Here it is, "Dusk", my first ficcy. ^_^' Hope you like it! I'll try to stay good with updates! Story: AU Bakura/Malik. Bakura, a young vampire wanders a world cast into a void of darkness. What happens when he meets Satan himself? Can an angel save him? Warnings: Yaoi, Incest, Darkness, yada yada. Author Comments: This is what having an X/1999 marathon will do to you. Pairings: Yami/Bakura, Bakura/Malik, Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Ryou. Is that enough pairings for you? XP Trust me, it will work out. @_@

The lights of the narrow street flashed dimly, as I passed through the broken city. I could hear a scream every now and then, but it wasn't like I wasn't used to it. In fact, I sometimes caused them myself. I turn the corner, the end my long black trench coat following in rhythm, and I feel it slightly caress my leg. I grin, letting a fang show, when I see a man pinning a young woman chomping into her neck with a great intensity.

She reaches a hand out to me, gasping, "Please… please!"

The fingers of her hands were long and skinny, soft and delicate. I can tell you this because I merely stared at them with cold eyes. Then I eyed her clothing. Barely covered up. Idiot.

"Slut," I spit, "You go around in this time and age wearing that and you expect nothing to become of you? I hope he snaps your neck when he's done with you."

Her eyes widen as she spills out fresh tears to wet her cheeks again from her earlier pain. I notice now that the man is no longer biting her, but lapping up the remaining droplets of blood.

She lets out a strangled gasp, "No. NO! You can't do this to me!"

I'm laughing now, loudly, and I think she finally notices my two extra sharp canine teeth. I see her give up in a way as she just slumps down, and the man does just what I had suggested earlier. What a shame.

I walk on and see a deserted park. What am I saying? The park is always deserted now. I saunter off to a swing nearby, and I sit down slowly. I look down at the ground and kick the dirt. I remember the days when blades of grass would catch my swinging feet… faintly.

I slump in my swing as I begin to rock it little. I raise my eyes slowly to the sky. It was a mixture of orange and red, but it was like that all the time now. I guess it's fitting, since the world seems to be bleeding.

I begin to notice my hunger then, and my eyes trace the area for a quick meal. Then I sense him. He's been… beside me this whole time. How could I not have noticed? I see the childish grin that plays on his lips as he sways in the swing set beside me and the wind blows the long bangs of his golden hair ever so lightly. I jump from my swing in a crouching defensive position.

"What the hell do you want?"

He ignores me, and brushes a loose strand of hair from his face. I rush up and grab him by his shirt collar, demanding again, "You're going to answer."

He seems to being looking past me, with dead eyes, "Why wouldn't I just come to see one of my royal servants?"

I ram him into the bar that held the two swings and he doesn't even twitch.

"Don't mess with me. I'm hungry and not in the mood."

He does, however, look into my eyes now. I get a full glimpse of those pools of dark violet as I fall to the ground, gasping in pain as I glare at him. He still has that stupid grin as he kneels down beside me. He then runs a hand over my chest. I gasp and try to bite at him, but this pain is too much I can't move. No, I have to try. I get the strength to push him on the ground, and I sit on him. He still has that… grin. I'll make it fade away. I lean down to his neck and I bite him. Nothing.

"What the? You're not human."

"Correct," is all he answers. I don't notice at the time, but he puts his hands on the sides of my body.

"I'm ashamed of you," he continued, "How could you forget what happened earlier?"

What does he mean? …The pain. Of course, he caused it. Vampires, no, only powerful and ancient ones could have done what he did to me. Their only fallback is that they let off a smell to warn other vampires. On this guy, I smell nothing. What could he be? A demon?

"More than just a demon," he commented. The bastard read my mind.

His hand played with the end of my black shirt that clung tightly to my chest as he spoke, "Some call me… Satan."

I smack his hand away as I feel his fingers tickle my stomach. I laugh the cold, harsh laugh I seem to be infamous for.

"You don't believe me, my soldier?"

"I serve no one," I spit.

"Not even the one that gave you all your power…" He shakes his head in a manner a parent would do if they caught their child for taking something for granted.

I hiss at him.

"But, to tell you that is not my mission."

"Then, tell me, Satan, what is it?"

"You will find your brother, and bring him to me."

I raised an eyebrow at him slightly, "I have a no brother."

He smiled, as if anticipating my reply, "…You have no remembrance of your days before you embraced my darkness."

I keep my eyes locked steady on his as I ask, "Is that a question or a statement?"

Yet, I could hardly remember those days before my ex-lover brought me into this cold world… 'It would be great,' he told me. But, I am sure whatever life I was living before I became a vampire, I was damn happier than I am now. It was strange… how this memory thing only happened to me…

He ignores my comment and continues, "Get off me and I'll show you."

I stare at him a few seconds before I stand. I peer down at him in curiosity as and he slowly got up and brushed the dirt from his leather pants.

"Not far from here," he pointed, "Domino High School."

"Kids still go there?"

"Parents seem… to not believe we exist even though it's damn obvious," he laughed, "Just wear a cross, Jimmy, you'll be fine!"

His voice dripped with sarcasm, I'm guessing he uses it all the time when he's not smirking like a maniac. I stare at his lips, and he still had that damn smirk, "See something you want?"

He mocks me.

"Sure don't," I glare at him and cross my arms.

"Alright, then," he turns around, "follow me."

I did, stuffing my hands in my pocket as I kicked the dirt of the cracked sidewalks. I could hear the sounds of others feeding, which reminded me of my own hunger.

"Trust me, it won't take long."

I glance up at him yet he continues to walk firmly.

"Stop reading my mind."

"Fine, fine."

I glance back down and wonder why I'm following him. He could be a crazy… there's just something about him. He stops, I don't notice and bump into him, I hear him chuckle slightly.

"There is our target."

I glance up and see… myself. What? No… he looks soft and gentle… this boy laughing and carrying on with his friends, clutching his books tight. It seemed odd for him to be in front of such a gloomy atmosphere when there was nothing but smiles of joy all over his features.

"This is an illusion."

The demon sighed, "You really think I'm that bored? Talk to him, if you don't believe me. You'll see what I mean."

The one who called himself Satan disappeared into the brick wall we were both leaning against. I notice my "twin" is coming towards me, so I just stay there and wait for him to arrive.

His friends walk away to their own respected areas, and it is when he tenses and stops right where he's walking, that I know he notices me.

He walks to me slowly, face full of curiosity, "Ba… Bakura?"

He knows my name.

"What?" I answer, now filled with curiosity myself.

Tears fill the younger boy's eyes, he clutches me tightly as if I were trying to run away. A feeling washed over me, then. One I couldn't quite explain…

"Oh, nii-san I missed you!"

"What's… What's your name?"

He gasps and lets go of me, and looks into my eyes. I can tell he sees that I don't know him, but then I see a quick glimpse of something else… Fear?

"Ryou… nii-san."

Ryou… the name struck a chord… but I couldn't quite find a memory.

"Nii-san… um, it's getting late…"

I could tell he was actually worried about the creatures of the night.

"Alright… to your apartment?"

He grabbed my hand and led me, it wasn't that far. I could sense the creatures that eyed him, so I tugged at his arm indicating for him to pick up the pace. Not long after that, he turned the key to the humble home. It was nice and quaint, clean; very unexpected for someone Ryou's age.

"Make yourself comfortable," he spoke finally, pointing towards the couch. "The bathroom's right across the hall, if you need it."

Ryou laid his school briefcase on a countertop near the kitchen, and disappeared into a backroom.

I ruffled my hair slightly as I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I could see something moving to my right. I turned to see what it was, but I wouldn't have believed it in million years… my own reflection.

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