Idk if anyone still plays Fable or even reads this, but I recently picked back up on it. So expect this story to continue and finish, that's a promise! I'm thinking about rating this as M because, well, Reaver and Sparrow has such a mouth.


She couldn't believe it. Even if the sound of crashing swords against rusty bones and a banshee screaming in her ear - Reaver still managed to be the loudest one there! They fought off hordes of hallowmen and it only got worst when they saw more fog approach. And Reaver still wouldn't shut up! Reaver took care of the small children with easy shots while Sparrow took down the entity when it was vulnerable. After the mist faded it was silent and Sparrow found herself breathing harder than necessary. She hasn't encountered a banshee in months and she hated when it screamed inside her head, reminding her how far she fell. She looked at Reaver and he had the same annoyed look. Now she was curious with what the banshee could have been tormenting Reaver with, only the entity and Reaver knew. And Sparrow already knew it had everything to do with Oakvale. While she made sure to trash everything she found, she wasn't stupid with his readings, most of them were extremely useful and helpful while others were outright valuable. Her favorite readings was the various journal entries around his house.

She gave him a smirk. "I see why you're always at Bloodstone. I bet you can't even make it out on your own without crying about what the banshees say."

Reaver gave an opposing stare, but remained silent as he dumped out the water from his pistol. A hollowmen had taken him under water, and the cold draft from the dead area hitting his wet skin only made him more uncomfortable, but he should dry off in an easy ten minutes.

He throws his wet hair back and gives an impatient look. "Are we waiting for another horde, or are you done admiring me?"

He got out of the small pond and started along the trail again. His chest puffed out impatiently while a pout to his lips only further made him look like an annoyed child. Sparrow could only watch him leave. She just saved his life and he could only complain about the pace they were going in. She told him they could use the guild and he said he still didn't trust her and it was probably a trap. The man was full of it but he wasn't stupid. Even if it wasn't a trap, she couldn't convince his stubborn ways. Now she really wish she gave an effort. When she followed him, it was quiet so she thought about why she was traveling through the marsh with Reaver of all people. When they were just pointing their guns at each other and only murder on their mind hours ago. She really wondered how it came to this.

She ignores the prostitutes offer once again, waiting outside the shop for Reaver. He had been making various stops in Bloodstone and Sparrow remembers how much she hated the town; the entire town crawling with easy sex and drinking. Reaver emerges, once again free stuff piled in his hand as he said nothing and passed her. She idly follows him behind, ignoring the desperate pleas from the whores, it only got rowdier once they discovered Reaver was back home. They stop at the local blacksmith but Sparrow waits outside once again. She preferred not to do business in this town, only buying her needs elsewhere if she travelled. She might have bought the manor but only for good reasons, other than that she hated this town and would never walk it's streets freely. Reaver took longer this time and she sank to the ground, resting her feet from all the waiting. The thugs on the street gave beady stares-but they should know by now they should not test her. The prostitutes didn't stop shouting, and she was so close to using her Will on one of them if Reaver didn't arrive shortly.

One had come up to her and practically forced himself onto her, whispering how she probably needed it just as much as she. She thought back to her last hook-up, a handsome commoner named Alex. He was good to her, sweet and kind, and like every good man he had a lot of baggage. She was going to marry him and pump out his babies like wild fire, but she had promised a ghost bitter-sweet revenge. It still haunted her at night, her only lover had thrown himself over the cliff to end the torment. The look on his ghostly face when he discovered her part in it. How he would never rest because of her desire to aid those who were just as naive as her

She grabs her pistol with a glare, but Reaver was behind her, pressing his habd tightly against her back. He smiles sweetly at the whore. "So sorry, but she's mine for the time being. An adventure awaits." He purrs then saunters off, looking back impatiently at her when when she doesn't follow.

She pushes her pistol back into it's holster and gives the man a beady stare before following closely behind

They finally make it to the clearing of Oakvale and she smirks. "It's not far where you tried to kill me."

"I didn't try to kill you. I tried to sell your youth, there's a difference. And you got out of the deal rather heroically, or did you give the seal to the young virgin and run? I forgot, it happened so long ago."

She scowls and doesn't speak the rest of the way, only speaking when random hallowmen and banshees appeared. Reaver hadn't said a word either, not even when she got gashed painfully in the arm by a creeping hallowmen. He cursed her out afterwards and rushed to her side when the battle was over, calling her "useless to him if she was dead."

She smiles innocently. "Maybe I should just die. What will you do then?" She teases.

Reaver grits his teeth and leaves her to handle her own wounds, despite him having all the potions. "You being dead will give me peace either way," He spat, "Now let's go!"