Poor guy

Sparrow thinks while she shoves a dagger into the Bandits eye, blood everywhere. She smoothly takes out her pistol and quickly took out his partner with a clear shot to the head. Their bodies fell. The man squirms, holding his eye while screaming in agony. It ends abruptly with another clear shot. Sparrow blows the smoke from her barrel, shoving it back in its holster. She picks through their pockets and walks away after picking off a large pouch off the bandit. She takes out a gold coin, a coy smile to her lips.

She squeezes her hand once a new rush takes her, this one stronger with each kill. Her Heros blood reacted to her morals, and she could feel a shift of change. A step closer to evil. She found it odd that this was considered evil when they were bandits. She suppose it had something to do with taking the money, but rather her than the next thief who comes along.

She ignores this new desire and walks on, hoping to not get caught up in this mess and kill a lone bystander. She returns to Bloodstone easily, using a transport she made herself. It took months of building up Will and she couldn't move after it was complete. But it was worth it now, Banshee's were terrible. Whispering in her ear about her evil deeds.

She transports right behind the curtains she set up behind the bed. Once Reaver's Manor, she turned her own. She had every inch of fabric removed, it was too seedy to spare. She burned his bed in bitter revenge for killing Lucien, and pawned his collection for gold. The Pirate would be pissed if he bothered to show up. Sparrow wasn't sure if she wanted that or not, but if he was stupid enough to come and try take back his Manor from her then so be it.

She removes her rubber cap and loosens her long brown hair from her bun, and continues to remove her black leather vest and bathing shorts. It was ridiculous but easier to clean off blood, hardly ever hers. She changed quickly.

She also found it rather interesting that most Hobbes or deadly creature ignored criminals most of the time, mostly. She had fewer encounters with them anyway. She tries to ignore the voice in her telling her the reason why. She was becoming like them, spiteful.

A young servant boy she hired walked in. He was average compared to the people of Bloodstone, but he was interesting enough to look at, and his fear always amused her. So she kept him around.

"My Hero, I just checked to see if you returned safely."

Sparrow nodded in acknowledgement. She had no desire to mess with the servant boy, but one for the road would be fine. She did have a reputation to uphold.

"What did you call me?" She snapped, fake fury in her voice. She even took a step closer for effect, pointing an accusing finger.

The boy stiffened, bowing his head in shame. He looked to the floor to hide his guilty expression. She could see the color of his cheeks turn a darker shade, he softly mumbled, "Forgive me, Mistress."

She gave a harsh laugh and pointed out the door. She could feel a tiny rush, but even so the rush coursing through her veins was complete ecstasy. She craved more when it was over as it was a too short of an experience

"Yes, Mistress." He bowed and left, startling her out of her thoughts. She found it harder to resist and she was starting to feel numb. Her actions no longer haunted her mind at night, she now slept in serene peace. She was becoming rotten inside out but she was okay. As long as she was okay she had nothing left to lose, she lost everything to this damn world anyways! What did it ever do for her? She had no choice because drinking her sorrows weren't enough anymore. Albion turned on her when she needed it the most. She gave it all to Albion and they betrayed her. She had nothing left, but the end of the bullet was never going to be enough. She needed revenge.

She got off her chair and went into Reaver's old work room, now a treasury. She looked up the piles of gold she worked for, mostly dirty. But it was fair game. She threw the new stack, though it didn't seem to improve the already massive hill, it was getting her close. With each gold she was steps closer to buying the castle. She would reside in it's fancy walls. And it is she that would lead Albion.

Albion owed her debt and she was going to force it out of them if she had to.

Hearing the doors slam open, Sparrow spun around.