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2051: The UN dissolves amidst rising tension between the Big Three; The US, Russia, and China. Mere days later, most of the nations of Earth merge into four new Superpowers; The European Union, no longer a simple economic and political union between the countries of Europe, becomes a single country encompassing all of Europe, stretching from the southern tip of Spain to the far east of Russia; The Asian Confederation, a nation that encompasses almost all of Asia, stretching from the borders of the middle east to the north of China; The South American Alliance, a surprise power brought about by the dissolution of the UN, encompassing all of South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean; And NATO, encompassing all of the North American continent, Greenland, Iceland, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Switzerland declares its neutrality. The African continent and Middle East are home to the majority of nations not part of an alliance or Superpower.

A new Cold War begins.

2054: A new space race begins between the four Superpowers. Halfway through the year, the AC constructs the first ever base on Luna for technological study. Days later, the EU launches a 9 kilometer large, self sustaining space station capable of housing thousands of people, called 'Ascension's Doorstep'. NATO begins plans for a large-scale space vessel capable of travelling to Mars. Lagging behind in the space race, the SAA announces plans to build cities for its people "Below the great oceans and in the endless skies!"

2055: The SAA completes construction of the underwater city, dubbed 'New Columbia' 20 miles off the coast of Brazil.

Months later, NATO launches the first ever large scale spaceship, named the NASV Into Darkness. Within NATO territory, it is celebrated as an immense achievement; everywhere else, it is feared that NATO will use it to rain down destruction on important cities and military locations that the nations have no way of defending against. To alleviate concerns, and ensure it isn't attacked preemptively by all three of its rivals at once, NATO allows a team from Switzerland to inspect the ship to assure people it possesses no weapons.

2056: The EU, SAA, and AC launch large space-worthy vessels of their own into space. While celebrated within their respected countries, it is overshadowed by the announcement by NATO that it will be making a trip to Mars with the 'NASV Into Darkness' in the hopes to set up the first ever colony on another planet.

2063: The NATO colony of 'New Manchester' is finished, and all of Humanity celebrates it as an achievement, not just NATO. Thousands across the globe seek to immigrate to the newly built colony, but must first go through the necessary training needed to make the journey. The EU offers 'Ascension's Doorstep' as a place to acquire food and provide training for this trip. NATO accepts.

The SAA announces plans to build a city in the skies above 'New Columbia'. The AC offers to help with the project in exchange for the schematics to 'New Columbia'. The SAA accepts.

The Human population reaches eight and a half billion.

2067: The joint SAA and AC city of 'New Hope' is completed 3 months early.

NATO scientist Elizabeth Shepard discovers alien ruins beneath Promethei Planum. For nearly two weeks NATO leadership debate whether or not to reveal this to Humanity. It is ultimately decided to keep it a secret. Study of the ruins begins in secrecy under heavily armed guard. In addition, the leadership crank up military production and funding into military tech in preparation for any impending invasion.

2068: NATO makes dozens of breakthroughs in all scientific fields, leaving the other Superpowers in the dust. Despite their scientists and spies best efforts, the other powers can't figure out how to replicate what NATO has done. Despite government envy and fear of NATO military build-up, public opinion of NATO rises since its efforts to eradicate disease has worked exceptionally well, finding cures to nearly 50% of those that plague Humanity.

New Manchester expands.

2070: The secret of the Mars Ruins is leaked by a traitor in NATO's bureaucracy to the other nations. Outraged, the nations approach NATO in secret and offer an ultimatum: either share the knowledge in the ruins and allow them access, or face a war against all three of them. Some NATO generals think that, given their superiority over the seas and plans for weapons found in the ruins, that it would be easy to fight the other three powers. The majority however see this as something they couldn't survive, and acquiesce to their demands. Hours later, NATO announces to the world that they had just discovered the ruins on Mars before any of the others can.

This is announcement shocks the world. Many religions rush to rewrite themselves, or are outright abandoned. Extremists across the world of all religions protest this as lies meant to try and lead them astray, even ignoring eyewitness accounts that come in everyday, but nothing can stop the fact that most religions have shrunk considerably.

