in the purified room. Pablo and The Batter, his best friend and his favorite customer, they were fighting and he was helpless to stop it. He couldn't go against the rules and programming even though he wanted to.

If he had things his way, he would revive all Guardians and the live in peace and harmony with Sugar using his joker cards, But sadly he couldn't do a thing. He was programmed a merchant that ALWAYS helped the player and only stepped in during Zone 3 while Pablo mourned his brother's death by the hands of Japhet.

Zacharie knew how that felt, when he first saw The Batter go into the basement. He sweated bullets, and cryed into her arm when he saw her corpse later that day. He then saw that The Batter was no hero, he knew all along that The Batter's "mission" was really just an excuse to drag everyone and everything to hell.

Zacharie knew he was spared because he was beneficial to The Batter, however Pablo proved he was not when he went to fight The Batter. Zacharie waited for the puppeteer to choose between helping Pablo or sticking to their holy mission.

He'd seen this happen many times, thousands even. Everytime one game ends, another one begins. He grew numb to the endings and horror over time. Sugar was the only one knew that. When the first reset happened, he was shocked and thought it was a bad dream. But when The Batter showed up out of the blue like last time. It happened again, and again, AND AGAIN!

He sighed knowing that he'll forever relive this day, he wanted to break the cycle and was starting to lose hope knowing the rules and what he could do inbetween The Batter coming to his locations and proceeding onwards. He had used to dream of somewhere he could live in a world free from the spectres and The Batter. He wanted this game to crash and to make every puppeteer that purposely ended the world and didn't regret it to burn in fucking hell.

He knew the latter were impossible. But the first one sounded like a good idea. He cried to himself knowing nobody will come.

He wish somebody did...


A figure sat in the void with the ghosts of a angry tall mister, a fire bird, a fat man, and a young psycho looking girl, The guardians of the Zones.

Next to them were a girl with a long red ponytail wearing spartan armor and a peppy ginger with a cybernetic dress.

"Holy fuck, those two are suffering." The tall one said sadly. He watched the two broken jokers cry.

"Dedan. While I hate your insufferable language, I must agree that you are correct." The firebird said to the tall mister now known as Dedan.

"I agree with Japhet!" The spartan shouted causing all to look at her. "I'm sorry." she said embarrassed.

"Kid calm down. You don't have anything to be sorry about." The fat guardian said.

"Anyway Mr Gaster," the ginger started. ",what are you going to do to them."

The figure named Gaster then said with an odd glitchy voice even though it unfazed them "I'm going to change they're fates. Zacharie had suffered to repeat the day everyone around him die time and time again for a long time, and Miss Yang needs a friend she can relate to. I'm going to answer both their wishes in one move."

Gaster began to cut two waves into time and space.

"Alright, I'm going to open a psychic talk with the masked merchant. Please don't talk, I want your appearance to be a surprise later on. That goes double for you girls." Gaster said calmly

With that, he then began to contact Zacharie.


Zacharie kept crying, wishing someone could talk to him or save him.

As if on cue, a voice spoke in his head. "Perhaps I can help you with your current problem?"

"Who are you?" Zacharie said to the voice.

"I am a ex-scientist called Gaster. I have watched your relatable situation and want to help you. Think of me as a puppeteer that talks to you rather than controls you." He assured

Zacharie thought for a moment. He didn't trust puppeteers, EXHIBIT A: THE BATTER, but Gaster seemed trust worthy and he didn't care what would happen. if something went wrong, he could start over in the next game.

"Hm... I suppose I have no reason not to trust you. So how are you gonna get me out Doc."

Gaster chuckled "Nobodies called me that in ages. Anyway a rift should have opened nearby. See if you can locate it."

Zacharie found it, but it was in the worst possible location...

Right in the corner next to the OFF switch to their world.

But to his luck He noticed the current player was too busy playing to notice his surroundings. He had an idea to get by, but what would happen when the next time this puppeteer loaded the game. He didn't care though and ran OFF anyway.

He needed a plan and had to think fast. He snuck into the room and saw that man- ...no that BASTARD hitting his dear feline companion. He shed and single tear as he and Pablo locked eyes as his sad eyes told The Judge "Goodbye Pablo, I wish you luck in winning." The Judge nodded before using a competence to strike the demonic baseball player distracting him, allowing Zacharie to get by them without the two noticing.

Zacharie ran towards the vortex with a final wave to his friend and jumped in as it silently faded. Meanwhile The Batter had finally finished breaking the skull of the cat that got in his way. Unknowingly sending his spirit to the void with his fellow guardians. He then made his friend to the switch as he grabbed in and pulled it down.

"The switch is now on OFF." He said coldly as the room began to fade.

So this ends chapter 1 of " A merchant and a blonde walk into a bar ".

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