"u give my life purpose and without u, I serve no purpose thats why I'll make u happy everyday and everyway so I can just see ur smile, that makes me happy 4 awhile but when I feel use I feel abandoned abused that broke my heart,that i wish i died with a stroke. I'll try to keep my head up high but there's no point since we're all gonna die, when I c u, u make me laugh but I know that won't last, when I see people with happy with their lovers I get bothered and fall like feathers, im a bit under the weather but I'm fine no one cares I know I won't have a future because I get laughed at my culture, the way i look the people just judge a book by its cover people are asses and I want to punch them with some knuckle brasses, I say I'm fine but I'm not I have a noose and a chair that I just got, this is how I feel like a stomped on banana peel thrown away in a trash abonded, forgotten and dead, im just surrounded by the wrong time, place, and people as ur there shining bright like the moon and out of the blue while I'm a mess u love me confess u help me without a hesitation and there fixing the situation. I feel safe I feel happy but there is no one like this to save me from where I am. my heart has been ripped and shredded and its sounds dreaded. my happiness will only stay for a while so mabye ill feed myself to a crocodile, this is how my mind thinks it Is crazy as it blinks, death is something that is just blank. I am drenched in depression this is something that can't be fixed with a wrench as I confess I wish there was someone like me, I feel like shit I dont know if this is it. I wanna die and bcuz glory won't end up in my story my ending will be bad and I won't be glad so fuck it sometimes im mad at myself but I just bottle it up as I drink another cup I dont want ppl to feel the same pain as i do so I take it away from them and make it mines bcuz this is why I'm way to kind" I need someone crazy like me but I know there is nobody like this I help but never get help


i made a mistake and that one is trusting u and now my heart is broken I won't insert it like a fucking token I've been waiting for years and now I'm sitting with tears on my face. I know I get made fun of my race but I'm fine just the shit that makes me lose it as my confession goes away I have to wake up everyday to suffer from depression. looking at the mirror i saw destruction. as my brain trys to function it just remembers ur smile i try to forget but i know i will regret i try but it wont let so its shit its harmful for me to look at u sad bcuz u were the one I had but if ur happy with the person u love I guess I'm glad. im fucking pscykotic and it's iconic so fuck it.

I'm an error life is a dream to me just filled with terror. every morning I look in the mirror sad, tired and depressed and look like my face is compressed wake up everyday repeating everyday I cant take it every time I wake up everyday were all slowly dieing while we do shit that will only help us for a little time, then we die. its like im living in a fucking lie dreams of terror living in fear the end of me is near so fuck society it's messed up every way fuck the shit fags and those douche bags kill them with their own medicine and it will show them.