Despite this, none of the four Superpowers agree to form a single government for Humanity, mainly for reasons of greed, envy, and even political views. However, it was announced that should any part of Humanity come under attack from aliens that the rest of the Superpower's will rush to aid them.

2071: 4 up and coming powers appear on the African continent. Each roughly on par with each other with governmental and possessing a form of unity the others don't have, each attracts the attention and support of one of the Superpowers. South Africa, having grown in size to encompass all of south Africa, as well as the southern portions of east and central Africa, is supported by the SAA; East Africa, encompassing the rest of eastern Africa, Sudan, and Madagascar is supported by the AC; Nigeria, which had grown to encompass western Africa and the rest of central Africa, supported by NATO; and North Africa, which encompasses all of northern Africa and the rest of Saharan Africa, supported by the EU.

2073: Due to the rising tension between the four African nations, war breaks out. Despite being allies to the African nations, each Superpower declares their neutrality from the fighting. Despite this, 'volunteers' from each nation go to join the fighting on the side of the nations their countries support.

The African War begins, but is contained to the African continent.

2080: After years of painstaking work, the teams within the ruins are able to translate more information from the alien data cache on Mars. Namely that the species that left the ruins was called 'Prothean', and the concepts of mass effect fields. Weeks after work on these mass effect fields begin, they encounter a key part of the science deep within the ruins: a mineral the ruins referred to as 'Element Zero'. When subjected to an electrical current, the mineral is capable of raising or lowering the mass of an object.

With the discovery of this element, the scientific community deduces that it could be used to produce a FTL drive. When this is corroborated by the ruins, each Superpower races to be the first to do so. Despite this though, it is noticed that there are glaring weaknesses and drawbacks ti mass effect technology. Indeed, while it is more advanced than anything Humanity has at the moment, a few concepts are either impossible with the technology, or are far more difficult than with their current tech. Ultimately, it is decided that Humanity will combine mass effect tech with their current tech.

As of now, there are dozens of super-cities beneath the ocean and floating in the skies, with most belonging to the SAA and a small portion the AC.

New Manchester's population reaches 900 million.

2083: After years of work, the SAA finally manages to craft the first FTL ship of Humanity, dubbed the 'Miracle of Science'. To showcase this scientific achievement, the ship is able to travel to Mars and back within mere minutes. The EU and AC launch their own ships days later. It is nearly a month before NATO's own ship launches.

It has been ten years since the start of the African War, the giant proxy war between the four Superpowers. It has already claimed tens of millions of lives.

Coordinates Charon, Pluto's moon, are discovered, but it is unknown why. Expeditions to the moon after delayed to deal with issues closer to Earth.

2099: After 19 years since discovering mass effect technology, the Sol system has undergone massive changes. Mars has been fully terraformed, there is a domed city on Venus, three more habitable stations have been built around Earth, small colonies have been set up on the moons of Titan and Rhea, and mining of the Kuiper Belt has been underway for years.

A meeting is held by the leaders of each Superpower. It is decided that it is finally time to head to Charon. Each had been preparing for this moment since the discovery of the ruins, and now, with a combined fleet numbering at 38 strong equipped with the most advanced technology available, they felt they were ready to head to the moon. Before that though, they needed to put an end to the African War.

And end it did, after a combination of exhaustion from the war, as well as pressure from the Superpowers. In total, 1.1 billion people were killed in the war. No significant gains were made by any of the nations, and all old borders are redrawn.

With the war resolved, the combined fleet heads toward Charon. Upon arriving, the EU ship 'USV Spear of Winter' is seemingly vaporized as what was once a moon breaks apart. In its place is a massive piece of technology shaped vaguely like a Tuning Fork. Before anyone can panic, the 'Spear of Winter' sends a message back saying that they are alright, and in Arcturus, 36 light years away. The captain, Jon Grissom, reports that there is nothing on the other side and uses the structure to instantaneously travel back to Sol.

