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What was she doing here?

'Even the air feels pompous,' Kagome thought in a sulking manner as she eyed the room with a guarded gaze, 'These... are not my kind of people.'

Hell, they weren't even her type of human at that.

And so, she remained stiff in a corner of the populated room, hoping that she blended in with the wall well enough so that no one else would try to approach her with arrogant and probably lewd intentions.

Money wasn't everything and that went especially for her.

"There you are~!"

A familiar voice called out and Kagome jumped a bit, but quickly relaxed once she realized just who was coming towards her rather quickly, "Shippou-chan," She smiled as the redhead grinned at her, "I didn't expect to see you here. I assumed that Onii-san would keep you working to the bone."

"He normally would," Shippou sighed, wondering why he was Sesshoumaru's secretary to begin with, "But since the slave driver is so emotionally constipated, he forced me here to woo some people he could potentially make deals with."

"He doesn't even need to try," Kagome retorted dryly, "They all just fall at his feet if he so much as glances in their direction," She shook her head, "Speaking of which, why exactly am I his 'date'? I don't have much time for things like this between studying and keeping my skills sharp."

"Eh," Shippou shrugged, "You're probably the closest thing Sesshoumaru-sama will ever have coming to a mate," He snickered at her incredulous expression, "And he certainly doesn't want to give some random female the hope of ever being with him."

"Still, he doesn't have to drag me along," Kagome muttered, "Kagura or even his mother should be enough as his escort. I'm not cut out for these types of things."

"But you are," Shippou waved off her annoyed look, "You might not see it, but you're pretty charming even when you don't mean to be," His vivid eyes glanced up and observed as a woman walked past them, "And while we're on that subject, I guess it's time to start the chase."

"If you plan to... go all the way," Her nose scrunched in discomfort, not wanting to be discussing such things with the Kitsune, "Try not to drain too much energy from them."

Shippou did not appear concerned or even interested in her words for his soon-to-be partners as he slipped a hand into his suit jacket, clearly grabbing something, though he did not allow her to see the item just yet, "I know the old dog doesn't care to work with this guy, but I know he will be more of an asset than a liability."

Kagome furrowed her brows, "Who exactly are you talking about?" She asked, pausing for a moment, "Do I even need to know?" She murmured out loud, rather sure she did not want to meet any of the rich who were currently attending this business party.

"He's not my type," Shippou said casually, completely ignoring her questions, much to her vexation, "But I'm guessing you're more than enough for him," His arms shot out, startling the girl as he placed something on her head, "See you later, Kagome~!"

The Miko blinked, watching in bewilderment as she lost sight of the fox as he disappeared into the crowd, "Still a little mischievous brat."

It all happened in a such swift moment that it took a little time for her mind to catch up, but as she reached up to see what Shippou placed on her head, a black-haired man was suddenly standing in front of her and she took a step back in surprise.

"Whatever your project may be," He began as she stared at him with wide blue eyes, "If it involves cats as you are implying, then I am in."

What the hell?