Sacajawea's P.O.V

I finished brushing my long and black hair and put it in braids.I put my clothes on. Today was a new day at a new school. I was sad that we had to move but new school and new friends what's the worst that could happen?When I put my clothes on my Dad drove me to my new school. I looked at the building.I breathed in and out as I started walking. I saw all of the other students walking and talking and laughing and other stuff. I didn't see a male skate boarder. He didn't care and pushed me to the ground . I rubbed the pain in my forehead. I saw a hand as I looked up on who's hand it was. A girl with blue eyes and fuzzy red hair stood over me. She wore a jean jacket,a shirt that has a bear on it and ripped pants When I looked up at her she asked "Are you okay?" as I grabbed her hand and she helped me up." I know what're your feeling and thinking, skate boarders are jerks these days ,they always pretend they can't see on where'd they're going. I'm Merida ,by the way ,who are you?" asked Merida." I'm Sacajawea but you can call me Sac if you want." I said introducing myself smiling at her." Nice to meet you Sac." said Merida friendly."I'm new here." I said "Oh ,cool well I hope you have a great day here." said Merida "Thanks." I said"Bye." said Merida as she leaves into the school building. "Bye."said I but I heard the bell ring which means school has started .I was shocked so I quickly ran into the building when I got into the building I couldn't stop thinking about that girl ,Merida ,so, I said to myself"She is nice."