With this discovery, the four Superpowers rush to use the network of structures the ruins dub the 'Mass Relay'.

2121: Humanity has expanded far and wide since the discovery of the Mass Relay. Altogether, 125 planets have been discovered and colonized, with a dozen more in the process of being terraformed, and a population of 18 billion. Technology has advanced much during this time, with more and more of the ruins, now called the Mars Archives, being deciphered every day.

Despite how far it has come however, Humanity remains as divided however. Nearly a dozen small proxy wars have broken out on the African continent on Earth, as well as a surge in pirates that target developing colonies.

Tensions has been rising between the EU, AC, and NATO for years as well, and some suspect that it will soon reach a boiling point.

2122: The tension snaps as NATO ambassador Alexander Udina in Berlin, Germany, is assassinated by a nationalistic group. When the EU refuses to transfer them to NATO for the death sentence, talks break down. Hours later, the EU colony of Terra Nova is blitzed by a NATO fleet. After days of intense fighting, the planet falls and is captured by NATO. The EU demands NATO immediately leave the planet and pay substantial reparations.

NATO refuses, and the Inter-Planetary War begins. Additionally, Nigeria and North Africa declare war on one another.

Before a battle can break out above Earth, the AC and SAA fleets demand that the EU and NATO fleets withdraw from Earth space, and threaten to attack both should they refuse. Reluctantly, the two fleets jump away to their nearest colonies; Mars for NATO, Titan for the EU.

The invasions of Britain and Ireland begin.

Average human life-span reaches 102.

2123: AC 2nd Fleet Admiral Li Yang seizes two worlds rich in rare minerals, or more importantly Element Zero, undergoing the terraforming process from NATO and the EU. When demands to leave the worlds to them are ignored, both nations declare war on the AC. It's fleet is then asked to leave Earth's orbit by the SAA. Despite equaling the SAA fleet in orbit, the admiral wasn't willing to risk NATO or the EU swooping in and stealing victory from them. They retreat to Venus. East Africa joins the war.

The invasions of Siberia and the Middle East. Unprepared for the strike from behind, much of Siberia is captured within the month it takes the EU to ship troops there, weakening the defenses in the west. A week after the EU troops arrive, AC troops conquer all of the Middle East with minimum casualties and march through the former nation of Greece with minimal resistance before they are stopped from marching any further. At the same time, the invasion of Japan begins as NATO and AC wet fleets clash.

The invasions of Britain and Ireland are stalled when reinforcements from Iceland and Greenland arrive ti strengthen the defense. As this happens, Estremadura of the former nation of Portugal is assaulted with a NATO force on par with that of D-Day. Expecting the NATO invasion to happen in one of the former French territories, they rush to reinforce the lines before NATO can capture too much land.

South Africa joins the war.

In space, the Inter-Planetary War has hit dozens of colonies, and it looks like none may escape the conflict.

2126: The war grinds to a halt across the board. On Earth, the AC's advance into the EU has been halted in the Urais region of former Russia, and is slowly being pushed out of Bulgaria. Their invasion of Japan has been halted as well, dividing the former country in half. The EU has been completely pushed out of the former nations of Britain and Ireland, but has completely taken Iceland.

NATO has completely taken the former nations of Spain and Portugal, as well as some of southern France, but has stalled out there. It's invasion of Korea has been halted through sheer weight of numbers as well, once more dividing the Korean Peninsula.

In space, Mars has repelled multiple invasion attempts and shielded New Manchester from orbital bombardment, but has lost numbers each time. While this happened, assault teams would attempt to infiltrate the Mars Archives to capture it, only to be thwarted by the heavy defenses and quick response teams from the fleet.

Eezo worlds have quickly become graveyards for all sides. Every Admiral understands that Element Zero is a vital resource, but therein lies the problem. Each side has fought so hard to capture these planets that at this point in the war they simply attack them so the others can't have them.

The planet of Shanxi is captured by NATO forces after the general surrenders, but the NATO colony of 'Eden' is blockaded.

The SAA finds a derelict ship not of human design in the space between their colonies, dating back thousands of years.

2127: Under the strain of fighting a three-way war within their territory, general Francesco Williams of the EU pulls all of his troops back to Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine, which have remained relatively untouched throughout the war. In doing so, the AC and NATO capture all of the undefended territory and meet in the middle. As a new front is opened up in the war, the second biggest surprise of the war happens: The SAA attacks.

Unprepared for such as thing, especially NATO, SAA troops swarm through areas quickly and capture territory to demonstrate their skill. On Earth, this wins them the entirety of what was once Mexico before being stopped at the tip of Texas, as well as sets up beachheads in Florida; all territory that had yet to see any of the war. With theirs the only fleet above Earth, air superiority quickly becomes theirs, and the nations wet fleets are all destroyed within hours of each others. In response, the EU and AC each attack the fleet.

They perish but manage to do some damage to the fleet. The SAA fleet then sets out to Mars with the intention of capturing it. The NATO fleet puts up a better fight than the minuscule EU and AC fleets did, but is defeated within 3 hours. During these three hours though, the Mars Archive's had fortified and stocked themselves with enough supplies to last a siege; which was exactly what was going to happen. The SAA now holds Sol space after the fire teams sent to the stations orbiting Earth successfully capture them.

On the colonies, battles that have been waged for years have been finished as fresh troops and ships drop onto the battlefield. Despite SAA troops having less advanced tech and less experienced soldiers, they manage to take a dozen colonies and systems thanks to surprise.

The SAA colonies go dark, but it is chalked up to pirates or a retaliatory strike from the other powers.

2130: During a battle over the NATO colony of Bekenstein, an Eezo refinery is accidentally hit by a stray shot and is destroyed. The attacking force is repelled, but the fleet immediately begins examining the damage caused by the refinery. Many people are exposed to the dust-form Eezo, 25% of which were mothers going through pregnancies. Later that year when the children are born, roughly 30% of them die due to cancerous growths.

3 more colonies go dark. No longer simply an SAA problem, NATO, the EU, and the AC discreetly dispatch small reconnaissance fleets to the worlds. No word is heard from them.

The AC take back Shanxi.

2135: After 5 years and 4 more colonies going dark, Humanity finally has an answer to what has been causing the colonies to go dark when Shanxi is attacked. Despite AC forces expecting perhaps a vast armada of pirates, or even rouge elements attempting to start their own government, the answer is far more terrifying. The ships, which appear to be human-made vessels of each government, lend credit to the pirate theory at first. When the ships perform boarding actions however, the crews get their first glimpse at the enemy: a race of highly intelligent, hive-minded insects more akin to monsters than an intelligent species.

The AC fleet falls within hours of first contact through a combination of boarding actions and surprising tactics. The insects land on Shanxi, where the defenders send video of them to the AC. The siege of Shanxi begins.

A small number of human children exposed to Element Zero on Bekenstein exhibit minor telekinetic abilities. NATO command takes notice of this and begins watching the children.

2136: The AC dispatches an assault fleet to Shanxi to liberate it. Before it can begin the journey, spies from the EU, SAA, and NATO leak the knowledge of who has been assaulting colonies to their governments. A meeting of sorts is held between the four leaders over quantum entanglement comms. In response to the violent first contact tha has resulted in each of them losing colonies, they agree to a truce until the threat is dealt with. Within days, the fighting across human space halts when each of them announce the violent first contact. Though they are all untrusting of each other, each government dispatches a single feet to Shanxi with a diplomatic vessel containing ambassadors from each in case this was all a simple misunderstanding.

As soon as the fleets arrive in system, they are attacked. The following battle results in heavy casualties for all four fleets when, instead of just the captured human ships, strange alien vessels likely made by the aliens join in the attack. Ultimately though, despite these alien vessels, the human fleets manage to route the aliens and land troops on Shanxi to begin the liberation.

What greets them is an enemy they are completely unprepared for. More akin to animals, the aliens attack viciously and with no seeming regard for their lives. Nearly a third of the liberation forces are wiped out within the initial landings. Things only get worse as the liberators encounter more dangerous types of the aliens wielding advanced weaponry and, to the horror of all involved, so kind of telekinetic abilities that decimate the forces. Moral plummets further for the troops when they witness their fellow soldiers being devoured by the hordes of aliens.

What remains of Shanxi's defense links up with the liberators and offer crucial tactical information about the alien forces.

2137: After nearly a year of intense fighting, constant reinforcements, and liberal orbital bombardments, the colony of Shanxi is free of the aliens. Following the liberation, they are dubbed the Hive, after their hive mind ability.

Before any celebrations can begin, numerous other worlds are assaulted by the Hive ships. This officially begins the Human-Hive War, and puts the Inter-Planetary War on hold as people rush to combat the Hive.

After reviewing the footage from Shanxi, scientists and generals of NATO find similarities between the telekinetic abilities of the Hive and the children of Bekenstein. Deciding that it is necessary, they have the children kidnapped and fake their deaths. Human research into Biotics begins.

2140: Medi-Gel is created and distributed throughout Human forces.

Numerous worlds have fallen to the Hive's relentless assault, and capturing their soldiers offers nothing since they communicate in two different ways. Despite numerous advances in technology, Human soldiers can't match the ruthlessness or numbers of the Hive. Following footage and eyewitness accounts of the Hive's capabilities, recruitment skyrockets.

Following the testing of the children with telekinetic abilities, the scientists determine that an amp of some sorts would be required for the newly dubbed Biotics to be viable in the field.

2145: Following the need for their guns to be more powerful and fix the cool down problem, the Thermal Clip is invented. Despite many saying it is a step backward in terms of weapons-tech, they quiet down when the guns equipped with Thermal Clips are capable of taking down the Hive more quickly than before.

The AC push the Hive off of Jilin with the help of their new robot, the Sparks. Equipped with the most powerful armor and kinetic barriers available, these robots prove immensely helpful in clearing out the Hive. This version, roughly humanoid in shape with weapons for arms, is said to be a prototype. The development of more powerful versions is underway.

The training of the biotic children is almost complete. It is theorized that in roughly 5 more years, they will be ready to take the field after they go through weapons training and complete the final stages of biotic training.

2149: The Hive is repelled from every Human world thanks to the mass use of Spark robots, orbital bombardments, and Incendiary ammo capable of burning through Hive armor. The casualties are still staggering though, as every world liberated costs incalculable numbers. In space, the Hive and Human ships are roughly on par with one another, but due to the allowed use of nuclear weapons, they manage to push them back to 'their' territory; the planets they've held the longest.

2150: Human fleets begin the assault of Hive worlds. Each planet is heavily defended by masses of ships and soldiers that some think of them as fortress worlds. However, through the recent NATO invention of Hercules armor, an armor capable of withstanding much more kinetic damage than previous armors, they are capable of making landfall on all of the planets. On the surface, all that remains of the former Human colonies are ghost cities void of any life. Tunnels are then found leading into the crust of the planet. Despite knowing the sending troops down into the tunnels will result in countless losses without armor or air support, the armies are marched down.

What follows is a nearly year long assault on each fleet using hundreds of millions of soldiers, seemingly endless amounts of Sparks, and increasing amounts of incendiary bombs. None of this however manages to completely turn the tide of battle in Humanity's favor, only gradually pushing back the hordes of Hive soldiers and brood warriors.

It is then that NATO sends down their teams of Biotic soldiers. The abilities of these Humans surprise not only their human counterparts, but the Hive as well. Before they can adapt to the new soldiers with their own, these Biotic artillery units manage to create holes in the Hive defense and allow the rest of the military to push deeper into the Hive nest. It is there in the final chambers that they encounter the Queens, giant versions of the Hive soldiers that were responsible for leading the Hive. Once spotted, on every planet under assault, they were opened fire on with every Humanity had: Biotics, missiles, grenades, regular ammunition, even rocks when Thermal Clips ran out.

With the Queens dead, the surviving forces pull out of the tunnel and collect their dead. It is during this that the SAA leaders reveal something to the others; that they were the reason the Hive attacked them. They had discovered a derelict ship on the outskirts of their space, and brought it back for study. When they searched it, they found eggs inside of the ship, and brought them back to a colony for study. It was then, during that process, that the Hive managed to escape and kill the scientists, then take over the colony, and capture the ships, before heading out to other colonies. The intact shipyards revealed that they had been using them to build their ships as well.

They then reveal that there is likely one more queen on that original world, a toxic world that had been used mainly for scientific study. Despite their outrage, they agree to send everything they have to this final world and equip their soldiers with the most environmentally sealed suits they can afford to make.

2151: The fleets arrive at the Hive-held world. They immediately engage the small Hive force guarding the world and send troops down to the planet. Thanks to their sealed suits, they are capable of surviving on the world and engaging the Hive... for a few days before they are forced to retreat back into space because of the hostile world. Despite their best efforts and constantly sending down troops to assault the Hive, they can't breach deep enough into the tunnels. Seeing that there is no real chance of defeating the Hive on this world, some bring up the idea of quarantine. Others debate this and say that with enough Sparks, they could purge the Hive for good. The debate between quarantine and extinction rages for months as ships are held above the planet. Ultimately, extinction wins out, but not in the way some would think.

An EU scientist approaches the debating leaders and offers up a plan; a plan that would result in no lives lost, and required the use of only one bomb. Intrigued, the leaders listen to what the scientist suggests. They are then horrified when he suggests a planet-cracker bomb, something capable of burrowing deep into the planet and exploding with enough force to decimate a continent the size of Eurasia. After intense debate and much deliberation, they put it to a vote and the bomb is narrowly allowed to be used.

On December 30th, the bomb is finally finished and is transported to the Hive planet. It is then dropped onto the planet and all of the ships pull back in case anything goes wrong. Minutes after dropping the bomb, they all immediately notice the affects of it. More specifically, an entire section of the planet is obliterated and turned into space rubble after a glorious explosion. In the end, the planet broke apart into multiple pieces, and the largest part, it's molten core, spilled out into space.

Despite this, the planet-cracker is labeled a success in exterminating the Hive, and thus ends the Human-Hive War.

The scientists who created the bomb disappears soon after the affects of the bomb are announced.

Following the end of the war, the four governments meet in Washington D.C to officially end the Inter-Planetary War. Despite the fact that it has unofficially been over since the Hive attacked Shanxi, it is a breath of fresh air for Humanity. Following this and the return of all former territory of each government, they begin talks of all merging into one government to combat any other alien threats that may come.

2152: The United Human Empire is officially formed. All across human space there are celebrations as Humanity finally united under one banner. Despite this celebration though, many call for aid across human space as a result of the Inter-Planetary War and Human-Hive War. This begins the long process of rebuilding for humanity. Plans for a UHE headquarters in Arcturus are drawn up.

2162: Arcturus Station is completed.

2222: Humanity has finally recovered from the wars of its past. Every planet has rebuilt from the scars of the war, the people have forgiven each other for the most part, and their technology has increased since the wars. Now, the average human life span has reach 180 years, disease is virtually nonexistent, and their military has even exceeded that of the pre-war numbers of each former government combined. While some are worried about the military's size, most are cautiously supportive of it in fear of another alien species attack, or worse, a Hive resurgence. The Hive has been used by the government to justify many things, but none can say that those things haven't improved thing across human space.

None have seen this more than the worlds assaulted by the Hive. Once worlds looked at with horror, they are now sprawling colonies home to millions of lives. Shanxi in particular has shown that despite all of the hardship it has faced over its life time, it can bounce back. Indeed, it is a spot visited by many tourists, and is a growing colony world many hope to build homes on.

Recently, a science and recon team has been sent to the dormant Mass Relay in the system in hopes of finding more planets behind it.

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